STORY TIME: Our Period Stories

– Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey – What's up! – What's up! And Finni! – And Finn! – Finnigan

– Hi! – Finn stay Aww – No Hello – Hey guys! We have not done a sit down video in a long time

– We've realized that we've never told y'all this story Which is surprising for female YouTubers – That's true – 'Cause I feel like that's a popular topic – Also you guys really liked our videos about like, Period 101, which we did a long time ago and the bra video, which actually my roommates said they've learned from

We were gonna tell you guys about– – Over here like – Our first period stories Also, slash figuring out– – The whole thing The Whole Shebang So if you haven't started your period yet and you're watching this, learn from us

And if you have, laugh with us – Yeah, because you probably– – Because your probably gonna get it (upbeat music) Chronologically in our birth order, she's older – Yes – By two minutes, which is no a lot but still she's older

– But chronologically, like, maturity wise, like body physically maturity wise, Bailey was like two years ahead of me – So I started my period when I was in sixth grade Two years before she started hers – I started my period the summer before eighth grade – Like almost two years between the two of us and I started wearing a bra way earlier than you did

And like all of the shebangs My first period story is so boring There's nothing exciting about it at all So essentially what happened was, I went to dance, just like I went to dance everyday after school Now I didn't really think anything of it, was like, kinda like feeling little bit sick to the stomach

Came home, went to the bathroom Bam, started my period for the first time ever – So boring – So I just casually walk outside, I'm like, "Hey mom, hey dad, I started my period" They're like, "Oh okay, do you know what to do?" and I'm like "Yeah," and then that was it

– No, and then mom came to lunch with you – The next day I went to school, my mom, Mindy McKnight, comes and picks me up from school Doesn't tell me about it I'm like, why is she picking me up from school? This is so weird And then, takes me out to lunch to civilize like my first day as a "woman

" – Yeah, she was like "It's your first day as a woman, "I'm taking you to lunch" It was very funny So, my first period story ironically two years later The summer between seventh and eighth grade, mind you we moved to Texas the summer between seventh and eighth grade So it as just overall, a rough period for middle school Brooklyn, just bad

– Middle school? Was it really in middle school? – Seventh and eighth grade? – That's junior high – I can't remember – Wait is that the same thing? I can't even remember! I was in dance – Would you look at that? – I think it's cause you're around so many females, it's like your hormones– – That's probably very true – So, I was at dance, and Bailey had started like two years before so I always carried a pad and a tampon with me everywhere

Just so the off chance, it was like, oh it's my turn So anyway, I was at dance and you know You just kind of know, so I went to the bathroom – I didn't know – You can like feel it, you know

– That's not real – Yes it is Comment down below if you can feel it – I feel it now but I didn't the first time – I definitely did, I was like, "oh

" "Oh!" So I went to the bathroom, sure enough, started my period – Boom and boom – Except, I was scared to tell my mom – I didn't care at all – Not because it was like embarrassing or anything

I just didn't know what she would say and I was afraid she would make me use a tampon Which I was so scared of! – I feel like this is something a lot of girls struggle with is telling their parents, like, hey, it started – I also was like really independent and I was like I know what to do, I'm fine, nobody needs to know So I think I waited like two or three days And then I went in, my mom was showering and I was like, "Mom I started my period" and then I like ran out the door

Just so we all are clear on this, I did not get a celebratory lunch, celebrating the first day of being a woman – I didn't know that! – Hashtag disappointed – I do remember walking in to like the next time we got together with our extended family and all of my aunts and grandmas – Were like, "aw, Bailey" – "Congrats!" And I was like "for what?" My mom had told them all, it's terrible

That's like eight years, you're celebrating that you can have children now? – But also– – There are more qualities about us – Also, periods suck, they're miserable A moment of silence for all the women out there who are on their periods, we feel you – We feel you girl – We understand

– The more entertaining story for me is my first tampon story – Oh mine's even more entertaining – And mind you, we did post a video about Period 101 Some women never use tampons and just use pads – No, yeah

– Some women use Diva Cups, some women use Tampons only I mean it's up to you, there's like a full wide preference – There's like a very wide range of what you can use – But like traditionally, you're supposed to try all of the different products and I just ended up liking tampons But the first time I tried to put one in, that was a little interesting

– How long after your period did you? – I think it was like my third period, maybe Three months after I started my period We were supposed to go swimming with my cousins – Oh I remember this! – And I was on my period! And I was like, I don't know what to do But I knew like if I got in the water sometimes your period will stop bleeding and then once you're out of the water, you're be fine

It's just the problem of like getting into the water So I end up wearing a pad with my swim suit And I was like– – You got in the water? – No, no, no, I was like determined not to get in the water I was like, "oh I don't feel good" My aunt was like, "What, no, you don't feel good?" "You want some medicine

