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(joyful music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey – It's about to get really serious

– Okay, it's not gonna be that serious – Yeah, no – But, we are talking about periods today, which that is something that every girl slash woman goes through in their life, so we thought it would be kind of fun to make this video Also you guys have been commenting and requesting it, so we decided to finally make it – Period 101, everything you need to know about a period

– Well, not everything, but we're gonna cover most things – But, before we got on to the video be sure to subscribe to our channel You have five seconds, ready? – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one (cheering) – You guys totally subscribed in five seconds Now let's get on to the video

– Let's go Okay, so the first talking point that we have What do you use when you're on your period? Tampons, and pads, and maxi pads, and wings – [Both] Supers, and regulars – What's the difference, and which one do I use? – For most of you younger girls and beginners to your period you're probably going to be using pads, because most of the time you're young and you don't know how to use a tampon and all that stuff, and maybe you're older and use pads

Who knows? I have three types of pads here – Three – There are plenty of others – Yes But we just have three

– We have three main ones There's a maxi pad, which is for people who have a heavier flow and they need to go eight hours or so without going to the bathroom, and they need to have extra protection That is what this is, and I will show you guys kind of what it looks like on the inside It is often compared to a diaper It doesn't show like a diaper does, but anyway this is what it looks like

It's for heavier flows and extra protection if you need that Then I have a thinner pad here, and it has wings These little sticky wings here that wrap around your underwear, and then it gives you more of a secure protection It may be thinner, but it also catches a lot Then I have just a really thin pad that just lays right in your underwear, and it's a panty liner pretty much, and it's just if you have a really light flow, and you're going a couple of hours, or an hour or so, and you're just chilling at your house

Maybe you want to just throw one of these on for comfort – Or, if you have a really light flow this one works for you too And then tampons! Who could forget about these lovely babies? Similar to pads, there are different sizes of tampons, and I'm not sure what all of the sizes are – There's some sort of small – [Both] Regular, super, super plus, ultra

– Then I don't know if there's more than that – Maybe ultra plus maybe – This one is a little bit smaller It's a regular – It's pocket sized

– This is the normal See how long this stick is versus this one? This one's basically just smaller, so that it can fit in smaller purses or when you're traveling, or if you just want a smaller one in general, but it is also a small tampon It's a regular Whereas, if you have a heavier flow then the super or super plus or somewhere around that size will probably work better for you – All women are different, so your body sizes are gonna be different, your period flows are gonna be different

These tampons sizes, you just have to experiment and find out what works best for your bodies – Now ladies, I know as beginners it's really scary, and most beginners usually use pads, and some women choose to use pads for the rest of their life, which is totally cool, but if you're one of those beginners that wants to try using tampons – Go for it – Go for it That's all I have to say is go for it I was one of those ones that was terrified to do it, but then I was like, "Okay, but I really want to try tampons

" – If you really need some support ask a friend, a sister, a mom I mean, all girls understand – All girls understand how scary it is – And, they will help you – And, they will help you

– They will help you – If you don't have a female, a close female nearby, then there are little instructions inside your tampon boxes that give you step by step how to apply tampons, so if you're not sure, you can go read that – And, if you don't know which one you would prefer using think about it this way If you're active, if you like to swim, if you're moving around a lot a tampon might be more comfortable for you to be wearing – Just better protection, you don't feel it as much

– But, if you just want to chill, or you're hanging out at your house, or things like that – If your period is light, if it's spotting – Then maybe a pad is the way to go for you It totally depends on you These are just a couple of things you guys can use when you're on your period

Okay, so the next point we're going to be talking about is basically all of the above on what you experience when you're on your period – Yes – Like cramps, cravings, and moods – The first subject is going to be moods – Moods! – It is so normal to get moody and irritable – Irritated, and sad, and mad! – Yeah, because your body has so many hormones going crazy in your body when you're on your period It's like, "Ahh" in your body, so your emotions just are (wind sounds)

Actually most girls find that they have – [Both] One consistent emotion – It's even worse when you first start your period Your emotions are like "Whoa!" – That's how you know that it's time – Then it just starts going like this, and then you just have the occasional bad week where it's like, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sad," or something For me personally, irritation and sadness

I cry – [Brooklyn] No, no, it's not crying It's irritation – It's irritation She cries so much

– I cry over everything – It's like you drop a feather on her, and she's like (whining), "This is my favorite shirt" I'm just like, "Okay, okay then!" You can feel lots of emotions You can feel sadness You can feel anger, irritation

– It's important for you to recognize these emotions in yourself though, because a) it will give you a hint if you're PMS-ing, so that means your right about to start your period, and it'll also help you to know if you're really angry for no reason that's why – That's why, and it'll help you tame it down – Yeah, tame it down a little bit – Again, like we said before, when you first start your period it's harder to realize these things, and then later as you get more comfortable – And, it keeps repeating – With your period, and you cycle, and your emotions you learn to figure out, "Okay, I'm over reacting

It's probably because I'm hormonal" And, apparently eating lots of vitamins and fruits and vegetables – And flax – And flax, helps maintain your emotions a little bit more, your hormones – And, calcium – It stabilizes them, drinking milk really helps

– Tell us if it works if you try – Yeah, let's try Let's try it together, and see if it works I'm excited to try this – [Both] 99

999999999% – Of females crave food on their period, because their hormones are going crazy, therefore you just decide that that tuna looks so good – So good! – And, I need to have it right now – Need it right now! – Yeah – It happens – [Brooklyn] Yes it does, cravings I mean, I always crave ice cream

It is a consistent thing – I think a lot of women crave sugar-y junk foods I don't really crave sweets as much as I crave tortilla chips – It's ridiculous – It's crazy! – She'll be in bed, and be like, – [Both] "I really want tortilla chips

