STORY TIME: That Time I Broke My…??? (Embarrassing)

– [Brooklyn] Hey guys, Brooklyn and Bailey here, wassup? I figured I would tell y'all a really funny story about what happened my first semester of college There was a lot of crazy things that happened the first semester of college, but this one was probably the craziest

And it's really funny, and every time I tell the story, people tell me that it's just the most ridiculous and insane thing they've ever heard, so I figured y'all would enjoy hearing it, so I'm gonna tell you that story today (upbeat pop music) – [Brooklyn] Okay, so I guess I just like, go into the story – [Bailey] Where do you start, yeah! – [Brooklyn] Where do I start? – [Bailey] First semester, Brooklyn made a ton of friends that were boys She just naturally makes more guy friends I'm sure there are girls out there that relate – [Brooklyn] In the poll up here, just tell me if you're the same or not, because I feel like there are a lot of girls who are the same

– [Bailey] When you are a female around a bunch of males, they influence you to do dumb things I'm not, like, putting you down, you guys are awesome, but sometimes you have some really bad ideas Sometimes – [Brooklyn] So, amongst a list of really dumb things that I have done, this one was particularly It didn't seem dumb at the time They decided, one of them asked me if I wanted to go rooftop jumping in downtown Waco – [Bailey] So let's all think about this for a second Rooftop jumping

Like, the stuff you see in the movies of like, the superheroes jumping from roof to roof – [Brooklyn] But I'd done a lot of stuff like that since I've gone to college, like I've done a ton of, like, jumping off bridges and jumping off cliffs – [Bailey] Do not go home and go rooftop jumping

– [Brooklyn] Do not let me influence you This is a bad, poor example of what you should be doing – [Bailey] I didn't go Be like me and don't go – [Brooklyn] Point being, (laughter) that I was like, "Uh, heck yeah, I wanna go rooftop jumping

" Clarification: there were supposed to be other girls there But they bailed – [Bailey] Yeah, they said, we're gonna be smart and not go – [Brooklyn] And I was like, let's not be smart and go – [Bailey] Use the brain

– [Brooklyn] And so, I was with ten boys, rooftop jumping in downtown Waco – [Bailey] Meanwhile, I am in Louisiana – [Brooklyn] Yeah, she's out of town – [Bailey] I left to go visit Asa, so I like, skip town And Jensen, our other roommate, is also out of town

The only one home was Emily, and she's often like, over at her friend's house, so we don't really see her that often, so it's literally Brooklyn, pretty much by herself – [Brooklyn] It's me, chillin' So we go, we're in this abandoned building downtown, exploring, it's super fun We get to the roof, we're judging whether or not we should jump, decided against it because it looked like it was going to be too far We made some smart decisions, okay? – [Bailey] Smart! – [Brooklyn] So we decided not to jump

– [Bailey] Can you imagine if you had jumped? – [Brooklyn] That never would have happened – [Bailey] The story would be going a lot differently, because you would not be here – [Brooklyn] No, that's not true You're just so dramatic That's just not true

– [Bailey] Okay – [Brooklyn] So we decide not to jump off the roof All of the boys are messing around, playing, and then we climb down the ladder on the side of the building to get off the roof And all the boys are climbing down, and I'm climbing down, and I'm like, maybe four rungs above the ground, and I was like, "Dang, I really just have this adrenaline rush, like I wanna jump off something, so I'll just jump off the last four rungs of the ladder" So I jump, without looking underneath me to make sure nothing's there

I don't know why – [Bailey] Who jumps and doesn't look at what they're looking at? – [Brooklyn] But it was a ladder, like why would there be anything beneath me? Like, that's just not normal And land on this railing

It's one of those like, square railings, you know, with the sharp edges This tiny little section of railing, randomly right underneath the ladder – [Bailey] And she lands – [Brookyln] And I land split-legged on the railing – [Bailey] Split-legged on that pole – [Brooklyn] Hoo-hah on the pole No, but, like, I am a tough girl I have an insanely high pain tolerance

I don't like going to the doctor I don't need pity or tears Like, I'm okay with pain I can do pain So, you know, it's not the most comfortable thing, landing with your whole body weight shoving you into a pole, but it was okay

I felt a little jolt I mean, it's probably going to be a little bruised, but I'm fine And one of the boys saw it happening, and he was like, "Oh, are you okay? Are you sure? That was a hard hit" And I was like, "Oh, I'm fine Like, I'm okay

Don't worry about me, keep going" I was like, "I wanna jump some roofs Let's go" So it's still a little uncomfortable, and when I'm walking away from the ladder, I get this warm sensation And I was like, something is off

And so I'm trying to casually just like, reach down and like, brush my hand, just to make sure everything was cool down there, and I pull my hand away, and it's dripping blood And I was like, "Oh, oh, something's wrong" – [Bailey] So at this point, she's covered, like, soaked – [Brooklyn] Like, to my knee It happened so fast, I didn't even know what to do

And so I tapped one of the boys on the shoulder, and I just held my hand out, and I said, "Um" – [Bailey] Like a child – [Brooklyn] And one of the boys goes, "Oh my gosh

