Meet Ethan (Date #2) | Brooklyn’s 10 DATES in 10 DAYS

– Hey Brooklyn, my name is Ethan I'm 21

I'm currently a senior studying electrical engineering at BYU Really looking forward to the date tomorrow, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun And I'll see you tomorrow! (doorbell rings) (dog barking) – Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Brooklyn – Brooklyn, I'm Ethan – Nice to meet you too, Ethan! – Nice to meet you too

– I'm excited, I heard we were going four wheeling – We're actually going mini golfing, but – Oh that's awkward to say

– No, I'm just kidding, we're going four wheeling – Let me get my stuff really quick! – Okay, awesome I have more stuff in the cooler – – [Betsy] Look at, – You got like – – [Betsy] You came – – [Brooklyn] Way to a girl's heart – I'm ready to party, you know? – [Betsy] Let's do this! – [Brooklyn] Okay, everybody meet my date He's a senior, studying electrical engineering

– You got it, you got it – And do you go ATVing, four wheeling, paddle boarding, stuff like that, a lot? – Um, I go, I like to go dirt biking actually – Really? – Yeah, but dirt biking is a little – Intense – I wouldn't make you go dirtbiking your first time – Yeah, I feel like I would die So, I'm glad we didn't do that (laughing) I'm pumped, I'm excited, we've got all the snacks in the world, and this is gonna be fun! – [Betsy] Okay so you didn't know who Brooklyn was before all this? – I, I did not

I did not – [Betsy] Okay, so what made you decide to do it? – Um, I don't know I think it's fun to like go do stuff with new people and get to like meet new people, so I thought it would be a good opportunity just to meet someone new, do something fun, and just have a good time Go on an adventure – [Betsy] Let's be honest

Did you stalk her a little bit before? Like did you go to her Instagram, watch any videos – Before this, yes I think when I figured out – not like not like hardcore stalk, but like I should probably like

someone said she was super popular so I should probably like see like what it's all about – [Brooklyn] You guys – [Betsy] Can I tell all the people like a secret? – [Brooklyn] Betsy

– Can I say? Will you kill me if I say something? – [Brooklyn] What are you going to say? (laughing) – Are you going to get mad? – [Brooklyn] No, what are you going to say? – When you were walking around the car, she turns to me, she's like, "He's really cute!" – [Brooklyn] Yes, I did say that – [Ethan] I don't know, I was still far away at that point – [Brooklyn] Yeah (funky music) – Guys, check out how nice this place is – [Betsy] So pretty

(engine whirring) – Ready? – [Betsy] We're gonna to go four wheeling and guess what? It's just going to be the two of you – Yeah – [Betsy] Do we trust this? I do – [Betsy] Do you feel okay with this? – Yeah And he said I'm going to drive which- (laughing) I don't know if I want to do that 'cause I don't know if I trust myself or not

It'll be fine! We'll work it out! It'll be fine – [Betsy] We got this! – Cause we're gonna try to get pictures up in the trail, I guess, so – [Betsy] Fun fact: Ethan is prepping for the LSAT – Yes! And I'm prepping for the GMAT! – [Betsy] So it's like they're both prepping for all the things right now School

– Come into the kitchen – [Betsy] Let's see – We got Snickers, you know, Kit Kats We got some G2 Gatorade, Reese's, bananas, strawberries, water – [Betsy] And sandwiches? – Sandwiches – [Betsy] Is there a turkey sandwich in there for Brooklyn, 'cause that's all she likes – There absolutely is – [Betsy] Just getting some of those snacks

– [Brooklyn] I know There's like actually like a million options I'm impressed – [Ethan] Throw whatever you want in here and then – [Betsy] He did good – And then – I bought sunscreen if you need that – [Brooklyn] Oh Bye! – [Betsy] Bye! (playful music) (camera shutter clicking) (shutter clicking) (shutter clicking) (shutter clicking) – I was throwing him off and I feel so bad

But I think I'm getting the hang of it! Maybe (engine rumbling) (wind buffeting) Just letting you all know that I did drive At one point And then I got scared going downhill because it's a little intense Now we're headed down

And I think we're about to go not super fast but- – We're going semi fast – [Betsy] You're fired from your own channel – She's mad because I tried to take photos but it was all like sunny and then there were some like semi-shady spots but nothing like – [Betsy] What's your excuse? – I said, like hey like, Betsy said we should get some, we should probably like get some and she's like, "Nope let's just go back" – It was my fault! – [Betsy] Brooklyn! You are literally fired from your own channel! – I'm sorry! Well, we only got lost about once on the trail So that's a benefit! And I almost knocked him off twice For like only my second time, I think I did okay! – [Betsy] How was it? – I think he's cool – [Betsy] Really? – Yeah! I don't know how he feels about it

– [Betsy] Really? Do you want me to ask him? – He's a little bit more closed off so I can't read anything – [Betsy] What? Literally talking to you the whole time – I know but like, is it just like to entertain me for the video? – [Betsy] No You were, I wasn't even recording when you guys were talking all the things Tell the people what you told me last night

– Wait, what part? – [Betsy] Where you're like I don't know, like, I'd want like a lawyer or something – Yeah, I did say that – [Betsy] Oh my gosh and then what happens? – I meet a lawyer Well, he wants to be a patent lawyer – [Betsy] Which is freaking awesome

