Never Have I Ever with Our PARENTS *yikes*

– Told someone I'd hang out with them and then made up an excuse to not go I have! On so many occasions

– [Brooklyn] To many times Bailey's worse than– (happy upbeat music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey Obviously– – And their parents – So we are doing never have I ever You know, the trend is kind of to just like reveal all your secrets while you play this game and we thought it be kind of fun and juicy if we got the parentals into it

– Brought them into it Got the dirt and tea – There's nothing juicy This is going to be so boring – I know

– I know – I know We are a very boring family – We are all very– I think I might be the most exciting out of all of us (laughs) So we have a lot of questions that we're gonna go through

So– – We asked you all – These are your questions – Yeah, we asked you all for these questions, so– – So be nice – We'll start! Never have I ever slid into someones DM's – Slid into someones DM's? – No

– I have Like I'll message photographers or I'll message people I know in school – I really don't think I ever have – That I've like taken a class or like that I liked their outfit or something I've done that

– Yeah – Okay Never have I ever snuck someone into my room slash hid them from my parents – What? Never – That's a I have

– Oh, no, I have not – You better change I have – [Shaun] Why? – Cause you're the one I was sneaking in the room dude – [Shaun] In my room? In my room? – Oh, juicy! – [Mindy] In my room – I did teach at the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah and in the morning I would get up to say good bye to Mindy, when I'd stay at their house for the weekend

So yes, technically I was in her room I wasn't supposed to be in there – He's not telling the whole story – Tell us! – There was a time we were cuddling, there was nothing happening, we were cuddling – Cuddling But my dad walked down the hallway and Shaun freaked and hit the wall, and the floor, and under the bed, fast

(laughs) – Never have I ever snuck out of the House – I have not – I have never – The one time we snuck out, told my mom – My mom literally came into our room! – we were leaving, so it doesn't even count! – No, no, no, no She comes into our room and she's like, so uh, you guys wanna sneak out tonight? And we're like, what? – And it was the only time my mom ever said she was disappointed in me

– Cause she found out – She found out because my friend and I both told each others parents we were staying at each others house The next morning, early, my mom needed me for something and called his mom (gasps) – No! – And she's like, I thought Shaun was over at your house My best friends name was Shaun too

And they figured it out, and when I came home she said, I've never been more disappointed in you And that really, – Dad, dad – That cut me to the heart – If you do this kind of stuff you can't get caught! – I know, common, common! – Hey, I was a good kid! – Never have I ever gone skinny dipping – I have

– I have – I have – 100% – How do you think you guys got here? – Shaun! – Oh my gosh! Once in high school with my friends who's house was under construction but she had a pool in her back yard She knocked on my window in the middle of the night and my mom let me go – Do girls go skinny dipping together? (agree in unison) – Okay, never have I ever called in sick to work slash school when I wasn't really sick

– Totally have – I have not done that, I don't think – I don't think I've done that – I've never said– – Lies! – A, I've never called in sick to work, ever – [Bailey] No I don't think

– You don't call in sick to school, you just don't go if you don't want to go – I was always reliable (laughs) Mindy's always trying to get me to cut work (chuckles) – What? – Never have I ever gotten a hickey – [Bailey And Brooklyn] I have not

– I don't think I have – No You guys haven't? – Y'all are married! – You guys are literally married! – You've never had a hickey? – Never have I ever had a sip of alcohol – I have – I have

– How about you? – Wait what? – Yes, you have! Yeah, you have – No, I haven't When? – [Bailey] She's lying – You have, you tried the vodka – You were making vanilla and I was– – We were making vanilla and part of vanilla is like, the vodka and it like does the whole process

Anyway, mom stuck her finger in it and tried it I was on the red carpet or I was about to go to the red carpet and I ordered a fruit drink and it was supposed to be apple juice It was not apple juice – I went to Sadie Robertson's wedding, and all of them were passing around red wine, and I wanted to know what it tasted like, so I took like the slightest sip and it was horrible! Yeah, we don't drink None of us actually drink

So like, a sip for us Is like wild – I served as a missionary in Spain A lot of the cakes in Europe would have rum in them and we didn't know And so we go over to a members home and have a lesson with them and they would serve us cake and it had rum in it No, this they douse after the cake is cooked

– Never have I ever had the cops called on me – [Bailey And Brooklyn] I have – Have not – On multiple occasions – Yes, on multiple occasions

– Wait on multiple? – So many times, actually – Wait, why? why? – [Brooklyn] College – I don't even know – The first time– – One time we were at a birthday party, and we were like doing lanterns and like a neighbor called on us because they thought– – It was like fire, yeah – Fire hazard

– Fire Hazard Never have I ever cheated on a test I have – I have – How do you cheat on a test? – Not like the whole test

– Oh, I did, I did in first grade, I did I have and I got in trouble – In all fairness, it wasn't for me (laughs) I gave somebody else my answers That was what happened

– Yeah, I mean like, I've never like looked on someone else's– – Actually, I have – I try to help them – You're literally lying if you say you've never cheated on a test because it's like, you can consider anything cheating If you talk to someone who already took the test and they tell you what is on the test that's considered cheating – Technically, yes

– Years of just all the way to high school without failing God for you – I was in first garde, and I got caught, and I got sent to the principals office, and he told me he was disappointed in me – Never have I ever peed in a pool You are lying, – I have

– If you say you haven't – It must of been when I was young, but I do not consciously do that anymore – Liar! I don't do it anymore, but I have for sure done it – There are two kinds of people The people that say they pee in a pool

– [Shaun And Mindy] And the people that lie about it – Yeah, you have peed in a pool You be lying– – Hey, mine was in a glacier fed lake It was ice cold, it was the only way to stay warm – Why do you keep putting these dumb thing in? – Why do you keep saying stuff like that? – [Shaun] It's true

