Spying on my Twin’s BLIND DATE *I got caught*

– So, we have camped out in a parking lot across the street from this gazebo Do you see the little red things running around? They're dancing! Look how cute they are! (upbeat theme music) Okay so, I don't know if you guys have seen on social media Brooklyn recent has been getting a lot of random boys sending her videos saying they wanna take her out on a date

So this guy, like the day before our birthday made this very long video, he apparently lives in Utah, goes to BYU, is studying pre-law and he's actually genuinely interested in taking Brooklyn on a date! So he's literally here right now, downstairs Me, Carly and Tina are gonna dress up and follow Brooklyn on her date Number one, because safety and like you never know, it's some random person he could be really creepy and then we could save her life and be heroes? Or, number two, just for fun Right now, I think they're just barely leaving so we're gonna dress up like – [Woman] Boys! – Disguise, and obviously you guys know we're not trying to make fun of anyone who likes to dress certain ways This is just us disguising ourselves as someone who we don't typically looks like For most of us, cause we do dress girlier we're gonna dress a little more boyish so that Brooklyn is less likely to recognize us if she does see us

Believe, we have actual males in the house who gave me their sweatshirts, thank you – You're very welcome! – Thank you for your dedication! – [Bailey And Carly] (laughing) – Ey what'a do? – [Bailey And Carly] (more laughing) – [Tina] Bailey what are you doing? – I'm putting my wig on! – Oh – But I'm trying to figure out why my weave – Brady! Hey Brady, (Whispers) Brady? (Laughing) So we need sports bras to hide our boobs, Bailey doesn't own any, so she has to borrow Bethany's! But since she's like – I have sports bras but they're all like, supportive cause I don't like non-supportive bras, but this is just bad! – So we have two feminine features, so – Sup! The facial hair, is goin on – Bailey is trying to de-girlify herself and get her eyelashes off – I'm trying really hard – [Woman] Ooh ooh ooh ooh! – [Man] We are about to judge the girls to see on who is looking like the best guy for this secret fun time

All right here we go! The very first guy is Riss! (Group Surprise) Whoa! – You look like you lift! – [Man] All right next contestant! This is Carl! Ohh! – What's up bro? What's up bro how you doin? What's up what's up! Dab me up! Dab me up! Dab me up! Wooh wooh wooh! Here we go buddy! Yeah! (Group Clapping) – [Man] Bradley! – [Group] Whoa! – [Man] What's up Bradley! – [Man] Yeah! (record scratch over sad music) – They are deliberating – [Tina] I don't think I had enough boy character – And the winner is? – I know who the winner is I don't know I think it was me bro – [Bailey And Carly] (laughing) – How do I look? – [Cam] (unintelligible) – Aw, he still loves me even though I'm a boy! (Bailey and Carly aw) – [Bailey] Kay who was the winner? – All right ready who's the winner? – Bradley, Bradley, Bradley (group chanting Bradley) Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Yeah! – [Carly] How do you feel! – I feel great man! This is the best, like, guy you've done so far! – [Bailey] Oh really? – Yeah – [Bailey] This took like two seconds! – Good job! – What's up guys, it's Bradley man and this is Chris – Hey! – And this – Sup, I'm Carl – Is Carl, and we're bouta go stalk Brooklyn on her date, with a strange man, yeah! So after tracking Brooklyn, we have determined that she is on one of the bridges here at Baylor I think going tortilla tossing, which is a tradition we talked about before

– I'm excited! – I feel like a stalker, I feel like Joe from "You" right now – (Carly) I feel like, yeah – We don't have a hat! Oh Tina has a hat! – We don't feel like stalkers, this is what's happening, we are good friends! – Turns out Brooklyn is not where we thought she'd- where we thought she was She's actually at a park? He seems like a nice kid but I don't know why a park? – What's his name? – Derek! – Derek? – [Bailey] We just missed it! Go back! Turn around! – I'm in love! – So we just drive by there, there was a gazebo with lights and flowers surrounding it! – And they're in it and they're sitting down and they're talking! Now we're gonna go try and show y'all! Wait! Sh sh sh! Oh shoot, focus, focus It's right there, they're in it right now! – [Carly] Don't look, don't make eye contact – [Bailey] They're in it right now! Look at the lights right there! There they are! – [Tina] She's laughing! She's laughing! She's so happy! (excited whispering) – Okay updated, we parked to go see them in the park, and we think we accidentally parked in front of his car? Really? We parked in front of their car and we're afraid they're gonna go get in their car and see us! – [Tina] What time do they leave? – They're in the gazebo right now, Tina is spying, I think! But like, we have to like, walk – There's nothing around here! There's like- here's the thing you guys, it's dark, there's no cars – It's like no one's out here, like it would be very obvious if we just walked past them! Like they didn't go to a public restaurant, which would be like, easier to hide in, no they went to a park! – Which is cute – But sketchy! – But also sketchy – And hard to – And super hard to stalk! – Should have dressed like a trashcan! – Can we go find a trashcan right now? – Wait wait there's one right there! – No way! – Should I get in it? – So we have camped out in a parking lot across the street from this gazebo

