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– I am headed to formal today! It is a fraternity formal, not Chi formal – We're getting ready for formal today

(energetic music) – I am headed to formal today! It is a fraternity formal, not Chi formal So I am missing Chi formal, so I am filming it for y'all, so y'all can see the whole process But it is all the way in Austin, and it is thunderstorming so it'll be interesting to see how that all goes We're gonna hang out there in South Congress, which I think is like an outside mall We're gonna have dinner, the dance

But then they told us that we couldn't have electricity, like we couldn't use curlers or hair dryers to do our hair, so I don't really know how girls are gonna get their hair done for the dance We're just gonna kinda wing it so my hair will probably be up 'cause it'll be soaked Um, but, I'll let you know how that goes – [Bailey] It's time for us to get ready! – Yes! – [Bailey] I'm saying goodbye to you Bye! – Bye

He's my real friend – Yeah we don't need you guys anyway – Goodbye, Asa We're getting ready for formal today And it's actually been raining a lot lately

So it's supposed to rain today Also, sidenote, Brooklyn took my straightener, which is what I use to curl my hair 'cause she's in New York right now, if you didn't know that she was at Creative Summit while I'm here going to formal with Asa I'm gonna try to make it work somehow and curl my hair I don't know how, but I'm going to Another thing, is that I am wearing this dress, which you guys will see on later

But it's one of the ones from our Camilla V prom dress line If you haven't checked that out, you totally should But I found out after the fact that almost every girl in our sorority wears short dresses to formal, and I'm like full-on wearing this, like, super nice, super long dress, and so I decided to just go with it and to just wear it anyway because whatever, I like the dress, and it's beautiful So it's okay (people chattering) – We're in Austin, and I'm drinking a frozen lemonade

And we are in front of the iconic "I love you so much" wall everyone takes pictures of in Austin – [Group] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Booo! – We are on the hunt for a white undershirt right now, because Grissom did not bring an undershirt and so we are shopping Did we find one? – Don't talk about it – He's ashamed of himself for forgetting an undershirt – This is a straightener that I found

It's a lot thicker than the ones that I usually use, but we have some curl, kind of It's working, right? – Yeah – Do you know What you're curling? You look good – I know It's a new look

I think I should go like this – This curl turned out pretty well I'm gonna have to hairspray the crap outta this stuff though because it's pretty (energetic techno music) – We got an undershirt, and we are headed to the hotel to get ready, but we only have like 30 minutes right now to get ready, and my hair It's gonna be a race against time

Also, it's like that so the likelihood of pictures and stuff turning out nice is very slim, but that's okay We'll survive – There's stuff in it! It shakes! – [Brooklyn] You're kidding! – It's like a maraca – [Brooklyn] Gotta huge bag of candy, and we've been eating it this whole time Please just eat the whole thing

– Big boy knows how to eat! – Oh my god! – (garbles) – Oh my gosh (energetic techno music) – I think it's done It actually turned out pretty good for not the straightener that I normally have And, I don't know if you can see, but I have a clip in, too

So now we're onto makeup, and makeup gets messy because makeup gets thrown everywhere, and – True (energetic techno music) – [Bailey] Guys, I'm gonna try contouring for the first time ever

I don't contour on the daily I actually don't contour ever unless a professional is doing my makeup, so I'm about to try, and I feel like I'm gonna look like a clown, but it's okay, we're gonna try I'm scared Does this look right? I think this looks right I dunno if you can even tell the difference, but I did it guys, woo! (phone clatters) – No I missed it

– [Bailey] Laughs – We got to the hotel, and they had nowhere for us to change except for the bathroom stall, so we did our makeup in this giant stall There were 10 of us in the stall I feel like I didn't explain this well enough The reason that I was getting dressed in a stall, is because for formal, it's kinda planned by the boys

Whenever things are planned by boys, there's never any thought put into how long it might take to get ready Originally, they told us that we couldn't even have curling irons or straighteners But then they said we could bring those, um, and then eventually, they said that we would have maybe an hour, hour and a half to get ready Uh, but then we actually went shopping and all that And we only had 10 minutes to get ready

in the stall in a bathroom in the hotel because for some reason the boys didn't plan for us to get ready anywhere else So that's why Because the formal was planned by boys, and they planned for us to get ready in the hotel bathroom

I did my hair without a mirror Thank you, thank you I did my makeup with a tiny little mirror So, and we did it all in about 25 minutes, so we are done, and now we're taking pictures Sorry, I just did not have time to film any of it

(chattering, energetic techno music) – We all have to jump, we all have to jump – 3, 2, 1 – And now my makeup is finished I came over to thee window because everyone knows that window lighting is better I'm gonna go put my dress on, and then we're done! We're ready to go to the dance or to dinner, I guess Or take pictures, probably first! But

