Meet Talon (Date #9) | Brooklyn’s 10 Dates in 10 Days

– Hey, Brooklyn My name is Talon

I'm 24 and I hope you're ready for our date because there's gonna be a dang good time and I'm super excited to meet you So we'll see you soon (soft downbeat music) – Okay, we're about to go on day number nine Can you believe that nine Literally, it's been the craziest week, I'm super pumped for this day

I think it's gonna be fun Sounds like we're gonna go on a picnic on the water So I don't know what that means So like I have my little sundress and a swimsuit underneath, hopefully that outfit works But also, this guy happens to be a friend of Betsy's one of Betsy's employees

So he's got people vouching for him, I'm excited We'll see how it goes, we're gonna film all of it – [Talon] What's up(laughs nervously) – Hi Nice to meet you

– How are you? – Good, how are you? – Nice to meet you too So good – I'm Brooklyn, you're Talon right? – I'm Talon – Okay – [Kaitlyn] Here we go – Hey guys can I be honest? – [Kaitlyn and Brooklyn] Yeah – No idea if this is gonna work at all – [Kaitlyn] That's okay

– [Brooklyn] It's okay – Because my first pool got a hole in it and I had to go to 10 stores and I couldn't find one But, a friend gave me one, but she gave it to me on a condition that I gave you the note – [Brooklyn] aw that's sweet This is cute (Talon laughs) (pumping sound) – You see how high speed this pump is? – [Kaitlyn] ow yes, this is gonna be perfect

– Is it actually filling up? – I don't know (Talon laughs) – Wait mayaybe we need to close these, like I said guys no idea this is gonna work, okay – [Kaitlyn] I have I have high hopes you guys – You have high hopes – Take two – Round two

– [Kaitlyn] Take two Ow gosh – Did that just shoot– – [Kaitlyn] (gasps)That is in the water (Talon laughs) It is in the water – Yes

Ow wait, we got this we got it Hey look at that sand – [Kaitlyn] It's cause you're so strong (pumping sound) – Ow my goodness(Talon laughs) (pumping sound) – Does it look like it's doing anything? – It's not doing anything

(Talon laughs) – [Kaitlyn] Oh no – [Brooklyn] We have recruited Kaitlyn for the pump – Here we go we have to make this happen we need to make this happen – So much optimistic – For the romance

– [Brooklyn] (laughs)Kaitlyn – For the romance – Pun intended (pumping sound) – Come on, – It's working yes

– [Kaitlyn] Yes – Hey, guess what? – [Kaitlyn] What? – One third of the way there – Yeah we're one third of the way there – I'm sweating just a little bit – Yellow pink

– Yellow here we comeHere we come – [Kaitlyn] Oh yeah, we're in business people – [Brooklyn] This side we've got we've got the works going on this thing and on the other side we've got the works going on this thing – I fixed it, let's go

– [Brooklyn] We got it We got it – It's because I didn't give up I hope that's a lesson to all of you if you're gonna give up don't, because it's always gonna work out – We're gonna have two vote

– [Kaitlyn] Okay – Majority wins – [Kaitlyn] Okay – Should I or should I not trust fall back into the pool? What's your call? – [Kaitlyn] I fell like you're gonna pop it – So that's a no? – I vote yes

– [Kaitlyn] I vote yes What if it starts floating away? – Ow shoot, no – [Kaitlyn] You gotta go – Hold up, oh I really gotta go (Kaitlyn and Brooklyn gasp) (Brooklyn laughs) – [Kaitlyn] He had his shoes on

– [Brooklyn] No – So good – [Brooklyn] You are the MVP of the night – That is what I needed Oh, it's so much cooler now

– [Brooklyn] You're definitely cool – [Kaitlyn] I feel like you did on purpose coz you like needed to cool off from all the pumping – Honestly, I was so sweaty and it felt really good – [Brooklyn] Well – I think the air is getting out – [Kaitlyn] Or it's the water that's sinking in

– I'm gonna sit here – [Brooklyn] Okay – We're just gonna chat now – You be in the water and I'll be up here – Back up – [Kaitlyn] I really liked the pool idea

– I know, it was such a it was a The image was there – I really like the pool idea

– The image was there – [Brooklyn] What's that for? (Brooklyn and Kaitlyn laugh) (Talon laughs) – [Talon] Don't look at me – In elementary school, you were the coolest kid at lunch if you had What? – Oh my gosh, Uncrustables – Are you kidding me – [Kaitlyn] What? – No Guess again wrong

– Am a Lunchable (Talon and Brooklyn cheer) – Yow we got a lunchable – Stop it right now – I never grew up eating this, you have to understand – You've never had this? – I've had like two my whole life

– I'm so honored I'm giving you your third Lunchable – You are – [Kaitlyn] Thanks for letting me join your date My name is Kaitlyn and I like dogs

Enough about, me more about you two – Okay, go – [Brooklyn] Now? – [Kaitlyn] Oh wow – Yap, more about you – Okay,you know I'm a twin? – [Talon] I'm a twin, okay

