LIVE! Playing TRUTH or DARE with Brooklyn, Bailey, and Asa! ❤️

– Hello guys, hello – Whassup! Hey, it's Brooklyn, Bailey, and Asa here and we are ready to do some truth or dares

Did you put an S on – Hi, hello Leslie! Hello, hello, so it's Brooklyn, Bailey, and Asa – Hi

– And we are live It still says zero people, but there are people commenting – Yeah, it says, "I wanna eat some cookies right now" People are watching – There we go! – Hey! – Hello, guys! So, we are live today, it's Bailey, Brooklyn, – I'm Brooklyn

– And Asa And we are live today, and we are gonna be doing truth or dare, which means you guys are gonna be commenting the dares or the truths you want us to use So, first we're gonna start with Brooklyn Comment down below if you want her to do a truth or a dare – Oh yes

– Let's see what they say – I'll see what y'all say – Truth or a dare That's the real question, truth or a dare – Dare

– You guys are saying dare Dare, dare, dare, dare Okay, it looks like overwhelmingly dare! – Yikes, I don't wanna do a dare – Okay, so you guys, no you have to comment what do you want the dare to be, so give a thumbs up if you want her to do a dare, and then comment down below what dare it should be that she needs to do So, Brooklyn, Brooklyn

– No (laughing) – What dare is she gonna do? – Be nice! – It says, "Pick Asa's nose" – Oh no! – That's punishment for me and Asa (all laughing) – I kinda like that one, I gotta be honest Okay, keep commenting down below

Pour catsup over your head, that's a pretty good one I like that one – Run around and say I'm a banana (laughing) – No, that's lame! – [Brooklyn] I like that one, kiss Parker – No, lets do

– Lick someone's foot? – Lick someone's foot – You can pick the foot – You can pick the foot

– [Brooklyn] Aw, can I lick my own foot? – Okay, Brooklyn's gonna lick her own foot as the dare – This is so disgusting – Are you ready? – I am not a fan of this – Lick your foot! – My foot is gross! – Lick your foot! – [Bailey And Asa] Lick your foot! – No! – Lick your foot! – I don't wanna do this! – Let's go, let's go! – All the way from the bottom to the top! – No! – Let's go! – [Asa] The whole way! – I'm just gonna put my tongue on my foot – Do it, lick your foot, lick your foot! (Brooklyn fake crying) Did you just do it? (Brooklyn yelling in disgust) – Okay, okay, she licked her foot, she licked her foot

– Salty! – Okay you guys Now we're gonna do Asa – Alright – Truth or dare? – Truth or dare? – If you want him to do a dare, give us a thumbs up If you want him to do a truth, comment down below

– Mm-hmm – We'll see what happens here – See what happens – We're either gonna get dares or we're gonna get truths – Uh-oh

– Okay – Comment in the middle now – Thumbs up if you want him to do dare Comment down below if you want him to do truth – [Both] Hmm

– It's lookin' a lot like people are giving lots of thumbs up – Yeah I'm seeing a lot of dares, hmm – What shall it be? I say dare – I say dare

– Alright, dare! – Okay! Comment down below what dare you want him to do It has to be a good one, you guys – Yeah, make it a good one! – Okay – Let's see what y'all got – Give us some good dares for him to do

Eat a spoonful of mayonnaise You don't like mayo – I don't – Jump on the pool (laughing) – Maybe later, hmm

– 'Kay, come on, give us a good one – Dare you to kiss Bailey – Jump in the pool – I like that one – Oh, brother! Oh my gosh

– That's not even a hard dare No way – Okay, okay – Pick Bailey's nose? – No, we're not doing that! – Yes, yes, yes! – No! – Asa pick Bailey's nose, Asa pick Bailey's nose, Asa pick Bailey's nose! – Alright, here we go! – This is gonna be gross! – No, oh my gosh, no! – Alright – No, no

– This is so weird! (laughing) – What is this? – No! – It's couple bonding right here – No, this is gross, no! – Just one, one pick – No! – Eat grass like a cow? That's pretty funny – Here we go Are you ready? – No

