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– Blindfold Asa and have him kiss a twin based on only their voice (upbeat music) – Hey guys

– What's up? – What's up? – Hello – We have a very exciting video for your today – Today we are filming a ultimate truth or dare I don't know how to explain the video (laughing) – We basically have a list of truths and a list of dares that y'all came up with we put it on our Instagram story

So, it's a bunch of stuff that y'all came up with and we're gonna do a random number generator and we're gonna just rotate who's turn it is and who gets to do the dare – Some of them are crazy like dye your hair, shave your eyebrows Stuff like that, that's crazy So, I have a list of 41 dares and 50 truths – The real question is who's turn is it going to be first? – Who's going first? – Okay

– Rock, paper, scissors, shoot (clapping) (hands clapping) – Ha ha So, I don't know how we're gonna decide if we do truth or dare I guess, we'll just switch on and off So, this round will be dare

13 is on the dare list Show everyone the last thing that you searched on your phone in your Google search – Oh, this is fun

– Oh, this is funny – That's a lame one Okay, walmartcom (laughing) and I looked up bed frames for Asa's apartment (clapping) So, literally I was on Walmart, just looking at the bed frames for Asa

(Asa laughing) – Okay, does that mean it's my turn now? – Yes – Number nine, take and ice bath and stay there for at least (laughing) (cheering) – All right guys, here we go

I'm just gonna turn the water on just barely so it's cold – [Brooklyn] Here we go Asa – [Asa] Oh, and there's the ice Yes! (squealing) – [Brooklyn] Go! – [Asa] No, get in – [Brooklyn] And sit

– [Asa] Sit (squealing) – [Brooklyn] Put your legs in – No! – [Asa] Go, go go – No, no, don't I want my hair to stay curled! (ice crashing) (screaming) (cheerful music) – [Asa and Brooklyn] Five, four, three, two, one! – Oh, I can't hardly move

– [Asa] Look who I found, sitting in the sun – I sat my butt on the warm tile in hopes that it would warm it up – [Asa] Is it working? – Kind of – [Bailey] Okay, generating for Asa now Number 11, eat your next meal with your toes only

(laughing) (Brooklyn & Bailey laughing) – [Bailey] Oh my gosh – [Brooklyn] This is so gross – [Bailey] His toes are like squeezing this piece of bread – It's gonna drip out all over my foot (laughing) – [Bailey] Oh my gosh

– [Brooklyn] Ew, that's the nastiest thing I've ever seen – It's truth time Me first – 19 What's your biggest regret? – What? I don't think I have a biggest regret

I've never done anything that I was like "aah" – [Asa] Gotta pick something – I kissed a boy my first semester of college that my parents didn't like – Ohhhh, yoooo – That was not great

– That's a good one – Okay, my turn Is Brooklyn crushing on anyone right now? Spill the tea That's for me, it's my truth The tea, time to spill the tea on Brooklyn and her crushes

– I don't have any (laughing) – She's not crushing on anyone Have you ever hated or been jealous of another person? – Have I ever been jealous of another person? – Or hated them? – Probably (laughing) – Okay, going back to dares The truths were lame

30 for Brooklyn! Pay the other players $10! – Yes! – Money! Dolla Dolla Bills, y'all! – Oh, I was hoping anyone but me would get this one $10 to Bailey (Asa laughing) – This is great – That sucked – [All Together] 38

– Do a headstand while eating cereal – Y'all are really doing me dirty Got the cereal and the milk Ready to go for me – [Asa] Don't fall on the cereal! – [Brooklyn] When was the last time you did a headstand? – [Asa] Headstands are hard

– (grunts) Bring it on, it hurts my head Hurry! – [Asa] You can do it! (laughing) – Ow, my head! Do you have a pillow or something? – [Asa] Okay, we're trying again with the pillow – [Brooklyn] Oh, no (laughing) – I can't (laughing) (squealing) – [Asa] Noooo! I just got milk up my nose

Okay, time for Asa's turn 28, dye a section of your hair blue! – No! – [Brooklyn] We've got orangey, pink, pastel orange, pastel red (cheering) – [Asa] Noooo! (cheering) This is what we will be putting in his hair – I'm scared, I'm so scared! (laughing) – The one blue section (mumbles) (laughing) Wait, now it's time for us to wait so we can do our truth round So, we're in the bathroom, the tub is below us and that's why we all look like we're glowing

But, we're gonna do the truth round while Asa's alfalfa hair dries (laughing) So, it's Brooklyn first Number 48 48 is if you could have someone's life, who would it be? – Someone else's life? – That's a good question – Daaaaang! Who's someone who travels the world? – A lot of people

– Pilots – I don't have anyone specific in mind But, someone who just travels the world, that kind of vibe Someone who just goes all over the world (screaming) (laughing) – I turned on the bath

(laughing) (screaming) – Moving on – Moving on 45, if you were the opposite gender for one hour, what would you do? – I know my answer to this – I would pee – Yes! – Standing up

– I would pee standing up! (laughing) Okay, so your turn Have you ever lied to the fans? – Have I ever lied to the fans? – I don't think you have before – I might've told them I was 5'10", and I'm 5'9