– I know My heart is sparkling – [Betsy] What? What is even happening? – We're in trouble – [Betsy] Like, I know you've seen the pictures of all the guys that I've showed you and you said everyone's super cute So, I mean, not to take away from all the guys, but Brooklyn

– Yikes – [Betsy] There is something, huh? – I like him, he's cool – [Betsy] What? What? What? Okay, so tell me first impression – First impression She's really sick

Super fun to talk to Really outgoing Just like, I don't know, she has a super cool personality and just like, she's a really fun girl – [Betsy] How is the date going so far? – Uh, I think it's going all right I mean the four wheeling went super, I thought it was super fun

She killed it on the four wheeling, stuff like that Her eyes are super pretty and like we've been talking it up so I think it's going all right – [Betsy] Okay, can we, put this part off off camera She is having so much fun! – Really? – [Betsy] Like gushing! – Okay, that's good because I was like, it's always like super nerve-wracking Just be like I really hope she's having fun 'cause I think it's fun, but I don't know if the other person is

– [Betsy] She was gushing, shaking, gushing – Okay, that's good! I'm glad she's having a good time because like I'd hate for her not to have a good time – [Betsy] What would you rate the date? – Rate the date? One to ten? – I mean I'd say pretty close to ten Yeah, I'd say pretty close to ten so far, I mean, something could – – [Betsy ] I mean, what if, what if the paddle boarding's not good? So I mean, so 10 right now It could go down if the paddle boarding's not good

– I think the paddle boarding will be fun I think overall, like, we'll get a pretty high score I would rate it pretty high So – Okay, good

– Betsy's gonna give us questions and then we're just gonna, three, two, one, like, say the answer – Favorite color Three, two, one – Blue Green

– Favorite movie Three – – Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot (laughter) – It changes everyday – Favorite movie today Kay, ready? Three, two, one

– Sandlot Zootopia Oh, that's such a good movie! – Dream vacation – Oh shoot – Like place? Destination? – Yeah, dream vacation

Destination Three, two, one – New Zealand New Zealand – Oh my gosh! – Yes! That's my dream! – New Zealand's dope

– Yeah, it is so cool! – Is this a match made in heaven? – Favorite sport to play In three, two, one – Football Flag football – Flag football? – Oh yeah

We play intramural and I'm tiny but mighty It's intense (laughing) – That would've been cute if you guys would've said each other's things – We had some good answers – We did

– I'm putting sunscreen on so my mom will be proud of me Yeah, this is, I put some on this morning my face so that I wouldn't burn – [Betsy] I just want you to know I'm taking good care of Brooklyn by telling her – Ethan's also providing the sunscreen, so go him – [Betsy] Yeah, thanks Thanks Ethan (playful music) (playful music continues) (playful music continues) – [Betsy] You literally went in head first – I know

– [Betsy] And you jumped in all the way too – Yeah – [Betsy] You know You weren't gonna let her go by herself, that's the truth Look, the mascara stayed on

You got a good product It's my favorite – Thank you – [Betsy] And not cause you're my friend – Oh thank you, I appreciate that

– [Betsy] And I want to know the details The people are gonna want to know the details – I know, I feel bad because we did so many things that I like can't film on so I'm like, oh we need to show more of his personality It's so chill, I love it It's just like, I don't feel a lot of pressure which is nice

– [Betsy] I tried to get video but it was honestly so hard cause you guys were so far away – Yeah, I get that Yeah, this has been like a super adventurous date, so – [Betsy] But that's actually totally your personality too – I know! That's why I'm like kind of excited that I could do all these fun things

– [Betsy] Yeah And he's a cool guy – He's so cool So cool – [Betsy] Super cute

– Yeah, really cute Like really cute – [Betsy] Look, look, there he is guys (sexy music) He is just carrying all the things so that Brooklyn can just stand here – I know, I feel so useless, I'm like (whimpers)

Not doing anything – [Betsy] So I told they need to do a different pose and so she's gonna hop on his shoulders – Just like, okay, some like acrobatics here – Where do you want us to go stand? – [Betsy] Aw, Look at that – We did it! (playful music) (camera shutter clicking) (camera shutter clicking) – Well shoot, thanks for coming

– Yeah, thanks for taking me out, it was really fun – Yeah? I hope you had a good time – I did – That's good, that's good But yeah

– [Brooklyn] Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you too – [Brooklyn] Bye! – I'll see you later

– So I just got home from my second date and I genuinely, really just thought he was the coolest person ever and I honestly want to go on another date already, so But I don't have his phone number! Except for then, he sent Betsy a text What did he say Betsy? – He wants your number (laughing) – Oh my gosh! – And he said he was going to come over tonight to drop off our sandwiches that we left in the car – [Friend] Like, but can I just say something? He's like thinking of a reason, like sandwiches? You both could care less about an extra sandwich

Like your leftovers, right? But the fact that he's like making an excuse to come back over To, like, if it was like your jacket, yeah of course, but sandwiches? He wants to see you – And in the thing he was like, oh I had a lot of fun and blah blah blah

– [Betsy] Lot in all caps – Yikes guys I didn't think I would care this much (laughing) I'm glad I'm like invested but also I'm scared because like this now means I care (laughing) – [Betsy] You're gonna like all the guys

– I know, I'm nervous This is only date two What if they're all so good? I don't know Guys, I'm so pumped (mellow music)

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