Short Girl Problems: Things Only Short Girls Will Understand

– Are you making a short joke? (upbeat music) ♪ Ooh ♪ And I've been trying so hard, I've been doing stretches Oh, slow down! Oh, my goodness! (motor grinding) Hi guys, it's Brooklyn and today

Oh wait, I have a guest, this is Josh – Hello! – I forgot that I wasn't Bailey for a half second This is Josh and he helped us film this video today because it's all about being short and all the problems with being short, and Josh is how tall? – Six-three – So, there's kind of like a comedic spin on the video, but before we get there, we do have seasonal scrunchies selling, so be sure to check those out in the link in the description box below Now, let's get onto the video

(playful music) – (sighs) Man, I'm so thirsty I just want some fruit punch God Ugh (clanking) (gasps) Geez

(playful music) They're so difficult (upbeat music) (sighs) (upbeat funk music) Slow down Oh my goodness (upbeat funk music) (moves into slow funk music) (moves into upbeat funk music) (moves into slow funk music) (upbeat techno music) – What's up, Brooklyn – Oh, my gosh

Really? Do I look like a standing piece of furniture? – Yes – No – I'm tired (upbeat music) – Okay, let's take a picture – Great idea

Wait, guys Can I just get in the front? Hi – There it is (upbeat music) (laughter) (upbeat music) (motor grinding) – And then he was like, "nu-uh girl," and I was like, "nu-uh girl" I just cannot believe her

It was unbelievable – Bailey, Bailey You just need to be the bigger person Well, you can't You're

I mean – Ugh (motor grinding) (upbeat music) – Hey Bailey, how's the weather down there? (laughter) – Bailey, so I was talking to my pastor the other day, right? And he said, you know, "Josh, you have to appreciate the little things in life

" – That's good advice, I think – So, Bailey, I appreciate you (drum roll) (laughter) – You're kidding, right? Are you making a short joke? – Wait Were you saying something? I couldn't hear you from up here, I'm sorry (drum roll) (laughing) (motor grinding) (upbeat music) – So anyway

Now I'm single – Oh, Okay, okay Wait, Have you met my little brother, Justin – Yeah, why – He's 13

He's perfect for you Like y'all would go so good together – Josh, how long have we been friends? I'm 18 Do I look like a 13 year old? – Not older than 15 – You thought I was 13

– You're 13, right 15? – I hate my life – 16, maybe (upbeat music) – So close, but so far (breathing heavy) Who makes these stupid things? (upbeat music) – Okay I know I grew this year, I ate so many, so many cups of milk, and cups of nuts, and protein, and I've trying so hard

I've been doing these stretches and its just been like, I know, I'm taller I'm taller – You're the same If not, shorter – No, no

Measure me again You've gotta be wrong – No, you're shorter Yeah, by like an inch (motor grinding) – Look at this really cute dress I just found

– That's so cute Can I borrow it? – Yeah, totally – Oh my gosh – Yeah, you might need an extra, extra, extra small (upbeat music) – So, at the party yesterday, come on

The party yesterday Wait, wait, wait A-Hall First period We gotta go

Hey, please Stop Some people, man (upbeat music) – This is a nice day – Whoa, that jumped down fast

– Hey, how deep is that pool? – Four feet Don't come in It's so deep (ominous music) (motor grinding) – Hey guys, thank you so much for watching that video I hope you got a kick out of it

She's really short, so – I am very short That is true – But yeah, if you're not already subscribed, go ahead, and subscribe right down here to Brooklyn and Bailey – Awe, you did so good

Okay Also, be sure to check out our seasonal scrunchies by clicking the box here in the middle And see more of our videos by clicking the boxes over there We love you guys, and I'll see ya next week Bye

♪ Let's turn up the love ♪

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