Monkeys for Christmas?!? | 12 Days of Vlogmas Day #1

(Christmas music) – Hey guys! – So we have a special announcement for you guys Brooklyn and I decided that we are going to do Vlogmas again this year, so you are going to get 12 videos from now until Christmas

So make sure that you're checking in every single day to check out our Vlogmas videos – Today we have a normal video ready to go, so we're gonna have that normal video count as our first day of Vlogmas, and then tomorrow, and the days continuing, we will have other videos going up for Vlogmas as well So you guys be sure to check that out (upbeat Christmas music) – Can we keep this? – Turns out this year's hottest toy Oh, they have a lot to say (bells jingling) – Hi guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we are going to be showing you some awesome teen gift ideas for Christmas – For the holiday season, in general And we're dressed as elves because elves are Santa's helpers and they make the gifts, and we're showing you all gifts today, and – pretty sweet! – So we are twinning, and speaking of twins, I don't know if you guys know, but Brooklyn and I actually own a channel called Squared on Youtube, and that channel is where a bunch of twins post videos every single day

So if you haven't checked it out, definitely do that by clicking the information button right over here to subscribe to Squared, go and subscribe right now for our videos – Now, y'all, you're gonna be on the naughty list until you hit that button over there and check out the channel, and then you can be on the nice list, and you can get gifts from elves like us, and Santa – Go subscribe to Squared right now Alright, let's go on to the video Okay, so, I know it's stereotypical to feel like you're gonna get socks for Christmas, but honestly – – I love getting socks

– Everyone likes socks, I like socks – And you use them so much And we saw this come out recently, and we just had to get as many as we possibly could And they would be such a great gift They're not expensive, and they're awesome, everybody loves them, and it's these 12 Days of Socks

You can get them, like, Bailey's got princess ones So there's 12 Days of Princess – so even if you wanted them for birthdays, you could get them for birthdays Or this one is 12 Days of Female Superheros Any of these could be birthday gifts, but these ones are the Christmas gift ones And these are 12 Days of Christmas Socks

And these ones have animals on them, and snowflakes – Honestly, it's cold outside, and you want your feet to be warm, and you want them to be cute and warm, and it's honestly just – – It's like, um, one of those advent calendars, where you pop it open and you get a new pair of socks to wear every day, counting down to Christmas, and it's so much fun! They're from Target, or you can just get 'em online – But this is a good gift idea for any age I don't know a person that doesn't like socks I don't know a single person

– And they're not expensive, it's like $15 for this whole advent calendar If your feet are always cold in the winter time, and you want socks – It's true – You got a great gift – What is better than socks, or is equal to socks? But fluffy slippers

– They're fuzzy and warm inside – And they have a shoe bottom – So you can wear them outside – And honestly, I gotta tel you guys, I have like a million slippers – Yeah, she does – I just love slippers! And I wear them all the time – We go to bible study and she'll wear these giant fur slippers every morning

– Everyone knows me as the slipper wearer during the winter because I just show up in slippers everywhere So I'm telling you, honestly I don't know a person, again who doesn't like fluffy slippers – Even guys – Guys like fluffy slippers Yes

Anything that has to do with keeping your feet warm would be a good thing – And you can get them You can get these anywhere – Target – Literally anywhere And they're not expensive

They're just pretty fairly cheap, you know? And they're really cute And they're really soft And really warm – Okay, I don't know about you guys but we travel all the time and if you have a friend or a family member that travels too – Or a parent – Or a parent – I guess that is family member – Yes, that is family member

– Duh, Brooklyn – Get luggage tags And cute ones will be perfect because not only do you want to keep your luggage safe and remember which one's yours, but also they're just so cute – They're so cute! And these are made out of like pretty resilient material so they're not just gonna like break apart like the ones you get Like the paper ones at the airport – Yeah – Like me, I have like a black suitcase It's so hard to identify which one's mine

– Every person has a black suitcase Like it goes around and there's like 10 black suitcases – But not everyone has an avocado on their black suitcase – Luggage tag so – Or a taco on their black suitcase – Or a hedgehog They're practical They're cute

– They're really cheap (talking over each other) Creative Honestly, really really good idea for a gift Okay, so we did a little bit of (toy sound) research and, turns out, this year's hottest gift toy (toy sound) Oh, they have a lot to say

– Shhhh – Hottest toy for little kids / like young teens is called a fingerling – If I cup it, like it goes to sleep Or you can stick it on your finger And like pet their head

And they react If I hang him upside down, he just like kinda chills there He dies or goes to sleep – Or makes monkey noises So they basically are like robotic pets, kind of

So I'm gonna open up the unicorn to kinda show you guys what it looks like exactly – The reason that these were created was because finger monkeys became like really popular, like the animal finger monkeys but you can't really get them so somebody created like a fake version which is this little guy That sits on your finger and hugs your finger – Yeah – And they react kind of like an animal would

You know, you can blow it kisses (blows kiss) And they'll like (toy sound) They'll dance and like make noises back when you blow kisses, it's so cute

