Quizzing Boys on FEMALE Products

– Wow (laughs) – Oh, that just- – – Do you have one of those for real? Can I see? (upbeat music) – Hey guys! So we are doing a very popular video that we saw going around TikTok, which is where we ask some of our guy friends what certain products are, specifically in regards – Some female products

– to women – We're gonna go through them and tell us if they know what it is – I have educated him to the best of my abilities – I've been around the block for a little bit, so – That sounds not good

– We have Trevor, who has been gone on a mission for the last, how long? Year and a half? – Probably, yeah – This is like our childhood BFF – I have 4 sisters but I don't think I know anything – No – Alex has one sister and she is a lot younger than he is

– We basically teach him everything he knows, right Alex? – He said, when he walked in the door, he goes, "I think I know the basics" – What is that? (laughter) – Hm – Maybe, like, a mat for something (buzzer) – It looks like the bottom of my shoe (laughs) – It says- – No, no, no, don't read those

– What? – It's one of those things that you put makeup or concealer on and then you just rub it on your face (laughter) – I'm guessing it's a cleaning mat but like do you just put the full thing on your face? (laughter) Is it like (laughs) I don't know! – Uh (buzzer) – It's a mat you clean your brushes on – Your makeup brushes – So like, when you- – – What's up with the heart? – It's just to

– It's just to make it fun, – Love? – I don't know (laughs) – This one's out there but I- – Every woman kind of knows what it is – Really? – I love how it has a girl going like this, but like- – I'm not liking the little figure on the side (laughter) It says "GoGirl" – Is this, do you pee in the urinal? – Yeah! – Well, you pee- – It's so girls can pee standing up if they want to

I could never personally use this – You use it as kinda like a- – So do you just bring that in your purse or something? – Yeah, you do – I don't know This maybe looks like something you pee into, but- – Yeah! – You- – General direction – On the way – Oh no you're kidding me It's the thing you put in your pants so that you could pee like a guy

– Yeah! – No – No – Then that's like a pee funnel – Yeah! (laughs) – This looks like those uh- – Candies? – The sweet tart things – Yeah, the sweet tart ropes – I don't know, they look like straws (buzzer sounds) – It's your favorite treat

(laughs) – I don't think so (laughs) – If it isn't a sweet tart rope, then I- (buzzer sounds) – Like colored cases – For what? – I have no idea like rub it on your face (laughs) Like releases glitter or something – Oh, what?! – Does it have to be makeup or can it be like accessories? – It can be whatever whatever

– Yeah – Okay I don't know, you wrap them around your arm – Like a bracelet? – Like I don't even know what would fit in that It looks so small – They're hair curlers

– No idea, do you like put them in your hair to like make them curly? – Yeah! – Oh my gosh, yes! – Oh I think I've seen these before – Yeah – Um – Hm, I would see these in the shower (laughs) – What? – It kind of looks like a loofa

(buzzer sounds) – Scrunchie – No! – Oh! Are you like talking about foot scrubber things? – Yeah, cause the foot scrubber ones look like that, right? – I have no idea – There are some that do – I don't think they do – I think that's got to do something for your hair but like you just like put it in like make it into like a bun or something

– Yeah! – Yeah it's a bun – Oh no no I know I know, you put– You do yeah your bun- – – You're a dancer – Yeah! (clapping and cheers) – Grant got one! – It's a little thing to put your hair in a bun – Yeah! (clapping) – They're all over my house – Yeah, see

– Uh, put them in your toes (laughs) – I've only ever seen those in the shower you put those in your toes (laughs) – He goes- – You put them in your toes! – For painting your toe nails – Oh, those are for your toes – Yes

– Oh, it's one of those things you put in your toes – Yes! – To paint the toe nails – To paint your toe nails – That's easy – Oh that's the birth control thing

– What's it called? Do you know? – T- Control (laughs) – What the crap? – Is that to like- – Is that what I think it is? It's like you put it in the girls stuff so they like can't have kids – Yeah! It's birth control, dang – Okay Why do all of them know this? – Like a birth control thing or something? – Yeah! – Woo! (clapping) – It looks very very familiar

– I hope it's not familiar – I don't know, you're plucking hairs of some kind up your nose (laughs) – It's a form of birth control – Well- – Wow (laughs) – Oh, that looks demonic

I mean the only tool is like eyelash curler kind of thing, but like it looks more demonic than that – Do you have one of those for real? Can I see? – Is it like a gynecologist thing? – Oh my gosh, yes it is! – That is exactly what it is – What happens when you squeeze it? Do you squeeze it? You put like the fake nails on the- – (laughs) You squeeze it and it like squats your nail – That's the pap smear thing – I trained him so well – This is weird, I don't know

– I know what it looks like I don't want to guess wrong cause then I'll look awful – No idea – Wow – It's like a form of like a feminine hygiene product

– Oh, is it a nipple thing? – Okay – It does look like that – Okay, that's a diva cup – What, backstory on why he knows what that is Bailey and I got Diva Cups from a company and we were gonna try them

That's all women do to figure out what they like And we had a box We just opened a box and put them on the kitchen counter started watching a movie with all of our friends came over and they were still on the counter and the guys were in the back like playing with the Diva Cup too afraid to ask us what it was and then one of them finally pip squeaked up What is this? Then we had to explain to them what it was and they like freaked out and they thought it had been used and it was very funny but now all of the people that- – – We know what that is – Yes, they know what a diva cup is

– It looks like fingers (laughter) – They're petals – Yes I know they're petals but it looked like there are fingerprints on them – Oh, it's cause its silicone (laughing) – Oh, those like pasty things

