Turning my Twin into a CELEBRITY

– Good morning, everybody In case we did a video, a long time ago where we dressed up as celebrities and we're out in public but this time, – we're doing a makeover, so Bailey's turning me into a celebrity of her choice and I'm turning her into a celebrity of my choice

– (giggles) I know who I'm gonna do, who are you doing? – I'm doing Miley Cyrus, with her new haircut – Oh, no – So – I'm obviously, she's gonna look like Ariana so I'm doing Ariana Grande Last time we did Ariana, y'all the lit out so we're doing it again, I'm gonna make you look like her (lively upbeat music) [Bailey] Part of this whole process is, just scrolling through outfits and figuring out what I even have around the house, or can make look like an outfit, she's worn before

She kind of has very like consistent style, there's nothing crazy like Miley Cyrus I'm sure Brooklyn will have a plethora of stuff to choose from – Michael, look at how crazy look at our crazy I think if I recreated one of these, it would be so funny So I think one I'm going to recreate is this one

So I think I have gloves and a jacket and something that can just kind of work, so and I also think it's really funny look, look at this necklace – I have picked this picture of Ariana Grande, it's because I think we have some teeny tiny pink dress and Paisley's closet that Brooklyn can wear That just means she's doing the traditional Ariana Grande to make it today I will attempt to do this

I am no makeup artist, by any means (screech) (chuckles) – Drop it, (bailey chuckling) drop it, there we go – We will use what I have here, and hopes that I can make it happen Okay, Finn Finn , I need you to get out of the way – He wants mummy's attention

(lively upbeat music) He trying to get me to play with them (lively upbeat music) – Time for my weakness, not my strength, contouring, I have no idea what I'm doing I never contour, literally not a clue but she has heavy contours so– – Seemingly bad idea, I don't have cheekbones like Ariana Grande (lively upbeat music) – (chuckles) I'm doing my best (Brooklyn beatboxing) Time for another weakness, eyeliner, also something we never wear and she wears massive liners so, this is gonna be interesting

(lively upbeat music) Okay, not too bad, not too bad – (hums) It's a little curved – Now to time to make it look exactly the same on the other side – Good luck (lively upbeat music) – Oh no, I did that under (Brooklyn mimicking) what did you do? – I didn't mean to do this part, but the rest of it looks good Just go get a Q tip and take that part off

The rest of it actually looks pretty decent Make up is officially finished I did my best, the contour's strong but you don't have the cheekbones that Queen Ariana Grande has so, we had to make them up Time for the hair, and she's got a whole heck of a lot of it – and I spit water my shirt, which is why it looks like that – oh, oh Oh, – In case you wanna know – Oh (chuckles) okay, so, in the picture that I have, Ariana has like this teeny tiny braid right here and then her typical ponytail, classic

So I'm gonna do like a really tight French braid, and then the ponytail Brooklyn's hair Cute Girls Hairstyles skills, need to come in handy right now For the french braid to be here back, it's like literally the tiniest braid ♪ Now that I'm feeling noise ♪ ♪ Get this done ♪ Now time for the struggle bus I have literally, no idea how to get your hair, up here

– Now hold this, I can do it ♪ No no ♪ ♪ You know who shows up ♪ It is what is, you can't even see the braid anymore And now I'm going to(speaking foreign language) to very Nanos what, and then do her like typical rapper round form Hair and Makeup, done Since Ariana is wearing this itty bitty teeny tiny pink dress in my picture, we are gonna go hunt in Paisley's closet to see if we can find anything that small

Surely she has something in here we can use – Oh wherever – Now we're gonna have to get(chuckles) creative – You have these dress – Pink dress, pink This looks pretty similar (bang) Oh, that looks good

Does you have like a pink shirt we can put underneath it (lively upbeat music) We are on the hunt now for, a pink tank top, gonna poke through and see Hey, we're just looking to see if you have a light pink tank top – [Kamri] I doubt it – [Brooklyn] Or a pink dress – or a pink dress

