The PAUSE Challenge | TWINS vs ROOMMATES #WithMe

– The Pause Challenge, part two, me, Brooklyn, and the roommates, who are here right now – Woo! – Are you guys ready? Bring it on, bro, I have practice

Come at me – I've been watching your videos in preparation I know what I'm gonna do – Bring it on (upbeat music) – So

– We just drove up to Dallas from Waco, to the twins house – We're about to film the Pause Challenge and they told us we need to be prepared, but we just don't know what we're doing – Our biggest worry right now is we have really heavy suitcases We're about to go on a trip, and my biggest worry is as we walk up these stairs they're gonna pause us but I'm hoping they don't notice – If we get away with it we have to pause them like as soon as

– Oh, 100% – Oh, you know, you know (suspenseful music) – Who was coming? – [Brooklyn] Pause

All of you, I have the power! – [Group] Oh – Oh no, oh no – No, Bailey she got you – [Brooklyn] You got a unibrow – Ah

(laughs) – [Tina] No, no – [Brooklyn] You got a unibrow – No, no, no, I did nothing to you No, no, no, no, no (laughs) Don't do it

Fifth grade, year old me is back – Victory is mine! (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Un-pause (horn music) – [Bailey] Pause (laughs) You're not (laughs) You have to keep pausing

(laughs) Okay, un-pause – That was just bad That was very bad for me Oh – [Tina] Right now

– Tina, please – [Tina] Oh no, oh no, oh no – This is such a waste of water – Okay, un-pause (laughs) – [Bailey] Nope

Delicious I bet – [Bethany] Drippy – [Bailey] We're just gonna chill – [Bethany] So how's your day today, Brooklyn? You good? – [Bailey] How you doing, Brooklyn? Un-pause (laughs) Good? – The tortilla got kind of

– [Bailey] Soggy? – Soggy And also stuck to the roof of my mouth – [Bailey] Oh, ew

– [Brooklyn] Pause – [Bailey] Girl, that's a soup, bro that's a soup, bro that's a – [Bethany] Whoa

– [Bailey] Thank you Oh yes, I'll go clean in the bathroom – [Bethany] There's cars behind us, people are gonna be so mad – [Brooklyn] Oh my, no – [Bethany] Yes

(groans) – [Bethany] And wait until they honk I'm waiting till they honk – Oh my gosh – [Bailey] She did this to me one time with a red stop light – Oh my gosh! People are gonna get so mad

– [Bethany] Do they look mad? Do the people look mad? – [Bailey] I'm waiting for them to go around us – There's so many people behind me – [Bethany] Oh my gosh, there's a line forming – Oh Bethany, I gotta go – [Bethany] Little bit longer

– Please let me go Please let me go before I get in trouble – [Bethany] Now, you can un-pause – [Bailey] Oh, the stress The anxiety

– [Bethany] People are so mad – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh, I had to – So Bailey's in the dressing room right now and she's trying on swimsuits for their Hawaii trip

And I'm gonna have her come out to show me, and then pause her as soon as she walks out, and I take her clothes, and go into the car I don't know if I'll make it to the car though, that's a little mean, a little mean, but we'll see Pause Excuse me ma'am – [Bailey] What are you doing? – [Bethany] Oh, nothing

– [Tina] That's really cute Bailey – [Bethany] I'll see you in the car (laughs) Have fun Bye We out

Okay I feel really bad so I'm coming back, I'm bringing her clothes I feel too bad, but it was a good one Oh hey, how you been? I brought you a present – (mumbles) – Here you go Un-pause

Have so much fun (laughs) – [Bailey] Pause – I don't understand – To give you context, she was trying on a dress in target and now you're just gonna stay in it Oh no, no, no, you don't move

– [Bethany] Me and my signature necklace – [Bailey] Cute look – I tried – [Tina] I think keep it on for the rest of the trip – [Bailey] Girl, you're supposed to be paused

Un-pause So we came across to this Pause you Look at what we have here Oh

Oh The utter other fear in your face right now Hey, how you gonna get in there? – I don't know how I'm gonna fit in there – [Bailey] Let's get you to climb up that and take a good nice little sit – [Bethany] I see the worker

(laughs) – I'm just not gonna fit – [Bailey] Just stay there, pause – This is not a good for me I am not experiencing good things Look at all the employees

– [Bailey] All the employees around are like, "What is going on?" – They're watching me What is happening, I don't like it I've decided I don't like the Pause Challenge – [Bailey] Un-pause – Oh, thank God

– I snuck away cause I wanted to tell you guys my idea While they're checking out I'm gonna pause them and scan something I want So I have to go find something that I want, but looks like something's on them today Pause I hate to do it to you

– I made this plan – [Bailey] Oh look, you're gonna pay for my swimsuit – Oh not the swim, this was literally – [Brooklyn] Don't forget about my candy too – This was my plan, you took my plan – Where's the tag for this thing? – [Tina] I hate to do it to you How did that happen? – How dare you How dare you

– Okay ready – [Tina] Wait Oops – [Brooklyn] You're a full mood right now – I gotta test out my new neck pillow for my plane trip

I look good, I'm stunning Sometimes it hurts to be this pretty, you know – I am going to pause somebody, I don't know who Who ever gets up to go to the bathroom next, cause I'm going to take toilet paper, so that they can't use the toilet paper, so they're stuck on the toilet until I bring the toilet paper back So I've got a great a grand old time planned, for somebody that decides they needed to go to the bathroom

Bethany – [Bethany] Yeah? Pause Do you mind opening the door, I wanna show you Please hand me the toilet paper – [Bethany] No! – Now she's stuck, paused in the bathroom, with no toilet paper

(evil laugh) I'm sorry, say that again – [Bethany] I said, I need toilet paper! This is just evil What am I supposed to do? – [Brooklyn] Bethany, I have a present for you – [Bethany] You do? – [Brooklyn] It's been 10 minutes I'm so kind, you're welcome

– [Bethany] Thank you – Use it wisely – [Bethany] I will – [Bethany] Tina, pause – Oh, you hate them

– [Bethany] Ha ha, ha ha You gotta hold your hand up there forever – You're working with them – [Bethany] I'm gonna send a text Can I? – Yes

– [Bethany] Give me this – Oh yes, that does it – [Bethany] Yeah, don't leave this part in Oh that's such a cute picture, Tina Good thing I'm not sending it

– Horrible – [Bethany] And Tina still has her arm up and I'm just gonna put your phone back Just keep holding that baby – I hate you

– [Bethany] I'll un-pause you later Tina's been here for ten minutes like this, with her phone in her arm – My hand – [Bethany] I think I'm gonna be nice and un-pause you – Thank you

– [Bethany] Un-pause, me pretending to hit a remote – Oh my goodness – [Bailey] Pause Good boy No, no, sit, sit, sit

Stay Pause He's like, "What the crap is going on?" Bye Finn, you're doing so good Un-pause Come here baby

Oh, you're doing such a good job Good boy, good boy Can you pause me right here, please? – Doing what? – Laying down (laughs) – That's funny, I like that one – [Bailey] Are you not gonna do it? – Pause

(laughs) – Yes Goodnight everyone (laughs) (sneezes) – Bless you (upbeat music) – Ou, ou

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