Meet Brooks (Date #5) | Brooklyn’s 10 Dates in 10 Days

– Hey, Brooklyn My name is Brooks, I'm 21 years old, and I can't wait to go out with you on Thursday

– Okay, y'all, this morning's date is almost here His name is Brooks, which I think is kind of funny Could you imagine? Brooks and Brooklyn, we're just, like, chillin', hangin' out It's kinda cool Also we're freaking going skydiving, which is just, like, insane! So, I'm pumped, excited, this video's gonna be really fun We'll see how everything goes! The lens is on

(laughs) – [Betsy] So what, what we need to do is turn, take the lens cap off before you can go out to the door, okay? – Hey! – Hi! – Nice to meet you! – Nice to meet you, too! – I've heard a lot about you – Kaitlin raves, so I'm excited (laughs) – Also, we're going skydiving – That's good to hear – Let me grab my stuff really quick

– Yeah Are you excited to go skydiving? No, yeah, I'm super excited But – Have you always wanted to do it? Or is this – Oh yeah – Okay Good Good

This'll be – So, I just asked Brooklyn if, like, back in November/October time, if she was here in Utah, because one night me and my friends, we were bowling at a place called Fat Cats And my friend pointed out these two girls with some friends, they were like, yeah, like, they have, like, a YouTube channel

And we're like And, little did we know it was Brooklyn and Bailey – Flash forward literally, like, almost a year And here we are In the same car, going skydiving together Filming a video

Who would have known? We technically have seen each other across the room before We've met, sort, sort of, before this moment Isn't that kinda crazy? – We're here – Ooh, I'm pumped – Are you getting excited? – Yeah, I am

– Are you nervous at all? (crickets) (rock music) – Um, it says I realize skydiving, parachuting, and flying are inherently dangerous activities, which may result in serious injury or even death And then you sign your name – [Betsy] And you're okay with that? – No pressure – No pressure or anything – We'll be fine

– [Betsy] Okay It's fine – Okay when I told Brook, I told Brooklyn, I was like, the closer we get, like, if I get more and more quiet, it just means I'm getting more and more nervous So, like, nothing weird I'm just, like, getting nervous

(laughs) – [Betsy] Wait, you're not even – You starting to get nervous? – More, I said more nervous – Oh, no

– [Woman] Wait, hold up, hold up, hold up – [Betsy] We're switching places – [Betsy] Now you're getting nervous Now you're feeling good about this – I'm getting excited

She's getting nervous – I can, I can feel myself getting nervous 'cause I'm playing with my necklace a lot And that usually means I'm getting nervous – [Betsy] Guys – It's gonna happen

– [Woman] I love you both, okay? You're gonna be good You're gonna be fine – It's gonna be great – We both have necklaces that we're playing with 'cause we're, like, both nervous (laughs) – [Betsy] That's so funny

I did notice you played with your necklace – Yeah, it's 'cause I was, like, nervous when we were driving up here I was like aw, man (laughs) – [Betsy] So he finally let his necklace go Now you're, now you're touching your necklace

– Now, I'm messing with mine – We literally switched – [Betsy] That is hilarious (plane engine) – Good Pull this up for me

Good Now grab this – [Betsy] Now, are you getting nervous again? Or are you like, you still feel – I'm excited now I'm excited – [Betsy] Okay 'Cause you're like nervous then calm Now it's just, like, in between

– Now it's, like, in between It, it's like, it's like I'm getting more, the nervousness and the excitement's both building – [Betsy] So there you go – And then this is gonna feel a little bit snug – [Betsy] How you feeling? – Think I wore the wrong shirt for this

(laughs) It's like just high enough that this thing's gonna, like, push it up as we fly down – [Betsy] It's okay – Like tuck it in a little bit – Okay, so, skydiving has always been on my bucket list (laughs) So I was like, what better time to go skydiving? – Than now? – Than now, with Brooklyn

