Swapping Houses with College BOYS for 24 Hours

– Press the red button It's recording, you're going, do it, do it! – What's up, guys? (laughter) – [Jeff] You hit him with the glasses

Hey YouTube, my name is Brooklyn McDay and I'm here to make yours (excited yelling) (upbeat music) – Okay you guys, so Brooklyn and I and our roommates are filming a video right now where we are switching houses with some of our guy friends So, there are eight of them Eight boys that live in one house Eight boys that live in one house, and we have to go live in that

We're at least gonna sleep there, cooking dinner, all that kind of stuff They're coming here and sleeping in our bed and eating our food So I'm currently packing my bag so that I have at least like my bathroom stuff and my charger, my makeup bag for their house but like, I don't know how this is gonna go This is gonna be very interesting We have to leave you, poor Finn

– [Brooklyn] Bye Finny, are they gonna take care of you? – They're gonna take such good care of you, right? – [Brooklyn] Are they? There might be a few accidents in the house, but that's okay, that happens a lot We're going to turn the baby on and hide it, so they don't know and it just starts screaming – [Brooklyn] They just hear a baby crying and have no idea why – [Bethany] Let's hide the keys (laughter) Maybe we can write a riddle! – We should write a riddle

– To where the keys are (record scratch) – [Brooklyn] This is goodbye for the night – Oh no – [Brooklyn] That's goodbye for the night! We are officially going to the boys', wish us luck – Hey guys, I'm Kade, there's Jeff

– Tell us, what do you recommend? – I recommend a peanut butter and jelly sandwich dipped in ranch dressing – No – It's delicious – First impressions, there's a very distinct, individual scent that each room has, one is peppermint, one is caramel candy, one is like, antique store And then I can't find the fourth one yet

(record scratch) – Oh, that's so gross – [Bailey] We've made it to the house, it's so dark you can't even see This is where we are staying for the night – Girls switching houses with boys from college, ah! This is like luxury I don't– – [Bailey] Yeah (laughs)

– This isn't even a real plant – Status update, the fourth bedroom smells like my great aunt, so you guys have got it figured out – [Bailey] 'Kay, here we are! This is so cute! – [Bethany] We need a log cabin– – When this was built! They built this wall themselves – [Bailey] This is so cool – Uh, we've got a urine situation

– [Austin] Uh, who urinated? – [Kade] The dog – [Austin] Oh, the dog – [Kade] I'm assuming the dog, I don't think it was me – [Austin] Hopefully – Not to roast you, like, before I actually know you, but none of your plants are real

Just sayin', most of 'em are succulents, you just put in water in it like once a month (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Bailey] Oh my gosh, first day they moved in – [Bethany] There are seven boys that live in this house – [Bailey] I thought it was eight – No, seven boys, and seven boys living in our four-person house

– [Brooklyn] Ooh, mac n cheese! (gasps) – [Bailey] Oh my gosh, so much mac and cheese! – They have so much oatmeal How much oatmeal do you need? This is such important (chuckles) – [Austin] Why is it that color? Look at this color! – [Jeff] Dude, they got ice cream, bro They got a lot – they got Ben and Jerry's, bro – Can we talk about how they froze their butter? You're not supposed to freeze butter

– I can't believe– – Wait, okay, let's keep – oh, there's a secret drawer What's in the secret drawer? Nothing – I'm gonna count all the succulents – One, two, three, four, five, Christmas succulent – [Bailey] In the secret drawer

– [All] Love you! – Aw, that's so cute! – [Kade] You missed a very important one – Eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 – [Bailey] 'Kay, wait, I was expecting like dirtiness but it's like really actually not bad at all – [Brooklyn] It's not so bad! – [Bethany] They made their beds? – [Bailey] Well, this one didn't make his bed (laughs) But this one did, and this one kinda did

