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(pop music) – Hi guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we are going to be doing a swimsuit haul, because it's summer time and we needed new swimsuits so we went shopping for a bunch and we thought you guys might be interested in seeing them – Yep

When it comes to swimwear, Brooklyn and I like to leave a little bit to the imagination, and you'll see that our swimsuits reflect that But if you like to wear something else that's totally cool too, go for it Also, I have to show you all this, I have a cool scratch/scar on my elbow and on my knee, I don't know if you can see it – It's kind of healed up pretty well – Yeah, I fell off my sister's moped, actually, I crashed my sister's moped

– And went like head over heels over – And skid – Over the front – It was epic Okay, it was epic

– I laughed – I'm surprised she didn't cry – I didn't cry – She laughed – I just laughed

– Just laughed, and she came inside with blood like dripping all over, and she's laughing at herself – It was funny Don't worry, I'm okay Also, if you guys like our videos don't forget to subcribe, subscribe, subscribe because we love you guys Subscribe

Now let's go on to swimsuits (laughs) I'm going to start off with my cover up and my tunic dress is from Zara And then of course I have my black full piece swimsuit which is from Rad Swimwear, she just started her swimsuit company and everything in there is so cute And then I have my Free People hat and my sunglasses from Nordstrom (pop music) – [Brooklyn] For my first look I'm wearing some heart shaped sunglasses that I've had for quite awhile

And then a tribal print kimono as my cover up from Macy's And then a matching tribal print swimsuit from Macy's, as well And I just love the fact that it's matching because that's totally in style right now (pop music) – [Bailey] I don't know about you guys, but I feel like hats are a necessary thing for the summer so I have my really cute maroon one on that I got from Target And then I have my gold rimmed sunglasses that I got from Nordstrom

And of course, I'm wearing my cover up which I got from Old Navy just recently (pop music) Okay, before I say anything else, let's just take a moment and appreciate the awesome tanline I have on my shoulders, just look at that Okay, now that we've appreciated it, I'll tell you where the swimsuit is from This adorable swimsuit I got from Macy's and I love the top, I love how it just kind of like comes together, and it's perfect (pop music) – [Brooklyn] For my next swimsuit look I'm wearing bubble gum pink sunglasses from Nordstrom

And then I have on for a swim cover up a black fringey kimono that I bought from Forever 21 a long time ago I don't think they have it anymore, but I'm sure you can find another black fringey kimono just about anywhere My blue and gold swimsuit is from Rad Swimwear, and I absolutely love the gold sequins on the top (pop music) – [Bailey] As you can see I'm wearing this adorable white lace cover up that I got from Macy's And then I'm also wearing my striped black and white sunglasses, which are kind of old, soi I'm not really sure where I got them

(pop music) Wasn't that floaty cute? It's supposed to be a pretzel and like every time I look at it, it kind of makes me hungry Anyway, I got this really cute highly stated swimsuit from Kingdom & State, and I'm absolutely in love with it (pop music) – [Brooklyn] For my next swimsuit look I am wearing this black romper from Macy's And it has this cute white lace detailing on the side, as you can see And it also has this super cute tie in the middle of the romper

The struggle is real And finally, my floral swimsuit is from Nordstrom and it's got this cute little tie to top it all off To be honest, I wasn't sure how much I would like this swimsuit in person, but after seeing it, I fell in love with how well the bottoms blended with the top, and I just absolutely love this swimsuit (pop music) – [Bailey] Why hello there To start off this look, I'm going to show you sunglasses which are from Target

Next I have my swim cover up which I got from H&M which has a really cute lace detailing on the bottom which just makes it even better (pop music) Okay, I'm going to be completely honest, I'm not sure why I'm wearing this swim cap from Nordstrom, but I totally am And yeah, so there is that (laughs) And now for my swimsuit, I found this really cute cherry top from Kingdom & State And my favorite part about this swimsuit is the peplum, because it's super flattering

So this swimsuit top came with the options of high waisted cherry bottoms, but I went ahead and bought some red ones from Target that matched perfectly with this top (pop music) – [Brooklyn] And for my last more sophisticated look, I'm wearing sunglasses from Steve Madden which I bought from Nordstrom And an awesome gold hat that I also bought, from Target And then my white cover up is from Kohl's, it is the Lucky brand and it's super comfy It feels like kind of like a towel, actually, so it might just soak up the water from your swimsuit really well

And then my swimsuit, it's got a checkered top and a checkered bottom and it is high waisted and it's got this cute gold zipper, which I absolutely love It is from Kingdom & State And that's a wrap, people – Thank you guys so much for watching this video, we had a ton of fun filming it Also, our goal for like support this video is 60,000, so give it a thumbs up! Yes

– And be sure to follow Bailey and I on Snapchat at brookandbailey – We finally got one! – Yes we did, so you guys can check out our story and do whatever So be sure to go follow us, and we'll see you guys next week – Bye (in unison) (pop music) – It was so much fun Oh

– Watch it, you almost spilled smoothie on the only picture I have of my dad that's ripped in half – Well you almost ruined the only picture that I have of my mom (pop music) – First things first, when I wake up in the morning I got (laughter)

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