Meet Sam (Date #10) | Brooklyn’s 10 Dates in 10 Days

– Hey, I'm Sam I'm 21

I'm finishing up my first semester of nursing school Brooklyn, I'm excited to see you tomorrow We're gonna get some breakfast and then go up the canyon We're gonna go on a hike up to a waterfall Be super fun

I'm excited to talk to you So, yeah, I'll see you then (soft music) – You guys asked and so I delivered My last date My 10th date is going to be with Sam from my little like dating survey video

You guys were so excited about him – "Hi, what is your name?" "Sam" So Sam – Sam We love you

I'll shoot my shot here 'Wanna go on a real date next time we'`re in the same state" – Aw! – Aw! – Yes, I'll go on a date with you – We're watching history people We're watching history

We've been friends for four or five years now And I seriously I like love his family Here's the fact like we've just been friends for a really long time So, I'm really excited to go on the date today because I know him And it's gonna be like casual

And I don't have to like, meet him for the first time, it's gonna be a good date Okay, we're going to a restaurant called Maccabees I've never been here We just drove up and then like my friend Sam is already like sitting at a table I don't think you'd see the restaurant, it's right there

I've heard great things about Maccabees We're already for like a solid meal I don't even– – Every meal like anytime of day, Maccabees is like the bomb We're gonna eat here I'm gonna show you all the foods and then we're gonna go and hike

– How are you? – Good, how are you? – Good – [Friend] Hi nice meeting you – Am meeting the– (laughs) – [Friend] Like what kind of hike are we going on after this? – Well, like you guys would like me by the camera – Yes (laughing) – It's pretty fun hike

I don't know it's up to a waterfall – [Friend] Oh, cute – Yeah, it's a cool– – What's it called? – [Friend] What's it called? – Its called, Stuart falls – [Friend] Oh, nice, nice That's actually like a really popular hiking meet up

So, if anyone who like comes here everyone in the area like – How long is it? – [Friend] It's like two miles – Yeah, two miles – [Friend] Two miles in two miles out

– Yeah – Yeah – Okay that's sounds fun – It's awesome It will be fun

– [Friend] Oh my gosh, the food! – I know, I'm starving – [Friend] So good! That looks so bougie – I'm kind of curious about it – Looks like a little kid's meal (laughing) – Pancakes and fruit, that's– – [Friend] Oh, that sounded like a good bite

(laughing) – Yup (mumbling) (laughing) – I work at a nursing home – [Friend ] And – Rehabilitation facility

– [Friend] Oh, nice – With old people – With old people – You like it? – I Love it, yeah – He has some funny stories that he tells me sometimes

Like the things that happen in there – Yeah, there's some fun things – [Friend] I bet the old people just say the best thing – Oh yeah A lot of people don't really know where they are just sad

– [Friend] Oh! – I got some good old friends, so – [Friend] Can you–favorite TV show? That's a hard one I'm so sorry, guys – This is so basic, but I love 'The Office' – [Friend] Same! – I'm so sorry

– I'm ashamed of you – I know – You knew what that answer should have been – I know – Yeah

– It should have been 'New Girl' – Oh, I made him watch 'New Girl' – I did and I loved it – [Friend] Dude you love New Girl? – It's my favorite show – [Friend] Same! Oh, I have to ask this though

– If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Like I have to know – I'm gonna get Maybe I'll get frozen for this but french fries, – [Friend] You won't

French fries! – My answer would have been potatoes – You could make anything with potatoes I'll do potatoes – There we go – Potatoes

Potatoes it is! – [Friend] Boom baby! – We're driving We're getting there We're getting to like a nice scenic view Look at that Are you kidding me? I have high high hopes for this hike, because the drive is already freaking gorgeous

Also, it's like maybe the perfect time of day because it's not gonna be super hot Thumbs Up Guys Sam has a secret he's been keeping from us – What's the secret? – Everybody – What's the Secret? – Sam, can freaking sing! – Oh, come on

I'm not singing for you – Sam Sam was playing music and he was singing – I playing music, yeah – And he also plays guitar

– I do I do – So, everybody hype Sam up Maybe someday he'll sing for you (laughing) He high-fived you guys

He high-fived you (soft upbeat music) – [Friend] What is this place? – I've no idea – [Friend] Really? Its like a huge It's like gigantic What the heck! – It's the size of me – [Friend] Honestly, I'm like two rocks (soft music) – We made it! – [Friend] So pretty – Okay

(laughing) – Tones of grapes – Ooh – Oh what! – Tones of fruit snacks – [Friend] Oh, – That's a good one Now we're talking

