Surviving College Finals *cries*

♪ Give it your all ♪ ♪ Drop your control ♪ – Alright, just a forewarning In this video, I probably will never put make up on and I will probably wear this sweater or some sort of big, baggy sweater the majority of the week because that's just kinda how finals week goes

You know, you get zero sleep, you're studying night and day so it's gonna be a lot of this hair, a lot of blank, bare faces, beautiful, natural beauty and clothes that are possibly like a 90 year-old grandpa But that's okay because everyone on campus understands You walk around and you see people looking like you know, they just got all these blankets and they're just huddling and they have a book in front of their face, that's like 90% of people that are in finals week So you're pretty used to just seeing everybody in their like worst possible state But this whole week, like leading up to finals week has been really stressful

You can feel the stress and like, anxiety on campus and it's kind of sad cos you feel like you have so much to do and not enough time to do it and then you're saying goodbye to all your friends cos like, for us it's Christmas break So it's gonna be a really intense week and you'll see us go through that right now Hello friends! So today is Wednesday, November twenty something I can't remember right now 28th I think? Finals week is not supposed to start until December 6th but lucky for me, I have some classes that decided to have early finals so I am taking my theater final right now It's online, so it's gonna be super easy

And then I am also taking one of my business finals tomorrow morning so that's two finals that I am getting out of the way immediately early next week before finals weekend starts I am taking another finals and I only actually have two finals, the 6th and the 7th so it's kinda confusing Five finals altogether Three of them will be done by the start of the 6th next week so that's what I'm about to do Anyway, to update you guys, there you go

And would you look at that! 100 on that final exam for fine arts theater Boom guys Alright so I just woke up and went to get some packages from the mail room and I get this little package from my mom Good luck on final exams! And it's got all this stuff in it I will show you all It's got all of these like, healthy snacks and like, destressing snacks and veggie chips

Hmm All these teas and fruit juices Portable cup That's so sweet! Thanks mom! Hello, yes, it is still Wednesday, November 28th yes, I'm still here sitting on the couch because now I am studying for my business class and I can't tell if I'm like, upset at the fact that I have finals before the week of finals It's like they literally set aside days specifically to take finals I can't tell if I'm upset about that or if I'm happy that it's happening because then I get to go home earlier because I don't have finals the week of finals? I don't know if that makes any sense I hardly have any finals the actual week of finals week

I also have like, three finals in the next two days so, catch your girl studying hard! Alright ya'll, it is 10:30 in the morning and it is time for us to take our religion final Okay so our religion professor is thebombcom and our final is literally just a group essay And it's like one or two pages long and it's answering the simplest of prompts about how the text applies to us It's super duper easy

We just get to do it in our group It is 10:30 and it is 36 degrees outside so our group opted to all just get on a shared Google doc and answer the prompt So this is probably the chillest final I'll ever have I don't even have to go anywhere, I don't have to really do much of anything I can stay at home in my pajamas on the couch in a blanket, eating snacks and still answer and finish my final which is the best

I will hopefully get an easy A (upbeat music) I'm at home with a face mask about to make hot chocolate We're just chilling (laughs) It's the best and our final is just like getting complete over Google Drive I think there's 13 of us in the group writing it right now so, easy peasy, done

Best final ever It totally makes up for the other really stressful ones I have this week So hopefully this face mask does wonders for me and my stress Okay, good morning you guys I just got back from my second final

So you guys remember I'm out of breath cos I just walked up the stairs Why is this like this? I have four flights of stairs in my defense so welcome

Okay so, yesterday I took my theater final and then this morning I had my business final, one of them I only have one, the other class doesn't have a final Check that's another final off the list and it was a piece of cake so I'm pretty sure I just got somewhere above a 95 on it Now I only have three more finals I think to take Guess who's studying this weekend and then kick-starting it next week? It is like hour what like 15? – [Friend] For the three of us specifically, probably like 16 or 17

– 16 or 17 of studying for pre-cal This is what it looks like This is what it looks like all this fun stuff I haven't even eaten today and my exam is in half an hour I've studied for like, three days straight

Wish me luck, pray for me Hopefully it goes well I studied pretty much all night for my pre-cal exam today and it was not necessarily the most enjoyable thing I've ever done but I'm feeling a lot better about it I got up this morning at I think nine and I got right to work, started studying again I went through this review, my math review

It's like literally so many pages long Look how enjoyable this looks guys of just like math And then I also went through every single one of my tests again Yes, it has been quite the past 24 hours but I do have the exam in exactly an hour Wish me luck

I don't know, I hope I get a good grade but I decided to wear this sweater that says chill because I'm really not chill right now and I was hoping that it would make me feel chill About to take a pre-cal exam Freaking out a little (suspenseful music) (screams) I just got back from the breakout final Nope

(laughs) It did not go well It's not that it necessarily went horrible, I think I passed I just There were stuff on there that I've never seen before (sighs) I'm a little disappointed cos I studied really hard Luckily, I have a good grade in the class that's the only thing that matters But look at how rainy it is outside too Like ya'll, today is just one of those days that's just bleh Okay I'm on to exam two for the day

I'm studying for astronomy Don't tell my mom but I haven't looked at the material at all until now So, two hours before the exam – [Friend] When the sun leaves the main sequence, it will next become a – I don't know (laughs) – [Friend] Binary stars are used to measure – Distance Ugh temperature (laughs) – [Friend] That's the end of that page – We're gonna try our best

Although I think that my pre-cal exam went well So that's a good thing So now I'm just studying I printed off all the past tests and everything So I spent about 16 hours studying for pre-cal and I have spent zero studying for astronomy But the bright side is that it's just a super easy class

The teacher gave us all of the material we needed Not super stressed And it's my last final which means I don't have to worry about anything else after this so, yeah What's up you guys? So it is currently I think 1:35 in the morning and I'm still studying for my science test You can see all the papers here I really love the papers

It's definitely gonna be a really hard test This is the one I was most worried about just because we had no specification as to what this final was going to be over and we covered a ton of material So I've been trying to memorize like over 3000 powerpoint slides plus all the textbook chapters plus all the homework assignments and literally every volcano on this planet earth My brain is about to explode (explosion) and yet I still don't feel fully prepared for this final At this point, I'm just gonna go to bed

My final's at 9 o'clock in the morning Love that Look at how fun this looks But yeah so after this exam tomorrow at 9 o'clock I think ends at 11, we're packing up Before we leave for break we have to unplug all of our fridges, and all of our stuff, and clean up our room and all this stuff like that and then pack for basically a month because we're going home for Christmas

We don't come back til January So we're full on practically moving out for a month and then moving back in But, please just send prayers because I am really worried about this test Yeah, your girl's great just a little aah Just a little aah

Alright, I'm headed to that final that I'm literally dreading, I'm literally hyperventilating I am so nervous for this final It's like 8:35 I think and my final's at nine and I'm just going early so I can talk with some of my other classmates and figure out any last minute details I need to know And I also have my umbrella cos it's raining outside and you know last minute study habits This is what breakfast looks like during finals week when you have to get there at 8:30, you just forgot to eat something Yay Okay I just left my science exam

It went pretty well Just kinda one of those things where I got the grade I needed I'm gonna keep the B in the class And that's that We're gonna be happy with that whatever it is We're done! No more finals I can go home now Hallelujah

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