" And my mom was like, hm I see right through you She came up to me, she pulls me into the public restroom at a pool, so disgusting And she's like, "Are you on your period?" I forgot to mention that I got thrown into the pool Now I'm dripping wet and this area, no longer works

Disgusting! Anyway, she pulls me and she's like, "here is a tampon", she like bought one of the ones from like the container things, which means it's like– – Card board! – Rips apart your uterus, it hurts so bad to put in – You know your tampon doesn't go in your uterus right? – I know that, I'm just being dramatic Beside the point, she hands me one of those things and she's like "Put this in" I'm like "What?" No! She's like, "put it in right now" I'm like, I have no idea how to do that, I don't want to do that, that's scary

I start crying, I'm having a whole meltdown And finally, between the two of us, we managed to maneuver our way through the situation and come up with a permanent solution with the tampon That's my story about the first tampon – Oh mine's even worse, so it's fine I just was terrified of tampons, like the idea of just get that all to work

– It's scary for a lot of people – It's terrifying! – That is very normal – And I was very afraid of it hurting And so I refused to go anywhere near them And so I just used pads for like a year, and I danced with pads, chaffing my legs

It was horrible – Yeah it's really hard to be a dancer and not use tampons – It was horrible, like I don't know how I did it – Terrible! – I was basically wearing a diaper, like it was horrible Anyway, but I didn't know that and then one day everybody was going to Seven Peaks which is a waterpark

It was like when we were visiting Utah or something I was on my period and I was like, I'm not going And everybody was like, "Why?" I had to explain why and my mom was like– – Oh my god – My mom is very like, minute done! – Come' on – She brought the tampon to me and was like, "Use it!" And I was like "No

" and she was like "Use it" And I was like "No" and she was like "Use it" I was like, "No" So I sat in the bathroom for like maybe an hour

Trying to convince myself to use it And it's like me sobbing, this whole episode of drama And then I was like "No!" You guys know Bella, Bella's older sister– – One of our friends' older sister – She goes, "Do you want me to put it in?" – She's literally like, "I will put it in for you" – She's like, "I'll put it in for you

" – Like this is a real story, this actually happened – And I was like "Absolutely" Gave her the tampon, and she came in and was like trying to put it in for me And I was freaking out, I was like, "No, no, no, no, wait, wait, "I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared" So then she didn't put it in

– I came in – And tried to put it in for me, and I was like, okay Bailey can do it 'cause she says it doesn't hurt And then I was like, "No, no, no, no" "No, no, no, no" And I like freaked out, didn't end up going to Seven Peak

" Didn't end up using tampon that day Three months later, I was babysitting kids at home in Texas Just by myself and I was on my period I was like, "You know what, this is pathetic" I was like ashamed of myself

– Good – I was like "This is pathetic and it's annoying" And then finally I was, "I'm just going to do it" And I had all the time in the world, nobody was home So like nobody could judge me

I sat in the bathroom, just do it, just get it over with And so I did it, used the tampon and you know when you like don't put it in quite correctly? – Oh I know – And so it fits really funny, that's how it was the first time – It's how it will be the first time – And I was like, "this is horrible, I knew it, these are terrible!" And then I like read the instructions and it was like "if you–" – Well I didn't know that I was putting them in wrong by myself for probably, three to six months

– No way! – Yeah, I went a super long time putting them in wrong Go, can you get a tampon? – Are you kidding me right now? – No, go get a tampon – No, I'm to wasting a good tampon – I'll go get it – This is what a tampon looks like

– Oh my gosh – And that's on Tampon Channel! So you're supposed to insert this and then push this thing So that the tampon goes out – Oh no, don't tell me you only did– – I just– – No! – Here's the entrance of my body I just pressed it here and pushed it in, so it sat, like this far down

– How did it not pop out of you? – Oh it was sitting half out of my body, but I eventually figured out that it was not supposed to sit like that – It took one day for me to realize something was wrong – So ladies– – But the point of the story, here is that like once I did it I never went back At least for me because I'm a more athletic person It's just more convenient and more comfortable

That's different for every girl, I know some girls that use pads all the time or like sleep in pads or– – It's just a lesson for y'all, if you haven't started your period yet If you use a tampon, don't rest it and push this – Also, try all the options and then decide what you like because I thought for sure, it was like "Pads for sure" And then I tried tampons and I liked it better – I tried the Diva Cup, personally not for me but I did give it a go and tried it out

– I have not – It was terrifying and comment down below if you ever want me to do an Instagram story or something explaining my experience with the Diva Cup – That's all we have for you guys today Comment down below if you have any crazy stories, we'd love to hear them! And yeah – Or if you have any ideas of for like the "Big Sis" videos as we like to call these

– Yes, if you want us to film any other video like this, let us know Okay, bye y'all! What's happening right now? – [Bailey] Leap frog – Oh my gosh (upbeat music)

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