Omg you won’t believe what happened!!

(upbeat music) (horn honking) – I can't breathe, it's all good, part of the tradition! (laughs) (crowd cheering) – That was crazy! (crowd chanting) – [Both] Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey – And in today's video, you're gonna see what homecoming looks like here at our, at our college campus, yes

It's definitely different than high school but just as enjoyable and entertaining – It's honestly, there are lots more activities here, like in college that you do for homecoming that you would not do while at high school It's very different, but it's very much the same – Yes, before we get on to the video, we have two things we want to mention Number one, you only have one more week to enter the giveaway, so do not forget to enter the giveaway by clicking the link in the description box below, or the information box right over here! So go do that, do not forget to enter 'cause that is an awesome reward if you win! – It really is! – Also number two, we have a coupon code that's gonna last for the next 24 hours, for our entire website! So mascara, scrunchies, pretty much everything! You can use that coupon code, it's in the description box below

So use that for the next 24 hours to get coupons on your purchase – Go use it! Honestly, it's awesome, you guys get an awesome discount on everything on our website! So go check it out! – You know you want that discount So go check it out and let's move on to the video – We are on our way to go check out the bonfire So it sounds super noisy! Like we can hear it from our apartment

Oh my gosh, there's so many kids, look! (upbeat music) Past time! – Lets go Baylor – That's the saddest claw I have ever seen – I don't go here! – [Bailey] Look who I found! – That took me like 30 minutes to navigate the crowd! I got stuck at the front and I was like trying to weave through and I'm a tiny person, so it's kind of impossible to weave through So I had to go all the way around but then I thought she was on that side but she's not, she was in the back so, now I'm here – [Bailey] Yeah but we have a good view of the fire, it's literally right there

So you're really about to get a good view – And so, with the fire, all of us get to like write our names on the wood that goes in the fire and then they light it It's kind of like a tradition for homecoming There's a huge bonfire for like two hours and it's so fun! (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) – [Bailey] We got our buddies over here! – Yeah! – [Bailey] Good idea guys, I wonder where you got that good idea from – Don't know

(upbeat techno music) – [Male] Me neither (upbeat music) – Okay so we're gonna kind of explain what that was – What just happened – That you just saw – There were 10 students, 10 Baylor students that passed away in a bus crash a couple of years ago, and so we light this fire in honor of them and we keep it lit for a while to just celebrate homecoming and be able to honor them as like a student body and like what they represented

But so far, this is what our homecoming's been – So far this one has been food trucks and bonfires! – Food trucks and bonfires! – Tomorrow at seven o'clock in the morning we have a parade! – And tonight we're going to pig skin – Which is like sing I don't know if you guys have ever heard of sing, but it's like each– – Sorority and fraternity, they kind of like team up and they have different like people perform – Different performances

Along with like music They come up with like choreography and dancing and like singing The actual sing itself is really long it's like four hours And then they have pig skin in the fall, where they perform like the top eight performances – It's a of couple acts, I don't know exactly how many

But there's a couple of like sororities and fraternities that get to perform their acts, so they like won – The best of the best – Yeah – Okay so it is like 10:15 Pigskin's supposed to start at 10:30

Wait, we have a bunch of friends in pigskin Like we have a bunch of friends in sororities – So I bought tickets way back in like early August, because these tickets actually sell out really fast because so many people want to see the show! – Oh my gosh it's gonna be so good! – I'm ready to see it! – So excited! Let's go! That was so good! – We just saw pigskin One of my friends had like a full on solo – Ooh

She was so good! – She was singing, yeah! – Quality entertainment! – I'm so excited about my friends being part of that – But I'm literally – Bailey's ready to sleep! – I'm ready for bed! – I'm like hyped now, I just had like so much fun! I love like theater type stuff and that was theater type stuff – It's literally like one o'clock in the morning We have to go to sleep so we can wake up at seven and like get ready for this parade tomorrow

– Alright, you'll see big bags under our eyes But they're happy bags tomorrow, so! – Let's go Good morning you guys, it is like 6:50 in the morning and we are getting ready to pick out a spot to sit at for the homecoming parade Hey Emily, how do you feel? – Tired! (laughs) – A lot of people here look really tired, like with their blankets and stuff, but we are ready to go I've got my camera, my chair

I'm waiting on Asa and the boys to get out They slept in, shame on them So, but yeah, that's basically what's happening this morning I actually feel like energized for it being six something in the morning, but Hopefully it stays the rest of the day

(yawns) You tired? – I'm so tired (sirens) – [Bailey] Are you pretty excited? – I'm so excited! (sirens) (upbeat music) I want a ukulele for Christmas! (crowd cheering) Thanks! (laughs) (upbeat music) – Okay we've been here for like an hour and it's still like steadily going – It's still going Like I've had so much candy! – It's good! – I forgot parades threw candy, even at college they throw candy! – I know, I feel like a child! Except for here they don't get snatched up in five seconds It's still on the ground

– Yeah – I'm just waiting to see our friends' float – Yeah! (crowd cheering) (horn honking) (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) So, I am running the line for the first time Homecoming game, just me and all my friends, Bailey and Asa, because Asa's not a student couldn't run the line So they got regular tickets with my parents

So running the line means like a bunch of us freshman, we all run across the field and then we stand there as the football players run out on the field, before the game, and it's like a big tradition So I'm doing that for the first time today and I'll show you guys what that's like – We are currently walking to the homecoming game, and look who decided to show up If it's none other than the parentals They have come to visit today, watch the homecoming game with us, it's gonna be an entertaining day for sure

But there's like a bunch of stuff setup everywhere, like for the homecoming game So I'll kinda show y'all kind of what that looks like (upbeat music) – Okay, we got in, scanned our tickets and now we're just waiting with all the other students to run the line Probably half an hour 'til the game starts So yeah, now we're just waiting

(crowd cheering) (upbeat music) – This is chaos! (laughs) I can't breathe, but it's all good, part of the tradition (laughs) (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) We made it, woo! (upbeat music) It's half time, we're watching some of the show Everybody's pretty exhausted and like stacked on top of each other Just waiting for the game to start again! So, it'll be fun – We already went and got food! We got nachos earlier

– I ate them in like five minutes – We saw Dippin' Dots, and I was like we're gonna go get those – Oh for sure – But right now, the band is performing (band music) Looks pretty cool! Go, freaking catch it! (crowd cheering) (screaming) (crowd clapping) That was crazy! (chanting) That was a wild win today, for the homecoming here at Baylor! Now we're just chilling

Mom's getting to know some of our friends How we feeling? – Awesome – What's the plan now? – Food! – Food, I guess it's food! Thank you guys so much for watching this video! Hopefully you enjoyed a little insight on what college homecoming is like – And enjoyed seeing us like do all the activities 'cause it was definitely fun for us to do it for the first time! – Yes, I didn't even realize that there was like a homecoming celebration here at college Like I thought, I knew there was like a homecoming game but there's like a whole weekend of activities

– Yeah it's pretty crazy! – But also, do not forget to subscribe to our channel, if you wanna see fun vlogs or just fun videos in general or more of us, definitely subscribe to the channel through clicking the button right over here and to watch more of our videos, click the button right over here and we'll see you guys next week – Bye y'all! – Love y'all so much! (upbeat music)

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