The TRUTH About Sororities!

– [All] Hey guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey and we're here with our friend ♪ Hannah! ♪ – Hello – And a few other friends and today we're gonna be filling you in on kind of what a sorority is

– Yes, the details behind it– – Because a lot of people don't know so we thought we'd fill you in in this video – But before we get onto that, ♪ Our spring collection launches today ♪ – We have our stampers, which I know have been long anticipated, I'm wearing a few of them on my face – Yes – right now – We've been teasing them a lot and you guys have been like literally when are these coming out? Then we have corduroy scrunchies which are a new version of our scrunchies

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– Today we're sipping the Sorori-tea – Tell me what sorority – [All] Oh, what? – This is not how frat boys talk at all (laughs) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, I'm Brooklyn Obviously you know that But I am a freshman in Chi O, I'm a new member

– It's Bailey, you know me, and this is my Big, Anna Joy – And I'm Hannah Rose, I'm a senior at Baylor, and I'm in the sorority Tri Delta – I'm Dana, and I was an Alpha Omicron Pi at Texas A&M University – Hey, I'm Ari, I am a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated at Texas Christian University – We're here because we are old – But, we're wise, and we're old

– I don't know if I'm wise, but I'm here – So, we're gonna be answering some assumptions you guys have about sororities, and I don't know which ones my team holds, so we're about to go look at them and react naturally – "What even is a sorority?" – [Both] That's a great question – I think we should clarify that – A sorority is a group of girls who are like-minded, I feel like? – Mm-hmm and you're just similar in personality, and in morals, and– – Different for every sorority, but they kind of follow basic rules, but also traditions, that's what makes it a sorority and makes it unique from other ones – Yeah

Okay, number two, Okay, so this is an assumption somebody asked, that "You have to swear to secrecy like in Pitch Perfect" – (Laughs) Oh, my gosh! – Yeah – Yeah, kind of, yeah – You should It's part of what makes it special

– There's not like a (demonic voice) if you don't do this you're gonna die! – I feel people think that it's like this big secret thing and there's like rituals – [Both] and there's like hoodies and black cloak – It's nothing like that – It's not like a secret society (laughs) – No – It's just this thing that's a bond between you and your other sisters

You don't want everyone to know about it It just something that stays in the fam – Okay this one says that "You are just paying for friends" (laughs) – I hate this question so much– – Here she goes

– so much let me explain something to you – No – You can't buy friends – Are you paying for friends when you're on a high school sports team, cause you're paying to be there too

It's not the same – No matter what organization you're in, you have to pay dues and you have to pay to be a part of it, which is exactly what a sorority is as well – You have to pay for like if you're in a house you're paying for rent for the sorority house, like at Baylor we're paying for rent, we're paying the light bill, you're paying for different things, like you're going to get your jersey for fall – Activities Like dances – Yeah, exactly

– Where do you think the money comes from to do our event? – And also everyone chose to be there You went through this whole process and so it's like you're kind of automatically friends with these people It's not like you go there and you pay so you can meet people you already know them – It's not like sliding $20 under the table like hey, be my friend – But you have to put in the effort

You have to show up to the events, you have to join the sisterhood, you have to put yourself out there, and you have to make the friends Emphasis on make Okay, I'm sorry – This one says "Some people think some sororities are more 'popular' than others" – [Both] Uh? – It's like again, the people you wanna be around

– That's, specifically for Baylor I've found that that's not very true – They are ranked, so there's tiers Like top bottom and middle, kind of like an Oreo – And it's just like some are bigger, more people are more involved in them, or nationally they're probably more well known – It's just based on what you fit with

– "They're dumb" (laughs) – "You just squeal/scream every time you see each other" – Me! – We have! – But that's super true, and I'm the stereotype and I'm obnoxious about it You? Okay – That's not the energy I'm giving

At the beginning, I was a little passive, but now I'm all for it, 100, 1,000%, so yes, I'm a little extra – That's kinda true – Sorta true? – Cause you're excited to see each other we're like there you are! – But I do that with my friends that aren't in sororities, we're like (screams) – We do that, but it's just excitement– – Yeah, okay, guilty – Oh, here's a fun one, "All of them are white girls

" – Hi, hello How's it going? That's the thing, I'ma keep it 100 with y'all, I'm not white – I am (both laugh) – Now, but here's the thing, there's actually a lot of different councils because back in the dizzay, the whole civil rights and inequality thing, they created their own network, but it is inclusive, but some common people that you might know and I hope you've heard of that are part of Divine Nine, or the National Pan-Hellenic Organization is like Martin Luther King Junior, Travis Scott King, Michael Jordan, Shout to my boy's fans – Wait, really? – Yes

Shaq – What? – Steve Harvey, Alicia Keys, yep – There's more than I knew – When they choose a girl they choose her based on her race and body type – Well, obviously Brook and I are not the same body type – No

– so that's not true – We're just not the same people! – No, no! – It's not? – No – Inevitably, sometimes weird stuff happens, especially with social media you hear like horror stuff and like movies don't help, but it's not the organization as a whole Sometimes, bad people make it through and it's just those people It's not reflective of what everyone thinks or what everyone believes

– One of the reasons we like Chi O so much specifically at Baylor was because there were intermixed races, different colors, backgrounds, the ethnicities, all the things – Yeah – "Everyone in them are super basic and hazing is still very much a thing" I'm really basic, but we're not all super basic – Like me

– Hazing is not a thing and if it is you need to report it If you're hazed, you report it – Hazing is super not a thing in Pan- Hellenic, it's super against the rules – Hazing means somebody can require you to do something on the basis that you have to do it to– – [Both] Be in the organization – And you don't wanna do it So a lot of times hazing will be very serious

