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(electronic music) – Hey, guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today, we have a special guest – Hello! – Do you want to introduce yourself? – I am Shelby

I am also a twin but she's not here with us today – Twin Power! – Monica has left us – (laughs) Monica has left us – We are missing half of the other person here – Yes, here's the other one

– We are It's sad – But today's video is going to be on some school hacks that we have for y'all They are very special and because she has some more experience than we do, it's gonna be awesome– – Yes – and helpful

Make sure you watch it – Be sure to go check out her channel The link will be in the description box below And let's get started! – So we are going to start by telling you guys the school hacks that we have for you So I don't know about y'all but I love apples, but I like 'em sliced, like I never eat them whole

– Yeah – Like, just like, apple – She had like weird teeth – I have weird teeth – And she just, like, can't

– And I can't, like, bite into I'm so weird But when we cut them and put them in, usually they get brown

But if you put them in a Ziploc and then put, like, lemon juice or lime juice in the bag, it'll keep the apples from browning It's like a magical juice – I know – If you put a little bit at the bottom and shake the bag just enough to kind of cover the apples, it'll keep it from browning And they won't taste very different

– Yeah – I've never tried that, but I feel like I would like it because I like sour – Me, too – Anything sour – Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I

– Who doesn't love PB and J sandwiches? – I make those every day for school lunches I couldn't put a lot of jam on my sandwich because it would make the bread soggy after sitting in my backpack for like, hours and hours at school – Until you get to lunch

– Yeah, yeah – I feel like the beginning of the day, it's like, so slow because you're waiting for lunch – Right – Hurrah, I want my food – And, but then, we decided to try putting like peanut butter on both sides of the sandwich and then you put the jam in the middle, and I figured out that that actually protects like, the bread

– It's like a shield – So it doesn't get soggy – No, it doesnt – No – Which is so nice

– Which is awesome – I know, right? – Okay, so this is one of our favorite things that to do, as kids – As kids we loved to do this – I think it's kind of childish but the inner child is coming out We like to freeze Capri Suns and then either A) like, you can have them right away and they become, like, little slushies

Or you can freeze them and then pack them for school lunches and they'll be normal Capri Suns but they'll still be cold – Like, by the time– – And I know we never had those little like, fancy ice packs in our lunches when we were kids, and so sometimes we'd use the Capri Suns and they, like, keep the rest of our food cold It's kind of nice – A slushie sounds so good – I know

– It's literally so good – This one's like a basic This is what your doctor tells you every time you go into the doctor's office – And it's important It's just drink water

– Exactly, drink water Because I know, school, I mean, we all know– – I never, I feel like I never drink water in school – Yeah – I feel like water fountains are like, eeh, sketchy – Yeah, sketchy

– Germs, how about no – Yeah, especially if you have PE, like it's really important – Exactly

– To hydrate after that – For me, personally, I'll wake up in the morning and I'll pick out an outfit, and then I'll have like a shirt that's completely wrinkly because it's been thrown at the bottom of my closet for who knows how long (Bailey laughs) Apparently, Bailey taught me you don't actually have to like iron your shirt You can just use your hair straightener to iron out the wrinkles in like shirts and stuff – Yeah, if you're already straightening your hair

– Yeah, it's already on – Exactly – It's like, "Oh, yeah, here's a little wrinkle over here – (laughs) It totally works – I know you're a gymnast, so you probably would love this trick

We put dryer sheets in like little Ziploc bags, and you put them inside your gym bag or whatever We have them in our suitcase, and when like you just travel, you just make sure everything smells like laundry fresh – Yeah – And you can just pull those out and it'll make your bag smell good (laughs) – Yeah

– Because they just smell so good, those laundry sheets – Yeah, when I do gymnastics, my bag would always smell of chalk – Yeah – Oh (laughs), like ooh This is pretty basic

I'm pretty sure a lot of girls do this, but we It's like this is, it's something because we know we're going to be swamped and that we're going to be tired in the morning So at night, we'll pick out like three or four or five little new outfits for school, and then we'll just take pictures of them

And then in the morning, you just, you're like, "Oh, what do I wear?" Pull out the five outfits, you pick one You just know where the stuff is, so you don't have to like– – So you like scroll through– – Yeah – While you're still like in bed – Yes – Oh, yes, thank you

I have five more minutes to stay in bed I know for me, I can say that I use all of these tricks but for me, I like to have 15 different notebooks in my backpack for school, like one for each different class and sometimes multiple for each class And I'm like, digging through my backpack, trying to whip out the one I need And in five minutes, like I have to hand something in So I tend to just highlight the top of my notebooks different colors

And then, so then, I don't know, I guess I like memorize which color goes with which class – Well, it would be like English would be pink, so then you can see the top of the notebook and you just pull it out, instead of like– – Because I know I'd have like multiple of the same color – Yeah, just give them all like– – Exactly – Exactly It's just like so much easier

Oh, this one's good At the beginning of the school year, you're just like, you've just got a brand-new school schedule You don't know where you're going So I've learned a little bit for the first like month of school when I start like a new school year, I will just set my schedule as my lock screen so that I just have to click my phone on and then I can see the room number, the schedule – I feel like for me, personally, I always have it in my photos, but then the time comes along and it's like you're late for class

– Scrolling through your phone – Yeah, trying to find the page – Thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and you learned something Maybe you'll try one of these hacks in your school

– They're very helpful And make sure you go check out the channel Again, the link is going to be in the description box below Thank you guys so much, and we'll see you next week Bye! (electronic music)

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