TRUTH or DARE?? Followers Decide PART 2

– Hey guys! We're back for a truth or dare part 2! Because you like the last one so much – I'm pumped

I've already done my hair so I'm out on that one, if it's in here – But, we've got some pretty, pretty crazy dares in this one, this time Asa's ready to go off – Yes – Ready? – Ready (bouncy guitar music) – Hello

Hola We're back – We're gonna do rock, paper, scissors again – Okay, ready? – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Oh, wait – Aww – Yes! – Tada! – Why does this happen every time, I'm still wearing my

– Basically, we have a google sheet with 30 something dares, 30 something truths We randomly generate numbers and that's what you have to do – You all submitted these, so these are based on y'all have submitted

– Yes, these are all submitted by y'all Okay, eight Number eight Oh, I love that there's not a number eight? – What? – Excuse me? – Five, six, seven, nine, ten – I am off the hook – Call the 50th person in your phone and say you're thinking about dropping off out of college

– Ooh – Who is that? – Who is that? I can't, I'm out I don't even know who it is (ringing) – Hello? – Hi, I need you opinion on something With the whole covid thing goin' on right now, I just like don't know if I should go back to school You know what I'm sayin'? Like I'm thinking I'm just gonna drop out for a minute and maybe like work on my

– Okay – Work stuff and then like – That is the smartest thing you could do

I didn't mean to interrupt you – So you think I should just like take a brake? I don't know – I mean what did you want to use it for? Like what was your degree in? – It was in entrepreneurship, so I just like help with my business – So you and Bailey, like you guys are good without school? – I guess, technically But I've been so far in

Like I've only have one more year 'til I'm done, you know? – Yeah Maybe go to a community college in the fall and like take some courses there – Yeah, all right Well, thanks for your advice I'm gonna call a few other people and see what they think – (laughing) – I can't believe she advised you not to go back

– She was so supportive! No, yeah, totally dude Didn't even question me – I was shocked, she's like, "that's the smartest thing "you could do" I was like – (laughing) – I mean, I probably 'cause Financially if it's online, it would smarter go somewhere else – All right

Go through a drive thru and when they ask what you want, ask for their number – Are you dating someone? – With my boyfriend on the passenger seat? – Do it, do it, do it, do it – What's up? (bouncy guitar music) – Hi! Can I get a small sprite? – A small sprite? – Yes – Okay, anything else? – Um, yeah Can I also get your phone number? – My phone number? – Yes

– Uh, if you pull up to the window? – Okay, sounds good – (female crew) There you go – Thank you – (female crew) Have a nice one – You too! He sends someone else to the window

– (Asa) Yeah, that's another level – (Bailey) Chicken! – (Asa) I think we should go back through – No! – (Asa) Try again – No! (bouncy music) – Asa's turn Give the person to your right

– It circles around – It's me! A foot massage with only butter – Ha ha! – What the crap? – (laughing) – (giggling) – (squeals) – Look – (laughing) – (Bailey) You gotta keep massaging it, dude

– That is so – (squeals) Ew, I hate this! It worsens each and every Ew! – Okay – Bam! – Time for the truth – Truth – Hi! Aw, look at how cute

– Hi, buddy – (clears throat) – 25 How do you feel about 'Rona and quarantine? – I have enjoyed being home with my family I personally don't like not being able to like go out and do things on the regular basis I don't like change very much so this kind of a big change

– All right, my turn – 22 – (clears throat) What is something that turns me off of from a person? Smell – Um, I was about to say, that's what it was – I do not like it when people smell bad! But if they smell really good, it's like

All right, Asa's turn – All right – Have Bailey and Asa thought about marriage? – That's a good question

– Woo! This is some juicy, juicy information! – (sighs) Yes, we have There's no specific date in mind There's no idea in mind, but yes, we've thought about it – Yes, they wanna get married – Yes

– They just don't know when yet – Exactly Probably after we're both graduated That's when it'll happen – So, like three years

– Two – Two years – Two years – Little less than – Catch them getting engaged in the next year? – Brooklyn, number 18 is Put on a blindfold and let the other players put anything in your mouth and you have to guess what it is

