The PAUSE Challenge! | TWIN vs TWIN

– [Brooklyn] So ready to do this – A little bit of this

– I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do Pause – No No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no (upbeat music) – Yikes, okay, well

Don't judge the look, I literally just got out of bed Brooklyn and I decided this week that we would film the pause challenge today I don't know if y'all ever heard this It's supposed to be a funny challenge But basically it's like throughout our day-to-day activities Brooklyn and I are going to be having a war

So first of all, you're gonna have to choose whose side you're on Please be on my team, okay? Vote in this poll whose team you're gonna be on for the rest of the video Throughout any of our daily activities, I can walk up to Brooklyn and say pause (record scratches) And she has to literally freeze in the middle of doing whatever action she's doing So she could be showering, she could be peeing, she could be eating, she could be curling her hair

If she's pouring milk it spills all over the floor Stuff like that And then at the end of the video, you guys are gonna have to comment down below who you thought won the challenge, me or Brooklyn Cause we're going to be going against each other Somebody please be on my side

Please Vote for me That is the gist of it So, I'm just gonna go throughout my day, challenging Brooklyn to the best of my ability So everybody wish me luck

So we're going to be using Wii remotes for the whole day That's gonna be my pause remote so I'm honestly so evil, I'm trying to catch Brooklyn She's in the shower right now, I'm gonna try and catch her like right when she gets out of the shower You know when you're like in your towel, and you're dripping wet and you're cold, and all you wanna do is just like quickly throw some clothes on? I'm gonna pause her right then, so that she has to sit there cold and dripping wet

I am literally the worst human ever but let's go (ominous music) Pause (laughs) – Seriously? – Here, I'll open the door so you can have a nice cold drafty wind Bye – How are you gonna just leave me? – Bye, you're paused

Bye Bye You cold? – Ya think? – This is good You can still see the like this is the worst state It's always so cold

Play, or un-pause I guess Bye (yells) – I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do – What? – Pause – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

(upbeat music) – Oh my gosh – [Brooklyn] Pause – Are you kidding? (laughs) He's not moving – [Brooklyn] The light is green – He's not paying attention

Oh my gosh, Brooklyn, they're gonna get so mad at me Oh my gosh, this guy is gonna honk at me – [Brooklyn] I hope they honk – Please, I know, I know, I know, I know I know it's green, I know it's green

He's mad, he's so mad This guy's so mad, oh my god – [Bella] Yeah, he's looking around like – [Brooklyn] It's all getting you – It's red again He's so mad, he's so mad at me

– [Brooklyn] I forgot to unpause you Should I make you wait through another one? (laughs) – No, do not Do not do that, do not do that Do not do that – [Brooklyn] That would be so funny

– It's not, it's not funny This guy would be so mad – [Brooklyn] Should I keep you paused? – No, please do not Please, please, please let me – [Brooklyn] Unpause! (laughs) – There's a cop right there, he woulda been I would've been in so much trouble Pause

(laughs) Let's get all the angles on this wonderful– are you slobbering yet? You drooling yet? Oh, delicious burger You're still eating there How's the food Bella? – It's great – [Bailey] Wow, this food's so tasty, yum Unpause

Are you drooling? – A little My bread is really soggy (upbeat music) – Pause (laughs) Bye – [Bella] See ya

We just left Bailey in the middle of the store We're just wanderin' around now We're gonna give her like five minutes so that a bunch of people can pass her – We're gonna come back and it's gonna be all dropped – Yeah, she's gonna be like crying Wussy

Right now Unpause – Rude (upbeat music) Okay, today it's like 108 degrees, I swear to god I swear guys, like freakin' hot

And I'm gonna pause Brooklyn outside Brooklyn, pause (wind blows) Go, you can, I don't want you in the middle of the road Just stand by the tree You're gonna be standing in the 108 degree weather

