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Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey and today we have 2 huge announcements! to tell y'all We are so excited to explain

So the first one is We are dropping a new song on the 28th of April! Which is awesome! To be one of the first people to hear our song Go and pre-order that right now You can do that by clicking the information button right over here

It's called 'Simple Things' and it's about all the simple things in life That make us happy, love, friendship All of that wonderful, fun stuff It's truly an amazing song So if you guys wanna pre-order it, definitely go do that by clicking the information button Brooklyn: I know you want to And we are also celebrating the drop of the song with another 5-day vlog lead up to the drop So this will be starting on Sunday, so be sure to come back and watch that

We will also be doing a giveaway in one of those vlogs so y'all are gonna have to watch consistently to know when the giveaways can happen There's a lot going on! So you guys can go and do that! Yes! So we're super excited for that and then announcing number two: we got nominated for a webby award! Which is awesome! We're up against Selena Gomez, Ellen Degeneres, a few other people It's like the tough competition It's crazy! But it's about the – ok the category for this webby award is about the celebrity and the relationship with their fans and I know we love ya'll your the best fans you guys are the best fans and were about to go in it's now let's are a work you got our relationship yes and you guys can help us get the first place by clicking the link in our description box to go both so definitely go through that the voting ends tomorrow night at midnight so be sure to go vote either today or tomorrow and get us up the first wave because we know that we have a best man and we want y'all to be able to win you win the award with us so we can just start the amputee Awards way operator animal yes alright now that we have gone through all of that let's turn off the video hey guys it's Bailey here and today i'm going to show you this everyday makeup look it's simply beautiful and guess what my dad is doing my voiceover so give me a break okay oh and don't forget you can pre-order noosaville simple things from the link in the description box below comes out on April twenty-eighth and let me just tell you we loved it it made my dad cry the first time you heard it cool it is a love song dad now on to the video well first I'm going to start with this little bottle of stuff here I'll take the lid off point out at first but I'm going to take the lid off and show it to you and this is called makeup forever which I don't understand why you would want makeup on forever but I'm going to put it on my hand like the boys do with Elmer's glue in school you know I'm going to take it i'm just going to add it right here right there right there and over here right there right there and cover every little freckle and every little shiny spot and every little dimple and every little marquee on your face just like this in fact it almost looks like you have them easier to see that's when you know that you have enough are ok now i'm going to take this black easter egg thingy and since these stores last weekend i have a new one and it looks like an eraser only this eraser doesn't take stuff off it actually helps you put stuff on and you're going to rub those spots all over to kind of thin it out on your face and you want it to look it even as possible and onto the other side now into the forehead and your shiny zone they kind of take away all that shine dab dab dab dab dab and then I'm going to take this spoon with peanut butter or is that peanut butter or an apricot or oh oh it's some sort of brush and I'm going to take it i'm just going to smooth out the stuff that the eraser didn't get i'm gonna smooth it and you glide it over the cheekbone and down around the chin and don't forget the neck and down onto the other side oops oh oh no the and under the eye and nose there you go that looks so good now I'm going to take this other stuff fits the same color is the first Make Up For Ever stuff but it's in a tube this time and when you take the lid off it had a looks like a q-tip but it's not and I'm just going to dabble into my eye like a football player like a football player and then on the on the corners of my nose so I'm going to put on the corners of my nose and then up onto my brow and you have to make it look like an upside down at re-sign and then you know because I can't grow a goatee just put it on there as well see and I'm going to talk without talking okay okay let screw that lid back on on yay don't I look good okay now i'm going to take a smaller smoothing brush that looks like a peanut butter spoon and i'm going to take it and i'm going to wave it around like harry potter and and then i'm going to smooth out my goatee cause you don't want any hairs to show and the corners of your nose where you might have shadowed because it may be too dark on the corners of your nose and up into your eyes and this is very helpful if you've stayed up really late the night before like last night I got to bed at 330am because I was doing all my early Christmas shopping for my dad so yeah this really helps even out your eyes if you look really really tired and then up into the brow line you want to really kind of help in that t-zone area to try and blend it in so you have uniformity in your face uniformity in your face and your forehead and above your eyes and down your nose and and on your cheeks and anywhere else I think see I look good don't I oh why what's next oh I've got this little mirror compact with a pink powder in it and boom I'm gonna brush it on whoo look blow it blow it put it on then blow it off Oh dab that brush brush brush see I'm adding back in the pink that the forever makeup stuff took out of my face and on this I too so you want to add the paint back into your face that your makeup forever took off whoa do I look good now uh-huh Oh taking a new brush this is a really fluffy brush I love it ah what am I going to do with this yes I've got another contact this is called out last all day I don't know why you want outlast if you want to be in first but I'm going to take it and I'm going to put it on my nose and brush it around again on the makeups that I've just put on to make it be more permanent to make the forever more forever and up around the forehead down around your neck because you don't want to have a darker makeup base and a white neck so you want to brush your neck and your nose and down around your eye on your eyebrows and get every little part clip the compact and put it away next I'm going to grab something called a I don't know but this looks like some sort of utensil that the dentist would use but it does have a brush on one end and I'm going to take this I don't know if I want to stay with this is this shall be the palette that shall not be named let's call it that a pallet that shall not be named with all these great colors in it and I'm going to take this brush thingy and straighten up my eyebrows and I'm going to take this powder and blow it off and I'm going to brush the brush on my eyebrows to make them thicker because having thicker eyebrows is the in thing today so you brush it is thicken it up see on one side and up around the arch of the eyebrow making sure that it has a very nice fleeky point see how do you think those it look good what can you do this I can do this did