– You can pick mine instead, if you'd rather do that Here we go – Oh, I don't like this! (laughing) – There, he picked her nose (all laughing) – This is so gross! – Alright – Eew! – Bailey's turn! – My turn! – Comment truth or dare

– Truth or dare if you want me to do dare, give this video a thumbs up, and if you want me to do truth, comment down below Do it! Give it a thumbs up if you want me to do a dare Whaaat? Thumbs up if you want a dare, oh wow That just changed really fast, okay So, it looks like you guys really want me to

– Thumbs up, it's all thumbsing up – It's all thumbsing up, okay It's all a dare, okay, what dare should I do? Come on, guys, comment down below, let's hear it

What dare? They can pick what it is, since we picked theirs – Eat hot sauce, put lipstick all over your face, go to house next door and say you miss them and ask for water, waddle down the street like a chicken, jump in the pool, take a bite of a worm, that's a great one – No, no! – That's a great one We should definitely do that – I'm gonna go find a worm

– Kiss Brooklyn, what? – What? – That's weird – None of that! – Climb a tree, eat a bug, drink ranch, jump in the pool with water in your mouth, what? – Scream Asa, Asa! (Asa laughing) – That's a lame one (laughing) – [Asa] You can do better than that – Twerk! – No! (laughing) – One of 'em says twerk! – No, no – Eat grass like a cow, I think that's the best one

– [Asa] Yeah, that's a pretty good one – Eat grass like a cow – Okay – Asa go take her to the grass – [Asa] Here we go

(laughing) – Get down – Turn it around – Get down my little cow Here we go – Moo

(laughing) – Mm-hmm – Hey, there's caterpillars in the grass! – [Asa] Hey, you can get two in one – Moo! – Yummy – Uh-huh (laughing) – How was it? – Yummy, nutritional

– It's like a salad, basically Alright, Brooklyn's turn – We should, if we can get this chat to 20,000 people that's live, 20,000 people, then I think that Asa should jump in the pool, so – [Bailey] Asa will get shoved in the pool – Yeah, and we'll push Asa into the pool, how 'bout that? – So, you guys, go get as many people as you can to come on this live right now, and let's see if we can get it to 20,000

If we can get it to 20,000, then this guy is goin' in the pool – Mm-hmm – This guy over here (Asa loudly sighing) – Okay, you guys – I don't wanna do it, but, I will if you get to 20,000

– Get it to 20,000, alright Now let's keep commenting Comment dares or truths, and who you want them to do Wait, does that make sense? – [Asa] Who you want to do them – No, comments and truth or dares, and then comment next to that, who you want to do them, so if you want me to do a truth, or you want Bailey to do a dare, or you want Asa to do a dare, comment it in the section below and we'll be doing some

I don't think that I really want to prank call Collins because I think that he might not like that (laughing) I dunno, I dunno, should we prank call Collins? – Should we prank call Collins? – I don't know how to prank call – [Bailey] I'm not even good at prank calling! – Yeah, that's the problem is I'm not even good at prank calling, so I feel like he wouldn't fall for it 'cause we prank call in all of his lives – Yeah, we prank call in all of his lives, so we're not very good at prank calling, so But, one thing that we are doing as a fun announcement while you guys are commenting truths or dares, is Brooklyn and I are going on tour this October

We're so, so, so excited to be doing that So, if you guys haven't bought your tickets yet, go buy our tickets You can find them online at wwwbrooklynandbailey No, wwwBrooklynAndBailecom/tour So basically, go check out our website, and you can buy tickets to our tour

That'd be awesome Okay, they're commenting and saying, prank call Patayley Dare Bailey to do the cinnamon challenge Wait, lick Bailey's nose Have you ever, wait

– I wish, Parker's working right now, so he's not in this video for all of you who are commenting where Parker is, he's not here because he's working He actually started a new job today, and he's working at a golf course, and he's super excited 'cause he freaked out when he found out he just has to drive the golf cart around all day, 'cause he's a 5-year-old and he loves doing stuff like that So, he was excited and he's working

