Meet Dakota (Date #7) | Brooklyn’s 10 Dates in 10 Days

– What's up, Brooklyn? I'm Dakota (laugh) That's Farmer Joe

– Dirty Joe! – I'm pretty excited for our date Be ready to give me some surfing lessons (music strum) – Hello, everybody! We do have a date video today Number seven, which is crazy 'cause we're almost done with the dating videos But before we get to the video, I kind of wanted to preface some events that happened while I went on this date

I don't know if any of y'all know but while I was doing the "10 Dates for 10 Days" series, I was staying with the Mikesell family If you don't know who they are, they're a really fun little YouTube family and they're some of our really really good family friends So I was staying with their family and Betsy, the mom, she was the one that was helping me set up all these dates and was helping me film them and all that kind of stuff We went down to a place in Utah for this date, this video And it was the first date that Betsy didn't go on with me, since we were going to be boating and we didn't have tons of room in the boat

But while I did that, they went and visited their friends Shad and Jazlyn, which they're also kind of influencers And if you guys follow them, you know that Shad has a six seater plane And that while they were visiting them, the Mikesell family and Shad and Jazlyn were in a plane wreck in that plane That actually happened while I was on this date So if you watch this video, I went boating and did all these things I didn't have reception and had no idea that they'd gotten in a plane wreck during the date

And so we still have some video clips but I did find out part way though the date And so things got a little chaotic and that's why If there isn't any context in the video, it was because we were all trying to figure out how to deal with this really big life crisis

But if you guys want to hear more about the story of the plane wreck, if you guys want to hear about their healing process, what they're going through now, how they're raising money, all these kinds of things, you can check out their YouTube channels and all their socials I'm gonna pop up all of them right here They're literally the sweetest family and they are champions They're all okay, everybody in the plane wreck They all survived and they're okay

They're just, you know, trying to heal and stuff So if you guys want to know more about the story, you can check it out here But I just wanted to give you guys some context because if you've been following them, you know that the time line does kind of match up with my videos So that's kind of how it all went down After the plane wreck, I actually was planning on not finishing the dating series

And just focusing on Betsy and the Mikesell family because that's what was important to me But Betsy, being the wonderful human that she is, she was like, "I need you to finish the dating series because it's bringing me joy and it's giving me something to look forward to every day when I have all these other really hard and traumatic things going on at the time" So I did finish the dating series I do have all these videos that I'm still putting up But I did want to give you guys some context because the energy in those videos is definitely a little bit different

Because I was struggling with the Mikesell family and Betsy's not there, and we just had a lot of heavy things going on at the time So the next couple of videos, they're just gonna probably be a little bit different energy Anyway, I just wanted to like preface this video with all that information so you guys knew that If you want to know all the other plane wreck things, and you want to know the story, you guys can just check it out I'll put the links in description box for all that kind of stuff

So that is all and we are going to go on You guys can watch date number seven now Not gonna lie, I'm just like this much nervous because I don't know how to wakeboard I don't know how to do all the, you know, boating things that seems like a consistent theme for these dates: doing things that Brooklyn is not good at

(circus music) (laugh) But it's okay, because it's gonna be fun and we're gonna meet a lot of new, fun people and it's gonna be a blast, so yay! – [Betsy] How are you feeling after like, a three hour drive? – I'm feeling good I'm kind of nervous but also pumped because this date is gonna be long because we're boating, you know? – [Betsy] Yeah – So, I don't know, hopefully it's good, you know? – [Betsy] Okay, so I talked to him on the phone before this – Mhm – [Betsy] and I really liked him I feel like he seems like a cool, chill guy – Oh, good – [Betsy] We're like, out in the country

This is like her horse arena area – Yeah, we're like on a ranch right now – [Betsy] Oh my gosh, I want you to really come riding horses too Maybe we'll have to sneak that in if we can – I do like riding horses

(Betsy squeals) (bottle squirts) (hands rubbing together) – [Betsy] He's here! (people shouting excitedly) – [Betsy] I didn't know you were there! – I'm Brooklyn, nice to meet you – Dakota – Everyone, this is the camera – [Betsy] Say hello! – Hello, everyone – So we're going boating today? – Yep we are

– (indistinct) Okay, I'm pumped! – Doing a couple of things, so – [Brooklyn] I want everyone to know that I am about to ride on of these by myself Be proud of me Also, look at all their fun toys (music starts) Seriously, this is crazy (laughter) We're about to head off

Pretty pumped I've never been surfing before on a boat So this is gonna be an interesting experience because I feel like I might be with a group of experienced people I might just look like an infant, but it'll be worth a shot – Excited? – Well, hopefully maybe I'll figure it – There you go

(indistict) (engine revving) – Get your extension Ready? – I think so – Okay, get her, Blake (engine revving) Oh, she almost Go (engine revving) (people cheering) – She had it! – [Camera Person] Do you feel like a pro? – Five seconds might be a record! – [Driver] Tell me when you're ready – Go (engine revving) (engine revving) (people cheering) (people cheering) – Look at her go! (people cheering) – [Camera Person] Okay, on a scale of one to ten, how good is she? – Oh, a ten easy

