Meet Our Sister Kamri | Brooklyn and Bailey

– Oooh – Kamri, I'm serious

(laughter) – How much do you weigh? – I'm 85 pounds – No, that's not true – I thought you had some muscle in there – I'm going to go get my Ben & Jerry's – No, sit down

(upbeat music) – Hello, guys It's Brooklyn and Bailey and today's video is going to be with Kamri That's right, this chick – We're doing a Q&A and we've done a Q&A with all our other siblings, but we haven't done one with her yet – Plus, she's turning 13 on December 27, that's right

(dramatic music) The teenage years – No, it's coming down the track – We're not ready – No, we aren't Before we get to the Q&A, don't forget to check out Bailey and I's last video on Squared where we gave our school 20 of these Lenovo Yoga 2 tablets that they gave to us to give away

If you guys want to check out that video, click the information button up there – Don't forget to subscribe to Squared and Brooklyn and Bailey, it's the big red button down below And don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up, now let's go onto the Q&A Okay, time for the first question, are you ready? – What is your favorite food? – Well I like all food – Everybody likes all food

I mean that's given – But I like grilled cheese – It's probably because I make the best grilled cheese out there – Mine are better – I like Kamri's better

– Ah, I'm hurt – I'm sorry – Bailey, Bailey is a good cook Kamri is coming in close second She is gaining on Bailey

What is your favorite letter in the alphabet and why? – Ooo, that's weird – K – Because of your name, oh that's such a lame answer – That's a lame answer! – Okay well besides K, I like Z because – Because it's awkward and weird at the end? – You're awkward and weird at the end (laughter) – Z is fun to write in cursive Yeah, you can just do this, it's really cool if you really think about it – All the people that know cursive

My cursive is horrible, it looks terrible – My Z's in cursive look really great – I learned cursive in kindergarten – Watch out, guys – What's your favorite thing about having a big family? – Well during Christmas you get a lot of presents

– Oh my god! – Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding, just kidding! – That is not – Just kidding, I like having a big family because say like Brooklyn and Bailey were off somewhere in the United States or gone, then I would always have other siblings to play with – Where is your dream place to travel to? – You having problems with reading? I could read off my bucket list, but that would take forever so let's not get to that – I'm pretty sure I share a bucket list with Brooklyn because we think the same – Well I made it and then she took it so it's fine

– We can make it closer – Pink – Yes – No – I was thinking of blue

– That only works with us, are you ready? What shape am I thinking of? – A triangle – That's what I'm thinking of! – I want to see the black sand beach – Oh, where is that again? – That's on my bucket list – I saw it on Twitter and I want to go there – Okay, well we can figure out where that is later

Wherever that is if anyone, oh sorry, didn't meant to stab you in the eye If anyone knows where that is, comment below What is your favorite color and why? – Teal because teal is awesome – I don't know anyone that doesn't like the color teal – Kamri, if you could have a twin, would you or not? – Of course she would

– Because of the great example we set – If I was to pick my twin, it'd probably be Brooklyn – Yeah, oh Bailey is the third wheel! – This is like a gang up session – Kamri and I just think a lot more, we just think a lot more alike – We have more like similarities

– Like sometimes I want to move in with Kamri because I like the way she decorated her room – Like the floral blue – Plus I love my room, but I like Kamri's room too – No, I feel like Brooklyn and I look alike, but they're honestly the true twins personality wise It's okay, I'm an independent woman

– Backwards high five because my other hand is full Okay, do you want to live in Texas when you are older or do you want to move to a different state? – I want to live in Texas because Texas is awesome and it has really good schools – And it's like right now and right now it's like the middle of the winter and it's really warm – Yeah, this winter has been surprising like mild It's usually frozen

– I like it, I like it – Blue Bell, just kidding I don't know that Texas – That was so random – Blue Bell just came back, yeah – I don't know about Blue Bell

– Texas, Texas probably is – Tell us where the home of Blue Bell is because I don't know where it is Do you play any sports and which one is your favorite and why? – I play school basketball and club soccer Yep, my favorite is probably soccer just because I've been playing that a lot longer – Yeah, I beat her in basketball y'all

– That's because it was two on one – It was not two on one, it was one on one – No, Riley was on your side – Because I can barely dribble a ball – I scored all the points

Who's your celebrity crush? – I got it, I got it, Jiff Pom – Who is that? Oh, the pomeranian puppy? You have a crush on a dog – Hey, don't judge he's cute – Okay, Brady is my best friend – Brady is adorable

– He's so cute – Dogs are adorable, I want a Pomsky y'all (laughter) I know so random – I want a Pomsky y'all – We were talking about it today and I want one, they're so cute