It's like an old people golf course, so now he's even more excited 'cause old people are nice, and he gets to drive a golf cart, and that's pretty much it He's a 5-year-old, so he's super excited to do all that crazy stuff I dunno, when he gets back in a few hours, I'm gonna see how his day went, and maybe we could YouTube live or Lively or something later today – Yes! Okay, don't forget, if we get 20,000 people on this live, we'll push Asa into the pool, and he doesn't wanna go into the pool, but we're gonna do it anyway – He's actually leaving in the next hour or so, so it's gonna be really funny 'cause he's gonna go home soaked

– Yes – Soaking wet So, let's get this live to 20,000 people Let's go, start inviting your friends – We should prank call Camry! – (gasp) Let's do it! – Who's up for that? To be honest, I haven't even seen Camry all day

Yeah, I haven't even seen I don't think she's ever even come out her room I legitimately think she might actually still be asleep

It is, like – Star six seven – What time is it? 3:00 in the afternoon, so! – Okay, I'm working on it

– Do you guys know, is it star six seven? Does that make it so your caller ID doesn't show? – Yeah – Yes it does, star six seven – I don't know – Okay, we're calling her – Okay, we're gonna prank call Camry

– What should we prank call her about? – She's gonna see right through it This is not gonna go well, oh, we'll see – Star, six, seven – They want me to sing ♫ Oh say can you see (laughing) Sing the Star Spangled Banner

(laughing) – What's Camry's number again? – [Both] Star six seven – Oh, you have to look it up on the contacts – Yeah, just go on contacts – Just go on contacts Yo, how's your weekend been? Tell us about your weekend

What are you doin', how's the first day of school? Prank call someone saying they ordered pizza, and get really angry What are we even gonna do? Do you guys have any ideas on how we should prank call her? Because I don't know what kind of prank call we should do Now, kiss Asa, kiss Asa, kiss Asa – Oh gosh! – Hmmm – Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss! – If you get this live to 20,000 views or 20,000 people, then before he goes in the pool, I'll give him a quick kiss

– Alright, they say butt dial Camry, prank call I dunno, we're not FaceTiming, we are prank calling Camry right now and let's see how this goes, I have no idea how to even – Let's say she's got a secret admirer and I've been sent to deliver the message – Secret admirer! – Okay, ready? – Let's see – I'm calling her right now

– She's, I gotta be quiet – Can you guys hear this? (phone ringing) It's ringing right now (phone ringing) – [Automated Recording] You have reached the voicemail – Oh no! – She declined our call! She's probably like, I don't know this number, decline! (laughing) Well, that stinks, Brady come here! Brady! – Brady! – Aye sh! – Say hello to the puppies! They want to say hello to everyone, hi baby! Say hello! If you guys didn't know, Bailey and I are going on tour in October, so you guys can buy tickets on our website at BrooklynAndBaileycom We're super excited, we're going to 16 different cities We just announced two new ones, which is Oakland and San Diego in California, and Ash wants you all to come and buy tickets because we're so excited to meet you, huh baby? Look at that face, how can you? Look at that face, he's just the cutest thing you've ever seen, is he not? Brady! – Where is Brady? Oh no, he's out here somewhere (spitting) Oh look I just got french kissed by the dog

– Okay you guys, remember 20,000 and Asa goes in the pool and he'll get a quick kiss before it happens So, let's get this to 20,000 – Got dog mouth now Actually, did you know that dogs mouths are – Super duper clean! – Technically, supposedly cleaner than a human's mouth Not that I really believe that, I mean it might be true, but I don't really think that that means I need to think it's okay for the dog to lick me in the mouth, either, but I've heard that that is true

Don't know if it's actually true – We're trying Camry again – Oh, here comes Paisley Paisley's outside – Paisley's on her way

We're trying Camry again, okay, ready? You guys are gettin', we're gettin' higher numbers for 20,000 – we gotta get 'em, let's go Let's go – So, keep it up (phone ringing) Okay – Can you hear it? – Can you guys hear it ringing? (phone ringing) This is happening

– What's gonna happen? (phone ringing) No one knows! – Camry, Camry! – Answer the phone – Camry, Camry! – Answer the phone – Camry! (laughing) – Answer the phone She's gonna decline us again [Automated Recording] You have reached the voicemail

– Oh, she just let it ring this time (laughing) she is not very good about answering her phone – Keep commenting dares or truths that you want us to answer and we will do them

