(upbeat techno music) – Oh my gosh! – I'm serious (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Did you win the lottery? ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Stick together ♪ (drumming) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey

– And in today's video we are doing a whole new kind of concept So I'm sure many of y'all have heard of these mystery boxes They're all over the internet It's basically where you just purchase them, and it's a box full of random stuff from a random person and you open it and it's just like a big mystery surprise of what's in there and so we decided to kind of do a video like that Only it's a collab

So in this video we are collabing with – [Both] Rebecca Zamolo – And we sent each other mystery boxes full of random stuff

So Bailey and I filled a box full of some really awesome stuff which she's gonna be opening on her channel and she sent us a box of, we don't even know 'cause we haven't opened it – Random stuff – Random stuff which we'll be opening in this video – But before we get onto the vied y'all – You should definitely, definitely subscribe to Rebecca

She is the one we are collabing with Her videos are amazing She is so much energy all the time and she is very, very funny So if you haven't watched her videos, you should definitely do that by subscribing to her channel Click the link in the descriptIon bow below to do that or the information button right over there

Go do it right now – Yes, she's like our older sister, so go look at her channel, she's the best – Subscribe to her channel in five seconds you guys, ready? – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one – Go subscribe to Rebecca, she's amazing Okay, let's move on to the video

– Hey Brooklyn and Bailey, it's Rebecca Happy Valentines Day I sent you guys a mystery box, so enjoy I put little notes attached to each of the gifts that I sent you so make sure you read it before you open it So enjoy it, have, fun, and if you win the lottery, let me know, bye! – Whoo

– Wow – All right then I feel a little short up here – I know, I feel like we should raise ourselves up a little bit There we go, now I can see into it

– This is a very large box – Let's appreciate the beautiful Valentines decorations – On the box – The decor she's done here – I'm thoroughly impressed with the craftiness here

– Good job, Becca, good job – That was a good idea I didn't even think about decorating the outside of the box (tape ripping) What in the world is gonna be in here? – Okay – Packing peanuts! – Love the packing peanuts

Oh – Oh and that's a letter – A card There's a card – [Both] Happy Valentines Day

– [Brooklyn] It is like almost Valentines Day Oh (laughs) Look at this picture – Oh my gosh – [Brooklyn] Pasted a picture of herself on the card

In between the two kids – She said, "Crazy party of three" (laughs) "Brooklyn and Bailey, takes one to know two "Happy Valentines Day, I had so much fun finding "these gifts for you "I hope they make you laugh as much as they did for me

"Can't wait to see your reactions, love Rebecca" Gently – What is this? It's in a package of some sort (rustling) Oh gosh – This one says, "I thought you could bring this frame "to college with you and keep it in your dorm room

"I hope there's plenty of sister photos to put in here" – That's so cute – That's so cute – Look at this – Oh my gosh

– The little swirly – Okay, cuteness – That's a cute one, I'm thoroughly impressed That was adorable – Okay

– She said these are my favorite kind of pillows, and the perfect color for Valentines Day Of course there's two so you can each have your own This is like stress reliving Voila – Tada! – That's so cute, we have matching pillows

– I love it, okay That item was a cute one (gasping) Oh my gosh – He's so cute Look at how cute he is

– I thought this guy was cute and adorable for Valentines Day I mean, who doesn't like a sloth? You wanna know what this reminds me of? What does it remind you of? – Zootopia – Zootopia – The movie (laughing) That is so cute

– And he's so – Soft – He's soft

He's so meek – I never want to let him go (gasps) – This is for you, Bailey, this is for you – What is this? – That has to be for you – Take a stick to go on a date

Date night surprise, oh my gosh – So cute – Okay, Bailey, I thought you could use this with your boyfriend and have some fun dates – Oh my gosh, this is so adorable Thank you, that was so thoughtful

– Rebecca, this is so cute What the heck? – This is so cute Chocolate emojis – Chocolate, strawberry, orange, caramel, chocolate caramel – It says who loves emojis, who loves chocolate, who loves both? – I feel this is like Christmas kind of

– This is Christmas Day, it's like opening a present (laughs) – Chocolate – That is so fantastic – Chocolate – I would eat that now