Who is your favorite sibling? Ready go – My twin, shout out to you Bailey I know you're watching this video – [Kaitlyn] Love you Love you Bailey – Love you

– That was tender – [Kaitlyn] Okay, spill your guts What's it for you – I love to swim in ponds in clothes – [Brooklyn] Deflated

– In defla– – [Kaitlyn] Too soon – Ow too soon – No I'm just teasing I just feel like there's like romance just like just coming from over there – Hold up I just chocked on my cracker

(Brooklyn and Kaitlyn laugh) – [Kaitlyn] Hey, how's your Lunchable? – I haven't taken a bite yet – [Kaitlyn] Hold on everyone What is she doing? – [Talon] That's a sandwich – [Kaitlyn] You only have one cracker per like meat and cheese – [Talon] She's right

– This is wrong – [Kaitlyn] All right, tell them tell them – This feels wrong – [Kaitlyn] You guys, comment down below and say Kaitlyn is right Kaitlyn is right Oh my gosh

– Listen, she is right coz y– She loves it – Glorious – [Kaitlyn] I don't think I've ever seen someone be cute eating a Lunchable in my life – You see my cheeks right now – Me, thank you

(laughs) – [Kaitlyn] What if you could only choose one dog breed to pick from for the rest of your life, what would it be? – Easy, Huskies – Do mixed dogs count? – [Kaitlyn] Mixed dogs count – Podocali poodle That's what I have – [Kaitlyn] Then again

– Yeah – [Kaitlyn] So your Husky guy? – No honestly, you guys are gonna hate me, I shouldn't say this – [Kaitlyn] Say it, spill your guts – [Brooklyn] Are you gonna say you're not a dog person? – Well you said it, not me (Brooklyn gasps) (Talon laughs) Listen I– – [Kaitlyn] Ow no – I have valid reasons okay

– [Kaitlyn] I literally took this too deep I took this too deep – I have been bit by four dogs, okay – But my dog would never bit you – That's a valid point

(soft music plays) – [Kaitlyn] So what do you think of Brooklyn? – Brooklyn runs deep actually I'm like way impressed like how like she figured things out at a very young age and that like very much impresses me – [Kaitlyn] Honestly, you made this date so fun (Talon laughs) – I'm glad to give you some entertainment, that was the number one goal so (splash sound) (Kaitlyn laughs) We got it? – [Kaitlyn] You're so perfect Like what was your favorite part of the date? – Oh, favorite part of the date? Just Don't be offended

Okay – [Kaitlyn] i won't I won't – It was just like When you went on a walk we just had like good story time and I just love learning about people's lives and learned a lot about Brooklyn's life And yeah, like I said, I was just so glad she's just an impressive girl So love that part – [Kaitlyn] Dude, this guy's hilarious – He is so

I don't think I've ever met anybody like this guy(chuckles) – [Kaitlyn] He I like– – He literally cares about everybody else not about himself at all We've had

I've laughed till my stomach is hurt and I've also sat here and had like deep conversations with him about other things So like, this man is pulling out all the cards like I'm thoroughly impressed Favorite part of the date for sure was when he jumped in the water

I was not thinking he was gonna do it and then he launched himself in – [Kaitlyn] He launched (splash sound) – Currently hyping up the little kids while they play basketball on the court – [Kaitlyn] Oh my gosh he's literally playing Oh my god, turn around Okay, so there's the basketball court

Oh, there he is Right there That is so cute – He's a high caliber guy – [Kaitlyn] Yeah

– A High Caliber – [Kaitlyn] Oh my gosh – I just think this is incredible Like this stuff doesn't happen in real life – [Kaitlyn] This felt like a real date

– Yeah, this has been like illegitimate date – [Kaitlyn] Like this is what like someone would do on a regular basis is like grab a backpack full of snacks in Lunchables and water bottle blankets and sit on a dock – This man is a snatch, I don't know – [Kaitlyn] I know ladies, we need talents in our lives (soft music) – Excuse me

– [Kaitlyn] Oh, sorry – Let me take care of everyone here okay (Kaitlyn laughs) – [Brooklyn] Thank you – I'm glad you came with us – [Kaitlyn] Oh gosh, stop it

I know, I know – You had to record all the good things– Hi Brooklyn – Yes, this is You know you can't get this up, this is secret – [Kaitlyn] Okay – Yeah – [Kaitlyn] Okay – You didn't even turn it off

– [Kaitlyn] Yeah, I did like– – You're still recording – [Kaitlyn] Oh, it's off shoot dang I think we ran out of battery – You're cheating – [Kaitlyn] Tell all the world how cute Bailey or Brooklyn is and that you had so much– – Bailey(laughs) Sorry, I'm thinking about Bailey coz I'm like, we gotta tell her all the things

– So good to meet ya – You too Thanks for having a great date – It was so fun – It was so fun

– Will see you guys – See ya Hey (downbeat music)

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