– After drying for at least an hour? – What? – Remove slowly (chuckles) – Okay, oh my gosh

I'm nervous! – [Bailey] This is intense – Hey, guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey – And we have a special guest with us today – Hi, it's Laura Lee! – Oh my goodness Today is gonna be so exciting with our special guest

So today's video, of course, has something to do with makeup because we have the makeups specialist here with us – I love it! – We are trying out three different products They're crazy, wild, something we'd never probably try in real life and I don't think will work, but that's just my opinion, personally – They're probably gonna end up as fails, but who knows? Maybe they're gonna end up– – We're a little skeptical – Yeah, just a little

– But we have high hopes I have high hopes – But fun fact before we get on the video, we actually started our channel three days apart – Yes, I started March 14th and they started– – March 17th – The same year

– Yeah – It's wild – Three days later, we're all just like, "Let's start a YouTube channel!" – I know, so that's kinda fun fact – All right, let's go – You ready? – We're gonna do mine first

So, I'm gonna (chuckles) explain what it is It's called the three second eyebrow stamp So, literally, you open it up and they have two spongy stamps for shapes of the eyebrows – That's so generic of a shape – Her little bitty face and that brow is that long

– It's gonna be this big – It's gonna end up as one giant unibrow – One big brow – The pictures make it look so perfect on the back – There's no way

There's no way it's that perfect – All right – Oh – Oh, it has a little fancy spoolie with it – Oh, and that brush? Okay

– This is the arched brow, and hers is the– – The more straight brow, which is kinda sorta like my brows So I think that might work best – It is kinda sorta like your brow – So it has a left– – Mine's neither of them – -and then a right eyebrow

(Laura laughs) So now we have the brown – It looks like powder Why did I think it was cream? – What if it doesn't match? – It looks dark – (laughs) It does look dark – Okay, stamp the brow

Place it on – She's getting a little rubbing action – There you go – Okay There– (all exclaim surprise) – My gosh! – Now that's an eyebrow

– Oh my gosh It's gonna be so bad – [Laura] Ah, it's so big – Wait – What did it do? – Wait! – Wait

– I mean, it isn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be It's not great – Should we rub it more? – It looks like we painted your face – Okay, get the end on there – Oh, there we go

– Did we get, oh! – I mean– – I mean– – I don't hate it! It just didn't really come off – It's just not really dark filling in – We're gonna try the other one – So we give it a little rub Like that, maybe? Oh, nope, more, more, more

(Brooklyn giggles) Whoo! – It's so big It's gonna not fit the shape of your eyebrow – I know I feel like I'm about to put a caterpillar on you Okay, here we go

I'm gonna go from– – [Brooklyn] What? It just looks like you painted your face – (giggling) It does! – It's so bad – It's not good – Perfect Instagram brow! – Ooh! – In one second – Perfect, ready to go

– Or three seconds – Three seconds – Three second brow – I guess if you had the exact shape– – But what are the chances? – -of this little stamp– – Of that happening? – -it might look okay – It might be a guideline for you

– But I feel like it would smear, too – This is a good eyebrow look, y'all – I'd give it a fail – What would we give it out of 10? – Out of 10? – Ooh? I give it a four – Yeah

– So it's a fail – Whaa, whaa (disappointing trombone music) – Okay, time out! Before we go on to the next product, you guys, subscribe to Laura's channel by clicking the button right down below, the link in the description box – Do it, do it, do it – Go subscribe, she's awesome

Her channel's awesome – We're gonna give you guys five seconds to do that – Oh, my god, so sweet! – Five, four, three, two, one – Subscribe – Okay, onto the next product

– All right, next up we have a tattoo eyebrow – [Laura] I dedicated myself to this one (laughs) – We gave Laura this one 'cause neither of us wanted it – We don't wanna try it We don't wanna try it

– You're supposed to put it on and then peel it off, and I feel like my eyebrow would come with it – Nothing, just all hair comes off – Everybody just pray that it's not gonna take it off – Seven-day eyebrows! – I'm about to have these for a week (all chuckling) – Wait, does it legit? After drying for at least an hour? – What? – Remove slowly (chuckles)

So you're gonna– – I'm gonna be wearing these for a while (laughs) – We can get a blow dryer – Yeah We can speed this process up – We can speed this up

– All right – Let's see – It doesn't look too sketchy The packing itself – Yeah

It looks like nice packaging – Oh, it's dark! – What? (screaming) – I'm kinda excited – Okay – I'm always up for a challenge, so – This is gonna be interesting

– Should I just do one brow so we can compare the difference? – Yeah, I would – Yes, I think so – It looks red – It does kinda look like I'm gonna have an auburn eyebrow – Just gonna have one that's red and one that's not

