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(upbeat music) – What's up guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today's video is going to be a brand new – [Together] Swimsuit collection

– So you guys know summer is right around the corner Actually, this is our last week of school, and it's finals week, but – Yes, I'm so excited, we bought new swimsuits, I'm so prepared to just like chill by the pool, and like, summer's rest free, I'm so excited – Yes, but before we go on to the video, don't forget to subscribe to our channel, so click the button right here to subscribe, and also don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up – Also if you want to see more of our videos, hit the information button over there, now, onto

– [Together] The video – [Bailey] Guess what guys, overalls are back in style, so I got myself some from Target, and then underneath the overalls, I'm wearing this adorable pink top from Rad swimwear It has some lace detailing, and those straps go into a y in the back, which is my favorite part of the whole thing, and then it has a zipper, and I also matched it with some plain black bottoms from Target – [Brooklyn] Hey guys, now for my first swimsuit, I've covered it up with this little black sweater from Target, now my swimsuit is from Cupshe It is a midkini, so the bottoms are high-waisted, which I think is so flattering, and the top unzips, which is super cool, and I've never seen that design before, and I absolutely love it

– [Bailey] I don't know about you guys, but one of my favorite parts about summer is eating popsicles and ice cream, so when I saw that Kingdom And State had this adorable tankini that had popsicles on it, I actually flipped out So here I am wearing it along with some cute salmon colored bottoms that I found from Target – [Brooklyn] I like to call this swimsuit my Audrey Hepburn swimsuit because I feel so sophisticated when I wear it, and I have a little bit of pop of red like Audrey Hepburn wears So my floral sunglasses are from Target, and my lipstick is from Maybelline, and then my black and white cut out swimsuit is from Cupshe – [Bailey] Okay, you guys know that I'm a pretty big girly girl, but here I am showing off my tomboy side by skateboarding and wearing my hat from Rad swimwear, along with my sunglasses that I found from Target, and then this swimsuit is from Cupshe, it's super cute, and I can't wear to sport it all summer long

– [Brooklyn] I love wearing t-shirts over my swimsuits as swimsuit covers, so I'm wearing a doughnut headphone t-shirt from Forever 21 My sunglasses are also from Forever 21, and my one piece cut out swimsuit is from Cupshe – [Bailey] I was inspired to do a beachy look for this one, so you can see I'm wearing my beachy cover-up from Cupshe along with my wide brimmed hat from Target, and you can see I'm showing off my black cut out full piece swimsuit from Cupshe as well It's got this adorable scalloped design on the top, and then this cut out in the center I absolutely love it so much because full piece cut outs are totally coming back in style

(upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] Now since I love black and white swimsuits so much, I have another one for y'all So this swimsuit is from Rad swimwear, and it is a tankini My sunglasses are from Forever 21, and they're also black and white stripes And my red lipstick is from Target – I hope you guys loved those swimsuits

Be sure to check them all out if you want one or you like one – Yes – And you see one that you're like, that is so me, I need that for summer – Me, same – So, you guys, be sure to hit the information button over there if you want to see more of our videos, and if you want to check out an awesome channel for your younger siblings, it's the SuperHero Reality TV channel

– Superhero – Dax and Paisley literally watch this all day long I kid you not, I come home from school, and it's on TV just like sitting plain – It's one of those shows – And they'll watch the same video over and over

They seem to just like never get bored of it, so if you want to check out those videos, also hit the information button over there – Yes – Be sure to subscribe – Subscribe – And comment below

– Comment – Which swimsuit was y'all's favorite in this video – Do it – We'll see you next week – Bye, love y'all

– Bye (silly kazoo music)

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