Could we open that now? – Just chocolate – Oh my gosh – What, what, what? You were just opening the next item yet What is this? – Emergency eyebrows For those days that you don't feel like doing your eyebrows, please try these on

(laughing) Look at the picture on that It's this guy who's like looking at the camera Wait, which eyebrow style should I do? – You should do – The big and bushy? – Oh – The gray? – Oh yes They're like the brown triangle – The brown triangle – [Both] Or the

– Unibrow – Unibrow – The unibrow

– I think unibrow's the one we should put on, Brooklyn – Okay Oh gosh – Look at me – I'm about to look terrible

– Look at me Tada! (laughs) – Hey guys, I didn't feel like doing my eyebrows today, so I used instant eyebrows – Instant eyebrows thanks to Rebecca Zamolo – Thank you, Rebecca, for making me look great (laughs) Oh my gosh

– It's a Valentines Day themed toilet paper Where does she buy this stuff? – Where does she come up with this stuff? – It says here is some Valentines Day toilet paper – [Both] You obviously know what it's used for (toilet flushing) – I can totally hear Rebecca saying that too in my head – It literally says I love you from the bottom to the top

– Oh my gosh – That's what it says on the toilet paper, guys That's what it says on the toilet paper – I'm literally dead – I'm gonna use this

– I'm dead! – I'm gonna send a picture of me using this to Rebecca I'm gonna just send a picture of it next to my toilet I'm gonna be like look – It's there – Be like guess what

– I opened up the chocolates – Wait which is one caramel? I want the caramel – They all kinda went everywhere – Rebecca, trying these mystery chocolates (hums) They're good, they are good

– That is fantastic, thank you Rebecca – Mhm (gasps) She says how could I not send some slime? Enjoy this Valentines Day slime – That is so much slime That has to be like two pounds of slime

– This is a lot slime Okay, got this, I got this (droning) (laughs) It's very slimey – It feels weird – Ohh

– Okay y'all, before I get my hands completely totally messy and stick, let's finish pulling out the rest of the items – Yes! – Life cereal! – She got us Life cereal You probably know why you're getting this How could I not include some Life cereal in your mystery boxes? I know you both love this cereal Lol, I'll never forget all the boxes I saw you get while you were on tour

– Oh, this is so cute – That's so thoughtful – Thank you Rebecca and I hope you guys knew this, but Brooklyn and I adore the cereal Life because life is good (laughs) – What? I mean who doesn't wanna be a mermaid? – [Both] Can you both say it at the same time? Lol, conjoined mermaid twins, anyone? – Oh, oh yes – We need to try this on at the same time

– Yes – Yes – I'll get in and then your try and get in after me – Oh my gosh (laughing) – Brooklyn! – I'mma try to get in

– My foot into the tail, okay? – I need one side of the tail – You need that side (optimistic music) (laughing) One of us can stand up Okay, ready? Set, go – Get up, stand up

– Your butt's in my face Okay, ah, we made it (audience applauding) (panting) – Is there more stuff? – Yeah, there's so much stuff – Open me (laughs) – You're 18 now and in California that means you can legally gamble, so enjoy these lottery tickets and hopefully you win some money, beginner's luck question mark

Are we gonna scratch these lottery tickets off on camera? – Are we gonna do this? – Oh my gosh – We're gonna do this Wait, wait It says find the big one and win $22,000 and this says the big one I'm serious

(laughs) – Did you win the lottery? Did you seriously win? – Does that mean kinda? – Are you serious? Wait, scratch off the other one – Oh, it is a joke, oh It says prizes of $1,000 and up must be presented to loser's PObox

You have been duped, big joke I know (droning) I freaked out for a second, okay, Rebecca? I thought I won the lottery, okay? – I thought she won $22,000 there for a second – Oh my heart, whoo, needs to calm down a little bit I was like say what now? – Three in a row No, you've been duped

– On to the next item We are making a mess of our table – Oh my gosh, she goes, you thought fidget spinners were out, but then they made a Valentines Day one Try out all the cute sayings on it while it spins – Oh no

– Oh my gosh (droning) – It says I love you – I don't if you guys can see this or not, but it's saying I love you (upbeat techno music) This is so cute – That's so cool