It'll have to do with drinking or body shaming, or sometimes it can literally be like Anna Joy tells me I have to go get her a water bottle now or I'm not going to get into Chi O – Dana,(coughs) get me some toast, and some water chilled to 37 degrees – Okay, do you want jelly or anything? – No jelly right now – Okay, I'll go – Chi O won't let the girls tell you what to wear, they can suggest you wear certain things, but you don't have to do it – No

because they consider that hazing – All right, seriousness over, back to this – "They give to charities or are with frat boys and the girls that get sorted to houses based on their personalities which is pretty much Hogwarts" – Hogwarts like Harry Potter? – You know I've never seen Harry Potter? – What? – I've seen the one scene like a million times, but – Which one? – Like I don't know which "house" I'm in – Oh, I do, I'm a hufflepuff – Is that good news? – No (Laughs) – (Laughing) Hogwarts! – That was a lot to take in

– Where's the hat? – Okay, let's go from the beginning "They give to charities" – [All] True "They are with frat boys" We do events with frat boys

– We don't have a hat, we don't base off of personality, none of that – There is an element of your personality playing into it, – [Both] but that's would be really cool, – I think I would be down for that – I'd be very interested to see what I get – [Both] Oh, what? – "Some people believe that their secret rituals conflict with Christianity or Christians cannot join sororities" – I don't know

What secret rituals that we had first of all what secret rituals we have that– – We don't have any secret rituals (laughs) – We don't have Like we're around the fire like (chants) (laughs)

– We're both Christian – You're good You're safe on that one – We go to a Christian school! – Being a Christian it's actually been better for me to be in a sorority because I have people that encourage me It's one of those things that sometimes you need someone to pray with you

They'll do that for you, so it has nothing to do with religion at all, but you can be any religion, any race – "They're all like Legally Blonde" Legally Blonde is like the stereotype of stereotypes – Yeah That's where it comes from, that's where these

– That's just not– – [Both] Not what we are – No – We're self made women right here

And if you're looking for that, you'll find it If you're wanting girls like Legally Blonde you'll find them real fast, again it's about the people you're looking for – Which I don't really understand because Elle Woods goes to grad school and then wins the case just to spite her ex, so if that's the stereotype that's fine by me – "People only going to sororities to take cute pics for the 'gram" – That's fair

( both laugh) – Okay, I'll be real, yes and no It wasn't the reason I joined, but it definitely helped I'm not denying that – Pics are gonna happen – "There's always drama and everyone secretly hates everyone LOL

" – Girls are hard Girls, I'll say it– – This could go for any school anywhere, ever – That could go for a normal friend group Middle school, high school – It could go for anybody

– You can't like everyone, but you do have to be nice to everyone – It's not like being pit bulls per se, but it's like a understanding and a mutual respect that you're part of something bigger than yourself and you're working toward a common goal – I wouldn't say I hate anyone in my sorority by any means I wouldn't even say I dislike anyone in my sorority, but I definitely have closer friends than others – Okay, this one says that "they take up a ton of your time

" This one, I would say is true – Cause you choose to do that If they're taking up your time and you're complaining about it – Yeah – [Both] You chose to do it

– Here's the thing, when it comes to getting involved in anything in college or in life, it's a commitment So, gonna take some time in and you're gonna get some stuff out of it – And I'm a theater major and there are some times where I can't go to things, but something I've realized that's really nice is specifically with majors and different things where you can't go to as many events every time I come back, I always say this little like quote is like "it's not where were you, but it's welcome back" And, school comes first – Always

– That's a huge thing is school comes first so if your sorority is starting to conflict with your school, they're like no, we want you to focus on your education first – Yeah, they're like "go, do your thing," Yeah – "They're all just rich girls" That was all the money we had (laughs) – Picks up student loan

(Laughs) – "The girls are all snobs and only care about themselves and guys" – No I don't know how to answer that, that's not true It's not fair to categorize all these girls as one specific type of person when there's so many of us – We're not all snobs, big general statement there

– Can't think about every single person, but as a whole Nah – No, not at all

And we don't all care about boys Come on We're in a sorority and we have girls, so – To hang out and make friends with females – "There's the one rich girl in charge who makes all the rules, everyone answers to her

" How'd you know? it's me, surprise – They're basically organizations and they run like businesses so it's not like just one whole person in charge being like "I wanna do this, I wanna do that" It's like you have to vote and you have to talk about it, and someone has to go again, and somebody has to prove it, then you gotta do paperwork- – It's so much a process It's so boring – It's never gonna be one person and their little agenda

It's really a group kind of thing – Okay, this girl says, "Don't know anything about sororities 'cause we don't have them in the Czech Republic I feel like that's only a US thing, I assume you're apart of a sorority all your life, Like your membership's not over after college" Correct! – Yeah – A statement that is true

– Yes This is a miracle Czech Republic, they know what they're doing, man Way to go – Love Prague

– Sometimes they can even get you jobs and help you– – Yeah, it's networking It's amazing networking Once you're initiated into the sorority, you are in that sorority for life, you are apart of that group for life – Hopefully you guys feel like you've learned something a little bit more about sororities, I thought it was funny – I think it's like good if you're thinking about rushing to watch a video like this and understand what it's like

Go through the whole recruitment process and– – And obviously we can't speak for all schools but at least specifically to Baylor, what we said is how it goes – Exactly – So yeah! We'll see you guys next week And We love y'all so much – [Both] Bye

– You don't wanna do a dirty delta – Dirty Delta? – Tell me what sorority? – Pi Omega – You wanna come to Sigma Alpha Pi party tonight? Yeah, there's gonna be like a DJ – A DJ? – A DJ This is not how frat boys talk at all

(laughs) (upbeat music)

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