– 13, 14, 15 – Oh my gosh, they have candy, just like our house! I just really am in love with these boys Except for I have a boyfriend, but like, in the friend kinda way, you know what I– – Bailey's in love with another man? – No! (laughs) – [Jeff] Can we talk about how they froze their butter? Are you allowed to freeze butter? Whoa, frozen Kit Kat, I'm really sorry guys, I'm taking it – [Kade] That's all right, I've always kinda wondered about toaster strudels – [Jeff] That's for breakfast, bro

– [Bailey] Oh, oh, what is this? Boys have the weirdest things in their house sometimes (gasps) They have a Bop It! (slowed down) (gasps) They have a Bop It! – My head doesn't fit in – [Boy] Is he here yet? (chuckles) – They have– – [Bailey] Why? – Washing my body as I use my chainsaw – First of all, they have a chainsaw Second of all, they have a Jacuzzi tub! – [Bailey] They have a Jacuzzi tub? – [Brooklyn] What? – I don't know what's going on

– [Bailey] I have so many questions – Ah! That's how it's done, folks – [Bailey] What is it with boys and flags on the walls? Is that just like– – That is the only way boys know how to decorate their room – That is so true – [Bailey] That's so true

– If you're a boy watching this and you're offended, it's because you probably have a flag hanging up in your room (laughter) – [Kade] Aw, it's a dog! – We're all gonna go into a different room and try on an outfit that we pick out from their closet (laughs) – This is gonna be fun – [Bethany] So I have to wear something, that has to do with Baylor campus Rec staff

These are the bottoms, let's see the look So this is my final outfit Oh, these shorts Oh, here is the hat We got a Baylor fan here, ladies and gentlemen

– I look like I belong in New York City Oh brr, it's cold but I'm a businessman – Stop spraying Poo-Pourri (guitar music) Get some dramatic music for this Poo-Pourri fight (dramatic guitar music) (falsetto singing) – All right, I am hunting through Jeffrey's closet, (laughs) and there's like three shirts, oh my God

It's the iconic suit, I have to wear it What is this? Is this a scarf? Jeffrey, what outfits do you have in here? (laughs) – [Cameraman] Wait, you're hiding in the closet right now from my roommate, you're wearing his pants? Don't be! – [Bailey] The basic storyline is that we were trying to see y'all's clothes and we were gonna have a fashion show and Tina comes out and she's wearing his pants She just sprinted outta there (laughter) – Do you need someone of us to come home? – [Bailey] No, we're fine, we're fine, we just thought that you would think that's funny (record scratch) – [Cameraman] Oh, they hung up on us! Are we getting their clothes? Let's go boys! Get some clothes

– [Elias] I don't really wanna wear their clothes, gotta be honest – (whispers) I was in the room changing clothes (laughs) and I'm wearing his roommate's shorts! (laughter) Oh! – So, some backup context behind what just happened, one of the roommates was running late, and we decided to try on their clothes, and Tina's in his closet, with her pants on the ground, with his clothes on, and she, instead of saying anything, just ran out of the room – That's the worst thing that's ever happened – Oh, I – okay, hi– – You guys, I am happy to report that Brooklyn and Bailey have, out of the kindness of their hearts, um– – [Elias] Oh my gosh – You found the baby, now find the keys to turn it off

You'll definitely need a crew – [Elias] Actually, all you have to do is– The bottom floor is where I lie but don't look low, my friends look high In 1989, the US Cabinet was created, when you find these keys I'm sure you'll be elated – [Elias] Oh no, bro! – Wait a second – [Elias] It wasn't there, it was– – Dude, Elias

