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[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey guys It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we are going to be doing an interview with Rylan, because she recently turned the age of 10

-Double digits! -Are you excited? -Yes, I'm very excited -Oh my gosh Clearly she is And if you guys want to see more videos like this, don't forget to click the Subscribe button, which will be right here And now we're going to go on to the interview

So question number one -Uno -And in case you're wondering, we posted an Instagram picture and people ask us the questions we're going to ask you today So I just picked random ones So question number one, it asks, what is your most embarrassing moment? -Oh

Probably when I was little, I got lost in Disneyworld, I think It was pretty sad -That's not embarrassing -Yeah, it is, because you guys always– -Getting lost isn't your fault, though -I know, but you guys always show me the picture where I'm not there

-So to explain this really quick We were in Disney World, and she was like, three And my mom always writes her phone number whenever we go to parks or stuff So in case your kids get lost– -Down your arm -You can just tug on a parent and be like, hey look, call this number

I'm lost And so we lost her in Disney World But none of us knew it– -Because it was raining -And we all had these ponchos on So none of us noticed for 20 minutes

-And we took this huge family picture And Rylan was not in it She was gone when we took that photo And then we realized right after and ran around looking for her and finally found her -And of course, she found a parent who called the number– -But my mom's phone was off so she wasn't getting any of the messages or the phone calls

-Anyways, it all resolved itself and we found– -Rylan, obviously, because she's here -But I don't see how that's embarrassing -But it's like every year you guys always pull up the picture– -It's because it's funny -When we watch family videos, dad always shows the photo It's sad

-Number two Who's your favorite twin and why? You better answer this question right, Rylan -It's me, right? -No, it's not It's me, isn't it? -It's me -It's me

-Hm I don't know -Nope, nope You have to answer the question -There's no neutrality here

-I don't know why, but– I don't know -Say it! Speak your words Spit the words out -Her name starts with B -Oh my gosh! -That's not fair

-Cliffhanger -Favorite singer or song? I think I know this one -This is really hard -Is it really? I thought I would– -I thought I'd be able to guess it -Oh, are you being sarcastic? -No

-Yes, you're being sarcastic I couldn't get that one for a second Sing– say who is it -It's Taylor Swift -Taylor Swift

-We have tickets to go see her -I'm so excited -And we're all excited -You don't act– -You said, I'm so excited Speak with happiness

-Well I'm just really excited -I'm excited, too I don't even know if I'm invited, but I'm excited to go So I know that we had tickets for the concert, but do you have plans– is the family going? -Yes

-Friends? What are we going to do? -Well, I don't know who but we're going to dress up really crazy -Like what do you mean, crazy? -Like glow-sticks, and tutus, and mix-matched– -Wear long– or maybe not long Short Blonde -Red lips? Are we going red lips? Hair? -Probably

I don't know Just go crazy because she has this thing after I don't know if they let you I don't know -Why wouldn't they let you have– -People have gone to concerts and told me they don't let you have signs

Because it blocks the view of people in back of you -But why are we doing this? -Well, she has a tea party after every concert where she picks the top 20 fans who were the craziest And we get to go back and actually meet her -I want to meet Taylor Swift I'm all for it

-I volunteer for glittery hair We should like– -We should deck ourselves out and just scream the whole concert and maybe then she'll she who we are -But if we scream the whole concert, our voices would be gone by the time we– -Well, it's not her that comes out It's Mama Swift -Oh

We've got to get Mama Swift's permission first Number four asks, do you have a crush, and what is his name? I know you have a crush I know you do And I think I know his name -Oh, what's his name? -I can't remembered

-Oh, wow Wow -One of her friends told me Nathan? No, it's that dude you said you wanted to go to the dance with -I never said that

-What's his name? -Yes you did What's his name? -I never said any of that -You're blushing! -No, don't give me that! -Look at that She's throwing daggers at me now -I don't know

All the guys in my grade are so annoying I can't– -Boys have– -Fifth grade boys -Fourth grade boys -Oh We'll skip that one, because she obviously is too embarrassed to tell us his name

But we all agree, she does have a crush -Yeah, we all know -Number five– oh, she didn't– number five Do you want your own YouTube Channel, and if so, what would you do on it? -Music -Music

Really? Rylan's a little singer -Probably Because mom said she would probably send me up for voice lessons -Question number six asks what is your biggest fear? -Oh, this is kind of bad -Why? Because there's so many to pick from? -Well, yeah

Spiders Snakes -Oh, snakes aren't that bad I can actually like, hold a snake -Yeah, we found a snake in our pool

Were you there? -Ew One time I accidentlaly– -That was a baby, though Try touching a– I don't know -What are those giant snakes called? -They're called– -Python! -Yeah, it's a python -Anaconda

Now all that makes me think of is– -Nicki Minaj -Anyways– the python The python– you don't like pythons? -No, that's like my fear -Your biggest fear? -Python? -I don't know -Getting eaten by a snake? Don't go to the jungle

-Yeah, no jungles -Use one word to describe every family member in your family -Oh Paisley, cute -Duh

-Daxton, annoying -Aw -I think Daxton's so cute -Um, me– awesome -Of course

I thought it would be like fabulously beautiful or something -Kamri, artistic -True -Bailey– -Better be nice -Fashionista

-That's pretty good -Brooklyn– -Wow, feeling the love Why don't we pull in another one of the siblings who actually likes me -All eyes on the favorite -I guess smart