– [Camera Person] She's pro – I've never seen anyone get up that quick And throw the rope in – [Camera Person] Okay, okay, how do you feel? – I feel good I got up for a good amount of time

I was pretty happy about that – [Camera Person] A pro – That last one, I was like, I think I'm gonna drown So I just let go (laugh) ♪ We were just broken shadows ♪ ♪ Singing along to nothing matters ♪ ♪ Stray around like night time rumors ♪ ♪ We were in too deep (Too deep) ♪ ♪ In your worn out sweaters ♪ – We're gonna ride double

She's gonna ride on my shoulders – [Camera Person] How do we feel about that? – I mean, he seems like he knows what he's doing (camera person laughing) I'm sure I'll survive (engine revving) (camera person cheering) – Let me see your hand – Why don't you go ahead and try

(people cheering) (people screaming) (people cheering) – Standing up: hard as hard as I thought it would be It's the balance that is the toughest part I thought him being on a surfboard would be difficult, but it's actually me trying to stand on his body that is the hardest part But we got up for like two seconds so I'm pretty proud of myself ♪ Like I did ♪ ♪ Now I need you to forgive me for the pain ♪ ♪ I caused you ♪ ♪ Rain will wash away the sadness in our hearts ♪ ♪ Lights will guide us to the place ♪ ♪ where we can start all over now ♪ ♪ Tell me why we have to hit the ground ♪ – Jump? – You're the only brave

– Really? – [Camera Person] Was it pretty high? – It was pretty high – It looks, seems higher than it looks – [Friend] It always does once you're up there ♪ Hold my hand and I'll take you ♪ ♪ Higher, higher, higher, higher ♪ ♪ Higher, higher, higher ♪ ♪ I'll take you higher ♪ – Get our little swords out – Ready? – Food was A1

We're all stuffed I think ready to take a nap But we're headed out the restaurant And we're pumped About to go up this, like, straight up hill

– [Brooklyn] I don't know if you guys can see that But we're gonna go up that He's doing it, not me, he's doing it (engine revving) Oh my gosh (laughs) (engine roaring) What are we about to do? – We are headed to the top of that mountain over there

– [Brooklyn] This one Like, I thought that one was bad Now we're doing this one, which from the camera doesn't look that steep, but from my point of view, looks very steep so – Stay tuned (Brooklyn laughs) – [Brooklyn] I am literally laying flat against my seat right now I don't know if you can see behind me Laying flat – Oh my God

(laughs) – [Brooklyn] This is the view (lighthearted music) – I don't understand how these tiny little machines do it but (screams) We are on the ground Nose on the ground (screams) I do not My brain, blown

Mind (explosion sound) I'm gonna drive this thing I'm a little scared But we're gonna just do it Hopefully we don't die because that would be sad so, wish me luck! (engine roaring) (Brooklyn screaming) ♪ lalalalalalalala ♪ – [Brooklyn] Since we don't have Betsy here with us, I'm going to interview you Pretend like I'm not here

– Okay – [Brooklyn] Okay, how did the date go? – It was awesome We got some surfing lessons from Brooklyn She got up her first time (rewinding sound) (slow motion) She got up her first time

(circus music) And we went RZR riding and I thought I was gonna die but we didn't – [Brooklyn] 'Cause I was driving On a scale of one to ten, what would you have given it? – Oh definitely a ten – [Brooklyn] Sweet! (indistinct) Pretend that I'm not here! I'm just kidding, I'm hearing all the commentary Yeah, what was your favorite part of the day? – It was all really good

I did not think Brooklyn was such a good driver (Brooklyn laughing) Scary driver actually – [Brooklyn] Yeah, whoops – She's really good though – [Brooklyn] Yeah, he had to grab the handle bars a few times

– Yep (laughing) – Okay, y'all So on the ride home from my date, I realized I didn't do my interview but it was like a three hour drive So now I'm home, just washed my face, which is why it's pink But also I got a little sunburned which is why it's also pink

This is all beside the point I need to do an interview so I'm going to just interview myself cause its really late and I don't want to wake anyone up to interview me Number one, how did I feel about the date? I thought it was literally so freaking fun We did so many things that I have never done before and I love doing crap like that so I really liked that we were able to do some adventurous stuff I also, number two, thought that not only was my date easy to get along with and super nice and really fun, but also so were all his friends

So I was like, I kind of fit into the friend group that was cool But yeah, and my date himself was so sweet the whole time he was like hyping me up any time I was doing anything he was like, "You go girl, you can beat me" Just such a nice guy, he's so sweet Had so much fun I don't know if you guys could see that in the video, but it was literally like, I was having a blast all day just laughing till my stomach hurt

Yeah, I don't know Another really good date, guys (squealing) (exit music)

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