Text Us! 469-205-8005 (yes this is real lol)

– Hello you guys! – Hi! – Hello okay so the title and thumbnail No! That is not a lie

(in unison) It's true! – Accurate – We actually leaked one of our phone numbers – Yes we did so you guys can personally text us We are so literally so excited – It's actually us

– Yes We wanted a better way to like communicate and interact with y'all Answer your questions Just have fun hang out and chat – Have conversations

– The phone number is 469 205 8005 So to repeat that 469 205 8005 So, text that phone number Hang out with us Chat with us Ask questions about anything

– I'm like kind of nervous but I'm so excited 'Cause it just be – Yeah! fun to be able to text – Yeah! y'all personally – I want to get to know y'all better – It is us actually responding to you guys We will actually be having the conversations with you It is actually us

So we'll be able to have conversations with you all We'll be able to just like chat and ask questions It's going to be so fun – It's going to be good! So this is going to be a short video just because we did want to get this information out to you guys as soon as possible and confirm so there were no rumors going around It is actually a real number that we have leaked ourselves

We're so excited! – So text it We'll pop up on the screen what the phone number is Text this phone number and we will be talking to you all later – We'll be responding to you guys – Bye

Muah! (upbeat music)

6 Comments on Text Us! 469-205-8005 (yes this is real lol)

  1. Hi! I was ecstatic to discover your phone number as I love you guys! However, your phone number was confirmed invalid when I tried to reach out. Please help me figure this out as u guys are huge role models for me and I would love to meet you!!

  2. Hey! When I trued to text this number it would not work I was wondering if you could help me so I could be able to text y’all? I love y’all so much!! Thank you!!!!

  3. I love your you tube channel I have been watching you guys for a really long time I hope you guys are having a blessed day

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