I don't know -Smart? -I mean, you're in GT right? -Yes -Seven -And then mom, the hair ninja -Hair ninja

-That's two words -Ninja -Ninja Mom's a ninja -Dad, football

-Football -I don't know -I would have said sleepy -I would have said– -He's always asleep on the couch -Brainy

-Oh, brainy -Brainy Snuggly -Snuggly Cute

And adorable -Fluffy Amazing and my favorite, except for Rylan, because she's my favorite Number eight Who is your favorite Disney character and why? -Oh

This is tough I don't know -I know mine -Oh, yeah Bailey's like the Disney queen

-She loves that -She loves everything Disney -It's either "Tangled"– well, Rapunzel Or Ariel I like those two

-Ariel? -Ariel -Why Ariel? -I don't know -I used to love Ariel, and then I used to love Cinderella -The songs in Ariel are good That's true

-Yeah, they're amazing -Number nine What do you want to name your future children? -How many kids do you want? -I don't know -16 -16 children? -Yes

I'm totally serious -The sarcasm exuding from this ten year old is ridiculous -No, like four -You want four? -Four kids? What, boy, girl– -No, all girls -What are their names? -I don't know

-I know you have this picked out I have this picked out kind of -I always liked the name Samantha -Samantha -Ashley

-Ashley Samantha and Ashley -Kate -Kate -That's all I can think of

-The before and last child Number 10 What is your age and grade? I think we already covered that -Yeah, I think we established that -Yep

10 and fourth -The good old fourth grade Man, that was a long time ago -That was -We have textbooks next year

-Ew Have fun with that -We still have the two page cursive learning packet things -If you had to pick any animal to be, what would it be and why? Like any– -A dolphin -Why? -Because they're extremely smart

-Really? -Yeah -Oh -They save people -And they're cute, and fun, and happy -We swam with them

It was fun -Oh yeah, that was last spring break That was fun -If you had to pick three foods to eat for the rest of your life, only those three foods, what would they be -Brocolli

-Brocolli? What? -Yes -I think you are the only ten year old in the entire world to choose broccoli I second that -Broccoli is so good Are you kidding me

Cooked broccoli, at least -Mind Blown I wouldn't even pick Broccoli, and I'm 15 Keep picking

This is interesting I want to hear the rest of them -I don't know Ice cream Oh, yes

-That's something I would have said -Is that a food or that like a desert/ or are they the same thing? -It's something you eat It counts as food -As long as it's edible -I guess it's food if it's edible, right? -And probably like edamame or something like that

-You are a strange child -Edamame is so good -She's like, Lima beans– -What sports do you play? -I play volleyball, and if you consider dance a sport, I do dance, too -Do you like volleyball -Yes, volleyball's awesome

-What place do you play? Like what position? -We don't really have positions We just kind of– -Rotate? -Rotate -Yeah, don't they rotate in volleyball? I don't really know much about volleyball -Not always I think only select teams

-Do you serve? -Yes, I serve -Are you good? -Didn't you recently get two serves over the net? -Yeah Yesterday -The girl's future– -Do they have Olympic volleyball? Why do I not know this? -Yes -Yes

Yes, they have Olympic volleyball -She's an Olympic volleyball player -They have Olympic everything -They do Really

-Do they have Olympic soccer? -Yes -For real? -Kamri and I looked this up -Do they? Because I thought it was just the World Cup? -They have women's and men's -They have– can she just have– they should just have roller-blading or ice-skating– well, they do have ice-skating They do have ice-skating, then why shouldn't they have roller-blading? -Roller-blading? What would you do? -Race

No, you'd race -Roller-blading isn't really a sport Is it? -It is, technically No, they have– -Do they have Olympic golf? -Oh No

I don't think so -Good thing we have Google -I know, right Should I Google this? -Olympic gold -Anyways, back to volleyball

-Google, google -Do you– so you don't play any position, you just play all of them? -No -Is your team good? What's it called? -We're Team Awesome -Really? Yeah -Awesome

Team Awesome What's your favorite position to play in volleyball? -Either front middle or back right– no, left It kind of switches off -What's the difference? -Well, the front middle is where every ball comes Or front left

-Do you dive and– whoosh! -Sometimes It kind of depends Some teams are not as good as other teams that we play with serving, so they'll serve it and hit the net So they have to under serve it And then we're all on the floor

-Oh Interesting I don't know much about volleyball -Me neither -So I should probably look up– -It's good to know

-This is question 15 This is the last question Very important question How do you like your toast? -Ha, ha! -This is the most important question ever -I don't like it like normal bread, but I don't like it super burnt

So golden– -Brown, and soft on the inside -And then sprayed with spray butter or butter or whatever they call it And then with cinnamon on it -Cinnamon, not jam? -No, not jam -Cinnamon sugar? -Yeah, cinnamon sugar stuff

-Our lives are complete We know how Rylan makes her toast -I think that's all we have for the interview Thank you guys so much for submitting all of your questions for Rylan -Don't forget to leave a comment below, answering the question that we asked Rylan when we asked her, which three foods she would eat for the rest of your life

So you guys should answer that in the comments -Give this video a thumbs up if I'm your favorite Bye guys -And I think that's all we have So, bye! [MUSIC PLAYING] -Yawn

-Ow -Hey One of you guys smells like lotion -Oh, really? I bet it's me -No, I think it's my deodorant

Smell it -Smell my– I'm like, smell my deodorant!

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