– Ooh – Oh, I don't wanna do that – You've been bailing on all of your dares – You gotta do it – (groans) – You have to

– I don't wanna do it – Oh – (Asa) You can do it – Chicken – I don't

– (Asa laughing) – (laughing) – (laughing) – (laughing) – (Asa) What is it? – What is it? – Fruit punch powder – Yes it is – It tastes like a

– (Bailey) Did you get it on your fingers? Did you already wipe 'em off? Oh, my god – They're stained Pink

– It's time for my dare – I'm not gonna get that taste in my mouth in an hour It's not a bad taste, it's just strong – Okay Dump a cup of water on a family member and then walk away

(upbeat music) – Hey – Hmm – (chuckles) – Are you serious? I just wet my pants and changed my clothes 10 minutes ago – (Bailey) Oh my gosh There's hardly anything that I got on this

– This is the second time that Nice – (Bailey) I was avoiding you computer

I'm so sorry I was dared to do this I had to do it I had to – All I can say is, I love you but what goes around, comes around (chuckles) – Okay Asa's turn Post an IGS barking like a dog with no context

– Are you serious? – Go – (barks) – (laughing) – (growls) I'm doin' it again Do it again, – No, no! – Do it again, I want a better one – (squeal) – (barking) – The first one was 10 times better – 10 million times better! – No, I remember the time I accidentally live streamed my sleep and I woke up

And saw he screen was on live I'm like, "huh?" and apparently, everybody had been like on there for 45 minutes Like, "Oh my gosh, "I just heard him snore" "What did he say in his sleep?" – Brooklyn's truth First kiss story

– Oh, you already know 'cause I made a video about it Once upon a time, I liked this boy in high school and asked me on a date on my birthday and then, we went to dinner and then we were parked on the top of the parking garage And we went to get the car and he was like, "Oh, we should look "at the music down below" 'Cause there was a live musician so we ran over to the railing, we were watching the musician down below I knew what was coming 'cause he was very nervous and it was pretty obvious and so, he kissed me

– And that's that Do I struggle being an influencer, going to school, and staying social with friends/family? – That's a good question It's a lot to balance for sure but like we've been doing it since we were nine years old so I kind of don't know anything different, if that makes any sense Like I feel like if I had more free time, I would just be bored and end up filling it with other things, so I don't mind doing it at all – Asa's turn

– 20 – How do YouTubers make money? – By making videos By making consistent– – There's a lot more to that – Basically– – Basically, Like brands can pay YouTube like an ad put in videos and so those ads pay YouTubers based on how many views are getting on the ads So, it's more complicated than that but that's basically like the basic just a bit

– Yeah, what she said – Yeah, Asa answer that question – Asa, your truth right there Okay, ready Brooklyn got 31 – Oh, I'm scared

– Shave the tail off your eyebrows – Do it – Ooh – No – Yes

– No – Yes – No – Yes – No

– Yes – No – Yes – No – You are such a bummer

– I did the other two I'm not doing this one – Yeah, there's $20 – Ha ha, No way! – Oh, my gosh! – I can't afford this I paid them both $10 last time – Yeah

– Bailey owed me money anyway She technically owe me $27, so pay me $27 – No – This sucks! – Yes – That's so much money

I paid Asa $20 – Yes – I just generated mine, it's number 4 Let the others pose you however they want, let them take a picture and post them it on IGS – All right

– (Bailey) What is he planning? What are you doing? – You have to do a plank across these – (Brooklyn) Sit Put your finger on your nose – (giggling) – You're gonna like put your shoulders in the seat of the chair – No

– No? – You gotta put your legs across You have to let us pose you – Why? – 'Cause it's part of the dare – (Asa) You're whole body all laid out like this? – (Brooklyn) Realistic – Go! – (Brooklyn) Caught in the act See, someone said, "Oh cute, "I'm guessing this is for the truth or dare thing

" Someone said, "Mood" – Asa's dare Put a winged liner on yourself in 30 seconds – How do you do that? I'm trying to figure out how to like see myself – Three, two, one, go! – (humming) – (laughing) – You gotta do the other one

