Our Daily Routine on the B&B Tour! (Plus Another Bailey Embarrassing Moment?)

(fun, upbeat rock music) – We made it to the candy store Oh, yeah! (fun, upbeat rock music) (screaming and cheering fans) – Elevator doors open and there's like an entire football team of all these, like, teenage boys

(screaming and cheering fans) (car honking) – Hey guys! – [Together] It's Brooklyn and Bailey! – And in today's video we are showing ya'll a day in the – [Together] Of tour – But before we got onto the video, Bailey and I just launched our indiegogo campaign for our mascara! You can check it out by clicking the link in the description box below, or the information box right up there Basically the indiegogo campaign is a campaign where you guys get to help us fund the production of our mascara by buying these packages, each on is like a different price and it comes with the mascara and a signed card and some merch and some special other items based on the package you buy So you'll definitely need to go check those out because they're amazing and it means that you guys are pre-ordering our mascara so you guys get it before everybody else does when it officially launches in the Spring of 2018 – And we are so close to being fully funded, you guys so please, please, please go get your kits, go pre-order our mascara so that you guys can be the first ones to have it

We cannot wait So today, we are going to show you what it's like to be on tour We're gonna take you throughout our day And it was just, honestly, craziness – [Brooklyn] So much fun

– [Bailey] We were having so much fun! And yet, we were working at the same time And we got to meet all of you guys – Ya'll get to see all of it – Honestly It was amazing So, let's check it out – I only have foundation on right now – I have one bit of eyeshadow

It's like not even blended – So basically, we are going to show you guys what it looks like to be on tour And we're gonna take you through our day So the first thing we do, obviously, is wake up, and I still have swollen eyes, because I just woke up But, our call time is nine o'clock because today's show is a little bit earlier, it starts at four

– And mom's here with us – Hi, guys, where are we this morning? – We are in – [Together] New Jersey – [Mom] So we still have an hour drive – Yeah We have to drive

– We have an hour drive We have to drive in the morning But the first thing we do, is do our makeup – Which is what we're doing now – [Mom] What time did you get to bed last night? – We went to bed at like

1230 – [Bailey] 12 or one – [Both] 12:30 – It wasn't too late, because we showered and everything and then we went to bed, so it wasn't crazy late Now we're just gonna do our makeup and we'll show you the rest of the day (upbeat techno music) – So I'm doing my hair, straightening it and Bailey forgot her makeup palette at home, her eyeshadow palette, and luckily Ashlund had some, so Bailey went and borrowed some – I only have one eye of mascara on – [Brooklyn] But tell them the story

– Okay, basically whenthis is a cute look (camera shutter) (upbeat techno music) – Basically, I forgot my palette at home, but Ashlund has one almost exactly like it so I called her to figure out what room she was in

So, I went to the elevators and I accidentally clicked the up button because I needed to go down So when I got on the elevator, it wouldn't let me go down to the lower levels, so it just brought me up to this random level and opened up and I thought, "okay, it'll just open up to like a random level, and then I'll be able to go downstairs" Well the elevator doors opened and there's like an entire football team of all these, like, teenage boys in like fancy shirts and slacks and I'm over here like, "UmI don't have a bra on, I only have my eyebrows and foundation done and my hair is not done" And so I just sat there like this I was like, "hi" And then they just like started coming on the elevator and I was like, no way So I just walked off, and then I got another elevator and went downstairs But it's like, of course, of course it would open up to a floor of all these young men Ah, man Okay, you guys, so it is 9:00, which means it's our call time

So we are heading downstairs Right now, to go meet the van

Off we go And here's the trailer, where we load (laughing) It's like, good morning, it's too early for this

And the van Good morning! – Good morning! – [Bailey] Hi We're vlogging a day in the life of tour, everybody say hi – [Together] Hello! – [Bailey] This is what it looks like in the van in the morning – [Mom] That's my seat

– [Bailey] All the way in the back corner – [Others] Hello, hello – [Bailey] You see the magical van that we travel in – The awesome van – [Bailey] The awesome van that we travel in

Hi, Lucas (light, easy music) – [Mom] Time to unload So we got the van, now we got the trailer, and all the gear gotta come out There's so much stuff! It's a small army Ashlund's ready to go

She's ready for the day – Hello – [Mom] Finally out of the van Woo! We have to take all our merch with us that we sell, so that's what's in the big boxes That's Amanda's job, the merch master

Dave's the driver He gets us to and from safely There's Maytay, stage manager extraordinaire Still haven't seen Brooklyn There she is

Camrey, carrying her guitars You guys think I'm kidding about all this stuff, but I'm not, look A whole trailer So while the crew unloads the van and starts setting up the stage, the quote, unquote talent comes into the green room – Let's us get ready

– This is a really nice room – [Mom] This is a really nice green room Some of them are really really ratchet – They have a picture of us on the wall – [Mom] Look! Cuteness

– [Bailey] And then we saw like these custom film strips – [Mom] They have all these posters of other people that have come – [Brooklyn] Yeah, it's so nice And the bathroom is likeamazing We normally get lucky if we have a bathroom at all And now we have not one, not two but three

(girl gasping) Right? – What?! – [Brooklyn] It is amazing – [Mom] Whoa, this is way nice Like the nicest one we've been in – [Brooklyn] This is the nicest one we've been in so far – [Mom] So here's a shot of the venue

You can see today we are playing Freehold, New Jersey, iPlay America And this is what the venue looks like empty Just kinda a big giant room – [Mom] And the stage You can see the crew is beginning to set up

