Meet Matt (Date #4) | Brooklyn’s 10 Dates in 10 Days

– Hey Brooklyn My name's Matt

I'm 26 and I'm super excited to meet you and go paddle boarding with you tonight (lively guitar music) – Okay guys, I'm headed to date number four I just finished doing my makeup but honestly I think I'm gonna have to rebraid this 'cause it's kind of a mess but date number four guys I'm almost halfway there This is so crazy

It's so insane how every day is different Like every guy is different I'm so excited about today's date cause it's gonna be really fun I don't know much about the guy but yeah Also, I'm wearing, I don't know if you can see that I'm wearing like this little giraffe print swimsuit which is the first time I've ever worn giraffe print swimsuit

So if this guy doesn't appreciate my cute suit, you guys can appreciate my cute suit I haven't really been on a lot of water dates before which made me have to sit there and think like, "Do I put makeup on?" 'Cause normally if I'm going swimming and stuff, like if I'm in the water, I'm the kind of person that will like legitimately swim I will like legitimately paddle board, do all those things So like my first thought process is like, "Oh, I'm not gonna wear makeup cause I don't want it to get everywhere" But usually I can put on some extra store and it stays on pretty well

But if I'm doing stuff like surfing, I'll just not wear makeup but this is also a date So like So I'm just putting on like light makeup for all these water dates, we'll see

Date number four here we come We're going back up the Canyon for this date I know that this guy's name is Matthew He's 26 and he– – Wait, he referred to himself as Matt Just bear in thought

– Oh sorry, Matt I don't know if he's training to be a pilot or is a pilot Kind of funny because I come from fifth generation pilots, like my grandpa– – Oh my gosh, guess what he is! He's a twin – Oh yeah! And we don't know if he's identical or not So that'll be kind of a fun talking point 'cause not everybody can relate to that

We are actually, again, running late (laughs) We literally I've been in traffic every single day We've been in like construction – And we've been leaving earlier too – Yeah, we have been

We've been leaving like 45 minutes early for every day So, do not judge us, we're doing our best I saw a few of y'all that were like, "How old would you actually date?" I think the parameters I set for this were like 21 to 28 Honestly, I'm kind of open minded about age I think if you just get along really well, it's all good

So this guy is 26 and I'm really pumped and we'll see how it goes – That's why I hopped out Hey! – Nice to meet you It's like a nice evening weather so it's actually perfect outside so I'm kind of pumped – [Betsy] Yeah, it is very beautiful

– Yeah, it's really pretty And the view is always gorgeous – [Betsy] I mean, look at this (wind whirls) (gentle music) All right, let's show the cute little basket you have for the picnic – This is the picnic basket

– Oh, there's stuff in it It's so cute – Some salad and some chips and stuff, yeah – [Betsy] Awesome (gentle upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] What are you doing for like job, your career? What are you like pursuing? – So I am in flight school right now

I'm training to be a pilot So I wanna be a commercial pilot – [Brooklyn] And you have a twin brother? I do have a twin – [Brooklyn] And your fraternal, right? – Fraternal, we look nothing alike so sometimes people can like tell the difference Sometimes it's hard for people to believe that we're twins

– [Brooklyn] Yeah, I get that – I meant to say (chuckles) – [Brooklyn] I get that (gentle upbeat music) Oh, I just, zoomed in Okay, I just finished eating my meal

I know you guys are gonna laugh at me that this is finished but this is finished I don't know if he cooked it himself but he's not here but I'm impressed if he did cause it was delicious And also he has this like cute little setup of fruit and he even brought lemons to squeeze over the salad So it was like really bougie and also sparkling water which I don't like (Brooklyn and Betsy laugh) So I feel so bad cause, "Oh, I'm okay, I really just don't need a drink

" He was like, "Oh no, I have water in the car" So that's where he is right now He's running to get me water which I just Ah, I feel a little high maintenance but that's okay But that's the deal, feeling great Having a fun time Picnic Super fun We're sitting on this cute little blanket and Betsy is just chilling just doing a great job

(people chattering) (water ripples) – [Betsy] Oh, that was good – Hey everybody, watch and learn, the pro is about to start (water ripples) (Matt screams) – [Matt] Oh, nice! – Oh it skipped It's skipped twice (water ripples) (wind whirls) Did I get three? – [Betsy] Mm, one

(Brooklyn and Betsy laugh) – I think it was two (screams) This is the second time I've fallen on this date – [Betsy] Oh my gosh (laughs) You guys, she ate it and I didn't have the camera on – And literally my face touched the ground

(Brooklyn and Betsy laugh) (water ripples) – Nice, that was like five That's pretty good – That was pro, it's a bomb – [Betsy] #pro right here What else do we need to teach Brooklyn? I mean, do you know at all? All the things? – (chuckles) She knows all the things already

