Running from BEARS! | College Life: We Ran the Baylor Line

(upbeat pop music) – Oh my god! This is so exciting! Good morning, you guys! Today is the very last football game of the year and we are playing our rivals, TCU – It's, like, an intense game

Everybody comes because we're playing our rivals I have, like, half my makeup on right now – So I was just going to video us getting ready for the game And we're also going to video us running the line, which is a huge Baylor tradition So essentially, we run across the field, like, full speed, then we line up on either side of the tunnel, and then we scream and cheer on the football players as they run on the field

– But it's, like, so much fun, and it's a huge Baylor tradition Only the freshmen get to do it and then this specific game, seniors get to do it too – Bailey hasn't run the line yet, so this is her first time – This is like the first and last opportunity to do it right now – It's crazy

I ran the line for homecoming, and it was – I'm, like, freaking out about it – We're going to try our very best to get footage of us running the line

– It's going to be very hard They recommend you don't hold your phone, but we're going to have to to film it – We're going to try – It's gonna fun So, yeah, we're gonna do that

Woo! – Alright, y'all – We got our stickers, our line jerseys We're ready to go – So every freshman gets a line jersey coming into the school, because this is what you wear when you run the line This is how they identify you as the freshman section, and then you sit in this one section in the football stadium, and you all cheer on for the game

– We're like the hype squad, basically – So we're walking to McLane Stadium right now to, first of all, we're getting an interview, and then we're going to run the line! And we're going to meet all of our friends and hopefully we all end up at the front, and it's gonna be super exciting But I'm kinda stressed out because I'm just concerned about my phone surviving, running the line But we will see If not, you know what? Phones don't last forever, it's alright

– [Both] Tailgating! – [Bailey] So fun! (upbeat pop music) – Okay, so we just got a ticket to go into the line We're super excited I think we're going to attempt to get into the front, but today, the seniors are running too, so it's going to be, like, twice as many kids as usual So that just makes it even more crazy than before Hello, dad

Hi, how are you doing? – Yeah, she said this is for seniors, and she said, "But for you dad, it's for senior citizens" – No – Can you believe that? – Hopefully we don't fall, but I think we're going to be fine Let's go! (energetic music) (crowd cheering) – This is insanity! And we're about to run in front of it! – [Brooklyn] (laughs) I can't believe it! Oh my gosh, we're gonna have to sprint for our lives! – Alright guys, let's go! – [Offscreen] Oh, here it comes! You guys ready? (excited screaming) – Let's go, everybody! Right behind these guys! We can do this! Oh my god! This is so exciting! Woo! – [Offscreen] Oh, I made it! Let's go, Bailey! Woo! (cheering) – Oh my gosh, now we survive the rest of this! (cheering) Woo! – Thanks to him, 50 yard line! (cheering) – Okay guys, so I got a casualty It's a small one

– Bailey got a scar! – I can't get it to go away, so I guess I'm just going to leave it It's a souvenir, but it was only at the very end The rest of it was so much fun, it was so cool! We got to the front, 50 yard line, with the rest of our friends! I don't know if you can hear me! – [Both] Woo! – We got some awesome seats today (upbeat rock music) (crowd cheering) – We get to wave this flag over the whole section and we wave it – [Bailey] Alright, here we go! Ready? Here we go, yeah! Woo! – I wish I knew what was going on! – A sign! They gave me a sign! I'm about to use this

– [Brooklyn] We're all wondering if Bailey's gonna lift this voucher on – I wanna stand on this so bad – [Brooklyn] Bailey just got a fricking ice cream cone – I'm gonna eat it! – Everyone's so nice, and also eating fruit roll ups Our whole section got fruit roll ups, so we're kind of just living the fruit roll life right now

Alright, it's half time! – Half time! – We're just chilling We're down six or nine, so – One touchdown, we can do it – Everyone's sitting right now We're just chilling

– It is so warm! It's been so cold, so I wore long sleeves – I took mine off – It's so warm now – It's black out too, so everyone's in black – And we definitely missed the memo, because we're still in yellow

We have come up to the box to visit this one and that one Plus, they have the food – We do have the food Well, not us personally, but the box has the food – So we're going to get a break from the sun because I feel like half my face is getting sunburned, because it's all turned along the side of my face

But I think we're going to go down, maybe, for part of one quarter so that we can, like, experience the end of the game in the student section It's gonna be fun! – Woo! This close, we're tied now It's better than losing We just have to win now Fingers crossed! (upbeat music) Alright, we're heading to bed

We ran the line for the last time of our freshman year, and I'm honestly kind of sad Because you get to do it once when you're a senior, but it's a tradition that is, like, super exclusive to Baylor Like, not a lot of schools get to do that and experience that, and I think that's so cool that we're able to do that And it's so fun! Like, being able to run, and it's scary, but it's awesome, and it's fun, and it's just a one of a kind experience And being able to do that with Bailey, and video it all, and have those memories, it's just awesome

I'm honestly kind of disappointed that we didn't win against TCU They're our rivals, so it's a really intense game Everybody was totally cheering for Baylor to win But that's okay, because Baylor Bears, sic'em! Like, we're still great, still awesome! Just about to head to bed It's late, I have homework I need to do in the morning, so that's fun

And hopefully, y'all enjoy these college vlogs and keeping up to date with everything we're doing here on campus, and the traditions And yeah, so mwah We love you guys, thank you for watching

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