" All the boys whip around, and I'm standing there, and it's not a comfortable place to be injured around ten boys, they couldn't really do anything about it, and I didn't know what to do, because (splutters) I don't think anybody knows what to do in that situation One of them goes, "Is that her period?" And I was like, "No!" – [Bailey] Yes We would all literally be dead by the end of like, year two – [Brooklyn] You think that this comes out of me every time I have a period? So I'm sitting there, like, I don't know what to do The boys are freaking out

"She needs to go to the hospital, oh my gosh, what if she can't have kids?" And I was like, "Guys, stop freaking out I'm not going to the hospital I just need to figure out what's wrong" And they all thought it was my leg, like my upper thigh that might have been cut I knew for sure it wasn't my upper thigh that was cut

So, how do you casually tell a group of ten boys that your little lady's place is bleeding a lot, and you don't know where it's coming from? I was like, "Boys, I'm gonna get in the back of the trunk of my car, and I'm gonna shut the door, and I'm gonna figure out what's going on, and we can assess the situation after that – [Bailey] The best part about it is, she vlogged it – [Brooklyn] I vlogged it You bet I did! I'm a YouTuber! I have video proof of this happening – [Video Recording] So, fun event tonight

I went with a group of like ten guys to go just hang out and explore some of the town in Waco, and I was climbing down this ladder, and I thought I was clear, so I jumped down the last like, three rungs, but, surprise! I actually jumped and landed on this like, pole gate thing, so I have a bunch of scratches, and I thought I was fine I was walking around for like, two minutes, just fine And I feel fine, but it's gushing blood, so I'm trying to figure out what to do I'm just gonna get some medical supplies and check it out I really would prefer not to have to go to the hospital for having scratches on my (bleep), but we will see

– [Brooklyn] Can't really see, I figure I'm fine, 'cause it's not hurting too bad, so I get back out of the car, and I was like, "Don't take me to the hospital, that's the last thing I want to happen Just put me in the back of the trunk Two boys, drive me to CVS and buy me the gauze, cleaning solution, and any type of pad" They take me to CVS, they come out, I kid you not, with, like I was saying gauze, like something to help wrap a wound, the come out with the thickest maxi pads I've ever seen in my life – [Bailey] Like a diaper

– [Brooklyn] "Is this what you wanted? Is this gonna work?" I was like, of course I hang out with boys Like, why do I do this to myself? I should have known – [Bailey] They're sweethearts, they thought they were helping – [Brooklyn] They were being so sweet And they got me, like, chocolate covered pretzels and stuff while they were in the store, like trying to make me feel better while I'm dying in the back of the car

Somehow, we need to get me to my apartment and in the shower without alerting anyone – [Bailey] 'Cause she's covered! – [Brooklyn] that I might have murdered someone So I have one boy go in front of me, the other boy go behind me, and we kinda just waddle our way upstairs, get on the elevator, get in my apartment I don't even make it to my bathroom I just put myself in my roommate's bathroom

– [Bailey] Like, literally clothes, jeans, shirt, everything – [Brooklyn] Everything just in the shower, but I need someone else to look and tell me what's wrong Because I can't look myself, like, it just doesn't work So I call Emily, "This is what happened, I need you to come over and help me

" Mind you, there are now like, ten boys in my living room, just pacing, like I'm having a baby I laugh at this story now, but the boys, like, I mention this story, and they're like, (shudders) I figured out that I had two about inch-long cuts, right on the insides of like, either side, that were fairly deep, maybe not stitch-worthy, just deep I also was on my period at the time, and so I had to have this giant diaper of a pad to hold everything that was coming out of me at the time – [Bailey] Moral of the story: don't go roof-jumping with ten boys and no females with you

– [Brooklyn] The boys brought me little slushies, and we watched movies, and I was all good, I went to class and everything was fine, I waddled a little bit for the first couple of days – [Bailey] She didn't tell me or my mom, and then we came home like three days later, and she told both of us, and we were like, "And you didn't go to the hospital? Are you crazy?" And that's the story, folks – [Brooklyn] But that's the entirety of my story – [Bailey] That's the tea The hoo-hah broke

– [Brooklyn] If any of you have anything that can beat that, please let me know – [Bailey] Comment it down below We wanna know what you're craziest story is, just like this one, 'cause this one, literally, she will tell it and everyone is just like- – [Brooklyn] Shocked – [Bailey] Take that, and enjoy it – [Brooklyn] And run with that

– [Bailey] Just chew on that for a while – [Brooklyn] Now you know, like the most humiliating and hilarious moment of my life – [Bailey] Vote on the poll, if you guys like videos like this, and just let us know, sometimes we have we have a lot of crazy stories – [Brooklyn] We have a lot of stories! – [Bailey] So we could totally do more of these – [Brooklyn] We have more we could tell y'all – [Bailey] So yeah, let us know if you guys like those, and hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! That's kinda all we have for you guys today, so don't forget to subscribe, and – [Brooklyn] We'll see you next week! – [Bailey] Yep, bye! – (funky music)

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