Recreating Viral TikToks With my Twin!

– Hello, guys! So, we are filming another TikTok video today We are recreating popular TikToks

And, if you don't know what TikTok is, essentially it's an app that's basically replaced Vine, or at least that's what I feel like it is – It definitely is – But we aren't home in Waco so we're filming in Kamri's room and she's got a bunch of plants, which is why you see these draping in my face We're gonna attempt to do all's trends So, from the very beginning – We're gonna do like – [Blue Top] 'til like now

– like seven or eight of the most popular TikToks, – Yes! – in our opinion – Not most popular, but just like the trends you're seeing on TikTok – Like the one's that you hear the song and you just know what it is – Yes, and we haven't done these already on our TikTok, but just a forewarning, we are not gonna be able to use the actual music from the TikToks because it is copyrighted music and we can't use that in the video, so – So, if you wanna see the actual TikToks, you can go to our TikTok, @brooklyandbailey, and listen to the actual sounds and see us too

– The link is down below, but we will show you the final product We'll just put our own music to it – [Yellow Top] Yeah – [Blue Top] That's what we're gonna do, so, let's go (upbeat music) – Okay, we're trying to do a, like a transition

One of 'em is like throwing down a sweat shirt, and then you like pop up in the sweat shirt – It's like, poof – First things first, walk in, – We need sweaters – And just throw the sweater down – Is that it? – Wait

– This is all that I do? – It needs to be shorter than that 'cause I need to come up in it – Hopefully that works Now, you get in it Flatten yourself out Over, over

Right, right there (laughs) Let's see if that even looks good – [Both] It probably doesn't (laughter) – No – No

(laughs) – No, it doesn't look good, at all – It looks better if you were to, like, throw it in the air, and then, like – [Off-Screen Voice] You should throw it at the camera

– This is the first one, too ♪ It's so much work ♪ (upbeat music) – 'Kay, let's see if that looks good – (inhale) Okay, that's a(indecipherable) – Okay, the next one is "I'm baby" So, it's basically like, you recreating baby pictures of yourself So, you just kinda like, get in position and then like flashes to the photo of you as a child (catchy music beats) – I found a picture where I'm already wearing yellow right now, and its yellow in the picture If I can find a better yellow raincoat, I might put it on

But, other than that, I pretty much already look like the photo, so – Okay, so, we're recreating this photo, and we need something red to put, 'cause it's got, like, sitting on her shoulder You find anything? You could use a red sock, right? – [Blue Top] I think it's on the other shoulder You ready? – [Off-Screen Friend] Set the TikToc up – (mumbles) Come be a background

– Here I come (laughter) – Up higher Yeah, that's pretty good But, you'll have to set that all up for the TikToc Okay, ready? It's on the other shoulder

Oh, wait, no, – No, it's not – that's the right shoulder Okay ready? 3– – I'm gonna need to zip this up – No, that's all part of the TikToc – Yes, but I need to get this in, and use it like that

– We're just trying to set up here Okay, ready? 3, 2, 1 (intense music) – Two down! (cheering) – Like, five more to go! (laughing) – Only like, a million more to go – [Yellow Shirt] What's next? (catchy music beats) – I don't know what's next, what's next? "Walk a mile in these Louboutins" We're going on an adventure and try and find out shoes for this

Essentially, we'll just have to wear just random stuff on your feet as shoes Hmm, ♪ What should we use as a Louboutin ♪ I have seen people do a TikToc with these, so we're gonna try and find it, and recreate it 'Cause these actually kinda look like heels, if you put 'em on correctly ♪ 'Cause you're the only thing that I can't lose ♪ – 'Kay – 'Kay the next shot is– – The next shot is her literally standing up from her chair and walking

– [Blue Top] No, she's– – Pull your jeans up if you can, fold them or something ♪ All I ever need is here with you ♪ ♪ Maybe there's a place where we can go ♪ ♪ Where its always– ♪ – My calves (laughs) ♪ Listen to your heartbeat, don't you know ♪ ♪ That I just wanna– ♪ – No, no, just swing your feet ♪ There's a place where we could go ♪ ♪ Where it's always shining like the snow ♪ – Okay, whoo! – The beginning shot is not there – No! – Try again

– So, we missed a clip I didn't do anything – She deleted the clip – I filmed it, but it just wasn't on there (fake laughing) (sensual music) – Aw, it was much better

(laughing) – Now (laughing) (sensual music) (intense music) – Whoo! – All right, what are we on now? Like, #4? (laid-back music) – We're just gonna, Marcel was climbing on top of our car It's casual – For a TikToc

I don't know the name of it, but it's this one – That one (laughing) Essentially, you just put your phone down and run – And, do this – And then, you climb on top of something, and then you do this

So, that's what we're doing – [Off-Camera Voice] Ready? (dog barking) (intense music) – Whoo-hoo! We got that one! Whoo-hoo! On to the next one (laid-back music) – Okay, so this trend is like, you type it into Google Translate, and then you have her play it back to you as, like, a pep talk or, yeah, pretty much a pep talk from Google Translate (somber music) – Do we look sad enough? (gasp) Look! How could I be sad with the cute puppy's? – [Google Translate] It's okay, Brooklyn and Bailey No one knows about the time in the Wendy's drive-thru when you were seven, when you both stuck your tongues out right before you hit a bump in the car and accidentally touched tongues

(laughter) – And, done! (yelling) – [Google Translate] It's okay, Brooklyn and Bailey No one knows about the time in the Wendy's drive-thru when you were seven, when you both stuck your tongues out right before you hit a bump in the car and accidentally touched tongues (laughing) – What are you doing? – It's really what it is! – You look like a weirdo! – It's like a, when I walk in the hall and see people in school, and it's like, – [Yellow Top] Jerking – You're just walking like this, or whatever, and then it's like, the waving, and then it's like, the teachers, and then it's like, yeah (laughing) – That's what I said

I said, wouldn't it just look more real if it were like this? – Yes, it does – 'Kay, we're gonna go like this (upbeat music) – And, as you can see– – I make it more drastic, you don't look like you're walking, you look like you're bouncing – 'Kay Bounce and walk, and bounce and fake walk

– And, bounce– – Okay – Okay (upbeat music) – We are using an effect on TikToc that clones your body, – [Blue Top] You get a clone if there aren't– – And we're gonna be interacting with our own clones – [Blue Top] As if there aren't already– – So, you're like, high-fiving yourself, – [Blue Top] Too many of us – Basically on there

– We're cloning ourselves even more (groaning) – [Yellow Top] It's gonna have the one motion, and then, the second motion Like, chest bump, then high-five, and we both go our separate ways Not the same way – [Blue Top] I disappear, watch

Wait for it There's my arm, and then it just goes (laughing) Where did it go? – That doesn't look so bad – Why does it, that our high-five looks dumb, but the chest one looks good, so we'll keep it Oh my word

– I am too tired – That is enough TikToc for one day It takes so much energy, to make these TikToc's, and so many hours of the day Aww, look, Finni and Brooklyn are tuckered out Good night! – Good night

(laughing) – That's a wrap, you guys

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