We send a stage plot of where we want different things on the stage before we come Today they got it totally right Yay! Which makes our job way easier So you can see Emily stand, and the guitar stands are alreadydrummers are already up there This is Jim, the sound master – Uh oh! Someone's taking pictures of me – [Mom] He's so awesome

– We made it to the candy store It is so hallelujah

Somuchfood – They gave us a whole packet! – [Brooklyn] Everyone is so excited Ready to get a sugar high Thank you! Now that we've gotten back from the candy store, it's time for lunch, and everybody's kinda already eaten

And we can hear Lucas warming up his drums, which is typically our warning that we should start getting ready – [Bailey] Vocal warmups – To do vocal warmups, to get ready to soundcheck, because we have people So we usually soundcheck and make sure everything's going well and then we have people come in and they get to watch us sing two songs, kinda like soundchecking them And then everybody else gets to soundcheck and then we're good So we're just gonna do our vocal warmups (performing vocal warmups) (rock music) – [Together] Pizza party! (cheering and shouting) – [Bailey] Getting pumped up in here! – [Brooklyn] And it's time for the VIP meet and greet Hi guys! – [Fan] You're my idol since fifth grade! – [Brooklyn] Thank you! (fans cheering and screaming) – We just finished our VIP meet and greet

And there are 21 boxes of Life over here You guys are absolutely amazing, I can't wait to eat all of it Over here, Camrey and Lucas are doing science (group laughing and chatting) (upbeat, techno music) – It's so cool – [Camrey] It's so beautiful

– [Lucas] I'm gonna take a picture Do not shake the table please Bam (easy, upbeat music) – [Mom] Okay, Ashlund is ready to rock and roll She's up next

Whitney's out And Camrey's chilling for minute So that means we got T minus maybe fifteen minutes, Camrey Bailey's somewhere in here There's Brooklyn

(people cheering) – It is time for the show So we get kinda re-ready Put on our new show outfits, warm up one more time, drink some throat coating, and head onto stage, and get ready to perform! – [Mom] Where you at, Bai? Oh, Bailey's doing final touch ups in here (Ashlund singing) (crowd cheering) – [Brooklyn] Hi, ya'll! – [Bailey] Hey guys! Are you guys ready? (crowd cheering) – [Bailey] Alright! – [Brooklyn] Sing along if you know the words – [Singing "Dance Like Me"] Everybody feel that rush, Nobody get too hush

– [Brooklyn] Fourthreetwoone! (crowd cheering and screaming) (fans cheering) – So we have finished our show, we did our backstage stuff, and then we did our hangout, and now we're hanging in our comfy clothes and we're about to go on a fun little adventure, which we usually do when the shows end early, like today, since we had an early show at four

We're about to do something fun with the crew And we're gonna go laser tagging, and go-karting, and we got these amazing cards – [Mom] Upside down

– Is it upside down? These amazing These venues amazing We got these amazing cards and they gave us $50 on each card and everybody basically got one

And now we're gonna go laser tagging, go-karting, skee ball, arcadeWoo! Party night! Everybody's excited (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] Sorry! Who won? – Devon! – [Bailey] Okay, Brooklyn, tell us what's going on

– We have been playing this game for probably an hour and we thought we were out of credits and we found more credits on some of these cards and now we're playing, and we plan on winning We havealmost a full set of super heroes, we need one more, and then we get like 15,000 tickets

See? – [Lucas] Yes – [Brooklyn] As a team we are collecting to win – [Woman] We got this – [Brooklyn] We need that one That's the card we need right there

We're so close – And earlier the whole crew played laser tag and we killed the other team We were literally 120,000 for our team and their team was 17,000 so we absolutely killed them, it was awesome Brooklyn, what happened? – We used our combined tickets for the whole crew to buy an LED light that's also a speaker for our van so we can party for the next five shows – [Bailey] Yeah! And we're getting tattoos on our ankle

(singing fan fare) (group cheering) – He's having a little too much fun right now (laughter) – Tattoos! – [Girl] Look it! – We're all princesses OMG, he got a little savi for his phone We are having so much fun! We are trying to find something for dinner Oh, my gosh

Lucas got Happy Birthday balloons, he's so excited Aww! It's the little guys carrying the birthday balloon And Emily will not stop singing the Harry Potter theme song and lifting our LED light in the air Look at her, she's dancing around with the LED light She's going crazy

We're having so much fun (funky music) – We went to Cheesecake Factory It's like literally almost midnight and we finallygot our food – [Mom] It took two hours – [Brooklyn] So, this is what it's like – We then have a 7:00 am lobby call tomorrow morning because we have a three hour drive So we're all gonna be

– We're here, it is the end of our day It's like crazy late and we just drove quite a few hours from Jersey I'm super tired cuz I slept in the car and I also watched some Netflix shows

And Bailey's already ready to go in bed Yeah, so this is usually when we just go to bed and tomorrow we have another show So, super exciting! It's time for bed, I'm exhausted How 'bout you? – Tired, I'm so tired – Thank you guys so much for watching! I hope ya'll enjoyed the quick recap of the day in the life of tour that we lived for a brief month and now it's over and I'm so sad

And hopefully we do another one Comment below if ya'll think we should do another tour I think we should – I think we should – Bailey thinks we should

I think it should happen So comment below what you think Now, ya'll be sure to click over here to order our mascara on our indiegogo campaign It's amazing And also, click the box right below that if you wanna watch our last weeks video which is Bailey and I reacting to old songs of us singing and we harmonizing

– Baby videos! It's so cute So check it out! And we will see you guys next week! – [Together] Bye!

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