– There's more still Granular bars That's it – [Friend] That's it Those are hike necessities

And we have like this water – Yeah – [Friend] This is the spot you guys What up? Okay rapid fire questions, ready? – I'm ready – [Friend] Okay, superpower

– Power to fill things up Listen, empty gas tank, I fill it up Empty bank account, I fill it up Empty stomach, I fill it up – [Friend] That was so good, like on spot and then fine

– That was just fascinating (laughing) – [Friend] Okay next All right, Chick filet or Popeye's? Three, two, one – Chick filet – Chick filet

– [Friend] Yeah, I mean like, duh – Popeye's is good but not like, chick filet – [Friend] Okay if you live in a different state from where you live now, like which they would be? Three, two, one – Texas – I knew that one

Aah! Probably, Missouri – [Friend] Okay So pretty – Look at how pretty the greenery is behind the waterfall – [Friend] Oh my God

– That how misty, I love that look – So, so pretty (waterfall splashing) – Oh my God (waterfall splashing) – I'm going under with the camera, this is a terrible idea (screaming) That's the wate6rfall I got it

I got it (laughing) I got in (laughing) (soft upbeat music) – [Friend ] How's the day going? – I'm great, it's fun I mean, it's a longer hike than I thought it was – [Friend] It's actually– Its great

– It's not that bad It was like you said like, it's like very Like, in the beginning

It's like kind of hard but then they're like mellows out the whole way And then yeah – Yeah right At the beginning there was like bid steep part of it – [Friend] What's your favorite thing about Brooklyn? – She's really outgoing

– [Friend] Yeah – And like super easy to talk to you – [Friend] Literally best communication, out there (laughing) – Like I mean, you met her last week, right? – [Friend] Yeah And I really feel like I've known her like, forever

All right, so you're the 10th date are you so glad that you like got to like wrap it up and then– – I'm glad I made the cut – [Friend] Seriously, same You've literally been like such a good date Like, what would you rate this date? – Absolutely 10 – [Friend] 10 out of 10

Guys, you heard it here first (laughing) You killed it, dude – I'm glad I was nervous (laughing) – [Friend] Okay, dude – Hey

– [Friend] Okay, how's the day? – It's so good This is like, seriously the most beautiful hike ever I'm like each Sites there, the sea and the waterfall and all the things that just We don't have this in Texas that often And I swear to this on every day, but it's just like chill – [Friend] Yeah, I feel like when the days are like there's like no pressure like you're having fun like you're not– – Yeah its just like not high maintenance

Like outdoors, we're both like sweaty and gross And like we don't really care and like we've known each other before so it's like easy conversation – [Friend] I feel like those are probably like some of the best dates, like I feel like some of you like wanna get out and like meet new people – Yeah But sometimes its like trying to like get up like get with your friends again and like just like go out– – And like get to know each other a little better

So, it been really good though Okay, we're hiking, our way back Number one, we're trying not to show that we're out of breath But we're all pretty out of breathe

So, we came here at the spot and were like like, okay – Can we take a break? – She's like, break time But also I got such a kick out of this because my water bottle fell out of my backpack, and I got this like little scrunch thing And this will he did not even point five seconds after my waterfall front of my backpack – I said this is what I do when someone tickles my neck

– He goes, he goes Like scrunched his head So, like just like my water bottle So, I've been drinking out of this so bad boy (laughing) Anyway, we got a good kick out of that

– [Friend] Doesn't this look like the Sound of Music? Back dropped anybody You gonna give us some Sound of Music stuff? Oh, thank you You galavanting in the field (laughing) Does a little spin, sing a song Look at this, guys

This rock It has this beautiful kind of little saying, "Be real and be kind to have peace of mind" Inspiring quotes – Important to remember – As we learn to remember track it down this hill, doing our best Oh yeah, she's like I'm done All right time to go guys, time to go We made it

How long do you think that actually was? – Longer than I thought it was gonna be – That was like a good long hike I'm sweating But it was so good – [Friend] Got a good view

– That's what hiking is, isn't it? – Right? – [Friend] Yeah Sweating and like grass mountain – [Friend] I feel like we're skinnier – Really, we're looking skinnier We're so in shape

– We're so in shape after that – [Friend] So in shape – [Friend ] Oh my! – I know – [Friend] Oh my! – I know Hype me up

It was so good seeing you – Good to see you too – Oh, yeah, were catching this footage – After all I'll see you again – Yeah, I'll be in Texas

– Say by the camera – Bye camera (giggles) (soft upbeat music)

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