– Her hearts – It has hearts What the heck? – This is so cute – Who comes up with this kind of stuff? – Dude, I don't know – Where did you find this, Rebecca? Remember that time we did the stinkiest fish in the world challenge? The smell was horrible, here's some soap to get rid of the fish smell

– What does it smell like? – It's literally a thing, a cube of soap only the silver fish form Our house smelled so bad for so long after we did that challenge – Disaster – There are endless things in this box I'm just gonna point that out

– I'm excited for this Oh look you guys – [Both] World's best graduate – And it says since you're both graduating this year, here's the world's best graduate As you can, there's only one so you'll have to rock, paper, scissors to see who gets it

– [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot Oh! – Wait, two out of three – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot Rock, paper, scissors, shoot – Yeah! – No! – I am the world's best graduate

Yeah, I would just like to thank my mom, my dad, all of you guys – Oh my gosh – [Both] Make it rain confetti – It's a new year so make it rain with some dollar bills Open it up and go crazy

– Wait you're cutting the dollar bills – Oh no – Oh my gosh (grunting) – Open sesame (record scratching) (crickets chirping) Okay guys, I really promise we can get this

I really think we can do this Yeah, there we go – Dollar bills They're so cute – They're so fluffy

– Make it rain – Make it rain There's yet more to come – Is there something in here? ♪ I want candy ♪ ♪ I want candy ♪ – The world is so pretty because of you – She goes I thought this was the funniest thing ever, so it's when you zip it, zip it up

– It's the other way Oh shoot, zip it up – Oh my gosh, it stopped – Wait, ready? (toy singing) – You can play a really good game of musical chairs or whatever dancing with this – Wow, this is so extra on a level I didn't even know existed

(laughs) – [Both] No! – My grandpa has one of these – Oh, this is a classic – You have to swing it and try to get it on the little thing – Is that this one? – Yes, it says how many tries will it take for you to do this? It took me about 50, see if you could do it in less This isn't gonna end well

– Close (optimistic music) – I think we lose – How do you do this? (gasps) I got it! – Whoa! – I got it! – Whoa! (yelling) – That was less than 50, that was less than 50 We beat Rebecca

– See this, Rebecca? – We beat Rebecca in this game, guys – This is less than 50 I think, I'm not about to drop it – Yeah, but we weren't counting, but I think it was less than 50 Aww This is the one that has mine on it

– Aww – And it's a pack of gum and it says Brooklyn this is for you to meet any cute boys – [Both] Wink wink (laughs) – You know it – Yeah! – You know it

– Coming at you with my pack of gum Better watch out, boys – Oh my gosh – That's everything – That is all we had in our mystery box

I gotta admit, that's one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had – That was so fun, I love that, that was so fun – Not knowing what's going to be in it Just pulling out this random stuff is so much fun So I would encourage you guys to try this challenge

I don't know what you would call it Collab challenge? – Mystery box challenge – Mystery box challenge, something like that You guys should definitely try this 'cause it was a lot of fun – We wanna give a huge thank you to Rebecca for all of this stuff

– Yes! – It was super thoughtful – Oh my goodness – And I would probably end up using like half this from the box – A lot of it – Maybe not the instant eyebrows

– I think it looks pretty good – The emergency eyebrows – Yeah no (gasps) Okay, if this, actually, I don't know if I wanna challenge this I would say Brooklyn and I have to wear one pair of these fake eyebrows to school if this video can get to

– No, no, no, no, no! – Let's make up like a high number like three million views If this video can get three million views, hopefully we'll see (groaning) Brooklyn and I will have to wear a pair of the fake eyebrows

– I'll do it, I'll do it – I'm setting the goal up high – I'll do it – So if it actually happens, we actually have to wear these to school – Okay y'all, if you haven't subscribed to our channel, be sure to do that by clicking the little button over here

– And if you wanna see the videos that Rebecca filmed opening the box that we sent her, you should definitely go check that out by clicking the button right over here – It's at three am and it's pretty freaky – Don't forget to subscribe to her channel 'cause she's amazing

See y'all next week – [Both] Bye! (upbeat techno music)

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