– Never have I ever farted and blamed it on the dog – I don't know – I have – I blame it on Shaun – I probably– (laughs) yeah, she does

– Finn 100% farts on his own I don't need to blame him for that – Definitely , definitely! – I think we all have in one way or another – Why do I need to blame it on the– – Never have I ever been caught somewhere I wasn't supposed to be I don't think so

– Where would I be? – I would assume I have I don't– – I would assume I have (chuckles) – [Bailey And Brooklyn] Where? – Never have I ever gotten a speeding ticket – I have not Mom you have

– You didn't have a speeding – Not for speeding They thought I ran a red light – Yeah – Sad, sad, sad day

I wasn't speeding, but this cop was a jerk and gave me a ticket anyway And I was gonna fight and I didn't – No, I'm sure you were speeding and its just hard to accept – Never have I ever given someone a fake phone number – I have

I think this is like, – I absolutely have – Absolutely have done this – If you're a girl you've probably done this a few times – Yes I've given so many guys the wrong number

– What ever Shaun You've never given somebody like on a website where they demand your phone number but you don't want them to have it A fake phone number? – I don't ever put my phone number in websites – I've just given guys that give me weird vibes the wrong number – I just give, yeah, weird wrong number

– I've given a fake email address, but I haven't given a fake phone number – So many times This has happened so many times – Never have I ever told someone id hang out with them and then made up an excuse to not go I have

On so many occasions – [Brooklyn] To many times Baileys worse than I am – This is like my go to – I would assume that I have, I just don't remember

– Usually, I'm pretty good like, my last semester because I did a bunch of like recruitment stuff, I was hanging out with random people all the time, and I was tempted a lot to do that and I didn't, so that was pretty impressive – That's good for you – Yeah, be a person of your word I'm sure I have though – But bailey, it kind of annoys me when people commit to something and then like do that

– It's usually when someones like texts me and they're like, hey, are you free today from two to four? And I'm like, no I have something to do – I have homework – And then it's like I don't really – Most the time, I'm gonna be honest, most the time that I've done this is when guys that I don't wanna go on a date with, ask me on a date, and I make up an excuse as to why I'm out of town for the next three months – Which is why she's still single

(gasps) (chuckles) – If I don't want to go on a date with them I owe them nothing – Okay Never have I ever kissed more than one person in a month – I haven't – I have

– I for sure have not – I've only kissed one person So I can't answer– I kissed like seven boys in the span of like two months (laughs) Oops! – Never have I ever dated someone just because they were hot I mean

– Just because? Not just because – Not just because (laughs) Mom says I have! – You've never gone out with somebody at all because you thought they were hot? Or like dated long term? – I've gone out I've gone out with guys cause they're hot, but I've never like gotten into a relationship with someone – Oh, no, I haven't done that

– I was about to say, mom what the heck? – [Mindy] No, no, no Wait, I forgot I did, Shaun – [Brooklyn] Dad – Oh

(laughs) – Nice – I saw that one coming – I need to change that then – Never have I ever eavesdropped on someones conversation Yeah, I have

– Absolutely More times that I can count – Me inadvertently, I haven't done it on purpose but I'm sure – Oh my gosh! – Give me a break! – I'll be brutally honest, I eavesdrop on purpose sometimes – [Bailey And Brooklyn] I do

– I do too – I wanna know the juicy information – I do too, same, same here – You want the tea – I want the tea

Never have I ever wanted to quit YouTube – I have – I have – There've been times, yeah – Shaun! – I don't think I have

– Sometimes there's just stuff that happens and you're just like, man! – Yes – I'm over it – I'm over it – Or also sometimes you're just like, I just wanna like, – Not do this for a minute – Not work anymore

All that stuff – It is a lot of work – There's been a couple times – It is a lot of work – So, yeah

– Never have I ever called a teacher mom or dad – [Girls] I have! – It just slips out – I've never done that in college but I did in high school – You have, Mindy? – I did in high school, I did in high school – For sure

– I probably called Dolinger, – [Bailey And Brooklyn] Mom, so many times – I picked up the phone one time when I was praying, and I answered the phone, Heavenly Father (laughs) – Never have I ever gotten arrested – No – I have not

– Never – I haven't We have been in the back of a cop car In Washington DC – When my dad got mugged on a trip in Washington D

C – Oh, that's right, that's right, that's right – And they sent some officers to get us – And he was on a different like metro train line than we were, and so they sent some police officers to pick us up – To come take us to the hospital

We got to sit in the back and we were singing, bad boys, bad boys! – We were in the back We were singing bad boys – Yeah, I've never been arrested – I've never even been in a cop car – They're uncomfortable

You don't wanna be in the back of a squad car – Never have ever trespassed on private property – Oh I for sure have – Absolutely – I have

– Hawaii, all the way! – Yeah, Hawaii there's like a secret beach there that we go to – Obviously you guys can see from this video, we're pretty tame But hopefully you enjoy any tea slash juicy you know, something somethings that we gave you from this video Some secrets have been revealed – Did you you learn anything bout us? – Probably

– Not really I feel like I knew all that already – From you guys? – You think they would've known all that stuff about you? You think the fans knew all that kind of stuff about you? They can pick it out? – About us? – Yeah, I think so – Probably I don't know

– I think so I don't know Comment down bellow if you discovered something new – Yeah, if you learned something new let us know – Anyway

We'll see you – We'll see you next week Bye! – [Shaun And Mindy] Bye guys! – I'm pretty good at talking to cops, like when that bonfire thing happened I was like, we're so sorry, we didn't know – Really? Did you get out– – We've never gotten in trouble we've just– – Did you get out of your ticket six months ago? – No (vibrant sound)

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