(loud car noises) I don't know how you zoom, there they are There's no way they can see us – (Bailey) Carly is like over here trying to see them- – This is the best angle, okay! – On a prom poster?! – This was for game day okay! – Tina's about to do what we call "Operation: Get Closer," which is walk across the street – I'm nervous! – Kind of by a garbage can, behind a fence, step on it and try and film it and get a closer view – Step on the garbage can? – She looks most like a boy – And also, one of is gonna be less suspicious then like, three of us – I agree, so she's going right now We have Operation Tina on the go! – [Tina] Yeah, I'm behind the barn, I walked in a gate – [Bailey] Oh! Sh- – [Carly] Hold on, hold on (slo-mo replay noises) – [Tina] Yeah this is so sketchy (Bailey and Carly laughing) – Please be safe! – Sorry bout that! – We're gonna watch you, keep an eye on you – [Bailey] Tina your top priority is keep looking at Brooklyn because if they start to move we need to know ASAP

– I'm trying to film, can it focus? Can you see them? They're in there, right now talking, laughing, I can here them laughing Can you see the candles? That's his back right there – "Operation: Get Closer" was kind of a fail, um – Yeah we're gonna try and get closer on the side Brooklyn's back is to- – Yeah – Cause she's less like- he's less likely to recognize us than she is Tina, honestly like, literally- – You can't tell – She literally blends right in They're going somewhere else I think – Where are they going after this? – I don't know, like he's gonna let her pick her favorite place, and then go to it

– OH – [Tina] Someone has joined them! We think it's a friend? And it looks like he's playing the guitar! What is happening! I wish I could get closer but it's so obvious if I do – [Bailey] All right it's his car because because the guys joined them and he's holding a guitar and the guitar must have come from the back of that car, so like this is his car! He came over here and got the guitar and didn't see us! But like, he left the trunk open, like why would you do that? This is his car everyone I am heavily debating going and getting in the trunk of the car I'm nervous I don't want them to see me! – [Carly] 3, 2 , 1, go! Oh God, not sketchy at all Bailey, not sketchy at all! (unintelligible) Bailey's in the trunk, (Bailey laughing) (Carly laughing) – I just got into the trunk of of their car! Idiot for leaving the car trunk open, this is a sketchy area and someone's gonna steal his stuff! I debated on staying in there but then I was afraid of getting stuck in the trunk! That would be awful! But if the friend comes back I'm gonna try and get him in it, and see if (Unintelligible) They moving? Dude! Dude! What if the friend comes back and it's just the friend, and we get him in on it, and I climb in the trunk – (Carly) Yes! – And then you guys – You go with them and we'll follow – And then he's like "hey man, just give me your keys" "I'll be sitting in the car," and then he like, let's me out on the next destination? – So we've been here this whole time watching (Bailey laughs) cause we're making sure he's not a serial killer so we're like being sure – I love that so much! – This is Bailey, the sister

– [Bailey] Hi! – So I was standing, like 20 feet just to the other side of the gazebo – Should I ride in the trunk of the car? – I think you should hide in the trunk of the car and go with them, but turn on your mobile tracker and make sure you're fine – Oh I can't be gone long I'm suppose to be giving his keys back – Tina's freaking out because they're dancing apparently? Are they dancing? – Oh my god! They're dancing! And he's like, spinning her! And it's so cute! – In case you guys were wondering, that guy that we just talked to, that's Derek's room mate, Tanner And he's over there now! He's gonna help me get into the trunk – Bailey's getting in the trunk right now! – Oh my gosh! – I can't! – Okay so Bailey literally getting in the trunk right now, nice to meet you! (car honks) Oop! He just locked it! – Okay Bailey! – Thank you! – Okay guys my phone is almost dead and I'm locked in a trunk right now! This is truly dedication

I wanna be in here when they get in the car! Yeah hopefully my phone doesn't die! This is kinda scary? But it's actually more spacious than I was expecting But like, I'm gonna ride with them back to the house Kay do you see the little red things running around? They're dancing! Look how cute they are! Brooklyn if you do not snatch up this mans somebody else will – They just unlocked the car! – Oh my god! (Trunk unlatching) – Oh my gosh! – What in the world is this? – This is my sister! – Is this Bailey? What's up! – What in the heck! (Bailey screeching) – They found us! – They found us, and I was sitting in the trunk and you guys could see I dropped the camera cause I was suppose to be hiding! And they popped open the trunk and I'm like "Crap! Do I run? What do I do?" And I just sat and filmed their reaction, crap! (upbeat music) Came home, to these boys, and they're tracking Brooklyn! To make sure she's safe, how cute is that! What good friends you guys are! Would you have come is she was in danger? – Yeah – Yeah – We would have known based on the location, we would have waited for the text and then we would be like (clap) let's go

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