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(upbeat music) – Hey guys! – Hey guys! – It's your girls— – No It's not our normal posting day but— – What exactly are we doing here on this day? – I bet every single one of you, are asking yourself that

– You're probably thinking, um, isn't your day Wednesday? Why are you putting up a video today? – Well I know that I have a secret, and that's why I'm here – I have a secret – Yes and I was just gonna ask you— – I have a big secret – A question, Bailey Did you schedule that college campus tour that I wanted you to schedule

– I forgot because we were busy going on other college campus tours with our really fun tour guide – Did you know that I tore my ear lobe – You did? That sucks – And I had to get it restitched Yeah

It was kinda scary And I'm really craving tortellini I want some of that for dinner – Well, I have been at dance camp for two days and I honestly feel like I tore a muscle – You guys getting the hint yet? Our secret, our big humongous super crazy exciting announcement is that – [Both] We are going on tour! (cheering) – Yes! – So beyond excited

– Pumped – You don't even know – I have no words, I'm speechless – Oh my gosh – Just take the moment

– It's gonna be so– – No, no, no moment of silence Okay – Okay, moment of silence completed – I literally, I have so much excitement I don't know what to do with myself Like, (singing)

Okay, I know you guys are really excited and you're probably thinking where are you going – Where are we going? – on this supposed tour? – Small question mark – So we are actually gonna be visiting 16 different cities One of the places we really wanted to visit was our home state of Texas but before we go on to naming the specific places and cities, we're gonna whip out our map like Dora the Explorer (sparkling music) – [Both] Boom – [Brooklyn] Alright, first city in Texas is Dallas, Texas

– [Bailey] The second city is Houston, Texas – [Brooklyn] And last but not least, San Antonio, Texas – So that is for all of our Southern-loving Texas – We love Texas so much – Pride – We just figured it was part of us – Fair

– To start in Texas, – To start our tour – Our homeland And we haven't really done any Texas meetups or anything – And we want to meet every single one of you that lives in Texas – And Texas is huge so there are tons of people in Texas – So we're going there

Now, onto the other cities that we're going to be visiting We're going to Tulsa; Chicago, Illinois; Indianapolis; Columbus, Ohio; Fairfield, Connecticut – [Brooklyn] New York, New York – [Bailey] Freehold, New Jersey That was my attempt at an accent

– That was really bad – I don't think it worked – Hopefully she picks up on a better accent when we go to New Jersey 'cause that was a little sketchy Baltimore, Maryland; Cleveland, Ohio – [Bailey] And to wrap up or entire tour, we wanted to finish off in – [Both] Los Angeles! (cheering) – [Brooklyn] So you guys, definitely, definitely, definitely buy tickets The link is in the description box below and they're gonna sell out fast

They're on sale now It's super family-friendly I mean, including Bailey and I there are six kids in my house and we have a huge family and we love taking our family to different events so you should definitely bring y'all's families, friends, grandparents, great-great-grandma – Boyfriends – Boyfriends

– [Both] Dogs – Dogs – Please bring your dog – Bring your puppies So all the information for our tour is in the link in the description box below

Click it right now and buy tickets to come They're gonna sell out super fast because the venues that we got are smaller 'cause we really wanted to be able to get to know you guys – We wanted it to be intimate and we wanted to get to know y'all one on one and get to meet all of you and do meet and greets and stuff – So go click the link right – [Both] Now and buy your tickets – Right now – Now

– And once you've bought your ticket – Right now – Come back here and comment down below and say, "Yo girl, I bought it and I'm going" – We're singing our original songs while we're on tour so y'all get to see us perform those live and we're also going to be singing two cover songs which we haven't even released yet and y'all will get an early sneak peek of those because we'll be singing them – [Both] on tour – We'll also have tons of special guests Lots of people you probably may or may not know

– Which they're going to remain a secret – Secret (mumbling) – But you guys, definitely be ready for those announcements on Instagram, Twitter, on more videos You guys watch for those announcements because they're super cool and we're so excited for them – We're gonna be posting about them and this tour all week

– I'll tell you one person that is coming – Uno – Kamri! – Kamri! – Kamri's coming on tour with us! – Kamri is coming – Our little sister is coming on tour with us and she's actually, I believe, playing guitar for us for one of the songs – Possibly? – Possibly? – I don't know

And we want to meet you guys so please come – Yes – Please, please, please, so we can hug you and show you that we love you and sing to you – If you guys haven't been to a DigiTour before it's very friendly, very fun, very interactive, we're gonna do sketches, games, we're gonna bring some of y'all up on stage, do some crazy stuff with us – We're having some special meet and greets that you guys can find out about, again, in the link in the description box below

We'll be taking some pictures with some of you guys – We want to take pictures with all of y'all, we want to see you guys post them, tag us in them, hashtag, all of it – We wanna see you guys talking about tour so if you are excited about it or you have bought your ticket, please post on Twitter and Instagram We will definitely be checking those out and updating and replying and commenting and loving everything about it – My heart will be filled

But we don't get to meet y'all face to face when we're just in a camera but I really just want to meet all of y'all faces and we can do that! – And guys, let's be honest Let's be honest here for a second We really want to meet you guys – Wow, that was so dramatic (laughing) That was like epic dramatic-ness

– We do, though And that is all we have for you guys today That was the secret I feel so relieved – It's really epic, yeah

– We've been planning this for so long – I know I'm just so excited that we finally got to show you in a big huge announcement – Okay – Now y'all know

– Now it's up to you guys Go share the news – Hopefully, we get to see you guys soon – See you later (camera shutter) "What We're Made Of" by Brooklyn and Bailey ♫ When you break the rules of the game ♫ You'll rule the world your own way ♫ Girls! We're more than mini skirts ♫ Girls! We're more than getting hurt ♫ Girls got spunk, got funk, got love ♫ Yeah, what girls are made of ♫ Girls

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