MOViNG Into Our DORM ROOM | College Move-In Day

(rock music) – [Bailey] So today we're gonna basically be moving in all the boxes from our truck up to our fourth floor apartment – That's always comforting, live bugs in your furniture

Apparently my mom has already started crying according to my dad, so that's fun That was epically tragic – It's not not that bad – Hey guys, its Brooklyn and and Bailey – And today we're gonna be showing you, us moving into our dorm room And this video is sponsored by Puma and Dick's Sporting Goods

So moving into your dorm room is like a huge college thing – And a lot of people been asking for this video – Yes – So, we've decided to film it – Yeah, it was a huge adventure, lots of chaos, so we showed us driving there, unpacking all this stuff saying goodbye, roommates coming in – Our roommates moving in, all this – Just all the hectic mess of just moving into college and what that was like and hopefully you guys enjoy watching it so, lets get on to the video – That was epically tragic – It's not that bad – I mean shout-out to last night snore For my lashes that so fantastic even tho I just cried

– So we just said goodbye to everybody, Maytay, Rylan Rylan actually cracked emotion and just started crying on her way out, so that was pretty cool cause it shows she actually cares about us (laughing) so – She will deny it – We said goodbye and now it's time to hit the road – We are gonna go to the gas station, where getting there on the highway That's kind like our first stop on the road trip to college (music) (doors squeak) – So today we're gonna basically be moving in all the boxes from our truck up to our fourth floor apartment

So we're going up and down stairs all day today – And we have some heavier furniture because we do have an apartment so we're gonna be like boosting that stuff up the stairs And it's gonna be a lot of sweating – So, today we decided to wear athletic clothes and we thought it would be fun to kinda match shoes So we are wearing the Puma Defy Mid shoe in white

They're adorable, I think And we look super cute matching – And they're super supportive and like comfy, too – I'm wearing this cute crop top – And I have this cute little matching sports bra which I am obsessed with And then my leggings are sheer, which are so cool 'cause I've been seeing those everywhere and I wanted a pair

And now I have them – Yes – Everything that we're wearing and a bigger Puma collection will be available at Dicks Sporting Goods So click the link in the description box below to go check it out, guys Everything we're wearing – You know you want this shoes

– Super cute – You know you want these shoes – So go check it out in the link down below – Okay, we just finished up filling up our car with gas – This is Flynn

– His name is Flynn – BTW And we have gotten our snacks and it's time to hit the road and head to college – So Bailey and I switched places because she wanted to drive the Asa – So we're like a bit of ways into the drive This is my hair– – I'm tired – In the humidity

It's like cute and fluffy and it's been raining so now it's like extra fluffy So yeah, that's kinda been our morning so far – So we switched cars so now I'm driving with Asa over here So we have about how many more minutes? – 30 more minutes – So we have 30 more minutes before we get there And then it's just gonna be mass chaos trying to move in, move it all in

It's gonna be crazy for sure (rock music) – Okay we finally got to Baylor It was a long two and a half hour drive There was some traffic so it was a little bit difficult and I was tired but we got here safely And we have this little parking spot on the curb

And we're about to move all of our stuff in So, we're super excited This is just the beginning of a long couple of days So, we're ready to just get on the move (rock music) – Okay guys, so we just made it into the dorm room

We're setting up to get the before videos of the empty dorm room before we start setting up everything and everything looks cute It's all empty right now, everything – We came into our dorm room and it's actually fairly nice and then we saw the cricket Can you see it? And it's alive You can see it moving

That's always comforting Live bugs in your furniture and appliances We're just gonna do a deep clean and then we're gonna start moving stuff in So, it's the beginning of the chaos right now This is our official bedroom that's getting a little scrub down right now

(music) Nice, lovely Look at how, our closet, we had to get rid of lot's of clothes Got a nice little hallway here And then, the bathroom Really scrubbing the toilette

Here's or fancy shower, guys These dorms are actually not bad compared to a lot of the dorms we've seen So I'm pretty happy about where we are But yeah, that's kinda the layout – [Brooklyn] I wanna see if you guys can tell the difference when I wipe these walls

Look at that You can physically see where I wiped the wall That is beautiful – [Bailey] Scrubbed the doors, the dressers, the drawers, everything I scrubbed these babies down

So they're all nice and clean Just gotta go through and make sure, you know, just being sanitary just in case You know we have a ton of people living in this dorm So it's always better to be safe than sorry And just make sure you clean everything before you put all your stuff in

– Hey guys, so we have been pulling stuff in and off, in from inside from off the truck all day long We've been using this huge dolly thing And, I'll show you what it looks like This is kinda the last stuff – We got some of the last stuff here

– [Asa] Just a few more things left – [Dad] Oh, here's a jewelry rack – [Asa] Jewelry rack – [Dad] I'm sure they wouldn't like it if I fell and dropped this – [Asa] We seran wrapped it so everything stays in place And then we have this huge mirror in that box right there

– [Dad] I'm just gonna strap it on my back – [Asa] Nope – [Dad] And walk up four flights of stairs – [Bailey] Look at the progress in here Building cabinets, putting up wallpaper

That's really good, that looks great And Brooklyn is, finishing up cleaning the bathroom It smells clean, which is good Very clean – [Bailey] So, they threw away the key to the safe so now we have to go dumpster diving