– Wait, it's wrong hand – Oh no! – Oh my gosh – Oh no! (laughing) – It is like – Look, I'm a pro – This one isn't like horrible – Actually, kinda looks good – No – Okay

We're on our last round of truth – Oh – What was the last thing you searched on your phone? – Why am I always getting the same things? I searched Shein So I can show everybody the swimsuits that I purchased on Shein – Nice

– They're cute Okay? – How many kids do I want? – Oh, I already have one He's coming right now Hello Hi Finny! – How many kids do I want? – No more than four

– Bailey and I did this ring predictor – Probably no more than four – Bailey and I did this ring predictor the other day, it predicted true on my Mom Anyway, I had three kids, one boy, and two girls Bailey had five kids! How many

what were they, girl, boy? Girl, girl, boy, girl, boy – Too much – Do you see this? This is my child, right here

– Hello – This is my boy My first boy – Hi Finny – That is my answer

Probably no more than four – Drop it – How many hearts have you broken? – Oh! – Hmm – Whose? – My two ex-girlfriends broke both of their hearts – You dumped them? – Yeah I was 14 and 15, not my proudest time

– Yeah I'm sorry – OMG, look at my child – Look at your child – Hey! – Hey, this one's what Mommy teaches

Okay Drop it, drop it Good job – Okay, so– – What? Why do I keep getting these? – She got number 27 And it says, text the 14th person in your phone a love poem and then show their respond

– Garen! – Oh no – Text it Text it to Garen Text it to Garen – We called him the last time

– Yeah we did – It says, something beautiful, a noun – What's something beautiful? – Flower – Stars – An adjective to describe the person your poem is about

– Tall – An adjective to describe that person's hair – Long – Curly, long? – Luscious, luscious – Luscious

– Luscious – Oh, my gosh – (Brooklyn) For my tall star (calm music) – Roses are red Violets are blue

Stacks are tall, and so are you Orchids are white Ghost ones are rare Your grass is luscious and so is your hair Magnolia grows with a buds like eggs

My line is long and so are your legs (laughing) – So are your legs Sunflowers reach up to the sky A suit is blue and so are your eyes Foxgloves in hedges surrounded by barns

Daisies are pretty, daffies have style The way if friendly and so is your smile Stars are beautiful, just like you – Copy, paste Send it to him

– That's perfect – I can't wait to see his reaction but while we wait – He's gonna be like, tall and — – He's gonna be like, "I'm confused" – 23 Shave half of Asa's hair

Legs on his hair Yes – I've been dreading this moment – Yey! Goodbye! Got the razor (water flowing) – (Bailey) OMG

It's not even coming off – I told you – (Brooklyn) In case anyone looks up close– That's disgusting Asa's got a naked leg – (Bailey) How do you like that? It's not a great shave but it'll do

– Yeah – Okay – And we're back – Oh, we already did that – Oh, before we get there

I gotta response from my poem – Oh yeah, Garen responded – Garen responded and he sent a picture of him in this beautiful lake and said, " That was so sweet, "wish you were here with me" – Aww – I hope he doesn't think that that was like a

That was a funny poem – Send the 6th photo in your camera roll to the 7th contact in your phone – Oh no, what is the– – What is the 6th photo in your camera roll? – Probably a screen shot of something random – Yeah, probably a screenshot

Baby me I'm a child – And send it to who? Who are we gonna send it to – Baby Asa – His name is Sebastian or Seb

I met him one time in Paler Like, before he's even a student Now I've seen him three times this year Should I say, "enjoy"? – Oh no – Just send it and if he says something weird, just say, "oops, wrong– – He just sent it

– There it is Sent I'll see what he says All right, so the guy just responded after I sent him the baby picture He just said, "who is this?" I said, "Asa

" "Asa Howard?" Like "Yeah" "Oh, sorry I got a new phone" And he just completely ignored the picture like, that didn't just happen Whatever, so hi hi hi Whatever, I guess it was that weird for him but I thought it was gonna be a better reaction

(laughs) (squeals) (laughs) – Look (laughs) – Ew, I hate this! – (laughs) – Worse sensation, ever, ew! – All right, Bailey, want some? – (Bailey) No, no no No, no, no (upbeat music)

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