– We decided to have you guys vote on what we should eat for lunch, and we're putting McDonald's as an option – Okay, so everybody in the entire world knows that these are the best cookies on the planet, and I really want them right now, so go vote yes please

– Cute shirts, maybe outfits for Cameron and Asa to wear, shh, we're thinking about getting them these, horrendous matching outfits and not telling them – I really want to do it – And then just making them wear them, and I think that would be, hysterical – So funny (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we decided to film a super fun video, called, – [In unison] "Instagram controls my day

" – So basically Brooklyn and I put up a bunch of polls throughout the day, where you guys could vote on what we did, so I could be like what color we paint our nails, or what we did with our hair, that sort of thing, and throughout the whole day, you guys voted on what we did, and then we vlogged everything that y'all chose – Y'all got to control, how our day went, so it was kind of exciting, – Yes – Flying by the seat of our pants throughout the day, and we filmed it all – Yes, but do not forget before we go on to the video, that Lash Next Door is still for sale, so you can buy it by clicking the link in the description box below or the information button right up there, so click that button and go buy your Lash Next Door – Okay, let's go onto this adventure where you guys pick what we do for a day, let's go! (upbeat bouncy music) – Alright everybody, you voted, and so, we have our fruit here, and our toast

– Look, you guys voted for fruit and toast on this, fruit and toast, so – So that's what we are eating for breakfast, good choice because I was not about to eat cake and popcorn, I would have if you all had voted for it, but – I feel like it would make me sick so early in the morning – I know, I was like chocolate cake at like, eight o'clock in the morning, I don't, I don't think I've ever done that, I dunno if I want to do that , so good choice on the fruit We're gonna enjoy this breakfast Thank you guys for voting on that ♪ There's a glow about you ♪ ♪ this is the ♪ – [Bailey] Okay, so you guys voted that Brooklyn should wear eyeshadow, so I decided to vlog her face – This is stress coloring picking, it's so, it's like a, – Show us

– I don't know it's like, I do it so it's like a faded – [Bailey] I think she decided on that pinky color We'll vlog the aftermath of her being finished – Okay, so you all said you wanted me to do eyeshadow this morning, so this is kind of the look I went for, if you can see it It's like a more subtle version of the eyeshadow I had for prom, which is like pink, and I kind of brought it down underneath my eyes, like right here, and then added a little sparkle

So now, we are moving on to hair, and clothes Y'all voted on those, so we're gonna see what the results are, and get ready for the day ♪ If You wanna see some crazy ♪ ♪ Adults so lazy ♪ ♪ You should meet me and my friends ♪ – Okay you guys, you voted on this outfit, which is actually kind of a bummer because it is like 90 outside, but I did put it up as an option, and you guys picked it, so now I'm wearing each of the outfit that y'all chose You got the pants, and the top, and the belt, and we're ready to go, it's time to do hairstyles ♪ So don't tell me ♪ ♪ How we're like or how we should be ♪ – So what is the hairstyle that they decided on? – They decided, you guys decided on messy buns, but I can't get my hair all the way up and then do a messy bun, so I'm gonna do small, two small messy buns

– She's just doing it, right now – Okay, so you can see our messy buns, I did the best that I could with short hair, and Brooklyn over here has got her messy bun So you guys voted, – With my cute little scrunchie – yes, so you guys voted on messy buns over high ponytails, so that is what we did for you guys so, so far you've decided what we're wearing, what we ate for breakfast, what Brooklyn's makeup looked like, and what our hair looks like So now that we are dressed, it's gonna be more like day-to-day activities, so we'll see if you guys pick kind of the crazier options that we give you or if you guys pick the more normal ones, we don't know yet, we'll see (funny popping music) – So we ask you all we should go to lunch or get our nails done and you guys chose get our nails done, so here we are getting our nails done, I'm excited, I think I'm gonna do white on my fingers, and then y'all voted for me to put blue on my toes, so that's what I'm doing, what colors are you gonna do – Blue sparkly on my fingers and then also a matching blue on my toes, because we're going to Hawaii and you like we gotta get the ocean vibes, and so, I'm pulling it in

– Okay, we just left the nail salon and you guys get to vote on what color nails Brooklyn got, so, I got blue – The blue! Which is funny because I ended up getting blue too – So I had pink and blue and you guys chose the blue, so you guys got to control what color my nails were – Well what we did, we decided to get nails, show us yours – I got white

– So pretty! – And I got like mermaid, they look like mermaid – I love them, they're so pretty We decided to have you guys vote on what we should eat for lunch and we're putting McDonald's as an option, hopefully you guys are nice, and you say no, otherwise we're gonna be eating at Mickey D's and I haven't been there in a while, and their food's kind of interesting, so we will see what you guys choose Posting right, – [In Unison] Now – Y'all were the nicest humans and did not make us go to McDonald's for food, so we got our In-N-Out, Bailey's carrying it like a baby

– Yay! My baby! – Yeah, she loves In-N-Out – I do love In-N-Out – We're ready to eat, we're starving, so food is delicious, In-N-Out, good choice everybody – It just smells so good – Thank you for not making me eat processed billion calorie food

(upbeat playful music) So y'all voted on us going on a bike ride, so we're taking Dax and Pais with us and this is Bailey's, – It's gonna feel good, – Bike – To get some exercise – Bailey's gonna – Be good – So when we were kids, we used to bike ride – [In Unison] all the time