" – It's literally three things, and I can name them for you: tortilla chips, queso, and broccoli I could not imagine stranger foods to crave, but literally every time I'm on my period – Okay, I can list mine: mozzarella sticks, mac and cheese, and ice cream – It's better for your body all together to eat fruits and vegetables, because first of all it will help with your emotions and your cramps and your bloating – If you are craving sweets and stuff it's better for you to eat dark chocolate

– Dark chocolate – Because dark chocolate has healthier components to it, and it's less sweet, so it's more fulfilling I feel like – [Bailey] Yeah! – [Brooklyn] It's richer, so you get full faster – Yeah, so when your body naturally when you eat something sweet your body wants more of it That's just a natural response

Dark chocolate is a little bit less sweet, it's a little more bitter, so when you eat it your body naturally doesn't want a lot more of it – So, if you are craving chocolate or something sweet maybe it's a good plan – Dark chocolate is the way to go – Go with dark chocolate, and see how that works The dreaded cramps If it's not cramps it's back pain

If it's not back pain, you've got a headache If it's not a headache, you've got a stomach ache If it's not a stomach ache your whole body joints ache, but it's always smart if you know you're about to start your period, you've seen some PMS-ing signs to take some medicine before, maybe Advil, so that when the cramps and the pain do come your body is prepared – You're prepared – And, you don't have to experience those two hours – Oh man

– of dreaded pain before the medicine kicks in – I feel – This happens to me all the time I'm hunching over as a walk, because straightening up hurts – It's totally normal, and it happens to almost everyone

– So, I have some medicine options for any of you who are looking for options for your cramps There is Advil Menstrual Pain, which is just a little pill which you take It's Advil version where it just dulls the pain for your cramps – And, make sure you have your parents permission before you just start taking random medicine – Yeah, don't take random medicine

– Be sure to talk to them about what works for you, and what works with them too, but these are some things that work for us – This one's Pamprin It relieves headaches, back aches, cramps, fatigue, and then you have Midol, which is pretty much the exact same thing as the other two All of these are just options for your period – Another thing that helps with cramps, back pains, joint pains, anything like that is a heating pad

You can get one at the store, and then just plug it in or heat it up, and have it sit on your stomach where it hurts – [Brooklyn] Or your back – You don't necessary have to buy it though You can use an old sock and fill it up with rice, and heat it up It's rice or peas

– Heat it up for 30 seconds or a minute – Heat it up, and then just place it on your abdomen area that hurts with cramps or your back, your joints, whatever – It will help with the swelling and the pain – It will totally help Now this is one of the things when I first started my period I had no idea what to do

– So nervous – What happens when you're on your period at school, you start your period at school, you're in public? – If I'm at school, I always bring a jacket with me A) because usually my school is freezing, and B) because if I do bleed through, I have something to tie around my waist, and no one would really bat an eyelash at that – Tie around your waist – Or wear it if it's a longer sweater or something, so it just covers up the area if you've bled through at school and can't do anything about it

– If you don't have a product that you need to use the nurse will always have a tampon or pad All you have to do is go in there and ask for one – Make a run for it! – Make a run for it! Book it down that hallway, and ask that nurse! If for some reason your nurse doesn't, I guarantee some girl in your grade does – Don't be afraid to ask either, because everyone's been in that situation, and I promise you I've never had an instance where a girl has said no Literally I walk up and I'm like, "I don't even know you, "but do you have a tampon please?" – She'll be like, "Of course, girlfriend!" – She'll be like, "Oh sure, do you want a regular or super?" Teachers are usually – Teachers are usually – very understanding

– understanding, and if they're not, don't be embarrassed to say, "Look it's an emergency, I have to go," and if they still say no then just leave because as a female you have the right to deal with your own personal hygiene problems, and if they're not gonna let you do that they can't really get mad at you – So, then comes the question of when I'm on my period at school or in public, how do I pull my tampon or pad out and put it in my pocket, so I can go to the bathroom and put it in? – You know what? That's still a question that doesn't really have an answer – I ask myself There's really no solution – There is no solution

Personally what I do, I put my jacket on, and I reach in my backpack, and then I just slip it up my sleeves Then I'm just holding my sleeves, and I'm like, "Oh, can I go to the bathroom?" They're like, "yeah," and then I can just go to the bathroom and nobody has seen it – I also have friends who will slip a tampon in their boot or in their sock, or up their pant leg if that's needed I did some research on this, and this was so cool – She did a lot of research on this

I never thought about this, but you know how you see people carrying water bottles around school? Take the tampon, put it in a water bottle – Then it just looks like you're carrying a water around all day, and you're gonna go fill up your water bottle – Mind blown! – In reality you're like – You're really like (fake laughing) – Ever since I started my period pretty much, I had a little bag in my backpack and I bring it everywhere It's my little medical bag, and I keep everything in it – She really does

– It's super organized It's my little care pack I always put in wipes These are feminine wipes These are if you want to feel cleanlier you can always use a wipe

– You want to feel clean – This is just a good use to have – A good thing to have – I keep little panty liners in there, so if I'm in an emergency and I don't have anything, I can just slap one of those on, and I have enough time to go get something else I always stick in a few different sizes of tampons because sometimes you're heavier, sometimes you're lighter

You never know what you need, and then I carry around just a little bit of Advil or Ibuprofen, just so if I get cramps in the middle of the day I have something I can take Then you are prepared if you ever start your period in public you have your options – We've got your back – We've got your back Thank you guys so much for watching

If you want to subscribe to our channel click the button right down there, and if you want to see more of our videos click the boxes over here I hope you guys learned something today, and if you like this video be sure to comment below, and tell if you want us to make more videos like this Thank you guys so much, and we'll see you next week Bye, we love you! (uplifting music)

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