you do it uh-huh oh I remembered something I didn't do the other side oh I'm going to take and blow off the powder once again and to have it on the other eyebrow and picking it up just like the first one this part in the front you really want to be thicker than the part in the back side you want it to look like it's thicker towards the nose and thinner towards the ears do you like I'm going brush the thicker a little bit thicker yeah there we go I think my brows are fleeking lit what do you think oh oh great eyebrows I see you okay next I'm going to take another tube that has some more something in it looks like it's empty I think I need to take this one back to the store but I'm going to take this empty tube and I'm going to brush it on my eyebrows probably it must be so sort of gels so that my my eyebrows hairs can lay the way they need to it's kind of like mascara for your eyebrows clear coat mascara for your eyebrows and yeah look at that I'm loving this wow what do you see I my head is in a box my head is in a box Oh guess who's back yes it's the palette that shall not be named hmm what do you think one more time yeah I'm going to take my brush and I'm going to just dab it in this powder but I want the lightest one this time blow it off always have to blow it off and I'm going to put this on my eyelid because my eyelids are already not white enough I need to rub it rub it and just brush it up up into the crease of the arch of the eye lid and on the other side too and you want to take away any natural color you may have had on your eyes and make sure you get it as high as the arch of the eyebrow now I'm going to take the brown brush not the blue one but the brown brush this time I'm going to rub it a little bit more now the key here is it's not a smokey eye because smokey eyes are dark we're going for a cloudy eye I'm going for lighter colors with time adding a little bit of pink with the rubbing with the lighter color shades from the palette that shall not be named then doing this on both sides now and making sure you're getting in the upper eyelid area so it blends very well so you just don't have feel the darker eyelid with a white brow line ok I'm going to add a little bit more it's important to accentuate your natural beauty you don't want to cover up with all these dark colors all over your eyes you want to be like exentuate your natural beauty so I'm just rubbing and and brushing these very light pastelly color skin tone colors to give myself a very beautiful cloudy eye ok you might need to do this three or four times because you know practice makes perfect and the more times you do it the better look-see huh Oh way to go here it is what do you think I'm looking good still more to go though right yeah little more to go let's go next I'm going to take this what is this I let's see let's take a little off why I love you dad um this is a pencil a white pencil and I'm going to painfully pull my eye lid down and draw upon the surface of my bottom eyelid with this white pencil that sounds like a brilliant idea you want it if my eyes already aren't white enough or big enough I'm going to make them look bigger the bigger eyes it's all about the big eyes ok ok next what what is this this is some sort of torture device I I seriously think that this is something that my dad would use in his shop hi how are you I'm doing well I'm going to take and place my eyelashes inside of this contraption and pull it down and fold them in half because when you fold your eyelashes in half and somehow makes you more beautiful it's very painful I can poke my own eyelids with my eyelashes now next I'm going to take this pink shimmery tube it's just a pink shimmery tube but everybody needs it's a magic tube a magic tube and isn't it beautiful I mean ok I'm going to open up the magic shimmery tube I know what this is this is mascara I get brownie points for this one mascara now the key to putting on mascara is what you do with your mouth the success in the mascara application is in making the mouth broad downwards see downward and get a little funny ones on the end don't forget those those are eyelashes too they need equal opportunity applications okay now look at this I'm going to look a little butterfly oh yeah this one book it's what is happening with this one this one's jealous so we're going to go ahead and apply some mascara to the second eyes no this is the new application this is called the blink method blink application blink application blink but don't forget the key of success an application is drawing the mouth down blink blink okay bottom don't forget the bottom eyelashes because they're just as important as the top it again it's equal equal opportunity application of mascara look how fast i can put those on i have a lot of experience putting on mascara trust me and guess what we're making our own mascara and it'll make us all feel like pretty butterflies yay okay next I'm going to take another pallet just called to face because it's not enough to have one face we need to have two faces ok I like this Oh chocolate toothpaste it's a chocolate two faced um palette okay I'm going to take my brush I'm going to apply a little bit of white in the corner of my eye adding a little bit of whites in the corner of your eyes just makes your eyes pop even more as if my eyes didn't already pop from the time I was first born this application makes them pop even more wait hmm I see I forgot something here we are we're back to make up forever because after everything you've done you want to put the same stuff on all the stuff you put on oh wait wait well sorry no we're putting them on our lips this time because we're going to take all the natural color out of our lips and make them look like skin like we have no lips that's the point of this process in my everyday make a move hmm I like this what do you think yeah beautiful baby oh I got a little bit on my finger let me rub this off oh you know it happens um it's not in first its outlast again I'm going to take it and I'm also going to apply it on my lips to make them comepletely disappear off my face that is the goal is to look like I don't have lips ok now I'm going to take a tube of sparkly something it's a tube of sparkling blow you kiss first I open it up oh it is a lip gloss it is a sparkly glittery pink lip gloss now get in there makes you get the stuff on the brush we're just gonna glide it on the lip ever so slightly glide it starting at the center up into the corner of the mouth yes just like this follow that lip line just like so make it a happy little a happy little lip ok apply some more to the brush and I'm going to follow up along the Cupid's bow of the lip why do they call it keep it so because it looks like Cupid's bow as in bow and arrow and in awe you liar right here and down on this side right yeah oh there we go kissy kissy yeah acea baby these lips are coming for you but only on the cheek just like we discuss love you all well thank you guys so so much for watching this everyday makeup routine especially with my dad doing the voiceover yeah you little crazy how do you think he did you sure to comment down below and don't forget to click right here to subscribe to our Channel now if you want to preorder simple things our song that comes out on April twenty-eighth be sure to click right up here as well as watch the rest of our other videos down here and we'll see you next week bye bye *music playing subscribe to brooklyn and bailey they are amazing*

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