– We will do it! – So, keep doing that Brooklyn, they're saying, Prank call the Merrill twins Asa, pour ice over yourself (both laughing) – Oh, Ash and Paisley over are like, come here Paise, come show 'em Ash, come say hi! – Paisley, this morning, put these cheetah shoes on and put 'em on the wrong feet, so she's been outside all day in these cheetah shoes that are on the wrong feet(laughing) – [Paisley] I don't care

– So, it's cute, I think it's cute! – We are getting close and closer to 20,000 people Keep the numbers going up, and that means Asa'll go in the pool and he'll get a quick kiss before it happens Keep it up, you guys, keep it up! – Ash can do some tricks, I will show you Here, put him on the ground – [Bailey] Put Ash, oh hello baby, hi! – Ready, we're gonna show you guys dog tricks

Oh, Ash! (Bailey laughing) Escaped, he escaped – He's over here, too – Ash, come here Ash, come here Ash! He's like, running away from me He's like, I don't wanna be on camera Come here, Ash, come here baby, come here, let's see, here

He can sit, I know that, say hello Say hello – Okay, you ready? We're gonna show you guys the tricks that Ash can do right now – Ash, Ash, sit! Good boy! – Good puppy! – Lay, lay down – He doesn't do it

– [Brooklyn] Sit, lay down Oh, I have to have more room, sit, lay down – Okay you guys Commenting on any dares you have for us Let's read some of them, so go, on the count of five, comment a truth or a dare that you want us to do, and then we will read them out loud and your name at the same time, so you'll get recognized on this live, are you ready? Five, four, three, two, one, go! Okay, let's see, we've got prank call Buchailey, by Emma

Hmm, good one, a truth is, would you rather kiss your crush or go on a date with your crush once, Emma That's an easy one, I'd rather go on a date – Yeah – Yeah – He thinks so, too

– To make it a good date – Okay, they're saying, tell your parents you wanna quit school, Nia Loves Purple I don't know if I could do that, Asa do a cartwheel – Let's talk about Bailey and Asa went on their six month date yesterday, so they and I, so this whole elaborate plan, Asa had this huge elaborate plan for their six months anniversary date, and then Mason, Taylor, me, and Parker had to pretty much carry it out because we got home from Oklahoma like an hour before they were supposed to go on their date, and they did this huge scavenger hunt So Parker, Maytay and I were running around, like trying to hide these clues, decorating everything, but we'll let Bailey tell you a little bit about their date, because it was really pretty creative and I'm impressed that Asa came up with it

– Pulled it off Okay, so basically, I had no idea, he wanted to surprise me I didn't know what it was gonna be So, it started off, I've always wanted to go to Waffle House, which seems like such a random place to go, but we went, and the food was so good – It was really good! – Aww, look at the dog

– After that, he gave me my first clue, which was a scavenger hunt, and it led me to Walmart, of all places, and we went in there, and we played some games, and we built a paper towel fort – Yeah – And then, in the bundle of paper towels was another clue So, we found that, and that took us to Trader Joe's where I got some sunflowers and we did some other fun things and hung out, and then we found my third clue, which led us to this little park area, which, then he made me put a blindfold on, so I had no idea what was going on And, he drove us to this park, and like, I had no idea, and i was blindfolded, and he walked me out to this opening area with all the trees, and I took the blindfold off and there was like, lights strung in the trees with little pictures of us clipped to the lights and it was so cute, and then he had a little hammock

I don't have it on, I haven't put it on yet – It's okay – But he got me a necklace that says the date that we started dating, which was 2-25-17 – Look at the dog, so cute He's just chilling in my lap

– Everybody just give this guy a thumbs up for the good date that he planned – Aww, thanks, guys – Yeah 'Cause you did a good job – Did you have fun on the date? – I did have fun

– Good – Look at the dog He's just chillin' in my lap, he's so cute, he's so cute! – Look at him – Look how cute he is! He's just taking a nap! – They're saying prank call Parker Too bad he's working or we would

– He's working – You think he might answer? – He might get in trouble for answering his phone – I don't know, we can try it, let's try it – No, oh my gosh, you're gonna get He's gonna get in trouble He's gonna get fired on his first day for being on his phone That would be so awful – Let's try