– We had bikes, that we like kept and these are like leftover old bikes that we haven't touched in a very long time – She can ride with no hands, ready, go! – Woo! – Whoa, that was so close Yeah! Hey Dax, what happened? Are you okay? – Ow – He literally, he was like doing jumps and stuff on his scooter, and I don't know if he tried to jump over the puddle, or if he just slipped, but he like, there's this big giant puddle, Dax show us where you landed – [In Unison] He landed right there

– [Bailey] And show us your outfit now, show us your clothes now – [Brooklyn] Show us your clothes now Oh no, you're soaked, what you gonna do? – Who cares? – Who cares, right? There you go – Continue on, never let anything stop you, never give up – Oh my goodness! Take a second, look how aesthetic this is, my shirt and the bike

– It's so cute – It's so cute, I'm obsessed, I'm gonna take some pictures (camera clicking) (happy popping) ♪ Tonight we're running on the right track ♪ (whistling) – What's up guys? So y'all picked Target for us to go shopping at, so we're gonna wander around and pick out some clothes It was between Target and Walmart, and it feel like you guys made the right choice regarding clothes, so we're gonna poke around and see what we can find, again, we are going to Hawaii very soon, so we might pick up, you know, some cute shirts, maybe outfits for Cameron and Asa to wear, shh! we're thinking about getting these horrendous matching outfits and not telling them and then just making them wear them and I think that'll be hysterical! – And I think they would think it was hilarious – So we might be doing that, but, keep you guys updated We already got some picks here, she's over here poking around, fun, just so fun shopping sometimes, especially when you have a goal in mind, it's like, what are you shopping for? ♪ Just one other, good times call me whenever ♪ – Okay, so, on the poll, you all decided that we were going to buy this shirt – We just kind of funny, okay, to be honest, we were debating on this shirt, but we we're like, oh, we'll just throw it in there and probably pick this one and then y'all picked that one

– So now we have to buy – It's okay, we liked that one, just not as much as this one, so we're gonna get this one too, but we are also gonna get this one – Do you wanna show them what else we picked out? – We picked this out – Yes, which is so cute on, super cute! – And then I got Asa a swim suit for Hawaii, 'coz he only has two, how can you survive in Hawaii for almost two weeks with only two swim suits – What a good girl friend! – I'm such a good girl friend, I know! (funny popping music) – Okay, so everybody in the entire world knows that these are the best cookies on the planet, so we just put up a poll asking y'all if I should buy them

If you don't vote yes, I don't know who you are, you are some sort of criminal because these are literally the most delicious things on the planet and I really want them right now So go vote yes, please! – Okay , so ultimately, we left Target with three new clothing items, one of which we didn't particularly love, but you guys voted for it, so we're hoping there's potential in this shirt – Maybe we'll love it with a certain outfit – Yeah maybe like the right pants or something – Yeah, we'll see! – And then Brooklyn got cookies

– I got cookies! – And we got to buy swim suits, so I say it's a pretty successful day here at Target! Couldn't even wait to get home to eat her cookies, look she's going at it man! – They just look so good! – Okay, TBH comment down below you think these cookies are good or gross, 'coz I know there's like an internal debate on whether or not people actually like them , Brooklyn and I are obsessed with it I think they're particularly good when they're straight out of the fridge, like cold – Mm – But some people say that they're like the worst cookies ever, so you guys comment down below if you think these cookies right here, show up Brooklyn, these cookies, are good or gross (funny popping music) – Y'all decided that I was going to eat ice cream

So here I am, I've actually not ever had this kind of Ben & Jerry's before, called Milk and Cookies, but it's actually, really, pretty good I'm not sure, I think this might be Cameron's ice cream, it was just kinda' sitting in the freezer , so now I'm eating it, hmm, hopefully he doesn't mind if I finish it because it's actually really good, so I'm going to finish it upstairs while watching my movie – Okay, you guys, so we're currently having you vote on which movie should we watch, I'm kind of in the Disney mood, so we either have Frozen or Brave, and you know what, I'm really hoping that you guys will pick Brave, because I haven't seen that one in a while, and I feel like Frozen's music is just slightly overplayed, so I hope that you vote for Brave, but we'll see, you know, you never know, you might love Frozen, and I am eating popcorn, because you guys voted for Brooklyn over here to eat ice cream, but I'm over here eating popcorn, 'cause (munching) that's the way to watch a movie, is buttery, buttery popcorn Okay, update, you guys did not pick Brave, so we are going to endure the music of Frozen, once again, we're going on that track You guys are an unpredictable crowd today, man, I thought for sure you'd pick the white shirt, you picked the orange one

I thought for sure, you would pick Brave, you picked Frozen So we just finished Frozen, including Ash, she's stuck with us the whole time Did we really hate it that much? – No, of course not, you can't hate Frozen – We just sat there and sang along to all the songs, – All the music, good jams man, good jams Thank you guys for reminding us how much we love the music of Frozen, so good

– So good – Thank you guys for watching Hopefully you enjoyed being able to control what we did for a day – Yes That was very interesting

– That's all like all of the activities and the fun stuff we got to do Don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right there, and don't forget you can also buy the Lash Next Door, our mascara, it's super awesome So click the box right here to buy it Do it, do it, do it Also you guys can see more of our videos by clicking the box over here

We love you guys and we'll see you next week Bye! – Bye you guys! (upbeat music)

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