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– Hey Brooklyn it's Kayden, and I am 20 years old and I am super excited to meet you – (Guitar strum) – Okay, so I had to like speed round change for this date, because I was swimming and now my hair is like in a bun and it's kind of a wreck

So hopefully this date doesn't care that much about my appearance because I feel like I am a mess right now The funny story about this next date is actually that his mother DM'd me about the like series and she was the one who was like oh my gosh you need to go on a date with my son He is a BYU hockey player, he is so cool And I was like that's awesome DM Betsy about him and so she DM Betsy – He is a he's a cute guy so I'm excited about this date

– Yeah, and we're going surfing and ice skating so we have a broad spectrum we have a lot of stuff to do so – So tell them about what had to wear too – Oh yeah, so I've got a swimsuit on with all with like a ton of layers because we're going to go ice skating and I do not want to be cold but also I have to have a swimsuit because we're going surfing so it was kind of a complicated outfit to figure out like what to wear I'm like barely breathing in like a bra and a swimsuit and a top and a sweater and like all of these things – Hi – [Betsy] A little late Good how are you – Good – Oh thank you, they're beautiful thank you so much – [Betsy] OK even the little decoration has a mask on you know – OK first of all, look at how beautiful these flowers are also they smell so freaking good

I did not get those on camera because we were in the restaurant and there was music playing he plays hockey at BYU the college and he actually has diabetes Type one diabetes and he does like all of these firesides and all of these like service things for kids with diabetes and just brings awareness to that so I thought that was really cute really cool that he does all that and uses his platform to kind of spread awareness and just to like encourage kids that they can do whatever they want even though they have diabetes and all this fun stuff – Well one really cute thing too is he was saying that he wasn't taking care of his diabetes when he was younger and the doctors were like at this rate by the time you hit age 20 your not going to have, your kidneys will not be functioning you will have lost your eyesight and right after that doctors appointment he watched the Olympics and one of the guys that was playing hockey had diabetes and so that became like his hero and he's like I'm going to take care of myself I want to be a hockey player – Yeah and like he has pursued it and he's totally done it and he has full function of his eyesight and all those things – He is helping – And he is helping other kids so it's really sweet that it's kind of come full circle His idol helped him and now he is kind of helping others

– (Music) – Jacket – Oh this is so sweet! Oh sweet! Guys I got some merch going on here – [Betsy] What, that is so cute! – That's so fun! – [Brooklyn] Well I am getting a little pampered because I was struggling trying to lace up my own skates This should give you a nice idea of how well I am going to be on the ice – I will teach you – [Brooklyn] Not great (laughing) – [Betsy] You know that is cute – You know me too well – [Betsy] So cute Brooklyn look how good you are doing on those skates – I have walked and I haven't fallen but walking is a lot easier than gliding – [Betsy] Kayden is like taking us to all the background area we get to see where they play – Oh the Olympics were here in 2002 They actually played in this stadium – No way – Some of best hockey players in the world have played on this ice – [Betsy] No way! So you are looking at the ice that the pros play on – (Upbeat music) – [Betsy] Look at, look at those crossovers

Look at those crossovers (Upbeat music) – We decided we were going to have him go really really fast and see if he can catch up with me while I go really really slow – (laughing) – So I am going to start and then he is going to start – (Upbeat music) – [Betsy] Whoo! Brooklyn! – I am actually quite impressed with myself because I thought I would be worse – (laughing) – He is like standing circles and I am like no me, me I am doing good – [Betsy] I mean you're all right you're okay

It's fine, whatever it's fine Alright you gotta tell us you got to point to where you are – [Kayden] Right there – [Brooklyn] That's him, that's him – [Kayden] And right here right here – [Betsy] There he is – [Brooklyn] Do you have a number? – 14 – 14 Everyone look for 14 – Won two championships

Well not last year, the year before So this was the Mountain West Conference Championship And then, this one was the Wasatch Cup so that's all the Utah teams – [Brooklyn] So cool – So we won two championships that year – [Betsy] Basically Brooklyn you are out with a big deal