Tada! – Whoa! You look great! – Also, we're moving out, so that explains why there's a rug in the background And Asa's still struggling

– Throw it over your shoulder, and then – [Bailey] Look at Tina's outfit! Cute Tina! – Thank you! – [Tina] A woman of many talents – YES! – And then as soon as we take pictures- literally: as soon as we take pictures- these shoes are coming off

These are the same shoes I wore for prom – And this is the same suit I wore for prom except for this So yeah Sentimental – [Tina] So we're just taking some photos

– I was a dancer, but woo dizzy! We didn't get this on video, and I was upset that we didn't get it on video, but Asa and Cam look mildly alike, but mostly they're just shaped the same – Yeah – And so they switched when I looked away when we were taking pictures, and I had no idea Like I literally, I didn't look over 'cause I was just like I went from looking at somebody to looking back to taking pictures, and I didn't even realize that they had switched places So I'm gonna show you the picture progression of me recognizing that it wasn't Asa, and like freaking out, so this is what it is

(upbeat music) (techno music) – [Asa] She is carrying her dress She wouldn't let me do it, so I'm just holding her wall- – He wanted to carry my dress for me! – Yeah! Isn't that what you're supposed to do? – I mean, technically yes, but only when you get, like, married – Oh – Look how I'm sitting right now – [Asa] She's literally an entire airbag

– Yeah, Asa was like, "if we get in a crash, you'll be protected" (laughs) But, in case you didn't know, we are going to BJ's for dinner! – Of course – 'Cause guys, if you know anything about us, we love BJ's – [Asa] Our go-to – And here's the thing: like, I love getting all dressed up and wearing the pretty dresses, and all that stuff for like dances, but to be honest, like, I'll/we'll probably stay, like, an hour, tops, at the dance The fun is, like, the after parties

Not like "parties," but, like, after parties that we throw which is like game night and movie night and (laughs) that kind of stuff So I think that we might have a few friends come over afterwards I look tan right now! – She looks dang good! She just looks – Is this leftover from spring break? I- I don't know

– Queen – You're so nice You look good too I like your bowtie Wonder who tied it

Oh my gosh! The best part of dinner! – Yes! – [Bailey] Right? – Oh yeah! – [Bailey] This is Savannah's first time Take a bite, Savannah Tell me what you think – If I can get it – [Bailey] (Laughs) – Yeah it's okay

– It's really good – We were joking and saying that she's gonna take a bite and, like, hate it or something, and we've literally been talking about how good it is It's really gross, and it's really raining Aaah we got it Does not feel like a formal dance night to me

– No – [Bailey] But it's okay because we're gonna go anyway! – Yep, we're gonna have fun! – We're gonna look good, and we're gonna have fun, and we just ate good food, and we're gonna be with good people, and it doesn't matter if we're under weather advisory So what! (laughs) I literally can't even see you – Did you bring the umbrella? – [Bailey] No (laughs) – Okay

– [Bailey] We made it! Just in time, too We're supposed to be here by 8:45, it's 8:43, but we are definitely not the only ones arriving at this time – It's 10 o'clock, and the dance is over, and I just changed back into my clothes Because literally I'm sweating But the end of the dance was fun

They didn't really play any slow dances, which I don't think is the point of a dance, anymore Like I kind of wish that they did play slow dances just so you could dance with your date Personally, I think there should be one or two in there, wish there were, but other than that, I was like sweaty We were just like going crazy moshpit in the very end Anyway, so we all changed into, like, sweats

I changed back into my clothes, and we have a two-hour bus ride to look, um, ahead of us for, so I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna sleep Not gonna lie (laughs) (energetic techno music) – I'm so hot – I think my hair is completely destroyed, honestly, but that's okay 'cause, you know, we're done with everything My dress is like partially white, so when I take it off and let you guys know if it survived

Click and vote if you think I got mud on my dress or if I didn't 'cause it's currently so, so rainy outside, and we traipsed through a ton of mud to get into the building So, um, we're going home It's time for movies and games! – Woooo! (people chattering) – I made it home, I have, I definitely have some bawms on my feet from dancing barefoot on a tiny little dancing space But other than that, it was a blast, and I'm honestly exhausted, so I'm going to crash and go to sleep – So it's the end of the night

This is not a pit stain by the way I just washed my face, so that's what that is (laughs) Yeah, so end of the night We had some friends over We played games, and we watched a movie

Formal's definitely different than prom That's for sure I don't really know how to explain why it's different than prom, just that it was different Maybe because ones high school and ones college I dunno, it's the environment

And, I forgot to show you my dress, but no mud stains, so I did a good job, keeping that clean But anyway, I'm gonna go to bed because it's kind of late, and I'm tired Um, but I love you guys!

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