True Friends Test Pt. 2 | Will Friends Tell Me I Have LiPSTiCK on My TEETH??

– Hello – Wassup

– Hello So you guys remember a video awhile ago when I smelled terrible and then pranked my friends to see what they'd say – True friends – We're doing a part two today – Dos – Because you guys asked so much in the comments for that, we're delivering

– We have some good ideas – So this video was sponsored by H-E-B but we're ready to go prank some of our friends – I'm excited to see how everyone reacts We'll check it out (festive music) – Explain the prank

– Okay, so, our original prank idea We have some family in town and I feel like I need to talk really quiet because I'm afraid they're gonna hear me So our original prank idea was to make a nice homemade meal for them and then bam, we put salt in their drinks and then they drink it Well, are they gonna say something because we technically made this homemade meal or are they not gonna say something because they're great and they'd wanna like let us know that the meal was good It's gonna be kind of hard to like not react because– – What are you talking about? I got a face of steel

– No but we're gonna have to put salt in their drink, like you're gonna take a big old swig of salt and tell me you're not gonna make a face, doubt that – Okay, so the real question is – What are we going to make? We have two good options that are like really awesome that are good for us – Because they're fast and helpful – Number one, the kitchen and table air fryer which just crisps up your food without any of the oily mess, cleanup, all that stuff or the instant pot which with the instant pot, we can make my favorite food, roast This recipe is so easy, literally one rump roast, like some water, and then an onion soup packet, and that's literally it

You're welcome, I'm just gonna say that You're welcome Motto of college cooking The quicker and easier, the better, I swear you will do this in college which is why the instant pot is amazing because you can slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, sear, steam, or bake all in this one appliance I had one in college, and it is a life saver, makes my life easy

I'm hungry, I'm ready to eat food – Voila Let's go – And because I know everybody's probably wondering, we got all of this including all of these cute decorations, H-E-B has this fun table top decor and everything in between you would need to cook for the holidays I know I'm cooking for my roommates, just for your information, now you know

You can shop these items at H-E-B and you can check out more at hebcom/holiday – Okay, I made the juice So I'm gonna get some cups (beeping) Okay, I got the salt

This is gonna be disgusting (pouring liquid) That's a ton (gagging) The deed is done Okay, I'm making him try it with the salt in the drink (laughter) – Yeah, it's kind of weird though

It's like right in between – Oh, perfect Well cheers to family, right – Cheers – Cheers to family

– Did you do that on purpose? – You know what that tastes like? Have you ever have a colonoscopy? (laughter) It's what you have to drink to prep It's salty – Oh man – It's straight salt (jazzy music) – Okay, Dana got us this perfume, I don't know if you can see it

And, it smells like someone's grandma who maybe lives in a hoarder house and collects a lot of antique stuffed animals That's what this smells like Finn is, Finn, Finn, what are you doing buddy? So, I am going to hose myself down, and I'm specifically targeting my dad because I think that he has a keen sense of smell and he might be able to smell it This scent will most definitely diffuse Now about to (spray sound effect) Oh, it doesn't smell that bad

(spraying) (gagging) That's dense That's rough Finn, how do you think I smell? Unless I need more makeup Something smells weird – It's her perfume

It's her perfume? Did you try a new perfume? – Um, yeah Do you like it? – I can smell it Like when you walk by, I can smell it It smells kinda grandma-y – I'm kind of getting grandma vibes

– Rough life Does it smell good? – It smells different Are you filming me, is that what you're doing? – I used almost half the bottle (laughter) – But I noticed it all along, I just didn't wanna say anything – You just didn't say anything

– It smells a little strong but I'm like you know, that's okay – A fake friend – That's what kids do these days Anytime I go the mall and walk past a pack of girls or boys, I just smell cologne and perfumes so I just assumed it was a– – Yeah I'm gonna smell like this forever Come here Can you smell that? – Yeah

– Is that you? – Are you filming me right now? Dang it What is the smell? – It's me – What is it? – What do you think it smells like? – Okay, I was like, it doesn't smell bad – It just smells like what? – It's like a fruity perfume – Old lady? – Yeah, I don't know (playful music) – Mason Taylor is upstairs right now

She came early, well, I wasn't ready She saw my hair like this and we're supposed to be playing the greasy hair prank So, I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pretend like I decided I wanted to wear my hair down because you can't really tell if it's greasy or not which it kind of is greasy anyway That just kind of helps the naturally greasy hair I'm gonna go upstairs and pretend like I wanted to wear my hair down and then like, I'll show y'all that I literally have coconut oil and conditioner sitting on the counter top right now ready to go in my hair

I've known her for years, like years I will be upset, I will be upset if she doesn't say something Oh, this is gonna be bad, this is gonna be very bad Oh no My hair is already kind of greasy, you can kind of see it

Kind of greasy anyway It looks good enough (throat clearing) to pretend like I wanna wear it down, right? Okay, oh I can't believe I'm about to put this straight in my roots This goes against everything I believe in Oh no, oh no Oh no, ew, ew

In case you questioned my dedication to this video, that is so gross I can even see and I'm not trying to look Like it's stringy Oh my gosh, if she doesn't say something – Ew

– I decided that my hair would look better down that up – Okay, something smells good – Oh really? – Your spray or something? – No, does it look okay now? – Yeah – Just a couple questions for you, how did we first meet? – In cheer in eight grade Oh that's so long ago – Are you sure this looks okay, I'm feeling self conscious

– Okay, it's like a cute, you know like a slicked back – Are you lying to me? – No I'm not lying – It's okay though? – Yes – It doesn't look like greasy or anything? – No – Really? – Really

– It doesn't look greasy? – No Okay, real talk, you know when people like slick it back? – It kind of does look like you meant to do it – Yeah – No way – I would tell you if it looked bad

– I'm glad that my hair looks good even when it looks super greasy – It honestly doesn't look bad – I put coconut oil in my hair to see if you'd say if it looks super greasy but apparently it looks okay – It really does, it doesn't look bad – I didn't know how to make it look like bad

– Slap some more on there – Oh, I put so much – Or maybe put like hair– – Oh no – Where you like straighten your hair and pin it maybe? – Yes – I don't know if I would say anything to someone like that because I think it might be on purpose

– This ain't on purpose (energetic music) I never wear dark lipstick hardly ever and we're gonna try and pull a prank on Cecilia who's in charge of social media and I'm, like this is on accident It's like all over my teeth because we need someone to like really notice So, we're gonna make it as noticeable as possible If I saw someone walking around with this much lipstick on their teeth, I'd say something for sure Ceci, we need to talk social, let's talk social

– Well I know the girls had all these like assets that you needed so if you have any questions about it though – Yeah, at least toss some questions about it Like, the video coming up and what you want us to do – That's a true friend (applause) (energetic music) Okay, so because it worked pretty well on Cecilia, we're gonna go and do it on my grandparents who are in town which is why you can see this on my teeth

I just put this one on because I can't find the red one I think I lost it It looks so weird Okay, we're gonna go if this works – Yeah, that was 18

– Was that 18? – Mhm Yup Yeah, that was the longest I feel like I have lipstick all over my face Do I have lipstick on my face? – No You got something in your teeth right here

– Oh I got, oh shoot Sometimes that happens I think grandpa's a true friend – Hopefully we'll be able to sleep a little – I feel like I have lipstick on my face

– On your tooth – Okay, thanks – You guys should definitely do this with your friends – This is so much fun This video was sponsored by H-E-B so thanks to them

– Shoutout to them – And – And That's all we have – We'll see y'all next time, bye Oh no, oh no Oh no, ew

It looks like I just took a shower (energetic music)

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