– They're adorable – They're so cute, blue eyes and their big fluffy fur – I want a husky – Huskies are cute – What if we had a husky and a pomeranian? – That's a pomsky

– Pomsky, that's what I want! (laughter) – Her life has been changed – Oh no! Favorite book or books? This is hard when you've read a lot of books But on good reads I have like books that I've read, my favorite books, and then my all time favorite books and I only have two books in my all time favorite books – I have like 40 I can never limit it down

– And there's It All Started With an Apple – Oh, so good – It's a good book, y'all should read it – And The Storyteller – We gave that to her! – I know! – We gave that to you! – Yeah, we got it as an early Christmas present and it is one of the best books I've ever read

– Would you rather never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind? – Well I can tell Bailey would always have to say what on her mind because she talks so much – I talk way too much – And you would probably not be able to speak again – Yeah – And I would not be able to speak

– Well you can do like sign language or like write it – Wait, does it have to be in like English because you can always learn like Spanish or Mandarin Chinese – No, it's like speaking – I think it's speaking – So then maybe you can just write it

– Yeah – if you could have any animal, what would it be? – Like as a pet? – Oh, I know – I know, I know – Okay, three, two, one – Finger monkey! – What, seriously? – A tiger – I know her so well, I know her so well

I knew it was a finger monkey Like I feel like a tiger would just be like if you grew up then it wouldn't Unless you're literally Jasmine I don't know how that's going to work out for you

– Yeah, I'm Jasmine, you know it! – I feel like a monkey would be so fun – She had like a jaguar – No, she had a tiger – What? – Know your Disney! – Kamri's life has been changed! – I just think a monkey would be fun because it would just sit on your shoulder and they've got like good spunky little personalities – You can like train them, you can train them so if I was like I want Bailey's shirt that she has in her closet

Monkey you got get that shirt (laugh) Then the monkey goes and gets the shirt – You think you could train the monkey to steal my clothes? – Yeah! – What is the funniest memory you have with your siblings? – Okay, I have one It's when we had bunk beds and we used to take blankets we used to take blankets and we used to tie them from one end to the other and make hammocks out of the blankets – I remember this

– Oh yeah, we had pictures! – And we were so little that like we would fit like it was a legit hammock on this bunk bed – It was a legit hammock, man those were cool – Man I could not do that now, I would break the bed – Break the bed – That's such a sad thought

– I also have a memory of Bailey pooping on the floor – What? – Moving on! – This is a good one, what is your favorite candy and how did you discover it? – I like Kit Kats – I do too – And I guess everybody just – Kit Kats just appeared a lot – I think mom brought them into their life – They just came – Everybody just knew it was like

Okay, here's the real question Is it Reese's or Reese's – It's Reese's

– Reese's – Are you positive? – 100% positve – Wait, why would you call it Reese's? – I don't know, Reese's? – It's spelled the same way – It's Reese's though What is your weirdest dream ever? – Oh I have weird dreams

– I have strange dreams, I remember – I never remember my dreams – I remember this dream where this kid in my class, this guy – Laid an egg! – The guy laid an egg, it was sort of in the middle of class and he goes bacock, and he like lays an egg And then we were like all on a plane, anyway – I don't remember my dreams and if I do they're like really boring

– Oh, that's sad Comment below the weirdest dream you've ever had then we could like really truly compare – And also comment down below if it's Reese's or Reese's – Okay, I have one last question, are you taller than Bailey and I? – Yes, and sooner or later they're going to be, it's going to be like my mom shoes come to me and then my shoes go to them – Yeah, she's already outgrown our feet

– I have faith in us! – Riley has already outgrown our shoe size too! – Guys, believe us when we say this because this, even after we said it in videos Girls will come up to us and be like you're so short! A lot shorter, we are 5'2 – 5'1! – 5'15! – 5'1! – We're little people, we're tiny short people – We have size five, maybe sixes if we're lucky feet and our hands are like the smallest things you will ever see

But trust us we're toughies, we're tough cookies I've got some muscle in here – We are done – Wait, I got one more for you guys this time (clapping) So I already know the answer to the first part of this, so why am I your favorite sibling? – Good assumption

– Answer the first the part – Because I already knew I was your favorite sibling Both of you guys

– Good try – Right, Brooklyn is my favorite – We're half twins – Brooklyn's my favorite – Yeah, that's why you're my favorite, there you go you answer the question for me

– I hope you all learned a lot about this chick because – Beautiful teenager almost – Teenager, I'm not ready for this day

– Do we look alike? – Anyway be sure to give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe, hit that red button down there And we will see you guys next week, bye!

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