Tacky Christmas Sweater Exchange | Brooklyn and Bailey

(Holiday music) – [Voiceover] Don't forget to enter our giveaway if you want to try and win of of the two MacBook Airs The link will be in the description box below

Go check it out (holiday music) – [Unison] Hey, guys – It's Brooklyn and Bailey and our entire family is here with us today – What? And were going to be doing kind of like a Christmas Sweater Challenge Exchange thing And so we're going to be opening those for you on camera right now

But, before we even do that, be sure to check out out other channel, Squared – The link to that channel will be in the description box below and also don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you like watching our videos because we love you all So, let's get started – Who's first? – That's me, and I had Paisley, yay You get your sweater

– Open it – Oooh – Is it ugly or cute? – Hashtag – Cute (laughter) – Aw, you lost

(upbeat music) – I'm going to Daxton – Daxton – Ugh! – A unicorn barfing – I had Rylan Rylan, here's your sweater

– It's heavy – This is gonna be good – [Voiceover] Oh, yeah, woohoo (bells chiming) – Da, da, da, da, da, Kamri (laughter) – Thought it was coming for my face

(upbeat music) – There's a thingy on the back – Look at that poor cat – What is it? – What is in it's hand? – It's a socket It got electrocuted – Oh, it's getting electrocuted

– Let me see – That's the saddest Christmas sweater I've ever seen – Oh, that's so mean (upbeat music) – Daxton is to Bailey – This is not flowing well already

– What, that's not that bad – That's not that bad It's kind of cute – Look, look – Santa's reaching for them

– Like in Toy Story where it's like your impending doom – Yes (laughter) – So, this is mine – Sweater time – Oh, it's so cute

– Oh, that's cute – That's not ugly at all – Oh my gosh – That's so cute – That might have won the cute one

– Five Kamri for cute – Yeah, that's cute – Thank you, Kamri – Mindy is up I got her the tackiest, ugliest sweater I could find

– She was really scared about this – Aw – [Voiceover] So, what do you think? In the running for cutest sweater? (upbeat music) – Ok, I had Mr Shaun – I get the biggest

– Oh, it's heavy – Well, I think it was technically Paisley that had you, but obviously – Ok, did you buy me this sweater? – That meant me – Yeah dad, she bought it herself – Oh my

– This is awful (laughter) [Voiceover] Cute – So cute, awesome, so cute – [Voiceover] Suspenders (upbeat music) – So, I couldn't decide between that one and the other one that's in the bag

– There's another one – Oh, I get two? – Yeah – Throwing up unicorn – Throwing up actual sparkles – No, it's not sparkles

It's, like, bedazzled – Yeah, it's bedazzled – Bedazzle vomit – So, me and Rylan have one last surprise – For this guy, Braidy

[Voiceover] Braidy (cheers) – Look at your Christmas sweater You get a Christmas sweater, too My ugly X-mas sweater – [Voiceover] Aw, adorable

(upbeat music) – Comment below on whose Christmas sweater you thought was the ugliest and whose was the cutest I think everybody had cute and ugly Christmas sweaters, personally – Mine – No, it's mine – Mine, mine

– Ugliest was Daxton's – Ugliest was Rylan's – Rylan's, for sure – I thought this one was pretty bad – Ugliest is Daxton's

– I don't know Comment below on who you think won both of them The link to Squared will be in the description box below Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and our new channel Squared and we'll see y'all next week – Bye

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