– I would feel so bad But, let's just take a moment because he's so cute Hi Brady, hi booby, you're so cute, aww, he's so cute! Doesn't everybody just want a puppy, Because they're just so adorable? – Okay, we're trying – He's taking a nap in my lap – We're trying to call Parker

– This is gonna end so badly – You ready? You guys, are you ready? (phone ringing) Let's see if he'll answer it – Let's see – Probably not – [Brooklyn] He's such a good worker, he probably won't

(phone ringing) – Your call has been forwarded – Nope – To an automated – Denied, probably because he's working Okay, let's read some of the other dares that they have – Well, let's just push Asa in the pool – Yeah, we're gonna push Asa in the pool at the end of this live, so you guys

– Aw man – It's happenin' – Dang it – It's happenin' – Dang it

– Okay, keep commenting dares Truth or dares that you want us to do Are you ready, set, go Prank call Collins – I don't wanna prank call

– Mm, let's see what else, umm (laughing) Brooklyn, kiss Asa, I think not – No, thank you – Umm, no, no, no, no – I pass on that one, sorry

– Let's see Pick your nose and eat it, gross, no! – [Brooklyn] I say we just have Asa jump in the pool – I say we just push Asa in the pool, and that'll be that (Asa sighing) Okay, but before we do that, I'm gonna remind you guys one more time, we are going on tour in October, And if you haven't bought your tickets, what are you doing? Because this tour's gonna be very, very awesome So, you guys should go buy your tickets, www

BrooklynAndBaileycom/tour – And, exclusively today, we are having a 24-hour, 15% off all VIP upgrade tickets, so if you guys wanna upgrade to a VIP and be able to get a meet and greet and some other fun stuff, you guys can go check it out on our website, and there's a promo code, which is: – Sunday15, so if you use that, you'll get 15% off your VIP tickets for our tour, which is awesome because that just means we get to meet more of you guys, so go buy your VIP tickets – It's only happening today – Right now, go do it, okay

– We also have merch – We also have merch, but first, we're gonna push Asa in the pool – Oh no! – So he's goin in, are you ready? Brooklyn, I'm gonna have you go push him in – Alright! – You ready? – This is a – I'm not ready – [Brooklyn] Dream! I get to push Asa in the pool! – Okay – Three, two, – Asa! (laughing) – one! (water splashing) (Bailey screaming and laughing) – That just happened! – Oh-ho! It's so cold! (Bailey laughing) (Darcy laughing loudly) – Darcy's over here and thinks that you just Look at you, wow! – Oh yeah! – Cute! – I'll jump in again – You're jumping in again? – I'll do a flip – [Bailey] Grab Brooklyn and pull her in – No, no, no, no

– Not me! – Here we go – Oh, now you're slipping? (water splashing) Show off! Now Asa's flipping into the pool – My float flew off, somehow – Oh brother! (laughing) Darcy, you gonna jump in? – No! (laughing) – [Bailey] No? Oh my goodness, you guys Brooklyn, your turn

– No – Get in the pool, go – No, Bailey get in the pool – What, why? – Go! – No, no, no, no! – Go, go, go, go! – No! – Asa's in the pool already What do you care? – So! – Go! – No! – Alright, let's go

– No! (laughing) – [Brooklyn] Asa, get her! Pick her up and throw her in the pool – [Darcy] Push her! (laughing) – One, two three! (water splashing) (Darcy laughing loudly) – [Brooklyn] And Bailey's makeup is perfectly attached! (Bailey laughing) She still looks the same! – [Asa] Good job – [Brooklyn] Alright, where's that kiss you promised us? – Forgot about that! – Oh, you're like soaked! – [Darcy] Push me in the pool! I'm fine – This shirt is not even on me anymore – Okay

– I'm fine, perfect (both laughing) – One, two, three, go! – [Both] Mwah! (laughing) – And there you have it, guys Fresh reminder, we're going on tour – Go buy your tickets, 50% off for the next 24 hours, and you use the promo code Sunday15, let's go! – Good morning, everyone! – Go buy your tickets! I love you all, goodbye! Mwah!

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