I saw it as perfect, so – But it got, it got shut down originally – [Betsy] Yeah, so tell how you were talking to Kaitlin – Yeah, so I was talking to Kaitlin, and I was like – [Betsy] Kaitlin's our friend – Yeah – Yeah – [Betsy] So, yeah anyway

– I was like how 'bout skydiving? And, she's like ah, I don't know if, like, that, she'd like that I was like oh, okay, like, we'll do something else then – [Betsy] Okay, so, but then when Kaitlin told Brooklyn that, Brooklyn's like call him back – Yeah, Kaitlin was like, skydiving, I was like, she, she's like but of course I said no And I was like I was like of course I wanna go skydiving

Call him back! – I'm like nervous, but like, not like, super outwardly trying to show it at all – Yeah – [Betsy] It's their first date – First date – A nice icebreaker, right? – Yeah, for real

(laughs) (wind blowing) – [Betsy] There they go (wind blowing) I love that they're taking all the precautions here Um, before they suited up, they sprayed them down with the sanitizer spray and then, you know, they're just doing all the things here Oh, oh my gosh, you guys They're spinning, spinning, like crazy

Whoever's in the red, white, and blue is literally spinning and I can't even show it on here Can you see the two dots now? Dot there, and a dot there Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh Look at that guys I wanted to run out there, but they told me to I couldn't So, I have to take this video from here Safe and sound

K guys, I've heard that if you do scary things with somebody, that you can fall in love with them What if they fall in love 'cause they did something scary together? (record scratch) I mean, I'm just gonna throw that out there Oh my gosh, you guys So crazy! – It was so much fun! – And they were really impressed that this was the first date They were like wow

– I know – [Betsy] Really? – That's so cool – [Betsy] Was it what you expected? – Oh, it was so much more fun than I thought it would be – [Betsy] Really? – Such a, like, such a bigger rush – It's like a little bit more, for me, it was, like, it's just a more chill experience than you expect it to be

– Yeah – [Betsy] Really? – Yeah, 'cause, like, you get up there And you're just in the plane for like 30 minutes – [Betsy] 'Cause they they had you up there 'cause they were waiting for it to clear I guess? – Yeah, so they, like, we were just, like, chillin' for 30 minutes, like, looking out the window, chatting every once in a while

– But it's so loud – I know – [Betsy] Yeah, could you even hear each other talk? – Barely, barely – Hardly – And we were facing different directions for half of it, too

– Yeah And he's like, he's like, ah sorry we have a 10 minute delay We have to let some other planes – I was like – So we're like just chillin – It was like the longest 10 minutes of my life, I was like – [Betsy] 'Cause you're like, I just wanna go – Yeah

(record scratch) – But it was so good – It was so fun (camera shutters) (upbeat music) – I'm mind blown Because I love Dr Pepper cream soda, and it just came out

And he didn't even know that it was out – [Betsy] What? – I didn't even know what it was Should we go, is there, should we got to the grocery store? – Seriously! – [Betsy] We're gonna have to go to the grocery store and get it, I think – 'Cause you like – Yeah – 'Cause your favorite's Dr Pepper, right? – Oh yeah – [Betsy] Where are we going? What are we doing right now? – So, we added a stop

I think that he needs to really try Dr Pepper cream soda 'Cause I think he'll like it So, we're going to the grocery store to get some Dr Pepper cream soda

– [Brooks] Oh, there it is – [Brooklyn] Oh yeah! – So, do we get the regular or the diet? – Oh, it depends what do you want? (sirens) – [Betsy] Wait, wait, Brooklyn Will you just get out, out one more time? So we can see how, the truck's as big as you – Are you ready? – I'm excited – [Betsy] You ready for this? – Yeah, I'm ready

– [Betsy] Let's go get some ice Alright – I think I will, it's Dr Pepper – Do you like cream soda? – Yeah