He is kind of a big deal – Aw she's a bigger deal – He said that the team got me this gear Like the BYU hockey team Which I think is so sweet – [Betsy] What! That is so cute! – I know it's really sweet, and I have a hockey puck which was freaking cool because I have never played hockey and look at how cool this thing is Like the actual BYU hockey puck – That is really cool – I know it was really awesome He's genuinely the sweetest guy, like seriously so sweet

Like every time I was on the ice and I was like Oh my gosh I just know I'm doing bad because I'll like laugh at myself I'm that kind of person I will like laugh at myself and just know I am just going to do bad But he would get really serious like no you're doing awesome like he was so reassuring like he was so sweet Which I think is so nice because some guys don't know how to like be complimentary and he's really great at that so – Good job mom – Yeah good job you raised a good boy – (Music) – Okay number one, so sweet I was like shivering in my towel soaking wet so he gave me a towel his towel, which I thought was so sweet

But also two funny parts of this whole scenario One I ate it! Because I'm not, I've never done this before – [Betsy] We say caught that – Yes we caught that and my pants came completely off my body in the water and then all these grown men like watching me and I was like good I don't know if anybody saw anything so – [Betsy] You couldn't – Nobody acted weird but it was like my whole everything was out and then also I didn't think to bring underwear on this date so I like am currently going commando in my jeans This date has been sweet and fun but also a first time for a lot of things

(Laughing) – (Upbeat music) – [Betsy] Alright I gotta know how was the date? – It was super fun She is a party so, it was a blast Like she makes everything more fun – [Betsy] You could tell she was loving the date and you did the funnest activities and think my favorite thing was watching you teach her how to skate cause you could tell she was like nervous but then you were holding her hands I think the girls are going to die when they see that

– I took her backwards and I'm like do you want go fast again? And she's like uh one times enough she was definitely she was scared but she did good – [Betsy] What was your first impression of her? – Uh I would say just saw how genuinely nice she is and her eyes, like she's so pretty and just like she's nice on camera and she's nice off camera too Genuine nice – [Betsy] Oh yeah, oh good I'm glad you saw that because that's what like I see you know And what would rate the date? One out of ten, ten being the best obviously

– Ten for sure, it was super fun – [Betsy] Oh good – One of the best dates I've been on – [Betsy] Really? – Yeah – [Betsy] Oh good, okay thanks for the interview – Yep, no problem Thank you it was so much fun – Thank you it was a blast, shout out to your mom seriously because it was the best date ever You raised him right

– Thanks mom – It was a lot of fun and thanks for the hockey gear – Of course – that was so great – Of course happy you liked it – Well it was nice to meet you – [Betsy] Hey one quick question we had so did you say that the hockey team got the gear or what, I want to make sure we understood that right – Yes it was from the hockey team – [Betsy] No way that's so cool – Thanks shout out to you guys too I loved it – [Betsy] Tell me what was your first impression – Uh I feel like he's just seriously the nicest guy like he got me flowers, he was like all shy and like timid and it was so cute like big gentle giant kind of vibes like he was just really really sweet Like that was a really fun date he seriously like was nice like did, had the best manners we had the best conversation – [Betsy] Like did you notice he would pick up your skates – Yeah – [Betsy] Like oh let me get this for you and let me carry this

– And he was thoughtful too he like the hockey team got me stuff and he was so excited like showing me around the hockey like locker room just like fun cute little things like that – [Betsy] And it was so cute too, like how everyone at the ice skating place knew him and they were like hey Kayden – Yeah yeah they're like oh yeah hey what's up you know all those kinds of fun things he was just seriously the nice like I just yeah he was so sweet – [Betsy] Like that was such a good date for me to watch I'm like aw this so cute – It was a good time it was a good time – [Betsy] Yeah it was so cute

Alright well thanks for the interview – You're welcome – (Upbeat outro music)

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