And this dumpster is super tall So we have Asa, and he is going dumpster diving (Soul Bossa Nova playing) Where is it? Whoa! – [Asa] This is it, here – [Dad] Pull the whole box out and keep it together – [Bailey] It's like – [Asa] Yeah, it's already destroyed – [Dad] It'll be in the bottom of it – [Bailey] There's a, We found it

– [Asa] Yeah! – [Bailey] This is why you don't let all the men do all the work – [Dad] Whoa! – [Bailey] (laughing) Asa – [Asa] Success – [Dad] Normally (mumbling) to save – We just washed the duvets and dried them and they're so warm so Bailey and I are bear hugging them together – [Bailey] They're so warm I don't want to let them go

It totally, the dorm looks totally not like a dorm Which is exactly what we wanted So hopefully, you guys are excited for the dorm tour Which is coming soon – I'm tired

My feet hurt We need food I don't normally go for soda but I need soda 'Cause I'm tired How you doing, Shaun? – [Bailey] And then there's Shaun

– My legs are hurt That's a lot of stairs, carrying heavy things – [Brooklyn] Yeah my feet are like about to fall off my body But we're gonna go et some dinner and catch a break and then go back to the store for all the things we forgot And then finish up tonight, maybe tomorrow, I think

– [Shaun] You know what you're missing? You're missing your Dad of the Year calendar – I'm sure you'll get it for our meeting – [Bailey] And now as you all are well aware It is (mumbling) reward timing This is a new one, it's confetti, and it's delicious – [Asa] It's delicious So good

– [Bailey] And chocolate, of course It's comfy, zippy time – [Mindy] Loading up on a bunch of things They're making important decisions right now – [Brooklyn] Okay, bye

– [Mindy] When you're feet hurt after being on them all day – [Shaun] I took her to the return counter and they wouldn't take her back I mean – I'm just too expensive, too valuable – She was half off, half off – No returns past that valuability

Is that a word? – I wanted my money back and they wouldn't take her – Is valuability a word? – [Shaun] No – [Mindy] She's officially asleep She's not even in her pajamas And we're still going strong and working

– We are just waiting for our roommates to come move in It's move-in morning They had this intercom thing go off this morning, at like seven o'clock And it was like, Hey everybody, time to move people in So everybody had to go downstairs and people are volunteering and we're just waiting for Jensen right now because she moves in in like, literally five minutes

So it's time to start getting to work I'm excited to see her reaction to the room because we worked really hard on it yesterday Apparently my Mom has already started crying, according to my Dad so, that's fun Yeah, so it's pretty exciting and we're ready to get started – [Bailey] Look who showed up – Hello

I have to flip all my pictures 'cause they got turned sideways – [Bailey] Well, we're getting there We have moved, do you mind if I show them you're bed? – [Jensen] Yeah, please do – [?] We have moved officially in Obviously some of this stuff is going away

But for the most part we got all the lights hung up and everything Just part of moving in – The flower wall up here, it's almost done We still have to get one more strand but it's gonna be super cute Great lighting

– [Bailey] Welcome to Baylor, guys So exciting I think it is officially official We have officially moved in Because I just said goodby to Asa

I'm kinda sad about it I'm starting to feel like the nostalgia of, I don't know if I just used the right word, but like the sadness of everyone leaving We're officially like by ourselves, moving in So, It'll be pretty interesting to see how it goes when Mom says good bye But hopefully we don't have to do that for a little while

I'll keep you guys updated We're gonna see if I can keep it together You can just come live with us – [Brooklyn] You're graduating early – Look at us with our own dorm, come live with us – [Mindy] Bye guys

(soft music) – I love you guys – [Brooklyn] I love you Bye Dad – Bye girls Love you, Brooks – [Brooklyn] Love you

– [Shaun] I love you Be good Study hard Remember who you are and what you stand for – [Mindy] And what do I always tell you? – Ignore Dad? – [Mindy] No, I always say, Don't be– – [Brooklyn] Stupid – [Bailey] Stupid – [Mindy] Yup

– Words to live by – I know that's, I say that a lot, too – Me too – [Shaun] Hey, just don't forget, always Texas (record scratching) – Was that a Dad joke? Seriously? – [Mindy] It took me like– – It took me like 30 seconds to figure out – [Shaun] Hey, don't forget, – Texas – [Brooklyn] Texas

– [Mindy] How long have you been holding that one in? – [Brooklyn] Literally, all day He's planned that one, all day – [Bailey] What does that mean? – [Shaun] Text us – [Brooklyn] I promise – Oh – [Shaun] She just got it

– [Brooklyn] She just got it – [Mindy] That's how bad it was – Love you girls Gonna miss you See ya

– Hopefully you guys enjoyed all the chaos of it I know there was a ton going on, trust us We were like stressed to the max – Yeah – Just trying to get everything done

But it happened We are ready – We are in, college – You guys are excited because there is gonna be a dorm tour coming up very soon – Yes, yes So yes, don't forge to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button down below that says, Subscribe

Also, do not forget to watch more of our videos by clicking the buttons, right over there And we will see you guys next week – Bye y'all, muah – Bye y'all, muah (music)

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