5" (laughing) It's the only thing I can think of – Oh, man – Right, truth round over – Dares! – [Bailey] Okay, so update

His hair's not blonde enough – Lucked out – [Bailey] You can barely see the blue hue in his dark hair It izzzz what it izzzz – It izzzz what it izzzz

– Yeah, can't argue – You can't see it 36 for Brooklyn Take a shower fully clothed – Ooh, yikes

– Let's go! – [Bailey] Walking to her doom – [Asa] At least this didn't have to be a cold shower – [Bailey] Yeah, at least it doesn't have to be an ice shower – [Asa] Yaaay! (water dripping on floor) (laughing) – [Bailey] Oh, that sucks! (laughing) You look like a soggy dog! Oh, man – Okay

– Okay – Okay Now it's my turn (nervous laughing) 31, eat a piece of dog food (laughing) – Ewwwwww! It's full of fiber and strength

– And fish oils Oooh – Chew it, chew it – [Asa] It's a bacon bit (crunching) – Oh, my gosh! (laughing) Ewwwww! (laughing) – It tasted like fish oils and if you were to eat a wood chip

I have gum now Take a shot of lemon juice and keep a straight face – Mmmmm! Let me practice (laughing) – [Asa] That's a lot I'm not gonna be able to do that in one sip

A shot should be one sip! – [Bailey] Yeah, that is one sip – This is like three! – [Bailey] Ready, set, go! Deadpan! (laughing) He's shaking! He's trying not to make a face – Aaah! – [Bailey] Wow Truth time! Brooklyn, number 49 Have you ever had a crush on the same person as your sister? Not just him, anyone

– No – You haven't? – No – Never? – No, and I know I saw a ton of y'all asking if I had a crush on Asa What is wrong with you people? You just can't do that, you know – It's weird

– You just can't – My turn! – What was the last text you sent? – I sent to Asa "my dad's office LOL" because he asked where I was and I said my dad's office – Thrilling, really, – Really entertaining, here people Asa – 14! What's something you do when no one is around that you'd be embarrassed to share? Oooh

– Hmmmm Sometimes whenever I'm in class and I'm bored, or I'm just kind of doodling or fiddling with my paper, I'll rip off a piece of it and just chew on it during class – What? (laughing) Why would you do that? – All right, going back to the dares Brooklyn, seven (laughing) Drink toilet water! (laughing) – [Bailey] She's going to collect her water

– [Asa] Flush it, make sure it's fresh (laughing) – [Bailey] They do it in "The Walking Dead"! – [Asa] Same water from the sink It's the exact same water – [Bailey] Oh my gosh You gotta chug! Chug, chug, chug! – [Asa] Ew! – [Bailey] Oh my gosh! Okay, my turn

– [Asa & Brooklyn] 40! Oh, let the other person spray you with the hose! (cheering) (laughing) – Okay, so I'm drenched But, it's Asa's turn and it's the last round We're just gonna do it Oh, 16 What is it? Call the 27th contact in your phone and tell them you got arrested! (laughing) 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

It's yourself! (laughing) – Myself! Yes! Hello, me? Yeah, I got arrested – What are the chances of that happening? (dial tone) – Hey – [Man On Phone] Hello? – Hey – [Man On Phone] What's up? – Do you have a second? – [Man On Phone] Yeah – Hey, I just got pulled over

They're saying they're gonna arrest me What do you think I should do? – [Man On Phone] Uhhhhhh Say that this is a prank call? – A prank? What do you mean? – [Man On Phone] You don't have your car, do you? (laughing) – Oh no, I forgot

(laughing) – That was the worst way to say that! The next one on my list was my old AP Gov teacher from high school – Mr Bill – Call him and – Why do you have his phone number? – We were homies – [Mr Bill] Asa Howard! – Mr Bill – [Mr

Bill] How are you doing? – Well, not too good I just got arrested – [Mr Bill] No, you didn't! (laughing) – I mean, yeah, I did I figured you'd be the best one to call

– [Mr Bill] Well, let me get some money together Come get you out of jail – Yes please So, where are you? Where's the jail? – Yeah, I was on the way outta town, I ran over something and they got me

– [Mr Bill] Yep, well I hope it was a (bleep) (laughing) – No, I'm just messin' with ya

– [Mr Bill] How are you doin'? – Doing good I'm actually in Texas, right now Just hanging out in jail – So we determined that the prank calling is not working

So, we're generating a new dare for Asa – We had some funny calls though – We're generating a new one Ready? Oh, 33 What is 33? Blindfold Asa and have him kiss a twin based on only their voice

– [Bailey] Oh! – I'm out I'm done (laughing) Yeah, I quit (laughing) (playful music) – Hey – Hey

– Yay! (laughing) – I was scared, I was really scared – Woohoo! – All right, that concludes our truths and our dares Overall, very eventful day I think I'm gonna keep these lists and play this with my friends 'cause I think it's really fun If you guys want the list of the truths and the dares then we will pop them up right here

You guys can screenshot So, here's truths and here are the dares All right guys (laughing) Thank you and we'll see you next week Bye! Mwah

(background noise drowns out other sounds) – [Brooklyn] Woohoo! (laughing) (upbeat music)

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