POLAR PLUNGE 2020 (Star Wars Edition) | Brooklyn & Bailey Traditions

(heroic music) (record scratches) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and this year we're doing another annual Polar Plunge Woo hoo! (slow motion) Woo hoo! Actually, I'm not excited at all– – No, it's freezing

It's 36 degrees outside right now, so – But, first of all, we want to say happy new year to you guys – ♪ Happy new year! ♪ – Welcome to 2020! – 2020, Bailey and I are 20, officially So fun – This year, our Star Wars– or theme is Star Wars

– As you can tell, I am Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian – And I'm Princess Leia And it's also freezing this year It's like 36 degrees outside So, I can't even imagine what the water is

– Anyway, we're gonna go jump so (pops mouth) Stay tuned! (heroic music) (body falls to ground) (multiple people cheering) (people screaming) – (female) Bethany! – (male) Yeah! (cheering in slow motion) – (male) Now, don't take off the cape – It's so cold! Oh my God! I was not ready, my cape weighed me down

I couldn't move – (Brooklyn) Where'd your mask go? – I broke it It was an accident (orchestral music) – (male) Do it! (multiple people cheering) – (male) Go! (people screaming) – (female) Oh, wow, that was quick That was quick

– (male) Dang! – (Brooklyn) And your honest opinion sir? (sighs heavily) (sighs heavily in slow motion) (orchestral music) – (male) Miss you – (female) Ready? – (male) It's okay – Oh boy – (female) Come on, Han Solo! – (male) Yeah, Preston! – (Brooklyn) How do you feel? – I don't like the cold! – (Brooklyn) You hesitated when you jumped – I know 'cause it's cold

(cheering noises in slow motion) (heroic music) – (male) Kamri, Kamri! – (male 2) Go Kamri! – (male) Yeah, go Kamri! (multiple people cheering) (multiple people cheering in slow motion) – It's a little refreshing – (Brooklyn) Where'd your hat go? – I had to throw it 'cause I knew it was gonna choke me or something – (Brooklyn) You're hot, Kamri – They, like, came off in my jump and then they became like weird flippers – Stop it

– Can I jump like right there please? – (multiple people) No! – Please? – (male) And go Go! – Okay, okay, okay, okay (people cheering) (people cheering in slow motion) (imitating buzzing noise) – Bee-bop, bee-bop (imitating buzzing noise) – (multiple people) Carlie, Carlie, Carlie, Carlie – (male) You know you have to get in the pool

– (female) Three, two, one, go, go, go! (multiple people cheering) – (female) Let's go Carlie, come on! – (Brooklyn) Your hat stayed on! How do you feel? – Cold – Cold? – Warm now – Any more advice to those of use who haven't jumped yet? – Breathe before you jump (laughs) – Help me Obi Wan, you're our only hope Just kidding, I'll do it myself

– (multiple people) Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey! – Give me back my blanket – (camera operator) No, Bailey! Princess Leia You have the Force – (male) Go, Bailey! (multiple people cheering) – (male) Go, go, go, go, go! – (camera operator) You lost your bun (multiple people cheering in slow motion) – (Brooklyn) How are we feelin'? – I made it to the stairs this year, so that's good

– (Brooklyn) So, you didn't cheat this year That's good Was it cold? – (female) Come on! (multiple people booing) – (female) Cheating, that is so cheating! (multiple people booing) – (female) That was like two seconds (orchestral music) – (female) Brooklyn, Brooklyn! – (camera operator) Baby Yoda! You gotta waddle to the end – I gotta put my hat on

– (male) And go! Go, go, go, go! – (female) She's an absolute pro! – (camera operator 2) Brooklyn, how are we feeling? – You know, I think I've had worse years – She did it so much better than me She dived, does this– I'm like going in and I was like– (cheering in slow motion) – Just go– – I think that if you dive, you can glide under the water for a little bit longer – I was going to dive! – (multiple people) Ceci, Ceci, Ceci, Ceci, Ceci, Ceci! – (camera operator 2) How are you feeling? – I am on the verge of tears I feel a little dizzy and I suddenly came over with a cold

(fake coughing) – (female) Ready? Ceci, Ceci! – (female 2) Three, two, one, go! (multiple people cheering) – (female) Let's go Ceci! (multiple people cheering) (multiple people cheering in slow motion) – I can't feel my toes Oh my God No, I tried to swim under water to get further, but then, I was like, it's not happening – (female) Three, two, one! (people cheering) – (male) Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go! – So, my feet were already kind of, you know, tingling now– They're irrelevant at this point (growling) – I've never been more scared in my life

(female) Okay, wait, before you jump, you have to make that Chewbacca sound (growling) – (female) Go do it, go do it (people cheering) (people cheering in slow motion) – (male) Go, go, go, go, go! (dog barking) – That's cold You can't see his eyes Oh, that's funny

– (multiple people) Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton – Why did I get called? See, if I get called, I wouldn't want to do it, if I'm ever called– – (female) Oh! – (in slow motion) if I'm ever called– – (female in slow motion) Oh! – I tried telling you! My hair – (female) That was impressive

– I thought it was gonna be bad but, honestly, it was freezing and terrible – (male) Come on bro! – (female) Yeah Joel, go Joel – Why do y'all do this? – (multiple people) Three, two, one! (people cheering) (people cheering in slow motion) (screams) – What is wrong with y'all? – Okay, thanks for watching, it was freezing if you couldn't tell Oh my goodness – But, this year was a lot of fun– – It was fun

– Yeah, it was all fun So, thank you guys for watching and we'll see you next week Bye y'all – Bye (upbeat music)

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