– Hello, it's 108 degrees outside, and I have all forms of sweat You can't see it, but um, I'm sweat Sweat, sweat (sighs) This game is, it's gettin' intense people It's gonna get serious

I'm about to get some revenge On the bright side, maybe I'll end up with a tan I have a tan line from my shoes That's a thing That's how long I've been out here

– Brooklyn, unpause! She's so mad at me (kid chatters) – [Bella] We're chillin' in the shade – Hot? – [Bella] How you feelin'? (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Pause I am so ready to do this You moved, that's cheating

– Is this better? – [Brooklyn] No, your shirts not even wet – Oh my gosh, you ruined my makeup! Oh my gosh Fine, fine The challenge has been accepted (dramatic music) – [Brooklyn] Her attempt to dry her face after I just got it soaked

– Okay, we don't have napkins, apparently – [Brooklyn] Desperation at its finest – Dry, dry, dry Pause We'll be right back

I'm getting her back! – I have my phone! – Stay right here, don't move – Did you give her this idea? – [Bella] Nope, she came up with this herself – I have my phone, I washed my hair this morning – [Bella] I'll take your phone, unless you want it to get wet – This – Don't get my hair wet please

– Is for the water – [Bella] Hey, you moved! – You are frozen And a little bit a this – Bailey this is not funny This is not funny

– And a little bit a this (laughs) I'm afraid to unpause you Please don't – That's not even funny – [Bailey] Unpause! – [Paisley] It's getting sented today

– I'll be right back, I gotta pee – [Paisley] The lunch box – Pause I have had this camera on, waiting for the moment when you would need to pee – Are you serious? – I'm dead serious On a scale of one to 10 – Like it was already at like an eight

I can do this – Your, your leg is bouncing Should we, should we run some water? (rushing water noises) Look at the pool, filled with water She's been waiting for the last 10 minutes She's held it, I gotta give her credit, she's held it

– Please let me go to the bathroom – Should we assist in this process? (yells) (laughs) – I, don't squeeze me so hard (laughs) – Should we tickle you? – I'm literally tearing up Please let me go to the bathroom – Where's my remote? Unpause, pause

Okay, unpause – So you guys all know, I have a boyfriend named Asa, but Brooklyn is a single pringle And so, I've been trying to see if I can catch her texting any male human beings and pause her so I can see what they're saying Actually, no just kidding, I'm not gonna read the messages, I just wanna like mess with her Anyway, I don't think she's talking to anyone right now but like literally, I'll take any guy

So I know she's in there texting We're gonna go see (door squeaks) Pause – I already know – You have this guilty face! Look at that guilty face, please tell me, is that a boy? – Yeah

– You're kidding – But it's just a friend You're gonna make this so awkward, I already know what you're gonna do – Give me that – We're literally talking about moving in

– We're gonna send – Bailey, oh, you're gonna make this so bad! – I love you I'm texting with one hand while holding a camera, guys, so I sent I love you I sent I love you, you're not reacting at all I just sent I love you to a boy

– I just like, he's my friend, I love him, I guess it worked – Please respond, I wanna know what he's gonna say You're not freaking out at all – I'm like nervous, ah, he's typing (yells) – What is that, you're friend zoned, he said love you too question mark? You are so freaking friend zoned! – Dude, I friend zoned him, so it's fine

– I'll just say – No don't, don't over, don't – From the depths of my heart Okay, I just said from the depths of my heart He's responding He says hey thanks (laughs) We were joking

Friend zoned! He didn't respond the way I wanted him to – He's not gonna profess his love for me, we're just friends – I was hoping so You're frozen, by the way, you're supposed to be paused You moved

Unpause Dang these friend zones – [Brooklyn] Pause – Why? Don't, I don't want, Brooklyn, please don't pay with, please, please Brooklyn (record scratches) (dramatic music) (laughs) – I got your own, dude But I also got me one

– How much did it cost? – Stole the wallet Unpause (upbeat music) – [Bella] At least it's good (upbeat music)

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