Sorority BIG LITTLE Reveal! | Chi Omega at Baylor 2019

(upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] We get to join like, a Chio family, – Yes – [Brooklyn] which is super exciting

– [Bailey] Bigs fam, here we come! Hello, we are filming us getting our Big/Little for sororities But this video's been sponsored by – [Both] Pearson – Thank you – So you guys can be educated – We are pumped for our Big/Littles, so watch us go through the whole process

Here you go – So today is the first day of our Big/Little Reveal Week In case you're wondering what Big/Littles are, they're basically like family – Yes – So a girl a year older than us in our sorority will pref us to be their little sister

– And we got to pref, like, them as well Essentially, we get to join like a Chio family, – Yes – which is super exciting – This week is our first day of the Big/Little reveal Our Bigs, we don't know who they are, they're supposed to be a secret, have left big gift baskets every single day in the sorority room for us to pick up

– The first day is for the C in Chio, which is like cookies and candy – Yes – The second day is the H in Chio, which is like hand-me-downs The third day is the I in Chio, which is insignia And the fourth day is the O in Chio, which is owl

They leave a basket for us every day, and we're getting our first one We don't know who they are yet We find out on Saturday, so – I gotta look for my name Brooklyn! Look! (upbeat music) – So I'm eating the brownies my Big made me, and she also made me cookies, and then she got me like this blanket and this candle and some treats

But then I also got like eight cute little T-shirts, which is amazing and I got this cute little ring And she said in her card that she also wears this ring everyday So if I see someone with this ring, I'm gonna know who my Big is I think it's funny 'cause she basically gave me a hint as to who she was, which is kind of exciting, so This candle smells like Heaven, in case you're wondering

Oh, also I'm sick (laughs) That's why I sound like a man right now (laughs) – [Bailey] Weirdest thing ever yesterday I was literally telling Asa that I wanted to make homemade Muddy Buddies, and guess what showed up in my basket? Homemade Muddy Buddies! And a bunch of a passed down T-shirts They're so cute, look And they handmade this

Do you guys see this? You saw it earlier (gasps) That's my basket for day one! Look at how cute! – [Bailey] Some other people went and picked up our baskets for us, so This is one basket for me, all of it is hand-me-downs And then this entire thing is filled to the brim with hand-me down T-shirts Where am I gonna put all of those? What am I gonna do with this? Oh my word

It's kinda cute, though – I have so many T-shirts in here – [Bailey] We love baskets day two! – [Brooklyn] Cute! – [Bailey] Adorable! – Bailey and I are still getting over the flu, and it's snowing outside, question mark? I've been watching Grey's Anatomy, 'cause I finished all my homework, but Bailey over here is currently writing an essay – Hello! (burps) Excuse me, I apologize So I wrote this paper and it's time to edit it

So I'm using Pearson Writer right now, and it's like a app that checks your grammar and just like edits your paper while you're writing it so that it can be better, which is so helpful for me because I use this all the time So yeah, you can see like these are all the grammar mistakes I made It was at 10 earlier When I wrote my college applications, I was able to use this and it helped me clarify just like, what I needed to edit grammar-wise, what I needed to edit spelling-wise, what didn't make sense, what needed to be changed, stuff like that I like it more than other editing apps because it has more tools to use

Like it gives me a checklist of things that I need to be doing, like hey yo, did you use MLA format on this? Did you do this? Did you do this? And it gives me a checklist so I can, like, visually check everything off and then know at the end of the day that everything was, like, 100% done and it is ready to be turned in and go 'Cause ain't no college gonna accept misspelled words on college application, and there is no professor that's going to give you a good grade on a paper that has misspelled words Key life lesson here, kids, use this editing app to help you It will save you in college, it'll save you in high school So thanks Pearson for sponsoring this because you're helping me edit my paper

Day three of baskets, I sound so sick It was set up all cute, but I've had people bringing me my baskets everyday and so by the time it gets up here, it's a little all over the place, but look at how cute that is! It looks like she even got me dark chocolate, which is nice and the note said, hope these make you feel better 'cause you're sick I asked for car decals, so that's awesome, gonna go on my car immediately – I got these cute shorts, – How cute! – [Brooklyn] and like a little license plate cover – We both sound so sick, – I know, I sound disgusting

– Oh yeah, don't mind our laundry in the back A little like, bling thing with like, tattoos in there which is so cute But I was poking through this ginormous thing of T-shirts I got yesterday and discovered a few hidden gems about my Big So I flipped it's on the backside and saw all of these names on there And she actually is a Chio, McCauley

She's a junior, which means whoever her Little is must be my Big, who actually happens to be Anna Joy – My big gave me this ring and said that she wears it every day – [Bailey] Wow, we sound so sick – I know, this is awful So then I stalked Instagrams, and I found a girl who has the same ring

So I think I know who my Big is – [Brooklyn] I got Tiff's Treats in my basket today It was just like the cutest, but today's theme is owls, as you can see All these little owl things, like hand painted This said Brooklyn McKnight at one point

It got all disheveled Thank you! – [Bailey] Loot at my basket! OMG, this is day four so this is owl day 'cause C H I O This looks warm Look at how cute this, oh wow, owl yes! Oh, there's a lot of owls in here She got me pencils! I asked for pencils and she got me pencils, y'all

Yeah, one more basket to go, woohoo! Also I forgot to mention, this is from my Big I'm a twin, which means my Big has another kid, another Little including me Baby it's your last day from me, and I am so ready for Friday I love you so much and I am so pumped for you to know Grace Grace! Grace must be my sister! So day four

– I got a succulent! Also, stuffed animal Also, car fresheners And like, a million other things that are like passed down T-shirts and things to go in here and a little passed down stamper and all the things – Okay, so neither Brooklyn nor Bailey have a voice right now – I can't talk right now

– They both sound terrifying, so I said, "I'll vlog" So we're going to get our baskets right now – Final day – Last day, it's our last basket, so tomorrow is Big/Little – [All] reveal – So that's super exciting, we're super pumped

So I'm really bad at vlogging (laughing) This is something we found out, but I continue to do it, so (laughing) – It's fine Yeah, go Chio, bye! – [Bailey] Look at my basket! (gasps) This was in my twin's basket Oh, I'm about to devour this, you know it

(upbeat music) – We're on our way to the reveal, and do you see the snow in my hair? It's snowing! – It's snowing! – It's more of like, ice chunks, it's like hail I am putting my hood up – [Bailey] Going inside to find out who our Bigs are! – It's snowing outside! (cheering) – [Bailey] Bigs fam, here we come! (upbeat music) Okay, so we ran in, we got a balloon with our name on it Mine's a happy birthday balloon We're gonna pop it and find out who our Big is with the names inside

– This is crazy! (upbeat music) – So we all just finished eating some pizza and some soda and ice cream We're just snacking with our Big family So we have like, my Big and my twin and my grand-Big (laughing) – I didn't know what we were doing – Okay, so in case you guys wanna know, this is my Big, Anna Joy

This is her Big, who's my grand-Big, McCauley (laughing) – Or Mimi (laughing) – Mimi, I'm the Little, or the granddaughter (camera shutter clicking) (upbeat music)

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