(Bailey laughing) – I feel like my butt cheeks, are going to be out – Okay wait, stand back stand back Do you do this, oh wait you need boots, does mum have boots like this? – Pink boots, no – I doubt it That's I would say it the closest a homemade Ariana Grande they can get man, I think I'm finished here, I think I'm done, my job here is done – Bailey tried to get me to go downstairs but I refused, because of my booty crack is showing in this thing The skirt is see through and I just don't really comfortable going out anywhere, to see anybody looking like this

So I made her go get the camera (lively upbeat music) Now that I'm done being traumatized by Bailey and my fake Ariana Grande costume, we're going to make Bailey look like Miley Cyrus with her new haircut and her very interesting makeup look that she did in her most recent photo shoot on her Instagram So I'm going to go get the color palette for that and I'm going to take it to her room and we're going to start with Bailey's makeup So I got my color palette here Obviously we have the right colors, the greens, the purples it's all gonna be going on the face

(soft rock music) We're about to get the eyeshadow section, she's got like this purple, – Help me – in green – SOS – She's got it, – please She's got it layered with yellow, – Help me – so i'mma put it (lively upbeat music) See, and now – The homemade version (chuckles) – The homemade version, the purple lines, we did this with eye shadow, it's for super pigmented But I feel like it's relatively similar, close enough that it can part – the shadow, I still have to put mascara

– Yes, the rest of it's not done yet, so I will show you the finished product in a second (soft rock music) – Pretty, close if you ask me, pretty dang close I would say that we've got the nail on the head for the makeup This makes your eyes look kind of crazy not gonna lie hold still Now really look at this look at the eyes, holy shoot

I an hair wiz so we're just gonna like try to make bangs, and hope for the best, so wish me luck (lively rock music) I don't have a wave (chuckles) – I can show you how – Wait wait ,something's up something's up So I've been thinking this out, I have to pay this out, this is my job (lively rock music) This is me – This is really a look

Really – This is Miley Cyrus, sure bang – I look crazy – Red lipstick, – I look crazy – That's what Miley Cyrus looks like bro We got to get your outfit going, man, pretty cool So we needed the blue jacket, so we got a blue suit jacket that my mom had, yeah closer Now we need the necklace, that was made out of safety pins and smiley face – have fun with that DIY – I've been watching TikTok – So I'm gonna use smiley faces and make a necklace out of this

Look at what I printed, my smiley faces I'm smiling as big as this face, and because I'm so excited about this necklace (lively rock music) After a lot of work, I've made a necklace that I'm quite proud of I know it looks like a fifth graders arts and crafts project, but I'm proud of this necklace, I really am I'm gonna put it on our fake Miley Cyrus and see what it looks like on her I made a necklace for you

– Oh, this should be interesting – You can unpin it if you need to – I'm going to have – Wow ! – I look ridiculous – This is so good

Now we just need yellow gloves and we're done – Gloves? – Well, after hunting in the garage, I found these yellow gardening gloves I think those ones are gonna be too small You can try them on – There is no way(chuckles) – They fit

– Yeah, they fit (chuckles) – Or (chuckles),these ones which you could turn, make sure you show the backside of where it's actually yellow – To be honest, I think this is just gonna have to work and all this fake it – Just try the black ones Yeah, I think I like that one better, yeah I think I like that one Let me see the finish look

We've got the makeup, we've got the smiley face necklace, we've got the yellow gloves Now we can still take a photo, that looks like actual Miley Cyrus I'm pretty proud of my recreation here I'm gonna pop up the original Miles Cyrus photo, Bailey's Miley Cyrus photo They're pretty close, it's like a homemade generic version of Miley Cyrus

It's a great value version – We'll take care of , – of Miley Cyrus – Of Miley Cyrus (lively rock music) – We're going to show Asa – Yeah, definitely weird – Does she look like Miley Cyrus? – She does actually – This considering, is pretty good – Yeah it's pretty good

– Thank you – I'm back to normal, I'm me again minus a couple of leftover pieces Hopefully you guys enjoyed that video I know that you guys typically really love it when Brooklyn dresses up as Ariana however, I think she did better this time with the Miley Cyrus stuff But anyway, hopefully you guys enjoyed this video

I can't wait to see you all next week, bye, guys (lively upbeat music)

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