– [Jeff] Don't pretend boys are dumb! (upbeat music) (slowed down) My head doesn't fit in here – [Brunette With Backwards Hat] Get the keys! – Where the frig are they? – [Brunette With Backwards Hat] Right there! – Where? – [Brunette With Backwards Hat] They're right there! – Where? – [Elias] Go on, you've got it, hey How can you not see them? – [Jeff] Oh my God, there they are, we've got 'em – Got them, ha! – Will it like, there's not – is it on? – [Elias] Pull the thing out Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh! – [Kade] Cover it up – [Jeff] What the heck is the– (baby crying) – [Elias] That's why we're putting it back in their house, in our house 10! – [Kade] Here's what we do, we go to our house and put it in our drier – [Elias] No, we have to do a more creative one – [Austin] I burped it, I burped it, I burped it

– [Elias] Though we keep the keys – [Austin] Crying – [Kade] It wants attention – [Austin] I'm giving it attention! (laughs) – (screaming) Oh my God! (slowed down screaming) That's it, I'm going home! (laughter) – [Brooklyn] It's not real – Straight up, I'm freakin' out

– That one's an L, but we're gonna get him, let's go – [Cameraman] We're running to our house – [Austin] All right, Operation Broccoli and HayBailey is underway – [Cameraman] Why'd they take our house? I just wanna sleep in my bed – [Austin] We're takin' it back, we're takin' it back, boys– – [Cameraman] That's a runner

– [Austin] We're takin' it back! – [Bailey] Bethany's outfit, oh cute (imitating guitar) – [Bailey] Oh, nice – Thank you – We're trying to break in to get behind the door to turn off the breakers, and we don't have a plan past that– – [Cameraman] Is that where we're stealing their car? – We are going to steal their car after that – [Bailey] Tina, your turn! (breaker flips) (yelling) – [Tina] That was on purpose, that was on purpose! – [Bethany] No way

– [Bailey] Oh my gosh! (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] Ooh – [Tina] New York – [Bailey] Oh (laughs) my gosh – [Bethany] Skater boy – [Bailey] Oh my gosh! – [Cameraman] (whispers) We have to get ready for 'em

Austin, shut the door, shut the door No, the other one, the other one It's the– (breaker flips) Go, go, go, go, go Go, go, go Go, go, go

– [Bailey] Okay, so, the lights have been randomly going on and off, like, we think they came in through this door, so this door is getting locked (locks door) No more coming in and flipping the breakers, boys Yeah, they're tryna prank us but we know our way around a breaker (dramatic music) (muffled laughter) – The lights just went off again, we think that someone's still in the house – [Bethany] Is that your Jeep? – [Bailey] That's my Jeep

– [Bethany] Why were the lights on? They have your keys – [Cameraman] We got 'em, boys Oh, there they go – [Austin] There they go – They just took our car! They just took our car! No, there they go! – [Bethany] Our car! – They literally just took our only transportation

– [Cameraman] We uh, we're now locked out I feel like– – [Jeff] Elias! You locked us out? What do we have do to get in? – [Cameraman] Hello – Okay, goodnight – We have decided, due to everything that has happened tonight, that instead of sleeping in their rooms by ourselves, we're all sleeping in the living room like a giant slumber party I got this couch, Bethany's got that one, I think she's already asleep

Brooklyn's over there, there's Tina Hopefully, they don't try and keep pranking us 'cause it's literally 3:30 in the morning, (whispers) and we're all so tired (energetic music) – Well good morning, guys It's ya boy, Kade I'm making some toaster strudels

They are delicious Been just chilling this morning, taking care of the pup Hello I think that I slept in the most comfortable bed ever last night I just laid down, and suddenly I was like, on a cloud

– We're not giving it back, we're living here forever You know who doesn't get enough recognition? Bethany and Tina – Yeah, shout-out to Bethany and Tina – Over and out – Good morning, everyone

We survived (chuckles) We look like little girls coming back like early morning from a sleepover This is what we get for letting the boys steal our car last night – [Brooklyn] I came in and I'm like, buckled in Bailey's goldfish, nice and safe It's almost gone, too

Tina looks like she has PTSD – I just think our house is so much more relaxing – [Brooklyn] Time go to home! Bye! (upbeat music)

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