– Awesome – This legit looks like the stuff they use to tint your brows in the actual salon – Okay, guys I think my brows are ready to go for a night out (giggles) It looks pretty good

– Now they just need to dry for the next 60 minutes – And the last product we have is called the Eyeliner Stamp And I've actually heard fairly good results from this product – We have our highest hopes for this one – Yeah

– We do This is the one we thought would succeed – Oh, there's two! – Nice – Wait, what? – Are they different colors? – Oh, wait No, no, no, one's not for left and right, right? – Oh, possibly? – Oh, it might be? Yeah, it is

– Yeah – You're smart – Yep, luckily one of us is – I feel like me applying this to myself is not gonna go well So, basically, it's like a marker thing with makeup where you can stamp– – Should we try on my hand? – – the wing of the eyeliner

– For fun, to see what's gonna happen? – Oh, that's perfect – Like the little wing for the eyeliner And then it has, on the other side, to draw the rest of your eyeliner on – Maybe you should have someone else do it? – Yeah, I feel like I should let somebody else handle this – 'Cause I feel like this is a bad idea

– All over my face – I'm so scared! I've never done this before and I'm so scared! – She stamps it on her pupil instead – Pah, pah, pah (giggles)! Okay, oh my gosh I'm nervous! – Right there, I think? Yeah – Oh, it's not bad – It looks pretty good

– There's my wing And now we need to draw on the rest of my liner – Okay, now we have to finish it It kinda automatically set it to be slightly thick This is intense

– I know, we're so quiet – It looks good, though, kinda It looks good I mean, you're doing a good job – I'm trying so hard, but she's got a thick wing now

– It definitely makes it a dramatic wing – I feel like it could be a little smoother, and that's my fault – I feel like it's not that bad – It actually looks really, I should clean it up a little but when you open your eyes, it's really pretty Let me see

– It's really pretty – It actually, wait It actually makes a decent wing – It actually makes it pretty quick – I'm like, "I need this (laughs)

" – I know in the locker room at school, 'cause we're on the drill team, they spend 30 minutes getting the perfect wing liner So this might be a valuable investment It took us 10 seconds to do that You could fix it up a little bit, too, if you didn't like it – Yeah, yeah

– I feel like it might actually be a valuable investment – It looks really cute on you, too – Yeah – Oh, thank you – Yes! – Prom look, here I come! 2018

– That was literally a three-second wing liner – That literally was I give this an eight, I would say – Yeah, I'm giving it eight – I'm giving it an eight

– Yeah, this was definitely a fab, guys You should try this All right So we've let it sit for, how long do you think? Maybe like 10, 20 minutes? – Yeah I blew dry it

– Yeah, so there's some, I'm sure it's fine – It's dry – Right? – It's ready to be peeled – We're gonna try it – It also feels hard and crusty like it could just peel right off, so that's good, I'm sure

– I'm terrified – I'm getting nervous I'm afraid it's gonna just rip that eyebrow off – Peeling her whole eyebrow off – That's a great thumbnail (laughs)

– Eyebrowless – You're not wrong! You're not wrong – Oh, get it – Oh – Oh, it's gooey

It's so soft and gentle It's coming off – I'm scared (Laura laughs) (dramatic music) – It did tint my brow – It did tint it

– Wait, actually? – Do you wanna put this on your eyes (laughs)? – Did it take your eyebrows off? – It didn't! Look at that And look, do you see the tint? – [Bailey] It actually tinted – And it doesn't even look bad Wow Okay, I like it

– Well, what the heck? – You can tell the difference – If it sat for another 10 or so minutes, it might be a little bit darker – A little bit darker But I feel like this is also good because if I'm going out without my brows filled in, it just looks like I have a little – Yeah, yeah

– Seems like a little bit of color – I would give this a good seven, I think Seven or eight – I'm going with a seven – I'm gonna, yeah

– I would probably settle on a seven – I feel like I'm gonna use this again – I know, I'm gonna go home and tint my eyebrows – Oh my gosh, we had two out of three? – We had two! – I know! – I did not expect that – Who would have thought? – Just mine, just mine failed

– Some beauty hacks for all of you Yeah, Bailey's horrendous eyebrows – She has a fabulous wing, I got a tinted brow – And I got the great eyebrows (Laura laughs) Okay, so overall, mine was a fail, hers was a fab, and hers was a fab

Your eyeliner specifically looks really good I think, the wing on point! – You guys definitely need to subscribe to Laura She's freaking awesome She's an expert at everything she does So definitely subscribe to her channel by clicking the link in the description box below, or the subscribe button right here on the screen

If you guys wanna check out more of our videos or the video we did on Laura's channel, you can click the box right over there And we will see you guys next week Bye, y'all! – Bye! – Bye!

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