– All of it I'm a pro – [Betsy] Paddle boarding now? – I think that's the move – What do you guys think about these sunglasses? – [Betsy] Turn to the sides – Is that a go or a no go? – Apparently, somebody thought that they were girl sunglasses, right? It's girls specific? – Yeah

That guys don't wear tinted shade sunglasses – I thought that they were gender neutral – Yeah – [Brooklyn] Comment down below what you think – [Betsy] Should he keep them or should he lose them? I think they look good

– [Brooklyn] Yeah, I think I like them – [Betsy] He did find a picture of Brad Pitt wearing some – So maybe they are gender neutral (Matt laughs) – [Betsy] I think so but I wanna hear what everyone else thinks – Yeah (lively upbeat music) – [Betsy] Bye, have fun

Be safe (lively upbeat music begins) (pop sound) (kids chattering) (pop sound) (lively upbeat music ends) Okay, three, two, one jump Three, two, one jump – We were trying to take jumping pictures and he lost his shoes in the middle of the jump So one is over here (foot steps approach) (lively upbeat music) and the other one is over here

So he gave up (laughs) He took his shoes off – Just going with the bare feet – So we're gonna try and get some more jumping photos with bare feet this time (laughs) (lively guitar music) (camera shutters) – [Betsy] First impression of Brooklyn

– I think she's super cute, she's really fun She is very easy to talk to I feel like we got along pretty well, had a lot to talk about – [Betsy] Expect anything different or? – I didn't really know what to expect to be honest I came in just kind of blind ready for whatever – [Betsy] And what– – But it's been awesome

– [Betsy] Favorite part of the date? Favorite part of the date I think was the paddle boarding part It's really pretty up here It was fun to just kind of chat and hang out on the paddle boards – [Betsy] Awesome! – Yeah – [Betsy] What would you rate the date one out of 10? – 10 out of 10 for sure

It was awesome – [Betsy] All good, awesome! Thanks for the interview – Yeah, you're welcome – [Betsy] Brooklyn, first impression – He was honestly so sweet

We got in the car and it was just like so chill already There's just no pressure There's no stress It was really easy It was kind of nice

– [Betsy] Was it interesting to go out with another twin? Have you gone out with a twin before? – I don't think I have – [Betsy] First twin? – This is the first time I've gone out with another twin but I think it's a little different 'cause he's a fraternal twin and him and his twin are not the same And so I don't know if they're like And they don't even do the same things So it's a little different So we talked about being twins for like five minutes but it honestly wasn't like any different than going out with just someone who isn't a twin which I thought it would be and it wasn't Good to figure it – [Betsy] Yeah and he's a pilot

– And he's a pilot which I come from like fifth generation pilots so we connected on that – [Betsy] That's awesome – Yeah – [Betsy] And so just having fun tonight – I know, it's been great

– [Betsy] You know what I thought was so interesting is he chose a chicken caesar salad for dinner and I thought that was like a good choice I don't feel like guys think of that I think – I know it was super easy and it was cooked really well The chicken was delicious I don't know if he made it, I don't know if he didn't, I don't know if bought it but it was really good

I ate the whole thing – [Betsy] It doesn't matter – It doesn't matter (laughs) We're at the end of the day Thank you so much for taking me out

– Yeah, that was so much fun – Yeah, it was super fun – Very nice to meet you – Yeah good food, good time – What I want you to know, Brooklyn was so nice that she offered to drive – I did, I'm driving Also, I just love this car – But it was a fun date, right? – Yeah, that was really creative

Like the picnic and the paddle boarding and stuff all on the water there 'cause it's mountains here Like in Texas, it's Lake water Like with mud and so it's always warm, the ground is warm Here, it's mountain water like snow So even though it's hot outside, it was freezing, the water was freezing

Betsy wouldn't even touch her toe in it She was like, "Nope, nope" – Listen, I didn't want to I wanted them to have the fun (laughs) I didn't want to take away from your date, okay? – So yeah, it was fun though – Okay Brooklyn, I really wanna know, how did you feel? Like do you feel You know you'll get that feeling if he's the one – Yes – Did you get that feeling? – I don't think so I think this guy was really nice and the date was genuinely fun but I'm so sure that I'm just gonna feel it I'm just gonna know and I'm gonna wanna hang out more and do all those things

And I don't know if this is the person for that He was so nice but I just know I'm gonna feel it – It's true, I think that really is true Alyssa even said that She's like, "I would go out with the guys and they did all the perfect things

They were so nice – Yeah – [Betsy] But But if you guys loved him, vote for him in the comments because that can always help out So (lively brassy music)

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