– They'll kiss you back – So they have like a monkey, a sloth, a unicorn Okay, so now I've got the unicorn of these So I'm gonna turn it on (toy sound) – Awww! – I just gave it a kiss

It like laughs and makes noises And stuff like that so they're all different I guess but we did a lot of research and these pets are the hottest toy this year – They're like crazy sold out everywhere And like Yeah, it's insane

– So, if you want to find a toy for like a little bit younger age or anyone that'd think this is cool this is a fantastic idea for that kind of gift – For your female friends out there, this one is for you – This is (laughing) – I don't even know what kind of accent that was Was that Miranda Sings? Was that really annoying person? I don't know – These are scarves So honestly, scarves used to just be for your hair or your neck – Your neck

– But it's being used for a lot of different things nowadays in fashion – Now it's like ascot, around your bun, Around your hair, on your belt – You've seen people wear them weird shoelaces – I've seen so many – Which is why they make a good gift because they're really practical

They can be used for a ton of different things – They're like bandana sized scarves They're not like, long long scarves – So you can tie it in your hair Tie on your neck as an ascot

Tie as a belt on the side of your pants Like, there's so many things you can do with them So if you need a gift idea for like a teenage girl or even a guy, if he wants to, you could totally get this And this would be a perfect gift because it's just gonna be used in so many different ways – Again, you can get this anywhere

Forever 21, H&M, they're cheap – I would highly doubt you'd find scarves that are expensive like this so that's a good, cheap idea that can be used for a lot of different things – For your siblings, for your friends Family members Anyone

– I don't know about you guys but when they originally came out with the new charging end on the phone, I was freaking out because I was like, we can't listen to music and charge our phone at the same time But then, I discovered the splitter Plug it into the end of the phone and it splits into two pieces This is specifically made for, if you have old earbuds and you wanna be able to charge your phone at the same time So honestly, for me since I really really want this, so this is super super super

– I honestly would use this every day – I would use this every day

Every day of my life So this is a good, practical, useful gift to give anyone who has this kind of phone – Pretty much anyone who has the updated iPhone – Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa I mean

– Sister, brother, friend – Literally anyone – Anyone – Next up, we have a selfie light that hooks to your phone so that no matter when you're taking a selfie or a video you have perfect lighting I feel like everybody needs this because even if you're not one that like loves taking selfies, I mean, I'm sure you have Snapchat or Instagram, or for us, we vlog all the time

Like having that perfect lighting all the time would be perfect – Honestly, I don't know if you guys have ever experienced this but I've had multiple occasions where I'm trying to film or just take a picture and it's too dark – Black – So everyone just flips on their flashlights, like shines it on me and then I get the good lighting but you know, this would do the job for me, so – I feel like everybody would need this Like it doesn't matter how old you are, you should have like have good lighting You would want good lighting I feel like you could flip it around too and like take

– You gotta get that flawless selfie (camera sound) Honestly, you can find this on Amazon Anywhere on Amazon

These things are very easy to find and super inexpensive so yeah, it'd make a great gift – Our next gift is a waterproof shower speaker Whenever I take a shower, I'm always like I want one of these I want one of these And I never actually get this but this is the perfect Christmas gift because then I'd actually have and you can jam out to music in the shower

I feel like you could even put it in a pool during the summertime – Honestly, gotta get those tunes going so you can jam out while you're showering (rap music) And the best part about it is, it's under $20 from Amazon so it's not even expensive like you would think it'd be super expensive but the super expensive ones just comes with like lights and remotes

– I seriouslyit like suction cups to the wall in your shower – Can we keep this? – I want to keep this one (laughing) Now, I'm sure you are wondering what is in front of me right now It is a bubble wrap calendar (record scratch) – She's trying to do a Russian accent

We have no idea if that's actually what it sounds like – I just keep busting out these accents today And they're terrible But they're fun – So this actually is correct

It is a bubble wrap calendar I don't even know if you can see the full thing 'cause it's so long but it literally has the month, the days, the month, the days This is an entire year's worth of calendar So, I don't know if you guys know but I'm obsessed with popping these whenever they come in the mail and stuff So anyone who is obsessed with popping these can just pop it for the day

– Pop one every day – You pop one every day Until the year's complete How satisfying is that? – This is like the coolest Christmas gift – It's so original

– It's so original and creative and like satisfying Like, I just want to pop them all right now – I know, right? – That would be my fear though That I'd just pop them all – This would be very cheap

Very easy to get And like, so original and fun – And who doesn't wanna pop bubble wrap every single day of the year? – This would be a good, good gift I would love this – I know

Let's keep this one too – Yeah, let's keep this one too – I'm just gonna keep all of them – Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching Elf Bailey and Elf Brooklyn for you guys, lots of ideas that you can give your friends for Christmas

– Hopefully it helps some of ya'll get your creative juices flowing or maybe you're gonna get one of these gifts for a friend, family member – Comment down below if you liked any of these gifts or which one was your favorite Now, also don't forget to subscribe to Squared, our twin channel by clicking the button right over here and to watch more of our Christmas videos, click the button right down below that We love you guys so much and we'll see ya'll next week – Bye!

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