Spring Break 2019, Anyone???

– What's up you guys? – What's up? – Hello! – Brooklyn and Bailey here It is spring break and so we're currently in Florida with Kamri, and Hannah, and Bethany

– [Bailey] It's a party – [Brooklyn] And we're all just chillin' So we're just vlogging everything that we're doin' to give you guys this video – Yes, and this video is sponsored by JCPenney and Arizona Jean Co Because the spring collection has launched

– Officially launched, so click the link in the description box below to shop that It's in stores and online, so check it out Also, I'm wearing my stuff – [Bailey] Some of the stuff – So it's kinda like springy with the jacket, but then I can take it off and it's also for summer Which is nice, because sometimes the weather in Texas and/or every other state ever is unpredictable, so

– And you can see mine This is my spring-esque slash summer outfit – [Both] We're getting sprayed by a sprinkler right now – Yeah, remember to click the link in the description box below and now we'll go on to the rest of – All of our – [Both] Spring break adventures (techno music) – Okay so today's adventure is, well one of the many adventures today is, the zoo! – We went to the zoo every single field trip in elementary school ever

And then we haven't been in We've been to Africa! – But we haven't been to the zoo I know

– Wild animals but we haven't so this is gonna be fun – been to the zoo I really wanna see a tiger – Look, we got stamps (all talking excitedly) – I got like a ram, a cow! – I got a cow! – Like your swimsuit! – Your stamps covering the henna! – I know, I forgot that I had it

– She says, "Nice henna," and Kamri goes, "Oh yeah, thanks I forgot I had it" – I forgot I had it on – We can hand feed the giraffes – Go straight to the giraffes – [Bailey] So that's where we're headed right now

To the giraffes we go (pop music) Hello! Oh it's good! Look at them, their walking all in a line! – The giraffes did not want to eat, they were already full, so I think we're headed to go see the lions right now – Alright, what if the lion eats Bailey or Kamri? One less person to feed – Because that's gonna happen – Don't get into the cage! – Huge! That thing is scary lookin'! – That would attack me

– What if that ran at you in the middle of the night? – They're weird – Like they're so weird – They're kinda cute tho – Come back! – In a weird way – Let's name it

– He was kinda cute – You would jump in the water right now – Am I allowed DO not play in water! Go Brooklyn! I dare you

– I already dared you – I double triple dog dare Brooklyn – I triple double double dog dare Brooklyn – Look, see? There's a turtle – Aw it's actually moving

– Brooklyn He's going to try to eat you – He's gonna eat you – Get away – Jump! Jump! Jump! – She's training the duck! – We got a little treat

We got ice cream Look at her tongue Oh thatthat was great! Oh don't flick it on me! Wait

Wait – Oh no! What is it? – Hold still – I swear to God – It's a bee! – Bailey! Bailey! Bailey! I literally was gonna run around screaming

Be like "What's that animal?", it's me – We finished the zoo and now we're deciding to go to the botanical gardens it's kind of like a naturey day – Kamri whipping out her photography skills up in here And Hannah, representing the Stanfords on her face – SO we just got to the botanical gardens and they literally let us in for free cause we look like we're under 18! – I guess in some ways it comes in handy but then others it's like

– Yes sometimes we hate looking young but other times you get into places for free – It doesn't help that all the 13 year olds I know look like they're all 20 – 25 And we definitely look like we're 12 (pop music) – No way! – What? – Just like the olden days

I'm pumping my own water They put little , what are they called, watering cans everywhere so you can just water the plants whenever you want So cute I'm so obsessed – She's literally watering them with her watering can

Who are you? – Wait that's so cool – I'm the plant keeper So we legitimately thought we hit everything in the botanical gardens and then as we were leaving, we realized that there was a whole other half that we missed – We totally spaced on the other half of the botanical gardens – But we have a nice dinner scheduled – Tonight – pretty soon So we gotta head back home

– Bethany here was sick – I'm alive! – We're gonna see if she can survive dinner – Yeah that's why we're all dolled up in dresses, ready to go Everybody excited? – [All] Yeah! So that's what's happening right now (pop music) – Look at how good this looks

Hannah got a cheeseburger Who goes to an italian reestaurant and gets a cheeseburger? – I wanted meat! – And then literally everybody else got alfredo – That salmon is prettier than I will ever be (pop music) – That's literally her – This is me – That's literally her

– I'm gonna take it – You're gonna break it You're gonna break it – Bethany put it back – You're gonna break it – I won't I'm gonna buy it – That is bigger than your face – I opted for one scoop over the weenies who got two scoops

– Same Why would you get two? – You literally said Incorrect Liar

You know what, I'm thinking about getting two and she goes, "Same Same" – You know, gotta look good here in the sun Gotta get one scoop, be healthy – It's all a mindset

– Comment right down below if you'd get one or two I got two – It better be one Or three! You really going out there I'm impressed if you can get down three – This is incredible

Welcome to Florida – Aww are you talking about me? – Look at how pretty this is Oh my gosh! (indistinct chatter and laughter) – I'm crying because I'm laughing at her – It's like my worst nightmare – Good morning you guys so this morning we decided to go kayaking Bethany's still feeling pretty sick We don't know if she's coming with us

We are headed off to kayak – It sounds super – I know, it's a little early for vacation – It is not early It is 09:30

– I just stayed really late, reading my book and telling Bailey – And I stayed up till 3 o'clock finishing my blockbuster – I was up til 01:30 and I finished my book, andd I'm on the last one in the series So the beach is gonna be my reading time today – I emailed my teacher at 2am

– Why? – Did you mean to? Please tell me you sent a sleep text Or a sleep email – Sometimes I do this when I'm so proactive at 2am that I work But I don't remember that I did it – We haven't exercised in a long time apparently because all of our arms are so tired Thinking I wanna try and tip someone over but I don't know how so we'll see if I can do it

– We're all settled in – Look at how pretty that view is though? Hey Brooklyn! – Brooklyn! – It is soaked! – Look at mine – Yours is just a little spot It looks like you peed yourself – That's nice – Okay you guys, Good morning

We are going wakeboarding! So look, everybody is here Now we feeling good? – I'm scared – I'm ready They're all training I went twice in my life

Now they're all pressuring me and I don't know if I can do it again (Pop music) – Hello animal! – Hi Buddy! – I don't wanna swim with him – Go Brooklyn! – I hate you! – It's literally pouring! – We were fine and then it just started raining and it was already coldin' now this is what is happening – I was driving the boat and it just pelted me in the face I can't even see

I'm like, this can not be safe! – And now of course we have to appreciate the sunset That was our spring break It's been a good vacation (pop music)

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