– Yes! (laughter) – Okay its- – You put it on to cover up blemishes, zits, and stuff (buzzer sound) – Like nipple sticky things – Yeah! – They're called petals – Really really fashionable knee patches (buzzer sounds) (laughter) – No – That also looks like the things you put on your nipples

– Yes! – Okay, we actually talked about that last night – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – They're the little Pasties – Little pasties – Um like a breastfeeding- – Oh my gosh you are killing the game

– Okay (laughing) – Okay, well that's definitely for breastfeeding – Yes! – Okay – For pumping – Is that like a spray handle? That looks like a spray bottle

– Pretty simple – Okay I see measurements on the bottom Is it a breast pump? – Yeah! Woohoo! – I assume you just put that on and spray it – Spray what? – Water – Why? – Like clean it

– Clean what? (laughter) – Your vagina (laughter) – Professionally spray like- – – And rinses it out – Oh my gosh – This is a breastfeeding pump – Oh, so it does the opposite, it's the opposite of what I was thinking

– It's like a shaving thing, right? – Kind of – Like a blade, that's what a shaver is ( laughs) – Oh, that's the eyebrow– – It's cause he uses them Look at these perfect eyebrows That's because he uses the tinkle brushes

– Is that like for like trimming hairs somewhere you got to shave hair it looks like a barber? – Yeah – It looks like a toothbrush first okay I don't know you shave something with it – Uh cramp roller – Like this

– We're like rolling out our cramps (laughter) – I've seen one of these in a commercial – It's on Instagram everywhere – Literally – It's like one of those little rock things

Why did I go like this? It's a little rock thing that you just– – Yeah! – It's exactly what it is – Oh that's a jade roller – He even knew that it was jade That's impressive ( clapping) – To roll something out, maybe like a gel or face mask or something like that on your face

– Okay Like a hair dryer attachment – Yes – Almost looks like a shower head but like– – Yes, we women use different shower heads – We twist them up and– – If I look at it upside down it looks like the end of a vacuum

You put it on a blow dryer or something – Yes! (clapping) – Oh and I think I know This is for, you put it on the blow dryer – Yeah okay but he blow dries his hair – Yeah so I know

– Curly hair you can use it and it'll make it curly it just like diffuses – It's an eyebrow tweezer No, no, not eyebrow I always say the wrong thing Eyelash

I always say eyebrow – Eyelash – Yes, eyelash curler – Okay, that's eyelash curler – Yes

– Yeah got that one – Oh those are one of the eyelash curlers – Yes! Eyelash curler – Scary contraptions (laughter) – Like baby doll panties

(laughing) – A diaper for a 2 inch tall man – Yeah somebody else guessed a baby doll underwear, so you're pretty on par – That's literally you put on a baby doll – What's that like underwear? Looks like a miniature sized underwear (buzzer sounds) – I don't know you put your legs through it

– No it's for your feet – Oh – You already answered – Underwear thing toe – Yes, toe undies – Toe undies Like in ballet you would use toe shoes so they're like this but in other dances you would turn on here – A towel– Do you put your towel on that? – No (laughter) – It looks like uneven bars in the Olympics except, how big is it? – It's like yay big

– Like yay big? – Yay big – Is it for jewelry? – Yes – I'm killing it – You are killing it – Okay

There's a stand You do something with the three bars – Is that just like a necklace holder? – Yes! – Yeah that was quick – Do you thread something through it? Like your hair or something? – Not my hair You put jewelry on it so that they don't get tangled

– So, is this like to hang your different blow dryer, ironing, straightener – It could work like that multipurpose – It's for jewelry You hang it on the thing – Why not just use like a coat rack? – It looks nicer

– Pore thing – Yeah – Zit sucker? – Is that like for like zits? – Yeah! – Oh, is that one of those blackhead things? – Yes! – I said it earlier I can't remember the word now Why can't I remember? Birth control

– Yeah! – Probably birth control – Yes – Can I just go with like birth control? – Yes! – Well you already said something about birth control, so it's birth control – Yes! – Makeup dabber thing – Beauty blender

– Dang – On a roll – This is incredible – Sponge – Makeup dabber

– Makeup sponge – Close – Oh it's another one of– Well not another one of things, I got it wrong earlier – Beauty blender's what we call them – Blender that's it yeah

– A makeup dabber – A makeup dabber! – We need to change the name universally to makeup dabber – Oh, I knew this would be on here I figured this one is like– But I actually don't know what it does I think it's one of those sponges for blending kind of thing

– Yes! – You put foundation on it you like– – Yeah! – Yes! It's a beauty blender so it helps you blend in your makeup – You like put your makeup on with it – It looks like a double egg – A hot towel (buzzer) A hot blanket

– A heating pad for cramps – A heating pad that's what– – Is that like a heated thing for your period? – Yeah! – Looks like one of those things you take your blood pressure – What is that for? – It's a heating pad – No way – Yeah! – Oh it's a heated blanket

– Pretty close – That's it basically It is a heating pad, you use it for cramps – Some of them strap around your waist and then you like sit them here and they'll like get rid of your cramps (applause) Women, he knows his feminine products

(applause) – Did I do better than anyone else? – I think you did better probably maybe than Trevor – I don't know I feel like it was a pretty even – I feel like– – I did worse than Trevor? Excuse me? – Yeah I feel like all the guys did way better than I was anticipating – I agree with– Everyone should give them some kudos in the comments

They did great Comment down below who you thought was the funniest on guessing because some of their guesses are hilarious Thank y'all so much for watching and we'll see y'all next week – Bye guys! (upbeat music)

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