MacBook Air + Beats Headphones GIVEAWAY | Brooklyn and Bailey

(pop music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and welcome to our bonus video – Oh yeah

We are here celebrating our three year anniversary on YouTube guys This is a huge deal – Huge deal Three years, that's a long time guys – Forever

– So we're gonna be showing you what we are giving away Let's show them the MacBook Air That's right, it's a MacBook Air – [Bailey] We are also giving away Rose Gold Beats Solo wireless headphones and they look so beautiful, it's like, why open them up, they're so pretty and pink and just gorgeous – So you have to be a loyal subscriber of Brooklyn and Bailey to enter this giveaway

And if you're not a loyal subscriber click the red button below that says Subscribe because you want to – And once you are a subscriber or have been a subscriber of Brooklyn and Bailey hit the information button right up there or the link in the description box below to do the one entry that is required to enter for the MacBook Air and the wireless headphones – And after you have done that one required entry the app will open up several different bonus entries that you can do to get more entries to win this giveaway – That's it You have to be 18 or older, or have a parent do it for you

– This giveaway will be open internationally, so that's right, all of our international friends out there can enter this giveaway too – You can win – Yeah – It will end on April 21st midnight central time – And I think that's all the information we have for you guys, so please please please please enter this giveaway

Don't forget, you can click the information button right here, or the link in the description box below and get as many bonus entries as you can Because you definitely want this MacBook Air or the Beats – Yes We wish you all the best of luck – May the odds be ever in your favor

(in unison) – Goodbye (pop music)

4 Comments on MacBook Air + Beats Headphones GIVEAWAY | Brooklyn and Bailey

  1. I really like Mac book air and headphones because I like to listen to music with headphones and Mac are cool. I really want one

  2. Hi am samanvitha I am an Indiana who lives in Hyderabad I want to win anything from u i really love your videos and I love your songs u have made love you Brooklyn and Bailey from my bottom of heart I really want to win something from u

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