Recreating Our CHILDHOOD Fashion Outfits | Brooklyn & Bailey

– Hello everybody Don't mind our very messy studio, where we film everything

So today we are recreating old photos and old outfits that we wore when we were literally like four – Some of them are very old – We were- some of them are very funny So we're recreating, I think four outfits We're gonna be doing that whole process

Recreating the outfits, showing you guys what we wore, which- why? But also recreating the photos So you guys can get a giggle out of that Anyway, let's get to it – [Brooklyn] This is the first outfit We're wearing gauchos in this photo- gauchos

And so in order to recreate this, I had to buy an adult pair Man, are they hideous And just so you know, we had to DIY some of these things It was not us that did them, it was our lovely team member, Cassie, who did all these DIY So shout out to her, everybody give her a good, nice compliment in the comments for doing all these DIY

– I don't even know what this is Oh, I think it's the shawl – I just have a distinct memory of wearing these pants Like every day when I was like five – The underwear lines are real too

– What? – Oh my Yeah that's a look For sure Mhm – [Both] Update I'm a bit concerned about the fact that I could probably fit my whole body in one pant leg – We ordered a small but these look huge – Literally bet

How much do you want to bet? – Do they say they're smalls? – I'm about to put my body in one pant leg – Woohoo! I actually think, that like, when you wear scrubs and stuff, like I wonder if army pants are the same, but when you wear scrubs, they like literally come in one size and you just have to cinch them till they fit – I hope these cinch – Are you- the glitter! The giant gemstones! I mean, are you kidding me? Woohoo! – Woohoo! – A win on those! – Ow! (grunts) Can you guys see this? – They kind of look- they kind of look comfy – They look cute

Camo pants for the win – I literally had my hair like clipped back like this swooped out of my face This is- for me, it doesn't look terrible, but maybe not how I would style my hair every day – As I'm sitting here waiting for my crimper to heat up because my hair was crimped in the photos I'm realizing that these pants look gigantic on me, even with the cinch

They don't even slightly resemble the photo I mean, besides the camo, the rest of it doesn't really resemble the photo very much Time to crimp my hair This thing is huge You know how long it's been since I've crimped my hair? A really long time

Look at this I actually kinda like it It's kind of cute This side for some reason is much flatter than this side, I'm not entirely sure why Okay, so this is the full fit for me

Even down to the shoes I don't know if y'all ever saw these They're actually highly comfortable, so Low waisted Can't remember the last time I wore low waisted either

I look very 2000s What do you think? – It's cute – Uh huh Mhm – Ooh! – Final outfits for this one

– I've never felt so not cute I think it's the pants that do it for me I really thought they were going to be cute, but they are truly just not cute – Now we're going to try to recreate the photo that these outfits were in – Your left foot's in front of your right

– Me or her? – Hers – It's like- your one hand's like- No, more Like- oh, yeah – All right We got it! – One outfit down! – Aah! It's gonna go down to your ankles! – I have never felt more like a grown up child in my life than when I'm wearing this dress

– Who gave us permission to pop off like this? So cute – We have, like, these little beaded headbands that I remember wearing in like third grade, then we have knee-high white socks and oh, are you ready for this- little, what are they called? They're like Mary Jane's or something? Little like close toed buckle shoes I literally can't I can't get over this – I have so many questions, but I think my biggest one is why did we do this to ourselves? – In all fairness this was like, so cute back then

– It was a cute theme back then – Like we were the cutest dressed children – The problem is that we're just not that cute anymore – That's it – We decided to add a little tail here to tighten it up a little bit

So we didn't look so big – I also have a tail – That headband look kinda rocks though, for you – (gasps) What? Really? Some random person just walked in this room, took one look at us and was like, (creepy music) – We're sitting here realizing we don't know which one's which in the photo So we don't know who to pose as what

We're just gonna hope for the best I think she's the one making the funnier face Yeah And I'm the one that's smiling like that? – No, you're like this – No, no

You're the one doing this – Look at- look at your face No, I'm the one doing this – No, you're the one doing this Look, it's your freckle right there underneath your nose

What? Aah, I don't know We should go ask dad Go ask dad – Oh my gosh, I miss this – Oh gosh

Who's who? – I want this back – Brooklyn is on the- this is Brooklyn – I knew- I told you! I told you! – Nice – That's Brooklyn, that's Bailey – Wow! – Remember this outfit? – It's like when you were two

– Do you remember these dresses? – With your long mermaid hair Little rose But you guys look so cute – No, we don't look cute – No, we don't

– I love it (cheerful music) – Whoo! Two down! – This is much harder than it looks, you guys – It is much harder – And it's freaking hot outside too Time for the PJs

– Fancy pajamas – Rocking, rocking This is our birthday party, right? We wore these for a birthday party when we were younger? Wow, we were so cool Out of all the outfits we've had to wear, this one is by far the best I look like a diva

This is like- these PJs are kind of cute I'm kinda digging it Oh, you look rich, posh, couture, vogue Well, actually it's a good color on you too – Ooh, thank you

– How dare I almost forget my wonderful necklace – Your homemade beaded necklace! – Oh no, you know you're all jealous of this one You know you all want this necklace What can I say? True art I love how everything matches

My hair matches everything so nicely – It is definitely aesthetic We just realized that our hair was in like, low buns, two low buns So we're going to have to try to make that happen Bailey's going to have a little bit more of a struggle

since her hair is tiny, short – A little bit of a struggle? – I'm just gonna whip mine up like nobody's business It can be quick, easy We'll see how Bailey fares Buns have been accomplished

– Ta da! – So this photo was taken in the dark It was at a sleep over for one of our friends who ironically is now- – No, it was our birthday – No, it was Shelby's birthday And she's now getting married and I'm her bridesmaid like next month So kind of crazy how times have changed

– The only darkest place we could find was the shower – Ew – So we're taking it in the shower Let's go Whoo! Picture number three

Last, but certainly not least, our swimsuit outfit This one will be probably the most different because we were the youngest in this photo, number one And number two, we're not children anymore Our bodies are very different than when we were children and this is in a swimsuit – (laughs) I would hope so

– Gonna be interesting – Rylan over here being a trooper blowing up our floatie Also these swimsuits turned out so cute Was not anticipating these being cute, but look Very, very, very cute

– No, I feel like this is such a flattering swimsuit – Alright This is going to take forever (cheerful music) Oh my word Done! Well, they don't necessarily match, but you know

– You get the general idea – Yeah Yes This is real This is such a look

– This is my favorite one – Great (bells dinging) (cheerful music) – That's funny All right guys That's a wrap people

We are done – We'll show you all of the before and after photos Right now (cheerful music) – Thanks for tuning in guys Hopefully you enjoyed those old outfits

If you want us to do another version of a video where we try and recreate old outfits and make them fashionable, comment down below and let us know – I think I'm gonna go get in the pool – Honestly, me too

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