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Hey guys It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and guess what today is? Another Fab or Fail video

You guys have been asking us for another Fab or Fail video, so we decided to try out this product that we've seen a couple other beauty gurus using And you want to introduce what it is? This is a nail polish remember It's called Nail-Aid no-rub nail polish remover Do you want to show the kinds? So this kind is only for glitter, and it's supposed to remove glitter really well And we all know how hard glitter is to remove

It is impossible And this one is just for colors only, like from the lightest colors to darkest colors And it's also supposed to take it off really easy, as well Yeah So you can only find this at Walmart in the nail care section, and it's for $4, so we went and got some

Checked it out But today, we are only going to using the colorful one, because we just have colors on our nails today Speaking of Colorful, look at how cute the packaging is I know, literally What is this? Nail polish remover, the packaging looks better than I do

[LAUGHING] Well, honestly, look at the colors It's so cute And I wanted to show you guys the inside too while we at it, because it's actually cool Can you see it? It's gel It's definitely gel

Yeah That's so cool It's different than the acetone, because normal acetone's liquid I thought this was cool Did you want to tell them what we're going to do? Yeah

So for today's video, we're going to compare using normal acetone nail polish remover and the Nail-Aid no-rub nail polish remover And we're going to see which one works best, so let's get started So I'm going to begin by demonstrating the normal acetone liquid nail polish remover So I took a cotton pad and began rubbing off my nail polish In order to get the sides of my nails clean, I'm going to go ahead and take a Q-tip and dip it in the nail polish remover, and then I'm going to rub away the edges

One thing I did notice once I had finished removing all of the nail polish from my nail was that the acetone lets a little bit of a film-ey feeling on my nail afterwards For the Nail-Aid no-rub nail polish remover, it said to dip your finger into the gel and then remove any excess nail polish remover that got on your finger by scraping it on the side of the bottle, and then immediately replacing the lid back on And let your nail polish remover sit for 45 seconds After the 45 seconds is over, I place a paper towel over my nail and rubbed back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth until the nail polish was completely off my nail, and viola 4 In my demonstration, I'm only showing you one nail at a time

But you can do multiple nails when taking your nail polish off And a cool thing I noticed after using this nail polish remover was that my nails and my cuticles both felt soft and moisturized Again, I'm going to place a paper towel over my mail, rub back and forth only a few times to take the nail polish off And as a last step, I washed my hands with soap and water just to remove any of the leftover nail polish from my nails And ta-da

This is how my nails look after using the Nail-Aid no-rub nail polish remover We are going to give this product a 9 on our fab or fail scale, because we thought it was a super awesome product that worked way better than the old acetone that we used to use, right? Uh-huh And don't forget that the Nail-Aid no-rub is only sold at Walmart You guys should go get some I know that you would love it too

You can find it in the nail section, nail care section It's a little bit under $4 Exactly If you guys like the fab or fail videos, don't forget to give this video a thumbs up, and also, don't forget to subscribe The button will be right here somewhere

I think that's all we have for you guys today, so we'll see you all next week Bye! Most of the stuff– You guys did not! Yes we did! I told almost every single story–

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking at ace tone no rub gel and not able to find. Could you please help me where do I find it.. I need 3 in quantity

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