– Okay then, you should, you should, well except for Betsy likes Dr Pepper and cream soda – [Betsy] I know, I know, but But the, the thing is I, I liked it fine It wasn't, I just didn't love it

– That's really good! – Thank you! Betsy! – I like that – Okay, give me a wink if you're lying (laughs) – Oh no! – [Betsy] Okay Brooks, what'd you think? – Brooklyn is so awesome – [Betsy] What was your first impression when you first saw her? – First, she's really pretty She's super pretty

She's super, like, and like, when I was, like, first talking to her, you just like, you can tell just how nice and how genuine of a person she is – [Betsy] Aw! What, um, was your favorite part of the date? – Well, skydiving was pretty fun Um, I think, actually, what I thought was pretty cool was, like, we were in the plane going up, and like, we both just kinda looked at each other, or like, are we really doing this? And we're just like, okay, like we're gonna do it And, I was like, I don't know I thought that was, like, pretty cool Like, we were both, like, going up in the plane

It was like a tiny airplane, and just like, we both, like, looked at each other We're just, like, okay, we're doing it – [Betsy] Can you believe she actually did that with you? A first date? – Honestly, like, I am, I am surprised she, like, agreed to that, like, first date Like, yeah That was impressive

That's awesome – [Betsy] So, uh, overall would you rate the date one out of 10? – Oh, 10 Easy – [Betsy] Awesome That was a fun date for me to watch, actually

Even though I was worried you were, you were gonna die or, you know – I was like please, just don't fall out Just please – Let the parachute open – [Betsy] I know

– [Betsy] You can tell I was stressed, huh? – Oh yeah, I could tell you were, like, when we came down too, I could tell you were so relieved You were just standing there, you were just like, – Oh my gosh – [Betsy] Yay! – [Betsy] Brooklyn! – This is also a really good date! – [Betsy] I know, I could tell the whole time You were, like, grinning from ear to ear – I know! It's been, like, so easy

Like, literally no pressure from, like, the minute we met And, like, our conversation has been anything All over the place Anything and everything Like, we literally added stuff to the day

'Cause we were just like, yo we should go do that And then, like, we went and did it – So – [Betsy] Yeah! – It's been really fun – [Betsy] You're not wanting it to end almost

– I'm like do you wanna keep hanging out? (laughs) – So yikes! – [Betsy] Yeah I know He's cute And it's so funny, because it was his first time – Skydiving

– [Betsy] Jumping out of an airplane! – I know – [Betsy] And he did it with you! – I know! – [Betsy] And, but the thing is, is he was equally, he told me he was equally as nervous to meet you as he was to jump out of a plane So, he's got his, he had a lot of stress And he, he was good Like, so, so sweet

– I know The skydiving people were so impressed They were like, this is a good first date You know, they were all like, wow They thought it was so cool

To like, come up with this idea So, it's going really well – [Betsy] So, um, what was your favorite part of the date? – I mean, skydiving was freaking awesome Like, that's incredible But also, we were like just chillin' at breakfast

And, we were just, like, talking and it was like non-stop, like between all of us We were just, like, literally going on top of each other And the conversation was so good And like, that, those kind of moments are great Like, I love those kind of moments

– [Betsy] Fun date! It was fun I told him this, it was fun for me, to like, watch you guys, like, you were just, you meshed So well It was fun – Thanks! – [Betsy] So, anyway

K, bye! – Yeah, I know Thank you so much for the day – Thank you, thank you – I had a really great time – It was so fun

– I know Maybe I'll see you again? – Yeah for sure Let's do it – Yeah? Okay Sweet

– K, bye – [Betsy] Bye! – Cut that out – [Woman] Your mom wants to hear a video from you guys, like, will you guys? – I thought it was a picture – Yeah, I was confused (laughs) – Hi! This is my (mumbles) – This is Brooks

– Hey! (laughs) – [Woman] Hey! – Hey! (laughs) (high tempo music)

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