TikTok Girls In Real Life | VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, E-Girl

– Well this isn't my normal look – Kind of

– I know that is her home town – No it's not – Basically you guys have probably have guessed we are doing kind of a Tik Tok parody video today, – That is what we are doing – Like the Tik Tok characters you see on Tik Tok – All of it, say like e-girls, soft girls, and VSCO girls are the ones we focused on – Yes, we did

– So – Take a wild guess as to which one I am – Yeah, and which one I am

– It's gonna be hilarious Basically, we just played up all their characteristics and, like, what they would do in real life basically Let's go (upbeat music) – They have launched! They are live! So, we have a pink one, we have this greenish blue They're both like a tie-dye slash marble color

– Literally, you're joking! – We're probably going to sell out today! That's the thing is like if you don't get on there, you're not gonna get 'em – Yeah, you're not gonna get 'em if you don't go now cause they're literally almost gone so get your booty movin – What should I do with my hair? OMG, I have the cutest and easiest hairstyle Takes me maybe five minutes I'll just do that

I don't wear it everyday, people would never notice So cute Oh, perfect, look at that, simplest, easiest, messy bun it's like I just effortlessly woke up (soft upbeat tempo) Oh, I just, something isn't right about this outfit I'm just, you know what, I know what it is

Oh, so much better Shorts, invisible, I knew it, something was wrong sksksksksks And I oop Save the turtles (soft upbeat tempo) (Rock music) – (VSCO girl laughs) – Excuse me? – I just said skskksksk come on So do you like save the turtles or something? Like no plastic plastic straws right? – Yeah – No plastic straws? For all the turtles up in here? – Right – Okay good, do you want some of my scrunchies

You can have this one and that one And oh this one is my favorite Actually wear this one cause this one all my girlfriends would know for sure is mine and oh this one too I can't forget about my fav, my grandma gave me this one Keep that one safe

Um, this one and this one, and I'm gonna leave the last two for myself you know, gotta keep my look going Anyways sksksksksksk see you later! ♪ Lookin for someone not afraid of giving someone ♪ – You're so funny – What? – Do you think I'm cute? – What? – Do you think I'm cute? – What? (crying) Did I do something? (Rock music) Excuse me? Can I help you? – Hi, what can I get you from Starbucks today? – Um, hi, (laughs) I brought my reusable cup today because you know save the turtle anyway was thinking that I would get one of those strawberry acai refreshers but can you make sure that their strawberries are fresh, because I'm kind of allergic to the GMO ones, these have to be very specific strawberries, anyway Also add some extra ice in there and blend it not completely blended but the chunky kind of blended that makes it like a good like form of frappe, oh and also where do source your water from? Because I don't actually drink mountain side water, I only drink lakeside water, just personal preference, you know how that goes It's just how it is, anyway

So are you guys a turtle friendly environment because like I support turtles but I don't really support companies that don't support turtles so that's what it's all about like can you tell me, what, do you support turtles? Also I just brought you some extra metal straws Just like in case some other customers come in and they're like I want a plastic straw We don't do that up in here we're turtle friendly Thought I'd bring those for you because I'm, save the turtles, anyway, drink (soft music) – What do you recommend? No, Can I have the pink drink? You know actually, Yeah I'll go with the pink drink with coconut milk – I'm sorry we're out of coconut milk

Also do you want a free straw? It's reusable Girl dropped a bunch off, she kept saying something about saving the turtles (Rock music) – Blackest coffee please, make it the hottest you possibly can I like the way it burns as it goes down (ukulele) (soft music) ♪ I've been feeling so small ♪ ♪ Watch the clock ticking off the wall ♪ ♪ But tonight I'm letting it go ♪ ♪ Spend my coin ♪ (Rock music) – Class everyone take a seat, we're gonna get started right away

– Mr Irwin Mr Irwin Mr

Irwin! Yeah, mmhhm, okay Is this class environmental friendly? Because I just like don't really want to participate in something that's going to ruin our environment We've gotta live for the next couple of years, you know how it is So, uh, are we going to be using paper? Because I don't believe in paper, because people litter Also I hope it's okay if you hear the clinging noises that's just me using my hydroflask It's called reuse, reduce, recycle, so like don't use plastic, reuse, reduce, recycle

Use reusable cups Anyway like I was saying paper or not, I have my computer all decked out with my stickers So I'm hoping you're okay with electronics, anyway Just wanted to say that skskskskks – Okay (soft music) – Pull out your notebooks and I'm gonna start the lesson (soft music) – Does anybody have some pink pens? I forgot mine, preferably pink though

(soft music) Do you know where Stella is? She hasn't been here in a week – Obviously she skipped again, like not surprised Stella, so typical Tik Tok time, okay (laughs) OMG, okay Get me on the for you page, don't let this flop, took me five hours to make Post

– Sunlight's good Airpods check, 'kay (soft music) (rock and roll music) – Okay, I'm gonna continue my kidnapping series POV you kidnapped me but I caught feels Hashtag for you

– Oh man Such a long day of saving the turtles Time to watch Riverdale

OMG, I'm dying Cole Sprouse is so hot But if he asked me to marry him right now, I don't even know what I'd say but for sure it'd be yes I wonder if I mailed Cole Sprouse a scrunchie if he'd wear it? (soft music) – Ready for some Disney movies Netflix Where are they? Netflix took off all the Disney movies? Why would they do that? (crying) (Rock music) – I don't sit on pink (chair dragging) I'm ready for the anime series

(upbeat tempo) (laughs) – You looks so cute today, what the heck – Thank you, oh my gosh you're so sweet – You have no idea, this make it ourselves a movie it was so funny – You're kidding – No, it was all about this girl who wore long shirts that covered her shorts and like puca shell necklaces and hydro flasks and all she could ever talk about was saving the turtles and it was really funny

– Who would ever do that? – I don't know but I thought it was the funniest thing ever (upbeat tempo) sksksksksksks and I oop and I oop skskskksks – Skskksksksk and I oop – Sksksksksskkss – Ooo (giggles) – Sorry – You can't (laughter)

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